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While going through Razavi's Book i see that for a Diode connected NMOS the impedance seen from source decreases when considering the body effect. I understand the mathematical analysis but i am little confused understanding it intuitively. * small signal body effect current is modeled as Gmb*Vbs. Vbs = Vb - Vs (Vb is (...)
Hello, Put simply: - body effect extends the depletion region around the source. - DIBL effect extends the depletion region around the drain. !!! BUT !!! - body effect increase Vth whilst DIBL reduces it. How does this happen since both DIBL and body effects (...)
HI FRIENDS. may i know some clarification 1.what is body effect and channel length channel lenth modulation how L'=L-ΔL is written as 1/L'≈(1+ΔL/L)L.
hey guys, what are some advantages and disadvantages of drain extended mosfet over standard low voltage mosfets? assuming I am using these for a common drain amplifier for both high and low voltages? does drain extended mosfet have body effect? thanks!
Hello every one I want to calculate the value of "Gamma" (body effect coefficient) of a MOS transistor using Cadence Virtuoso.I ran the DC analysis and checked the DC operating point parameters but can't find "Gamma".Would any body help please?? Thank you
hello everyone can any one explain about non-ideal characteristics of a mosfet Velocity Saturation? Mobility Degradation? Channel Length Modulation? body effect?
Any body know about how can i measure the load through mosfet(parallaly connected) without using CT coil and Hall effect sensor . i mean am going to switch this mosfet through 50Hz square pulse and load may be approximately > 2KVA (so shunt res not possible to measure load). i want to know, how to find the load across (...)
Vs will depend on what is attached to it. Is the source attached to a resistor? Is it attached to GND? Is it attached to a voltage source? Is it attached to a capacitor? Additionally, depending on what it's connected to, the answer may depend on threshold Vgs, carrier mobility, gate capacitance, mosfet dimensions, lambda, and body (...)
Never heard of "couple effect". