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Doubts on determining the permeability from BH curve. The formula of permeability is ? = B/H ... which is NOT given by the SLOPE of BH curve, right? Hi, I attached your B/H picture slightly edited with showing the CHANGE in H and the corresponding CHANGE in B, so using my numbers in the picture the permeability o
I think that BH curve is usefull when your are going to work near to core saturation. Normally, that curve, or its characteristic points, are given for high power cores.
Hi Friends, What is the relaationship between the BH curve and the curve between Induced EMF and Field current. Regards, Avinash.S.
Hello I just one simple question: when we add a BH-curve for a ferrite material in HFSS, the H in the BH-curve file should be the internal H values ?or the external H values? Thank you Sincerely
hi, Can anybody help me to plot a dynamic hysteresis curve either PSPICE or Matlab/simulink.Some of the parameters keep on changing ( I am using jiles atherton model parameters in an iterative way, so i need a bh curve which is dynamic) It would be great if you reply soon. Thanks
Hello, I am trying to compare BH curves on the 43 material and the 3R1 mterial. In the piscture the 43 curve is shown on the left and the 3R1 on the right. I am a bit confused of the graph units, could you notify me which one has a more square BH curve that sharply bends at the saturation points? A rough comparison of the bending (...)
You have to watch out for the DC current rating. When filtering DC you need to look for the series resistance which will cause heating and voltage drop. You also have to look for the reduction of the inductance (when there is some core material other than air or an insulating support) from being biased of the center of the BH curve by the DC curr
I did a test on a BH circuit (Figure 1) today. The number of turn of the excitation coil was N1, whilst the number of turn of the search coil was N2. In the experiment TTi TG550 Function Generator ( ) was used as Vin. When N1 = 100 turns, the excitation current waveform looked very FUNNY (hea
If you are only interested in the amount of flux in the core (most of it will come out at the end, where you need it), you can do a measurement with a 'pick-up' winding. Just put some extra turns across the solenoid, and measure the voltage generated on it. The input can be any current waveform, but probably a sinus is easiest. Measure Iin and
how can i use 555-timer as function generator..what suitable circuit for this title
You can easily accomplish this in PSpice. In PSpice you can model core, to support BH curve non linearity, saturation, effect of air gap etc.
Hi, I am working to model a flux gate (it is nothing but inductor with iron core, whoch shows differrent behaviour at differrent external magnatic field). What I am trying to achieve is to realise a mathmatical model which can take external magantic field as input and use BH curve to change the behaviour of flux gate. Any help would be highily a
As a common property, tape-wound cores have high saturation flux, e.g. factor 4 compared to ferrite. But there's a number of different core materials specialized for different applications, e.g. power transformers, common mode chokes, magnetic amplifiers and current transformers. You have to analyze the circuit to find out what t
Hello, A nice measurement is the low frequency BH curve. The basic setup is relatively simple, but you need some math to convert the measured properties back towards magnetic field properties. You can find an example measurement setup at: If your Digital Oscilloscope has int
Hello. for design a voltage mode control compensation network of smps I need calculate forward gain (G) in 1+GH equation that H is compensation network Gain. that for forward gain we have : G = Vin * (Ns/Np) * Gm where: Ns/Np= trans ratio Gm= modulator gain suppose a half bridge smps designed to work for 175 to 280 Volt AC: 1-[
Not really. Peak to peak swing would impact the loss. Also swing would impact the area of BH loop. Also there would be some eddy current loss, but it's contribution would be much less. Also it is true that area of BH loop represent the Hysteresis loss The area inside the B-H curve represents lost power. It takes energy to move around the B-H c
Hello, Anyone knows a FPGA, microprocessor, DSP, ... implementation of an elliptic curve cripto system? Cheers!
Hi all. I'm looking for a good V/I curve Tracer project or schematic to build. Can someone help me ??? Thanks in advance. Best regards. jackrs 8)
I want to know if I can draw exponential function curve in the CST curve creation , because I want to know how I can get the planar metal with exponential function bounding in the vivaldi antenna simulation.who can tell me . thanks a lot !
Since I have a varactor with two terminals ,Gate and "Source+Drain",how to get varactor C-V curve in CDS?pls be more specific
How to draw a sinus curve in CST microwave studio? May someone please help
hi What will be the transfer curve of an inverter if i change Vdd and Vss?
