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I at moment trying to combine a project consisting of 3 components. , , Control (top-module), and . the Idea is that the LED , start the ADC, and the ADC tells the Control unit when it can read from it , and based on the value the control unit reads, the servo moves. Until now the connection between the ADC,LED and contro
The update step of non-blocking assigment without delay specification is executed at the end of the current time step, not in the "next" time step. Review IEEE Std. 1800 Clause 4 and 10 for details.
Initial wait_order (a,b,c); Which from below initial process will cause that below wait order will pass. a) initial begin #1; q->a; q->b; q->c; end b) initial begin o#1; ->a; end always@a ->b; always@b -> c; c) initial begin #1; ->a; #0 ->b; ->>c; end d) initial begin
A simulator is sensitive to bloking and non-blocking assignments of Verilog. Does a synthesis tool is sensitive to bloking and non-blocking assignments.
What will be the order of execution (and why) of the following two Verilog statements... 1. assign x = ; 2. always @(posedge clk) if(x == 1'b1) y <= 1'b1; (y is 0 before the posedge) ...assuming that x is assigned to 1 at the same time as the clk is going to 1? (And as a consequence of the
Yes, your understanding is correct. Both statements blocking and Non-blocking will be executed sequentially if written under always inside begin-end. The value will be updated immediately for blocking and at the end of Delta time for Non-blocking. For more understanding, you read about "Stratified (...)
Can you provide a testbench that demonstrates the problem? I haven't studied your code, but I see a mixture of blocking '=' and non-blocking '<=' assignments. That's usually a bad thing. The event expression at the beginning of your second 'always' block looks suspicious. Do you really want all those different signals triggering the (...)
An ISR can do only non-blocking calls. I.E. An ISR can put an event into mail box without blocking. NOTE. Is very important for an ISR to spent small time to complete her operations.
Both will give errors in PKS shell, cadence's simulator. The first is worng as you are trying to use two non-blocking assigments to assign different values to the same variablw in the same time step which is not possible. The second gives asn error because you are trying to combine a non-blocking and blocking assign in the same always block (...)
Hello To All i am a computer programmer i need an infrared device and software that i can implement in my machine infrared detects someone is infront of the device(blocking the signal) and can raises and event to handle by application can any bedy help me or some info i be so thank ful waiting for reply...

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