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Hi guys, I need help identifying some TO-92 components. I asked for some BSS138 or 2N7000 mosfets at a local component shop yesterday, What i received was this: 136769 136770 - TO-92 package - front is painted in metallic blue - center leg is offset to back - markings are: SS3
Hello guys, I need some help with transistors. I need to find an addecuate model for my application. It has to be cheap and wide available (I mean, if it can be a well known model (such as 2n3904 for general use) it would be better. What I am looking for is fast transistors. I don't need UHF transistors but what I am working on is in that u
Page 4 of the LT3692 datasheet states that the current from the boost circuit to each of the high side bjt drives is 55mA. Do you know what current the low side bjts draw? LT3692 datasheet:- Also, page 2 of the LT3692 datasheet also says that Theta (JA) is 35degC/Watt?.but do you know wha
G'day Folks, In a current application a TPM411 remote temperature sensor IC is used. The IC measures the Vt of a bjt to determine temperature. The requirement is for a small (3mm) probe and given the better range of small leaded diode packages available, probe construction can be simplified
Equation 25, Page 14 of App Note AN-57 gives the small signal transfer function for the error amplifier and modulator of a topswitch-jx based flyback. (this means the error amplifier circuit of fig23 of page 14 of AN-57)?.. AN-57 We wish to modify it by having a bjt to ampl
The datasheet of a switching bjt from NXP: PMBT2369 mentions collector-base break down voltage = 40V (emitter open) collector-emitter break down voltage = 15V (base open) Now if we don't leave the base terminal open, say by shunting it with a 10K resistor between base-emitter then can we operate the bjt at higher voltages than 15V. How high ca
I am designing a startup bias circuit for my forward converter , i need a bjt of following configurations Vceo = 400V Ic= 300 mA Also this bjt should be easily available and cheap.
Hi, i googled and it took only 10 seconds to find this : Resistance reflection rule: Resistance looking into the base is (b +1) times total emitter resistance. it is from the document "bjt Amp.pdf" In other words: an amplifying bjt with variable load at emitter will transform the load resistance back to the base of the (...)
As already mentioned: The design is incomplete without details of characteristics of FETs & R values. We have no chance to check your design. Also bjt areas are important.
Heya Korawy, The article at describes driving MOSFET's from logic in considerable detail. I've used the (simple) bjt configuration shown in Fig. 10 on numerous occasions with success using complementary pairs such as the BC337 & 327. Try Rgate = 10R and Rb ~100R (depending on your transistors).
if you can successfully explain bjt operation in the most easiest way to a brain dead like me your successfull. otherwise....... you know the answer;-)
Hello, If i short the comp pin to ground with a bjt in the LM3429, will it make it do soft start? i asked on forum, but no answer there.
1) The voltage at which you get the smallest TC at your op. temp. depends on the process, see e.g. this posting. Also, you might want to study the pdf linked to here. 2) bjt is better: even a low B≈5..10 is b
I have a CS amplifier. I need to know the value of gain with feedback. For that I need to know the values of A and 'beta' in the feedback gain formula. What are those values? Thanks in advance. Look at the pdf attachement. It applies to a bjt amplifier - however, you easily can transfer it to a FET circuit.
Please explain the theory behind the early effect in bjt ?
Simple charge pump consists of 4 resistors, 2 bjt's and 2 capacitors for generating square wave and then additional 2 bjts, 2 caps and 2 diodes for pumping circuit. I made something like that on 25 x 27 mm single sided pcb. I guess it could be miniaturized even more with a proffesional-made pcb. U could also swap discrete oscillation circuit for ne
Hi; You are right but simple current mirror is not as you expected from theory. As the load resistor increases they don't work. i advise you to check some modified current mirrors with 3 transistors and so on... See here
bjt Large and Small Signal Models
Why CMOS manufacturing is expensive than bjt?
hello Do you know of any articles which tell how to understand the following CCFL driver circuits........ Page 1 = CCFL circuit:- I cannot understand why they all use bjt s as the switching devices. MOSFETs have far better high frequency switching performance.?
