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Hi , I am trying to drive an IC ( usb2.0 host controller) with fpga. The IC i am using, is FT313H from FTDI there anybody who had been work with FT313H? ( i want to know the maximum rate of transfering of this chip in reality not in theorical ( The theorical is 480 mbps)). 2.what is best ic ( usb2.0 host controller) in the case of
- buying the pcb that already has 2 usb ports, 1 charging port, and 4 leds, and the battery separately and putting them together in my custom case I think it is the best choice for you , I had a power bank with damaged charger-discharger circuit , I fixed that with a Li-ion battery charger and two DC_DC converter with usb out pu
Hi I want to connect multiple cameras to a Raspberry Pi 3 board. I searched on the Internet. I found a few ways, but they weren't suitable for my work. I have six usb cameras. I've installed ubuntu and openCV on my board and I want to read images from cameras. What's the best way to do this? Thanks a lot.
Why are you so stuck on the devices footprint, picking the best and correct device first should be the criteria, not worrying about the footprint.
Hello, I need help with my project. It´s about A-scan ultrasound, used for eye biometry(more here: ). It will serve as a learning tool at my school. I want to get signal from ADC to PC: ADC -> buffer -> ATXmega -> usb -> PC or ADC -> parallel-to-usb converter -> PC FPGAs are common
best to read what TI says about Port Hub power and pay attention to the ESR*C values used on +5. Provisions to prevent excessive hub surge and also low ESR < 1 Ohm >>> * C value <100us
best to find a Test Engineer friend in Production who can do for you a case of brew.
SATA is a completely different protocol than and can't be connected by anything simple. usb-to-SATA bridges are large-scale intergrated circuits, involving various network and protocol layer conversions. best you buy a cheap ready-made adapter.
The best one is the one that meets your requirments at the lowest cost. The answer depends on what your requirements are. Everyone will give you different answers according to their own tastes and experience. My preference would be one from I have used one of their 8-bit analyzers for a couple of y
We are using FPGA development board to get data from ADC and this board has usb 3.0 interface in device mode. We need to establish a usb 3.0 communication link with SSD(Solid state drive) which is also in device mode. We therefore need usb 3.0 host controller which stores data coming from FPGA board to SSD. What is the (...)
OS have no problems to connect to multiple usb devices of the same type (same VID and PID). The question is if your usb dll is prepared to handle multple devices or just connects to the "next best"? Did you already try to find out?
usb specification says "From Host to Peripheral the shield should be connected from connector to cable in 360 fashion". Shield to GND connection is left to the designer. best way is to contact your manufacturer or use manufacturer recommended things.. NXP used Ferrite beads to connect shiled to GND in Host systems (i. e on Connector A side). RC fi
i made a design using CC3000 and Atmega382 micro controller , i need to test the CC3000 directly and see if it works well with the current board design. The radio tool seemed to be the best solution , i thought i should just connect the module to the pc using the usb serial cable , as that much of info. was mentioned in the data sheet. but
A Rasberry Pi would be an overkill, unless you want also fancy display. I also think that the Arduino is your best option, and there are dozens and dozens of inexpensive and easily available accessory boards.
Hello! hello friend i want to know about motion control card to control my 3 servo motor and 2 steppe motor. is that any usb communication card available without PCI card to ready maid driver . i want to controlling using PC software at a same time rotate my 3 axis servo motor . what is the best motion control card and price detail pleas
Can an usb controller device(usb Camera) communicate with another usb controller device (FX2LP of a FPGA Board)??? There is no Host usb. I have this doubt and I don´t know if this is possible or not. Thank you best Regards
Be careful- Li Ion battery needs a special charging regulator which can be bought with the particular cell phone only. If you try to build yours, you can destroy the battery quite fast. I would best check if your phone DC power supply really is 5.0 V, 0.8 A. It means that it has an internal charging regulator and then you can safely use ANY 5V, 0.8
pic18f4550 is the best chip to communicate usb to pc. microchip provide so many library to interface windows form based application communication like CDC , HID and mass storage device .
You can try MC34063, I use this IC in some projects for 3,7V to 5V purpose, efficiency is around 70%. Also you can check Microchip and TI dedicated ICs for this purpose. MCP1640 have good efficiency (around 90-96%) but can offer lower current (100-350mA). best regards, Peter
I would like to know if anybody knows a free measurement software for usb digital microscope, win or linux. Thanks, What usb microscope model and from which manufacturer ? Some softwares works only with specific microscopes. best regards, Peter
a lithium-ion battery might be best no need for 2 separate power sources - use one to power both Pi and the screen you are drawing a significant amount of power; close to 7 or 8 watts plus whatever usb device you attach
which connector to be used in usb of MSP430F5505IRGZ microcontroller?PLS HELP. Hi Dimpi and welcome to EDABoard, What You have in mind about usb connector and this microcontroller ? In datasheet pages 72 and 73 you can find relevant informations about usb. best regards, Peter
hello All, Kindly find below: i want to restart computer from usb port via pic 18f4550 program best Regards, Mohamed Ragab You would need a PC side application that would respond to the 18F4550 data. It occurs in ping-pong style buffer refresh, the endpoints (take as arrays) gets updated at both the micro
Hello there, which communication protocol are you going to use? usb or UART?? best regards,
You cant drain that amount of current from RS232. This communication port can supply only uC but not other parts such as LCD. Use usb port. best regards, Peter ;-)
You can use power from usb. Voltage is 5V and if you need 3,3V use adequate voltage regulator. best regards, Peter
You can buy cheap Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module serial RS232 are not so high today, they are around 5-6EUR. I will send you link on PM, to avoid commercialization of this thread. :-) best regards, Peter :wink:
I need to make a project to display the data of 4 variables in a nice user-friendly interface with graphs and logging it into a file and i want to be able to use any laptop to connect to the PIC18F4550 and receive the data, i've never used the usb of the PIC18F4550 and it's a little confusing. My question is what is the best language to develop the
Hello sir, In my project I am implementing 4port usb hub. Can anybody suggest me a cheaf and best ic for that?
