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Due to gain-bandwidth product limitation for any amplifier it is usually easier to reduce gain in lower frequencies than increase it on high frequency end in order to get flat response. Different measures can be used: smaller series capacitor(s) at input and output circuits, adjusting biasing inductor(s), designing high-pass matching circuit etc. D
Dear HFSS, I want to simulate an inductor and expect to get S-parameter of out of it. I want to simulate it with a particular DC biasing, let say 20 mA. Can this be done in HFSS? Which excitation should I use. thanks, wlcsp
Hii guys, Can u all tell me how to deside the value of RFC chock/inductor( depending on freq. band and current) that we r using for biasing for any PA,LNA. i am confuse. thanks
For DC biasing for power amplifiers or diode switches, inductors are often used as RF choke. How do we decide the value of inductor to use for the RF choke?
Give more informations about the used Mosfet, Drain current? package type? datasheet?Is there any spice model of this mosfet? To get some informations. There is no simple biasing network unfortunately. But you can start with : 1nH inductor 10nF & 10uF shunt bypass capacitors. 7pF coupling capacitors. Should be ok at 1 GHz.
hiii.... I used ac simulation to find my inductance and Q factor..I will recheck the s-p analysis later. There is another problem....I implemented a cascode active is meeting my specs....Now i have to implement tunability...What do you suggest is d best way...i'm thinking of changing the bias my g
Hi all, Can a Ferrite bead be used as RF Choke instead of inductor being used as RF Choke in LNA biasing circuit. attached is the application circuit Regards Vinod
It's just for biasing purpose which is very necessary when the supply voltage of vdd and ground. In this manner the dc voltage of all ports of opamp is vcm.
The Rbias is used in order not to make the signal quantity flow through the biasing network so that the full signal gets appeared at the gate/base of the transistor.Usually the value of Rbias is high so that it provides a high impedance path to signals. Hope it helps Santom
Thanks guys for helping. I have seen that option , but if I change the layout , that is by dragging , will MWO simulate the schematic (keeping in mind the layout) because if I introduce a bend say for instance, inductance is introduced. Secondly, my circuit has a dc bias, I am biasing a diode via choke (which will be transmission line based) and
I am working on a reconfigurable decoupling and matching network. To make it reconfigurable i need to use varactor diodes ,which will help me tune uptmy network from uplink to downlink frequencies. I need to know how can i model and achieve biasing of these varactor diodes. Using skyworks 2019-2023 hyper abrupt varactor diodes.
hai, i am designing VCO circuit using 45nm tech i found VCO topology in one paper with W/L ratio of FETS and inductor value (2.4nH) for 180nm tech given in that paper mosfet W/L ratio is cal by keeping L as 45nm my question is how to scale inductor value for 45 nm tech thanks in advance Hi Venkateshjutur
Who have experience in planar inductor design on standard microstrip (not mmic) substrates?
Can anyone tell me where I can find any writing or formula or equation about PLANAR inductors ? I have a pcb with a planar inductor and I want to calculate the inductance of it. the PCB is single Layer and the shape of it is like this : _______ _______| |_______ _______| Can anyone Help me?
Has any one a tool to synthesize planar mutally coupled inductor? I need this configuration to design a 7-13 GHz balun on GaAs. I could analyze the inductors with MWO EM-Simulator, but I would like to avoid a trial and error synthesys without having a good starting point for dimensions, space, number of turns and width of the microstrips. Thank
Check Maxim also. the only thing you have to do is matching impedances at input and output, and insert an inductor to biasing the Chip. But be careful, normally high frecuency amlpifiers are made for a single frecuency, or a limited range of frecuencies, because they are frecuency compensated to avoid unstabilities
I am looking for a low noise inverter chip (8pins) to generate the negative voltage for biasing GaAs Fet's gate. I tried the Maxim and Linear Technology chips. They performed good but they did'nt accomplish with the temperature range requiride. Does somebody suggest me some other manufacturer? Thanks in advance NandoPG
I want a build a inductor for high frequency and i don't have a measuring device only i have a multimeter i can build a circuit where i can see how is the measure of one inductor in high frequency, somebody have a circuit??? :?
hi i need 1mH - 3mH inductor with low DC resistance . approximatly it should be below 1.5 ohms. If anyone know where it is available please let me know asap. its very urgent. thanx regards Nikhil
I need to design an inductor with following specifications: frequency=1700 Hz value=0.8mH Current=3A frequency=2300 Hz value=0.44mH Current=3A Can anyone suggest a good matrial /core shape and design?
hi,all: I am looking for a certain paper about spiral inductor. I have ever heard other people talking about that, the content is about using multi-layer metal to form a 3-D inductor. What is special about this paper is that the each turn of the inductor,in this paper, goes in different metal layer. For example
Hi, all: Recently I got some problem about 'spiral inductor modelling'. After obtaining S-parameters from network analyzer, we had to translate it into some kind of equivalent circuit to simulate it in hspice. Some methods of annealing were used for this process. Since there will be many sets of resolutions during the process o
About extracting on-chip spiral inductor parameters from measurement! Any one can share me with the experience of extracting spiral-inductor equivelent from S-parameter? The case is : After obtaining S-parameter of On-chip CMOS Spiral inductor from measurement, the pad extraction should be done to obtain the accurate result. Then the (...)
