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hii evrybdy, i want to design an 8-bit binary divider..its transistor level implementation..and thn i have to optimize it using its criitical delay under worst input pattern. can anybdy hlp me or guide me in this regard links , pdf files and e-books will b hlpful... hope a sooner reply thnxs in advance harry
hii everybdy.. hwz life and work goin on? i have two questions: 1)actually m a student and being assigned project to make 8-bit binary counter and to optimize it in terms of critical path..cmos implemnetation of it. SO can anybdy guide me how shuld i pursue it..i have jst 2 weeks...not more than tht.. 2)can anybdy provide me the solout
Look for fast binary division, booth algorithm.
Does mean 9 minutes 59 seconds 999 milliseconds? If that's true, then you probably need a 1 kHz clock, and you probably want it to be more accurate and stable than a 555 circuit. You could buy a crystal oscillator that is a convenient multiple of 1 kHz, and then divide it down to 1 kHz. For example, buy a 2.048 MHz oscillator and an 11-
Build circuit that for every 8 pulses of clock, passes 5 pulses. It should be simple. Remaining is simple 11 bit binary divider.
What are you trying to divide - voltage, frequency, binary number, ... ?
Assuming that you want to divide by the number 1024, you change your value to binary. Then shift them to the right 10 times. That will give you the desired 1024 division. Remainders will be lost. For example, if you have 10000, and want to divide by 1024, 0010 0111 0001 0000. shift everything right by 10, 0010 01.11 0001 0000 You get
Can anyone please post a code for "16-bit binary division"..,????
Hi, Would anyone tell me or show me a link describing the format of the hspice binary transient output file tr* format? Thanks Regards Paul
Can any one help me to find the binary codes produced by SONY or PHILLIPS remote controlles?
Can someone give me some vhdl source code about Fraction-N frequency divider.
Hi Does somone have binary complied ng-spice rework 14 for windows? 1. -> t tnx
Hello I want to conver a 0-10Vdc signal to 0-2.5 Vdc .I do it by two resistor (1%)as a passive voltage divider,Both the linearity is not good and in some region of full range the value of nonlinearity is high.If I use a .01% resistors the problem may be solved but the cost is too high. I need to know is there an active solution with opamp fo
Is there any paper on distributed active power divider available????
You can follow these steps, very simple and effective: 1- Convert the binary no. to BCD format, this leads to a groups of 4 bits in each group, each group value is from 0 to 9. 2- For every group, ADD 30 (decimal) to the 4bits value ==> ASCII of the digit. (e.g. A value of '1' will be '31' which is the ASCII of digit '1'). 3- Repeat step 2
Any info about how to generate a non-integer clock divider. Like Clk_out = Clk_in x (N/M), N and M are integer. Thanks !
@ltera: One Hot State Machine vs binary/Gray Code State Mac
I need to chop a big binary files into smaller block in unix, upload, transfer and reassmbly. Similar as Winrar could in windows Any pointer?
I will need to implement the Fraction-N frequency divider using ALtera or xilinx FPGA.Can someone give me some vhdl source code and aritiles about Fraction-N frequency divider.I donot understant the principle until now. THX?
i want to feed a microstrip patch array antenna with corporate fed ....please help me about this fed and how i can use power divider in this project .....and intruduce me a good website and homepage about antenna and propagation.. thanks,, my Email
I have a binary counter and I want to use the output to switch 4 relays. I want one relay to come on at 00, the next at 01, etc. This was originally done with a multiplexer and transistors. Anyone think of a simpler way?
Hello!every one I'm designing a 8-outports divider now. Freq is from 8GHz to 18GHz ,I fell very difficult because the practice is worse than simulation. i use SERENADE8.71A Can someone give me a practice ? Thanks a lot!
Hi friends! I need to convert a 16 bit binary to 5 digits ascii. I found some examples in PICLIST but they didn't work (I don't know why). I think that I'll have to burn several neurones to make a good routine. Does anybody have other examples? Thanks in advance Paulo.
Hi all I am fiddling with some direct conversion receivers. My question is this: I want a try using a Tayloe detector. For this I obviously need a vfo. Most of the designs I have seen use a DDS to achive high resolution tuning, but I was wondering if it wasnt possible to do it with some sort of fractional programmable divider or something, in an
Under DOS use: first use MODE command to set serial comm parameters, then use: COPY filename COMx: /B /B - binary file /A - ASCII file
I'm using Codewarrior 6.1.1 for Embedded PowerPC (EPPC). I want to link several large binary files (FPGA bitstreams) into my C project. I can do that easily in GCC using a linker command-line option, but how do I do it in Codewarrior? If that's not possible, is there some way to convert my binary files into Codewarrior compatible object files? I
what is the easiest way to convert decimal to binary in C# ? Is there any library function to do the same ? TIA Cheers
i wants to make a power divider for coax .how to do?(three way)
Does anyone know a frequency divider IC to convert 2 GHz oscillator to VHF band.
