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To make it a complete chebychev filter specification, you need to add passband ripple and stop band attenuation. Order can be only determined from this specification. Q is a parameter of the second order filter building block ("biquad") not the filter itself. A chebychev filter is comprised of multiple (...)
That biquad filter will give much more information if each of its outputs drives an LM3915 bargraph IC with 10 LEDs.
Hi all Does anyone know why Tow-Thomas biquad casode two op-am and make R as a feedback? What is the point there? For example, why can not make it two seperate first order filter cascade together to get a second order filter? Does any have explanation here? Thanks a lot
I have designed a low pass biquad for cutoff 14Hz. I have done its dft and thd. I got thd 125.814. What does this value mean. In the help guide of cadence calculator, it say the formula returns voltage percentage. Please help me to understand this. With dft I got the follpwing graph 124160 When I use the log scale I
I have designed a biquad OTA-C low pass filter, tunable from frequency from a few Hz to few KHz. However if I increase the tuning current, although the frequency increases but the dc gain decreases. Please help me to understand why this could be happening and what could be the possible solution for this. Thanks in advance.
Currently I am working on designing an OPA with CMOS 0.18um process for Tow-thomas biquad Active filter. In order to increase BW, I am thinking of using a simple “single stage CS amplifier (i.e. w/o adding the Class-A or AB output buffer). Is it OK? Will it be any problems? Is there other better solutions?
Anyone could show me the biquad graph sample. please ? I had found on this link... But anyone had use this fillter on
i have designed a Gm-C BPF, biquad type with two OTA and two Cap. i set gm1=gm2=gm=13uS (low power design), C2=100*C1=1nF, f0=gm/sqrt(C1*C2)=20kHz, Q=sqrt(C2/C1)=10, now, the ac response shows that, f0 and Q has some deviation (20.4KHz and 9.23), what is the possible reason here? besides, for a Gm-C BPF, how is the transient response? does the
You can see this material:Simulating Switched-Capacitor filters with SpectreRF~I designed one 4th order switched capacitor biquad filter in UMC 180 nm technology using cadence software (version 5.10.41).This circuit is operating on a two phase non overlapping clock generator (i/p frequency = 1 kHz). To simulate this circui
Q is a property of a second order filter (or "biquad"). There's no thing like a "Q value of the whole filter". Instead, the combination of individual Q and center frequency values makes the filter characteristic. Can you clarify, which meaning of the "overall Q value" is discussed in these books?
I've designed a biquad IIR filter, and I would like to quantize the filter coefficients so that the difference equation can be used in a fixed-point FPGA code written in Verilog. The filter input ranges between 0 and ((2^12) -1) fixed-point values. The difference equation is Direct Form I ( ), an
Hi Would like to ask if I can implement a notch filter using a KHN biquad filter (state variable), something like this at page 8. Meaning this would use
Hi all, I am trying to design a 6th order lowpass chebyshev filter (as a cascade of three 2nd-order biquad sections) with following specifics: Amax=0.1dB f(3db)=2.2 Mhz F(clock)=100Mhz 1.8V so i choose flaischer-laker biquad (pag 48 of this pdf) and i follow
Dear all: I encountered a problem when I designed a switched capacitor biquad filter. First of all I designed a switched capacitor integrator. One of problems in the SC integrator is that how to give the biasing point of amplifier to make it work properly. As in the attachment, if the clock frequency is too slow, in one phase that the inp
Anyone had any success (in silicon) with the any of the various GOC switched cap CDS integrators? I am designing a biquad HP filter using the nagaraj style GOC integrators and the offset correction is not too impressive in simulation (I'm using Spectre for tran sims and SpectreRF for pac & pnoise). For example a standard SC integrator where b
Hello all, I have designed a prototype active-RC filter that reaches my specs with ideal opamp models.When i substitute the ideal opamps with 1-pole models the transfer function deviates from the ideal behavior as it is there any fast way (via software that does it automatically or something else without trial and error with cadence
There are several alternatives - mostly based on multi-amplifier biquad (state variable) design. One simple method is given in the pdf attachement. Bandpass: Vin,1=Vin,3=0 (grounded) and Vout/Vin,2=bandpass response. But note that the output requires a buffer amplifier (with voltage output). Note also: The given circuit is of 2nd order. By defin
I understand "source follower" as a synonymous of positive SAB (single amplifier biquad) with a gain of 1. Using a single transistor or an OP would of course affect the gain precision and thus the filter characteristic. For a "low Q", e.g butterworth filter, a small gain change won't matter much. The intended method to get a programmable (...)
Please anyone post the verilog code for biquad Low Pass filter.
Hi, I need to find pspice models for active filters - biquad, single transistor or switched capacitor. Can anyone point me in the right direction.
Hi, everyone, I want to design a two-thomas biquad filter with 1.2MHz cutoff frequency. But how to compute the value of the passive components(R, C)?And by the way, who have the two papers about filters? L. C. Thomas, The biquad: Part I - Some Practical Design Considerations sALLEN KEY , A practical method of designing Rc (...)
I have an FRS demo model,..on receiver side there is decimation and filtering , for that Direct Form 2 SOS filters have been used, i am unable to understand its working :( and after decimation , channelizer block with IIR biquad filters is used...these models are in made Simulink using System Generator blocksets,...can (...)
Hi everybody, Im a Software Engineering student and im supposed to make a Parametric Equlizer which can plot the graph of Peaking filter and LPF and HPF. by now i could have get plot the peaking filter by using the coefficients a0,a1,a2,b0,b1,b2 (biquad) and then finding the magnitude response directly, i have coded it in VB which l will (...)
Hi, I designed two Gm-C low-pass biquad filters by using only folded-cascode and telescopic-cascode OTAs for the each biquad. THD of the telescopic-cascode based filter is much much more than of folded-cascode based filter. I was expecting telescopic-based would have less THD! I wonder if my (...)
Hello all, I'm designing a fourth order filter by designing 2 biquad filters in cascade . can any one tell me how i can calculate the effective frequency band wo of the filter and also the effective quality factor Q based on wo, Q of each biquad section. If there is any PDF describe this phenomena this (...)
hello, i would like to ask the stability problem of my gm-c filter, thank you very much for your hlep^^ filter type: 4th order biquad gm-c bandpass filter center frequency: 900MHz bandwidth:40MHz my way to test stability is use "trans simulation", after check, is it not oscillate. but this (...)
hi all, I'm designing a five-order chebyshev LPF. Three subckts cascaded to compose the filter, a one-order one and two biquads. There are five operational amplifiers. How to give out the specifications of these opamps? I'm confusing all these days!
i am designing an activeRC filter , and how to simulate the stability of the TOM-THOMAS biquad ? or it is stabled if the opamps in it have enough phase margin. thanks very much.
Hello friends...Can anyone help me question is... which of the following biquads & filters can be implemented by Switched Capacitor Ckts Ackerberg- Mossberg filter Tow-Thomas biquad Sallen Key biquad Delyiannis & Friend biquad (SAB) Fleischer Laker (...)
hi i need urgently to calculate transfer function of this "second biquad bandpass thanks.
Hi, all Anybody can give some suggestion on how to design a high frequency transconductor, say, GBW can reach hundreds of megahertz for maybe 1pF capacitive load. It's for the design of a high frequency low pass filter, also advices on the Gm-C biquad LPF are welcome. Thx in advance!
Hello everyone,I'm designing a CMOS lowpass filter.Because the bandwidth of input signal is less than 2MHz,I choose the active RC filter type. A 4th order filter can be built by cascading two biquad blocks which every biquad contains two full differential OPA.I use capacitance array controlled by 4 bits (...)
Hi what is a biquad filter,i saw this when iam reading SC-filters byee
Hi, I'm working on a class project designing a low pass biquad filter with gain 2 and cut off frequency of 1kHz that follows the 3dB Chebyschev characteristics.From the simulation using PSpice,the circuit that we designed worked perfectly...but when we installed all the components on the breadboard and run the test using function generator and
u can use biquad structure to get this BPF TF. See ch9.6 of "CMOS analog circuit design; Phillip E. Allen..."
Hi Does any one know what are the Tschebyscheff coefficient for the biquad filter? Rina
Hi, I would like to for ask for any opinion regarding what kind of input that I should trigger (either Vsin or VAC)in PSpice to generate the frequency response of the biquad filter? And how much the value of the input voltage that should be used? Rina
I will be using VHDL\Verilog Code to simulate the function the datapath proposed in this paper "A New hardware Realization of Digital filter" By ABRAHAM PELED and BEDE LIU IEEE Transaction on Acoustics,Speech and Signal Processing,DEC 1974 Here I attached the diagram of the datapath My question is 1)Is it appropriate to use two 2-bi
All is correct for example trying to convert second row to decimal representation: >> gg(2,:) ans = 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 >> -(2^7-gg(2,2:end)*2.^')/2^7*2 ans = -0.9219 and >> phiphi(2) ans = -0.9129 >> Result is correct Actually result in the paper you studying, can be regarded
Hi,all, Here is a bandpass filter with a higH Q biquad architecture, and this is from Allen's notes. Obviously, this biquad contains a charge amplifier(the first stage) and a noninverting SC integrator,plus a switched capacitor and a capacitor as feedback into input. I think this filter has no gain. In the first (...)
How many kind of method to make biquad filter?for example,continue time ,mosfet-c,digital filter,inductor.
HI Expert!!! I gotta some question about multi-feedback circuits stability. Generally, single feed-back circuits are relatively easy to estimate and simulate stability. But it's very confusing to me that multi-feed back circuits stability such as attached biquad filter circuits. Normally, In transient analysis you can give the impulse fu
Abstract: The authors describe how triple-output OTAs facilitate the development of a new current-mode universal biquad configuration capable of generating various filter transfer functions using digitally programmable zeros. This is achieved without excessive use of active devices and without changing the biquad topology. The (...)
Hi, I think you can implement biquad by add a simple CPU into FPGA. regards,
Hi all, I need some help for building A/D converter using Switched Capacitor techniques and the filter is the standard biquad filter... try to help me in this regard..
Hi together, is anybody out there to provide me w/ some paper w/ respect to design and analysis of active RC biquad filters (e.g. CMOS implementation) and digital biquad filters realization. Should help to judge different types of implementation (analog vs. digital). tia & br muppettoon
Linear recursive filter design tools for IIR biquad group delay equalizers. Uploaded file: IIR biquad Group Delay Equalizer filters.mht ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks Any other replies a
Linear recursive filter design tools for IIR biquad gain equalizers. Uploaded file: IIR biquad Gain Equalizer filters.mht
Linear recursive filter design tools for IIR audio biquad filters in various modes. Uploaded file: IIR Audio biquad filters.mht