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Hello! I felt lazy to make a drawing on a simple case, but I found that: There is a description of the simplest possible bldc. You have 3 sensors and their information will generate 3 square signals as shown on the figure's top left. We'll call the coils black coil, yellow coil an
135403 Hi all, Here i have attached the controller circuit schematics(done in LTSpice) for single phase bldc motor. The basic working is that based on the hall sensor signal, the current output of H bridge inverter should reverse. Across points A & B we'll be connecting the motor. Here the pulse signal represents the h
Hi, I am Trying to build a bldc motor controller with the PIC18F4431 MCU. My plan is to use the six step sensorless trapezoidal commutation. Complementary and unipolar PWM, to be precise. The reason I chose this is to use synchronous rectification instead of simplt using the MOSFET intrinsic diodes. This means that, at any given time, (...)
Hi all, I am designing a motor controller for bldc motor(540W, 230V). While designing the power supply section i am using an EMI filter section and a PFC boost section too. In EMI filter a common mode choke is used. my doubt is what should be the current rating of the choke. In some design references i have seen 2,3mH,5A (...)
Hi, I am developing a bldc motor controller and is in the starting one of the design file , i have seen the input stages are as follows: supply, emi filter, boost converter, phase shifted full bridge converter, synchronous rectifer and then comes the inverter. My doubt is why cant we directly give the boost converter output to inverter.
Microchip has one high voltage motor control development kit , also a cheap low voltage bldc starter kit with integrated motor
if the bldc motor is rated 90% efficient and 2000kw power(input) that means the output power is 1800w? i think it is not correct! Surely not, because you are mixing up watt and kilowatt. Apart from this trivial error I wonder what your actual question is?
I wanna choose a MOSFET for brushless motor controller ( 36 volt , 15 Amps) Which is more important in the selection ? (Power MOSFET for bldc motor controller , about 20KHz PWM frequency) Low Rds(on) Low Qtotal (gate charge value) Low Resistive Switching Times (tr , tf , ton , toff) Low trr (reverse (...)
Hello everyone I am newbie in motors and I want to build a bldc driver with AVR micro-controller (AVR is the only micro-controller I have worked with). Is there any full design including schematic, source code (I prefer C) and PCB i would be able to download and start? I have some concerns about the design (such as (...)
Dear members, i have 2 hub motors off 36v and 400 watt each. should i use 2 controllers to control both motors or a single controller can be use to control both hub motors. and what will be the case if i use noormal bldc motor instead of hub motor (...)
Hey guys. I am doing a simple something... Which is a qudcopter basically just coz I always had a fascination to things which fly.... And so I have seen many sites referring and tutoring about how to do these things using arguing etc. I intend to this DiY by using pic microcontroller since I have got the hang of using it and it's fun since we
Hi guys, I have a bldc motor driven with 6-step trapezoidal control. The motor is 48V, 2kW rated. The motor driver is the traditional inverter consisting of 3 half-bridges for the three phases of the motor. MOSFETs are used in the half bridges. The switching frequency is 16kHz. All the 6 PWM signals (...)
I have designed PWM control of bldc fans for a number of instruments. I turned out that the fans usually have an input capacitor of at least several ?F. So it's no good idea to apply a high frequent switched voltage to it as you do with a brushed DC motor. We solved the problem by using an external storage inductor, switching at relative low freque
Can you not use timers and ports to drive your bldc? Have you made the decision?
i am unable to display the rpm speed of my motor on LCD screen. While debugging in keil, I get all values correct. But when i load the program in the 8051 controller IC, it doesnt display value on LCD screen. It shows 0 rpm continuously. Here is the code. please help. #include #define LCDDATA P2 sbit BUSY=P2^7; sbit RS=P3^7; sbit R
Hello, We are using the ML4425 3 phase inverter controller IC for driving a bldc for water pumps which form an irrigation system for Tulip Fields. All we need is for the pump motor to spin at 8000 RPM. We will bypass the ML4425?s current sense by grounding the ?ISENSE? pin?we will then control the current which feeds the (...)
