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Can anyone comment about best version SQLLite to use? I am planning use that with Windows 6.5 embeded handheld....
It depends on your project type, for a handheld equipment helix monopole would do , for car kit a whip type monopole would be good. For GSM handset antenna, PIFA(Planar Inverted F Antenna) antenna is common. The whip antenna is the best, because it's bigger.
You can find it here best regards
The best technology suiatable for the project is Bluetooth. It is not too costly.
can anone tell me please, where i i can buy the best tools for soldering & desoldering. I am presently working on some Audio & Monitors and observed that there is some chips that i cant handle with my 30 watts soldering iron. I sometimes cause damage to the pads. I have heard about some CONVECTIOn TOOLS. Will these tools be appropriate for removi
I bought a Fluke-70 handheld meter in 1989. Believe or not I didn’t change even the battery. For 15 years!!. But now (from a power consumption point of view) they are going backwards. At job I use the new generation Fluke-87, and I have to replace the battery at every 3 months. Anyway in this business they are the best in word. cheers
HI I'm trying to do something identical with a compactflash.... Please read this topics :D :D best Regards Pendragon