From reasonably cheap and readily available types, the BD139 may still work at 30MHz, although it'll be pretty close to it's limit .. IanP :wink:
From this datasheet we can see that you can use almost all small-signal bjt, for expel BC548 or 2N2222 2N3607 datasheet and Application Note, Data Sheet, Circuit, pdf, Pinout | Datasheet Archive But you have to remember that this bjt will have different pin layout
I am not very good at electronics. In my Analog and Digital Electronics Lab last week, I performed a task. The teacher displayed a circuit diagram and gave a brief lecture on the specific type of amplifier... Incidentally, I did not take notes except copying the diagram... I was trying to simulate the same diagram on Multisim today but I am consist
suggestions and advices may help. tnx!:-|
If you asked this question some time ago the answer would be bjt, then MOSFETs became better and better, then IGBTs were available, and so on .. .. Here is an article that could help you to choose: IanP :D
I wouldn't point you to deflection circuits, but rather to real idea on how to drive a power HV bjt working as a switch .. see attached picture .. These transistors have quite low Hfe (or β - gain factor) so in practice there should be another transistor between the optocoupler and the power bjt, just to boost the Base current .. Rgds, Ia
hello, do you know what kind of gate driver is with the it bjt totem pole? if not then i need to protect it with schottkys as per fig 9 page 12, LTC1871 =
For Biasing just do a DC circuit analysis and you will know where your Base & Collector Voltages are, that will determine what the S-Parameters will be. In photo 1, you must know what the Ic of the bjt is so you can know what you collector voltage will be (Vc = VCC - Rc*Ic), Then your Ve = *Re Then set your R61 &
Hi all, I want to use MOSEFT's in switching application instead of bjt I have to Drive a DC Motor Whose Current is upto 12A so please tell me how can i drive the motor using Both PMOSFET and NMOSFET "the gate signal/switching signal is from microcontroller" Please help Also tell me the correct Transistor if any bjt of that rating available
Hi, I have a question about bjt in CMOS process. let's say, the foundry supplies model PNP18A100 for a 10ux10u bjt, when i use it, do i need to put area parameter in the spice line? such as, Q1 1 2 3 pnp12a100 AREA=1e-10 or do i just use Q1 1 2 3 pnp12a100 ?? the reason why i am asking is that, the dc c
as far as i know , subthersold operation used only in some analog designs so the MOS act as bjt in the bandgap reference , but in RF the transistor need to be in SAT khouly
How can I calculate-simulate the input output admittance of a bjt transistor in various frequencies? The Datasheet doesn't include the information I need.
Hey, Can any one give some sites which has tutorials about OP amp, bjt and MOSFET??? Thanks in advance..
Hello. If you can, please give a links to paper with Gummel - Poon model extraction technique. Thanks in future.
check this link it is a good tutorial , and u can replace the bjt used with the HEMT , have done this but for 3 GHz oscillator , but used FR4 lossy substrate if u use roger's u will get a good performance khouly
check this tutorial , and do the same with the MESFET instead of bjt khouly
What is the difference between PNP and NPN bjt transistors from the aspect point of a switch? To be more precise, I am asking why it's said that PNP are good sources while NPN are good sinks. Please illustrate.
Hi, I think the explanation u got on bjt is fine.For MOSFETs u will have 2 parameters which regulate gm. They are δ(Vth)/δt=(-K/q)ln(Npoly/Na). and ?(T)=?(T0) √((T0/T)?). Where Vth and ? are threshold voltage and mobility respy.And ur gain α gm which again is proportional to both (Vgs-Vth) and ?(T).But ?(T) change is mor
Hi all, Are there some literatures on bjt noise characteristic analysis? Now I am studying the noise of transistor, so I need such papers very much. Thanks!
Hi Please advice a simple bjt high voltage amplifier output : 200~400vpp in:1.5vpp BW:1khz output current_MAX:1mA Thanks!
You should duplicate the suggested circuitry in the data sheet and remove the bjt additions. In your present design the bjts are not biased properly and do not do any switching. They are just extra networks between the IR chip and the MOSFET.
Hi all, can anyone suggesting me a power bjt at least 5 W usable in the bandand from 150 to 220 MHz? TX
What I did was to try programm the models of a bjt and a MOST, make the graphs i-v etc. Then I tried to develope a GUI in order to change the parameters of the models etc. This helped on understanding all the functions of Matlab in ~1month time, then I developed my main application concernind an ADC. You learn by playing. Reading can be done in p
Designing A bjt Voltage Controlled Oscillator Objectives: ? A simple voltage controlled oscillator is designed using the Clapp-Gouriet configuration. ? The oscillator is tuned by a varicap connected to a d.c. tuning voltage. ? This is a low power oscillator, operating at 400-450MHz at a supply voltage of 2.7V to 3.3V. /Deleted
Hi, can someone also tell where to get spice models for bjt suitable for IC design (not descrete components).
I am looking for a 15 to 20 watt (rf output) bjt or FET to use at 1296MHz. Gain needs to be 20db or so (greater then 18db). Any suggestions? rfc