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I am trying to write the vhdl code for a Timing Genarator Chip : in the vhdl code i have to incorporate a code for the 16 Bit bcd(binary Coded Decimal) Counter i.e. 4 Decades , i tried a lot but unable to figure it out how to get it working... as the 16 bit bcd counter can count from 0 to 9999 ,for the (...)
Hi I have a vhdl code counter that counts in binary from 6 to 88 then it rolls over to count down from 88 to 6. Now i want to do the same counter but instead of counting in binary i need it to count in bcd. can i show the count values in quartus in bcd? if not please any help how can i do that? thank u in (...)
Hi module add3(in,out); input in; output out; reg out; always @ (in) case (in) 4'b0000: out <= 4'b0000; 4'b0001: out <= 4'b0001; 4'b0010: out <= 4'b0010; 4'b0011: out <= 4'b0011; 4'b0100: out <= 4'b0100; 4'b0101: out <= 4'b1000; 4'b0110: out <= 4'b1001; 4'b0111: out <= 4'b1010; 4'b1000: out <= 4'b1011; 4'b1001: o
Hi there, please advice on how is the most effective way to change 8-bits binary no. to bcd by using vhdl. thank you.