How can we calculate the arc length of any curve for example of sine,cosine or any random curve?
who can give me BJT & MOS IV curve sweep ( I remember hspice have demo file )  I need it for characteresize some process library file .. and I hope can use "nest sweep" I use Q1 0 nb ne pnp ib nb 0 ib1 ve ne 0 ve1 .dc ve 0 3.3 0.1 sweep ib1 dec -0.1u -10u but I can not probe out IV curve , should I use Ve ->
Does anyone know if any transistor exists that displays I-V curve symmetry - ie, for a given gate bias a certain positive drain voltage results in a positive drain current, and the same drain voltage but negative results in the same negative drain current. That is, the positive quadrant of the I-V curve is reflected in the negative quadrant. I ha
how to draw a sin() function curve in HFSS8 or HFSS9? please help me,thanks
what are the direction cosines of a plane and that of a curve. Regards drdolittle :)
Find the index of income concentration for Lorenz curve given by the equation:
Hello all! My question is on HFSS 9. Who knows how to draw a point by point curve if I have a table of values (x, y) I know how to do it in HFSS 8 using the Macro Editor. But I need to do it in HFSS 9. Another question: is it possible to assign such line using formula y(x)=... I haven't found such option. Best Regards, Uninvited
Huntron - Any curve Tracers - I need the Huntron or any good and professioal or semi pro curve tracer schema or service manual. Thanks.. Safak
Hello all, I am searching for a function to fit Gaussian-like curve(the curve is like the Gaussian probability density function), and get the mean and sigma? Any suggestion will be appreciated! BTW, I use Matlab and C. Regards, Davy
how to get vco voltage-frequency transfer curve by using ADS? i used to do the simulation using Hspice, sweep the control voltage and save the freq (by using .meas function), and handle the data by using origin. i want to know how to do that in ADS, thanks!
Hi friends, I have hit a brick wall while working with the least square curve fitting function "lsqcurvefit". I am getting an error which I dont have a clue what it means. The error reads "Function value and YDATA sizes are incommensurate". Does anyone have some idea on how to avoid this. I am in desperate need of some help on curve (...)
Hi, I need to model the BJT again now to get the IB vs Vbe curve which I got by experimenting with the real BJT using a curve tracer. Now when i used the curve tracer i had kept the collector open. I gave a step current to Ib for 200mA . So can anybody have any idea how i can setup the circuit in pspice schematics for that.
hi could you tell me how to simulate tranfer curve of pipeline ADC single stage in Spectre? Just like that below 3Q
How to draw the PSRR curve for a opamp in COSMOSSCOPE? When use hspice ,the output vdb(out) is 1/PSRR, so how can i get the psrr?
any one have data or curve for medtronic ph sensor needed. i filling this sensor is nonlinear?
i had plotted two ber curve for different subcarriers...... 1) the ber curve move to left when i increase the no. of subcarriers. 2) the ber curve move to right when i increase the no. of subcarriers. i just confuse....which one is the correct one? increasing in no. of subcarrier would definitely causing ICI to is that causing
hey, guys. I'm a newbie in filter design. I have got a problem. Is anyone know how to obtain the curve between resonator spacing and coupling coefficient K by using HFSS. thanks.
now i am designing a opamp with chopper stablization,but i donot know how to simulation the noise curve with the hspice, so i cannot decide the chopper frequency,is anybody can tell me?thanks!
I'm trying to order some extra screws for a project I'm working on. In the manual, they are called "BT3*10mm BH screw." However, I am not able to find the right place to buy these from. I searched for anything BT3 but could not find the correct match. Does anyone know what the part number means or where I can find the right screw to match this
Dear all, Anyone could explain to myself why should Draw Frequency Response curve. Hope to hear from you all soon Thanks. Sie Kiam
I'm building VI-curve tracer, using PIC16f877 and DAC mcp4822 from microchip and interfaced to PC through serial port. The host software developed in Delphi. It is running at the moment, but not yet finalized. If I find interest, I?ll post the details, so we can discuss, and I'll be happy to receive comments and contributions
Hi all, I have build a simulation system to test my Error Correcting Code. And now I add modulation/demodulation module. When I apply BPSK and QPSK to system, I found their BER versus SNR curve almost identical, is it right in theory? My code rate is 0.9, code length >10000. BTW, I found BPSK and QPSK have identical uncoded BER versus SN
Hi, everybody I need a good V/I curve tracer circuit shematic. I think to use it with my scope thanks for helping
I want to plot an IV curve for NMOS transistor but couldn't find any familiar syntax such as .dc vds 0 5 0.1 vgate 0 5 0.5 --> in spice Anyone please help me to make similar statement in spectre. I don't have analog artist or any gui. Need the netlist. Thanks much,
hello Is every spice model suitable to plot gm/id curve? how should the analysis look like. i use .dc ibias start stop step but i think it's not correct any examples? regards
HI: In measuring clock signal phase noise, we can use spectrum analyzer. The output curve can be processed to get phase noise curve. However, the spectrum will be coved by the noise floor in large offset frequency. How we extract the real phase noise from the output of spectrum analyzer?
hi,everybody pls help me about plotting BER vs receive power info,IEC-61280-2-8 or OSFTP-8 About optical communication plot BER curve vs receive power extrapolation sensitivity(BER=10E-12). etc. For example: DWDM system sensitivity extrapolation (BER=10E-12) give some material or info. Thanks!
hi all Do you know how to generate parabolic current curve across temperature? It has positive TC and negative TC as well. TX