Hi capacitor1, the sensorless a bldc motor based on back EMF has a problem at low speed. The only way is to add an additional sensor outside or modify the motor and build a magnetic encoder pcb inside( like described here:
Hi! Are there some experts who would like to Review my bldc motor controller Circuit? You can find it on I would be grateful about any comments! BR, Florian
How can i run a bldc motor continuously and control the speed of it in a easy and primitive way? i know,just by applying power,a bldc wont rotate like normal DC motors,but they need some kind of electronic controller to switch on one set of coils and another set alternatively to rotate the rotor and the (...)
Hi everyone! I am building an 1kw bldc motor controller.I have a problem with 6 MOSFET IRF3205.All Fet are so hot although motor run without load.I use IR2103 to drive Inverter.Bootstrap capacitors are 10uF. Futhermore,I tried to run 250W bldc in bicycle electric and MOSFETs are cool. I use dspic30f4011 (...)
im trying to use RDK-bldc to control sensorless bldc motor my questions are: 1. Is the software provided for a sensorless bldc motor or not? any example code will be useful 2. How to download software to the board? 3. How to communicate to the potential diameter to control speed of the (...)
hai all, I m using a 3 phase inverter with irfp260n mosfets for my bldc motor controller. Are the driver ic irf2101 compatible with irfp260n.
I want to control bldc motors of 36vdc with PIC controller board, which has in built hall effect sensor, temperature sensor and Potentiometer. motor may need to run at 9Amps. I know C# 4.0 and C, and some Matlab. I have started learning Basic electronics. I have seen features of dsPICDEM MCLV Development Board of (...)
Hi everyone, I don't know if this is the best place to post this topic but I'm desperate. I have a bldc motor from Maxon. (EC 22 100W) I'm driving this motor with a 3-phase bridge with discrete MOSFETs, and using PIC18F2431 as MCU. I'm running a closed loop with speed feedback. Based on error I increase or decrease PWM duty. This (...)
Hi I am doing project on speed control of bldc motor using fuzzy logic...i have to design PWM gates and fuzzy logic for triggering of universal bridge... Anybody help me to design the PWM gates and fuzzy controller pls... Thankyou
hey I have just implemented bldcM controller with six-step commutation on FPGA, but not with FOC algorithm .I wanna implement PMSM controller on FPGA with FOC, and i have looked for some data about nowadays.
It is a bldc motor controller for electric vehicle drive. The system of inverter was based on si9979, which is a dedicated driver of bldc motors to work with external power transistors. The power of the motor was rated at 1,5kW.
hey there... i m making a quad copter..i have got brush less dc motors with Electronic Speed controller...i am not using remote control..instead i m going for atmega16..but i m not getting how to give d signals to d motor...please help me for d coding n what else is needed for driving the motor???? please help....:???::???:
Hi, I have sometimes seen the speed of bldc motor is controlled by proportion integral derivative control using microcontroller? what is the reason of using it? can't we just measure the speed and then decrease/increase the pwm?
Go to > search bldc controller > PMIC motor and fan controllers > Pick filter options for 3 phase > Refine your search to reduce the 220 items to what you want by adding other filters. The first of the 220 items, for example, is an FCM 8201 stand alone controller. A link to the datasheet will appear if (...)
You should find bldc motor driver -diy circuit -modificated RC-airplane or car bldc-controller you can get temporary much more power and higher rpm´s by using higher voltage than 12Vdc
These links may be usefull to you and What type of processor(DSP) you are using ?
I do my project on three phase bldc. the controller I used is pic18f4331 FB180SA10 hexfet power mosfet hcpl 3180E optocoupler motor run by using hall sensors but I got some problem when running the motor. I able to run the motor , but not smooth. the speed of the motor also slow, (...)
