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Hey guys, I'm using a pic16F690 and I need assembly code for to convert an 8 bit binary to bcd and bcd to binary. I have to use the w register. Also, I only want to display numbers from 0 - 99, how do I write a default or error message in mplab? Thanks for the help :)
hi friends, I want to convert binary to bcd with assembly language. my processor is AVR-Atmega 32. Thanks.
hello! i m making my project on DCT for which i need real to binary conversion vhdl coding and binary to real coding too. can any1 please provide me with its coding OR tell me the inbuild library to use for this particular problem. I m using modalsim SE-64 6.3d for coding.... Please help!!!
This is the opposite prob from what most folks want. I need to convert a bcd number -- 6 digit -- into its binary/ hex equivalent. The bcd can be packed/ not packed. I prefer not-packed for now. Can someone provide pointers to an 8-bit assembly implementation for an efficient algorithm ? Its for an AVR project, using Atmega48 as of now
Hi there, please advice on how is the most effective way to change 8-bits binary no. to bcd by using vhdl. thank you.
Hi, 74184 bcd to binary Converter 74185 binary to bcd Converter Salam, SphinX
How to convert a string to binary in vhdl
hi.. how can i convert value 0.3 and -0.3 to binary to store the binary value in my rom? can anyone give an idea. should i do it like this..... i try to convert it to 8 bit. so the last bit is for the sign number. then i get the answer is 00010011 for value 0.3 and 10010011 for -0.3. my answer is correct or not?
Hello i am having these verilog code for 16 bit binary to bcd conversion . I am not getting the algorithm or method used for it I have uploaded file for it.
Hai all, Can anyone send the vhdl code for Residue to binary converter for the moduli set {2n-1, 2n, 2n+1}? Please i am expecting some one of u will help me. Thank you,
Hi! Anyone saw in web a c-program for converting 24-bit BIN to bcd format? Thank you. Alexander.
can any one help me to develop code to convert a floating point number to binary and writing code in verilog. can u sujjest some sites or material or can give any code for that pls help. i have to develop a FIr filter in verilog and in that i have a need to convert floating point filter coeffecients to binary and hv to develop coding in verilog
Dear Sir, I invented new methods for decimal to binary conversion etc. I want to implement that method in devices (About 20 new operations ) to get patent.I also wants to compare the time required to do the same by other best method.Can i go with FPGA? or any other?or with microcontrollers? WHat is the procedure and devices i needs to buy. Which
I am trying to send a command followed by a set of data through the serial comm. E.g. The application from the PC writes char "S1000E" to the serial. The FPGA UART receives this as "S" "1" "0" "0" "0" "E" (I have it write back to HyperTerminal). In ASCII, "1" = 31(hex) or 49(dec) or 11001(bin). The question is... how do I store the value 1000(d
hi, I am new in vhdl, how to write vhdl program in 1-d trigonometric function using real value encoding,how to learn vhdl code for "conversion from integer to std_logic_vector" and vice versa. 1-D trigonometric function is f(x)=21.5+xsin(4Πx)+xcos(20Πx).
hi, how to write vhdl code for combinatorial optimization problem for binary encoding and path planning optimization problem in integer encoding.
hi As I khow, the bcd to 7 segments ICs shows the data like this 58779 but i want to show like this 58780 is there any IC????
Dear All This is related to PIC 16f877a and HiTech C Compiler Can I have the library function for bcd to ASCII convert Thanks in advance
I'm planning on using a thermistor to create a small little temperature sensor. I do have an arduino as well as a picaxe 20M2 but I was thinking I would be able to do it analog, would this be possible/simple? I have a bunch of bcd to 7 seg decoders so if I can get a binary output I can use that, It'll be measuring from 30 to <100*C.
hi i am searching for the process in which i/p is real number then vhdl/xilinx +, - , * , / processes will done ,.......... and in o/p i will get real number i have a block diagram as shown in below please give me solution to convert real number in to binary in xilinx find the dig in attachment regards....96679 rajpu
Hello, I need to write vhdl code to convert a given word to binary stream using ascii values of each letter in the word. Is there any standard function for that? else,please tell me how can it be done. Thank you
Hi Converting OO-vhdl to Synthesizable vhdl (Tutorial) 1. -> t tnx
what is the easiest way to convert decimal to binary in C# ? Is there any library function to do the same ? TIA Cheers
Q1)which IC can be used as a bcd to HEX converter? Q2)circuit diagram or methodology for interfacing 4 thumwheel switches & 4 digit 7 segment display?
Is it possible to convert S19 file to binary/Assemble file?Please give some suggestions.Thanks.
I am using Precision Synthesis to do vhdl design. Some time when I do synthesis, it doesn't give all gate level circuit. Any one knows how to sysnthesis a digital circuit only with gates? Thank you.
Dear members, can somebody write a program for me to change a -ve decimal number to binary using 2's complement
1- how to simulate vhdl code that write an output to a screen? 2- what is the importance of that code and how it can be used practically?
i just begin study IC design please help me how to convert vhdl to gate level and logic design please show me the document to step by step design a IC to layout at level deep submirco about 0.12um thank you ! i just begin so there is much difficult ,hope the guide from all of you
Hi, is ncxlmode able to compile vhdl model? I use the following command to compile Verilog and vhdl. Verilog passed. but when the tool see .vhd, it doesn't change to ncvhdl. Anything wrong with my setting on command line below? I have set the vhdl_SUFFIX to (.vhd) in my hdl.var ncxlmode \ +mixedlang \ (...)
in bcd to excess 3 code convertion 1010 to 1111 are dont care to find don't cares without simplifing the expression...
hello everyone i am doing the project of design of 8085 using vhdl the problem i am unable to understand how to program vhdl code for the timing and control unit anyone idea plz help me
Hi everyone, I need to learn vhdl, does anyone knows about any websites from which I can learn? Thanks for your help, diemilio
why are you lazy ? :twisted:
็I have been ever use c/c++ before I start to learn vhdl. If I have the problem about wrong value in program. I will use debug mode for run step by step and see the value, it's right or not. Can I do like this in vhdl? If can't, how to see value of Variable in process?(I Use Quartus II)
Hello All, Does anybody know how to simulate vhdl AMS models using cadence spectre or AMS. I know We can simulate verilog A and verilog AMS models but not sure whether we can simulate vhdl AMS Please give some inputs on this Regards Chviswanadh
Salam How much time I should spend to learn vhdl from the begining?
Dear Sirs, Right now, I will design a digital circuit about thermometer code to binary code. Please help me to finish this task. Thank you everyone.
hi friends, I am in very early stage of writing vhdl code. Please anybody help me to write vhdl code for VGA signal generation.
Hello Guyz ; What Steps will i follow to learn vhdl ? What are Books required ? What are Requisites ? Thanks In Advance...
Hi, iam working on EDK Xilinx platform studio for developing an embedded system on virtex IIpro board. Can any body please help me how to include vhdl code (user logic) to the embedded system using the EDK tool.If there are any materials please let me know.
hi.. how to write vhdl code for funtionality of 555 timer..using it pin details..i read 555 pdf but i cant able to write functionality..pls any one have the code for tat ...
Is anyone who have information about produce vhdl code using simulink?????
hi.. am wrking in electronic boards testing company . developing vhdl program for IC's. now i want to design 8085 processor. i dnt kne how to start pls help me .. i knw the basics of 8085..tell me how to develop vhdl code and related tutorials.. pls..
can anybody help to write vhdl code for keyboard interfacing on quartus II kit
Hi........ I want to convert decimal numbers to binary form in MATLAB.. I used dec2bin(d,k) function to convert it. But it only supprts for numbers less than 2^53. I want conversion for numbers upto 2^64. I needed this as a part of my please help me.....or give me any hints.......... please. Thanks in advance Angu
i m trying to design a 6 bit cmos flash adc. i m able to generate thermometer code but dont know how to convert them in binary. can anybody mail me the circuit diagram to do it. i m using 0.18u mos
I think you mean a bcd-to-7-segment decoder. Here is the 'case' statement from a digital clock project that I wrote some time ago. Maybe it will help you. 'nibble' is the 4-bit input code (similar to your bcd value), and 'segment' is an 8-bit register connected to the 7-segment display (and its unused decimal point). It displays hex digits 0
hi, I have successfully converting the decimal to binary numbers in C (using char) but my intention is to make sure that it will convert to 12-bits binary numbers. For example, if decimal value is 10, then binary should be 000000000110 instead of only 110. Can anyone helps?
hi guys.. i need to know how to generate vhdl coding from graphical design in Maxplus2.. i have drwn small simple circuit adder in graphical type, so i wan vhdl codine of it. thanks in advance..