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Because group delay affects ber it depends by the ber target, and also depends by the type of the filter used, by filter order, and by filter bandwidth. The best answer can be given by a system simulation, which includes above inputs.
Hello! I am writing two Matlab scripts to calculate ber vs Eb/N0 for SIMO Selection Combining and Generalized Selection Combining. I need to calculate simulation ber versus theory ber for M-psk and M-QAM. I would appreciate if someone can give me (or provide me with a link or something) (...)
I'm not sure what you're asking here, but isn't it fairly obvious... ber = 1/2*erfc(sqrt(10^(5/10)))
hi. i'm new in this. i have a noise generator module (frequency variation from 2kHz to 16 KHz )and psk module (bandwidth of 10KHz) . Now by using this i want to plot hte Eb/No Vs ber curve pls any one hlep me . you work with matlab code or with simulink?
Hi, I'm trying to calculate the theoretical ber for M-ary psk in the presence of a Rayleigh Channel. I've been using as a reference on how to do it but I haven't made much progress. In this example he says the ber for Bpsk is the integral of 0.5erfc(sqrt(y))p(y) from 0 to infi
I am doing a project in convolutional coding and i have to write a program about modulation with AWGN channel or noise, doesnt mater. I have this program which doesn't give me good ber. i am confused and dont know how to di it. after i finish this i have to apply convolutional coding and observe the change in ber. here is the program: (the program
How will u prove that ber for msb bit is less than ber for lsb bits in mqam....
Hi! The psk modulation is the best talking about ber/Bandwidth. Of course is a little more complex than the other two (the implementation). If you want that those modulations were "Continous Wave" Type, you will have a lot of more trouble implementing your circuits. In other hand, you have the data transmition rate. If you want to do a low