Hello to everyone, I'm new in the forums. I'm designing a 10kW bldc controller for my electric scooter conversion. Currently I'm using bldc motor with hall sensors on all three phases, but there are problems with timing - the sensors are not ideally aligned and I get a timing error that produces 1kW of waste energy. So (...)
Hi How to reduce the switching noise in the bldc controller board.Please view the photo which has taken on the VDD pin of the micro is too noise.Iam working on bldc controller.Iam using 250W bldc motor.How to minimize the
Hello, I would like to experiment with designing a bldc controller for an air conditioning compressor from a Toyota Prius. This uses a brushless DC motor, requiring about 200V (the battery in a Prius is 201.6V!) Anyway, does anybody know of a design, or have any ideas, for a power supply to give me about 200V dc at about 500W? I'm (...)
Hello, I'm working on the redesign of a noisy bldc motor driver. On the same board we have sensitive analog (strain gauge, ADC, etc.), a micro-controller and power MOSFETs. To have a good noise immunity, I want to separate my power and ground planes. I read a lot about signal integrity and PCB design. However, before doing the real (...)
However it should be three phase motor, star or triangle connection, with inventer as a regulator. There are many projects of regulators, at internet, but their authors don't like to share the software for processors and source v
Dear Friends, I'm designing the bldc motor controller for 1KW (48V, 45A), 120deg, 51 pole bldc motor on XC866 (infineon) uC. The operating switching frequency is 13.3333KHz. The issue with this controller is the vibrations and high audible noise in the speed region of 40 RPM to 70 RPM. (...)
hi everybody, i am trying to find transfer function of a bldc motor connected to 6 mosfets as driver and atmega 32 controller. i am using sensoreless control. i am not able to mathematically model the set up..need help
Hi everyone! I have query regarding bldc motor. What parameter decide the optimum PWM frequency for commutaion of the bldc? I mean what will be the maximum PWM frequency to control the MOSFETs at driver side of bldc controller and how one can know that value? What will be the effect on (...)
Hi Has any one use this IC for operating bldc motor? All the best Bobi
Hello experts, I have a 3 phase bldc motor controller board: current is limited to 3A. I am PWM ing the FETs at 20 KHz. motor inductance 4.5 mH, resistance 2Ohms. Ta the radiated emisiions tests, the whole assembly is over the limits at 20 KHz, 700 KHz, 190 MHz and possible higher (the test is not over). I have (...)
HI Looking for experience with the A8904 bldc controller. My motor dose not have CENTER tap required for the BEMF connected to PIN 10 Can I connect a 3 phase motor without the center tap - how to do it? Should i add a BEMF comperator stage for detecting the zero-cross BEMF signal? Any one hase some advice or (...)
HI Looking for experience with the A8904 bldc controller. My motor dose not have CENTER tap required for the BEMF connected to PIN 10 Can I connect a 3 phase motor without the center tap - how to do it? Should i add a BEMF comperator stage for detecting the zero-cross BEMF signal? Any one hase some advice or (...)
An bldc-motor (80 W) with electronic controller-board fitted in a car, on or beside the engine. How would the design be affected by vibration? Is vibration a common problem for theese types of applications?
Hi, I am using dsPIC for my bldc motor controller. I am using C30 from Microchip. You can download the demo to use, however it will expire after certain number of days, I cannot remember how many days, but it still compile full code except cannot use optimize features. Still good for me. Thank you. Regards
I'm trying to construct a bldc motor controller using Texas UC3625 (same as 1625 and 2625). It has all the nice features I want so I tried to use the circuit in the datasheet. But it does not work... the three high side MOSFET's seems to work but not the lower ones... The MOSFET bridge DOES work as it's supposed to... made another (...)
What type motor it is?... I did bldc motor controller using PIC Micro... For that I hav used PIC16F873, Hall Effect sensors, MosFET Driver IC & MosFET Bridge... What else u need?.. K.Kumar
Try Matlab/Simulink. You can find some examples there... BTW, you need to tell speed controller of which motor type... Its a bldc motor with ESC controlled using PWM.