Anyone have infornation about RF transister biasing? Especially, class B,C.
How can calculate spiral coil on PCB ?
Hi guys, I want to know how accurate is HFSS to help me guess the value and quality factor of a planar spiral inductor on silicon (integrated circuit). I want to know if, based on the layers description (insulators, metals and silicon) HFSS is able to simulate losses and give to me an accurate set of S parameters. Thanks a lot
: Need plugins of Ansoft HFSS to compute Q of spiral inductor, can any people offer hand?
Hi ! Anyone know which EM tool can precisely predict CMOS spiral inductor Q and model ? Where can find the example or document ?
Anyone knows link for spiral inductor model for HSpice, thanks
I want to design an inductor working around 2 KHz of 160uH. Going by exprience of you peolple what is the maximum value of Q factor that can be obtained practically?
Hi all, How can I calculate the Q factor of non-symmetric 2-port inductor from the S-parameter information ?
Hi i want inductor with folowin specs- - SMD small size - Larger value i want from 1mH - 30mH - LOW DCR (this is very imp for me) - good curent carryin capacity thanks ~niks~
i have came across the Q factor for inductor. 1.)how about finding the Varactor Q and value? The varactor is either pn-diod or mos-cap. 2.)how the measure the s-parameters of the varactor?
Active biasing is often used in rf power amplifiers where emitter or source is grounded. Such amplifiers are usually dissipating heat. To improve temperature stability negative dc feedback is used to keep average collector (drain) current constant. Feedback is usually made with PNP transistor.
Hello, I want to realize a 3-order lowpass filter on chip. F cut @ 20GHz A series inductor should be used. I'm not sure that spiral inductor will have a good performance near that freq. And series transmission line is difficult to realize. Can I make the trans line as I__________ __________| I or use CPW? Which structure( spir
biasing mixer is possible only with mixers that have DC and above IF output. Applaying DC bias to IF port can improve isolation if needed. Such a mixer can be used allso as an AM modulator for example for TV video modulation.
Does onyone has a publication which has the exact dimensions of a microstrip rectangular spiral inductor?I want to simulate it for a project i have but i have not the exact dimensions.I want to point out for another time that i want a microstrip spiaral inductor. thank you for your help peterpsomos
Can anybody tell me how to design a coplanar spiral inductor on Si, without ground plan on the beneath side of the Si chip. Is there an equation for a raw design? Thanks
hi all anyone who have experience modeling spiral inductor?cmos technologies multi-metal layers. i have read a lot of papers,have used 2-pi&1-pi model,but the result is so poor... who can give me some valuable advice on it,thanks a lot
plz i want to know what is the best EM simulator to simulate the spiral inductor on sillicon substrate accuratly thanks
how to simulate quality factor of an spiral inductor in ADS?please
I tried to draw a layout of spiral inductor in virtuoso, it is not recoganized as an inductor. Do I need any other tools? or did I make any mistakes? thanks!
Hi anybody I need to design meander line inductor(microstrip line).But I don"t know how to design. I don"n know what software can help me.Please help me. Regards
I am leanring ADS. Does anyone know about simulating spiral inductor with ADS ??
You can refer attached paper using lumped element as biasing instead of radial stub
Does anyone knows how to design a biasing voltage reference circuit with enable/disable function in CMOS? Normal stable biasing reference point are generated from a chain of equal size PMOS loads. How can we improved this with a enable/disable circuitary which is stable in process and temperature variations? :?:
I am using a bjt for LNA designing .Which biasing network is most suitable to achieve minimum NF and K>1.
what is phemt?what is the biasing condition of phemt?Is its biasing condition is same as N channel FET?
Hi all I wonder where I can find an inductor to be used as RFC at 10Ghz ? Kindest regards, StoppTidigare
What is the more used planar inductor simulator? I have heard about m-a-g-n-e-t, s-o-n-n-e-t , asitic, fasthenry but not all of them are designed to simulate CMOS structures. Any comment about these simulators?