Hi, Any idea about a 2ghz oscillator design to feed an binary counter? The output should have at least 500mv peak to peak to drive the input. Thanks,
i do not find www? need multiplier,divider 74ls194 or acc ? thank you.
Hi, Is there any simple method for calculate the checksum for binary file. For ex. I want to calculate the checksum for AT89C51 binary file. Thanx SphinX
:( Hey Anyone can help me? I have binary file for starsat stb (digital sattlite reciever),how can i convert this file to instrections and change it's pictures to personal or famely pictures. Thanks. Found the header jpeg in your binary or make some program to show bmp file.
Your question is not well specified. Divide ratios are not fractional it is only 3 modulus divider binary related. Please specify your requirements and do you looking for synth, chip or separate divider chip? XTASA :?:
I want to implement a divider in VHDL, operands are std_logic_vector(). How can I do it? Thanks.
Thanks in advanced! I need divider for my thesis job! Details is Fixed point, Dividend = 32 bit Divisor = 16 bit Quotient <= 30 bit Reminder = 16bit Frequency minimum = 70 MHZ RTL code sample Xilinx FPGA VII 6000 -4 Thanks again
hi I am new to matlab... i would like to know how can i generate a series of digital binary data in simulink... e.g. if i want to generate 10101100 ... how do i do that ??? cheers
I want to design a unequal power divider of 8mm.I need the following paper: J.Joubert and S.R.Rengarajan,"Design of unequal H-plane waveguide power dividers for array applications",Microwave Journal,Euro-Global Edition,Vol.40,no.2,pp24-34,Feb 1997 who can help me?
I did it before using Microcontroller, so I'll explain the idea and you can translat it into HDL. Suppose you have number equal 32 (in binary form and you want to covert to decimal 1- Divide 32 by 10 --> it will produce 3 and the renaider is 2 2- the remaider 2 is the least significat digit in decimal number you can use a table like to generat t
Hi, 74184 BCD to binary Converter 74185 binary to BCD Converter Salam, SphinX
use PLI , can read binary file.
This file contain a dual modulus divider 22/23 (from T.H. Lee's paper) But I use matlab simulink to run this schematic the modulus is alaways 41/42 . Could somebody tell me what modulus is this ??
Hi, this is my problem (it's the continue of the topic:"frequency divider with NCO"): I've to describe a clock frequency divider by a fractional value. All digital in VHDL (also behavioral). What can I do ? Thanks for your advices Charlie
The (only) thing that would make any particular byte value a special symbol is how it is interpreted by the applications that send and receive it. So, use something easy to detect, 0 or ff, and you will have to also make sure that this value *is not* sent by your app in any of the multimedia data. This can be done either by encoding the data so
Dear all, I would to write a PLL kind of stuff using VHDL using @ltera fpga, and would sincerely appreciate any ideas on doing it. I'm trying to derive a 12MHz clock from a 48Mhz clock. The 12MHz clock will only start generating once a predefined input sequence pattern has been receive. The input is also 12MHz based. I've try to use din'EVENT to
i have some problem while programming in assembly language. can anyone tell how to divide a binary no. to another binary no. . multiplication is also a problem too. :D
:cry: I need a power divider in my power amplifier for 200-500MHZ frequcy band.its power is CW 50w,and the max insertion loss less than 0.6dB.more importantly,I hope its size is small enough (length<50mm,width<12mm)to be fixed on the PCB.but I can not find such product in many RF companies. I want to design it by myself.but bec
Hello, I need to design a trimmable fractional divider. The input frequency varies from 10 to 25MHz and the output frequency should be trimmed on-the-fly by means a GP register to 8MHz +/- 2-3%. The jitter on the output is not a big issue! Any info is welcome!
Hi, We all know 16bit SRT radix-4 divider will be faster than normal 16bit divider, but for 8bit, is it still true? And is there anyone can provider SRT radix-4 divider with carry save adder? Thanks.
hi all my friend suppose we have a binary file and tend to program any devices like FPGA,microcontroller ,... and so on with this file . how i can do this with piece of code and how i can write this application? does anybody have a doc's ? tnx