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Doubts on determining the permeability from BH curve. The formula of permeability is ? = B/H ... which is NOT given by the SLOPE of BH curve, right? Hi, I attached your B/H picture slightly edited with showing the CHANGE in H and the corresponding CHANGE in B, so using my numbers in the picture the permeability o
I think that BH curve is usefull when your are going to work near to core saturation. Normally, that curve, or its characteristic points, are given for high power cores.
Hi Friends, What is the relaationship between the BH curve and the curve between Induced EMF and Field current. Regards, Avinash.S.
hi, Can anybody help me to plot a dynamic hysteresis curve either PSPICE or Matlab/simulink.Some of the parameters keep on changing ( I am using jiles atherton model parameters in an iterative way, so i need a bh curve which is dynamic) It would be great if you reply soon. Thanks
You have to watch out for the DC current rating. When filtering DC you need to look for the series resistance which will cause heating and voltage drop. You also have to look for the reduction of the inductance (when there is some core material other than air or an insulating support) from being biased of the center of the BH curve by the DC curr
I did a test on a BH circuit (Figure 1) today. The number of turn of the excitation coil was N1, whilst the number of turn of the search coil was N2. In the experiment TTi TG550 Function Generator ( ) was used as Vin. When N1 = 100 turns, the excitation current waveform looked very FUNNY (hea
If you are only interested in the amount of flux in the core (most of it will come out at the end, where you need it), you can do a measurement with a 'pick-up' winding. Just put some extra turns across the solenoid, and measure the voltage generated on it. The input can be any current waveform, but probably a sinus is easiest. Measure Iin and
how can i use 555-timer as function generator..what suitable circuit for this title
Not really. Peak to peak swing would impact the loss. Also swing would impact the area of BH loop. Also there would be some eddy current loss, but it's contribution would be much less. Also it is true that area of BH loop represent the Hysteresis loss The area inside the B-H curve represents lost power. It takes energy to move around the B-H c
You can easily accomplish this in PSpice. In PSpice you can model core, to support BH curve non linearity, saturation, effect of air gap etc.
Hi, I am working to model a flux gate (it is nothing but inductor with iron core, whoch shows differrent behaviour at differrent external magnatic field). What I am trying to achieve is to realise a mathmatical model which can take external magantic field as input and use BH curve to change the behaviour of flux gate. Any help would be highily a