Hi, we are looking for best solution to configure CFP MSA compatible PHY with MDIO interface. The best would be to have some usb to MDIO adapter with LabView support.
Hi friend, Can be programmed with the usb Serial adapter or other usb or RS232 to TTL serial adapter. Arduino Mini Connecting the Arduino Mini and Mini usb Adapter best regards, Peter :wink:
Think your micro-controller 89S52 has inbuilt usb capabilities? If answer is NO, then you have to look for external device for usb communication. That's the reason PDIusbD12 pheripheral is added to MCU. best wishes :)
Hello gupta, you could use AHid.dll to interface Matlab - AHid.dll implements an usb HID interface on Host side. best regards Potter
Hi, we are looking for best solution to configure CFP MSA compatible PHY with MDIO interface. The best would be to have some usb to MDIO adapter with LabView support.
Hello, i am implementing a project with usb1T11A and Cyclone IV FPGA. The tranceiver got two operating modes. Differential and single ended. Someone can point me out the advantage of each mode? With the singled ended i would have one less line in the schematic, but whats the tradeoff? best regards, LR
I want to use the STM32F4 microcontroller to receive a video stream then stream it over ethernet with the rtsp protocol . I need you guys to tell me wich circuit would be the best for interfacing with STM32. Can I interface a webcam with the STM32 via the usb OTG ? (I have basic ideas about usb protocol, but the problem is that the (...)
Unfortunately there's no PIC18 exposing both internal CAN and usb interface. MCP2515 is the best option in this case.
Hi all, I'm trying to emulate a mouse by using a P18F4550 and an ADNS optical sensor. According to my best understanding (I may be wrong here) the host receives movement data of the mouse via the following code, which is taken directly from the HID Demo provided by Microchip : // the parameter hid_report_in holds the data to be sent an
LCD controllers have different codes for 'command' and for 'data'. It looks like you are only sending commands ( Send_A_Command() ). Where are you sending any data ?!? Please check & report.. all the best !
First check development kit documents of the CP21XX. for minimal implementation of RS-232 which uses only Rx and Tx you will need only a Phy. like MAX232. also for RS-485, a line driver/receiver IC like MAX485 is all you need. maxim and analog devices have several interface (RS232 and RS485) products. best
As following website, the board demostrates a SD Card to usb bridge. Beacuse FPGA does not have the bulit-in usb PHY, most boards use the microcontroller like Cypress?s EZ-usb? FX2LP to have the usb port. The microcontroller is expensive. And such design can not have the best transfer performance. (...)
Hello, I want to interface PL2303 usb connection with Microcontroller and PL2303 should work at usb Device. I think we can use usb configuration like usb Host CDC with PL2303. Can anybody suggest best way to achieve such configuration ? Which Microcontroller is best solution for such (...)
Actually some of the best general CAN resources are available on the Microchip website: AN713 - Controller Area Network (CAN) Basics AN228 - A CAN Physical Layer
I don't think there is a single book, they all serve different purposes. Some of them are best explained in datasheets and app notes, e.g. I2C, SPI, because they were devised by particular manufacturers, and they are not too complex to describe in half a dozen pages in datasheets. Parallel ports only serve one main purpose (printers) so would not b
Maybe this programmer use power from usb port, this is nothing unusual. best is to post name of programmer and some picture or manufacturer link. Is this your programmer ? He take power from PC usb port. You made
your question is not clear at all ..... where is information about hardware? The best way to get answer to use .
The best hint for someone starting usb development with PIC18 is 'buy the FTDI' followed by 'don't use pic18, for 8-bit go with AVR. Microchip can't make decent 8-bit mcu' I've built my masters thesis based on 4550 with usb and this was absolute pain in the ass and i really wouldn't do it again if i had a chance to choose.
go to and get all the information about pickit2. that is free. and the best usb based PIC MUC programer
Hello, I want to built a usb 360° controlable turntable. Where should I start? and maybe someone knows what components are required? best regards, Karper
Hi, I want to apply a ferrite to the bundle + and ? line. Maximum load current is about 3Amps at 24V DC. I can use both tubular or clamp-on but would like to use the best one. Which one will you recommend? The diameter of the cable is 5.7mm. We want to add ferrite on Ethernet, serial and usb cable as well. What will you recommend. All the c

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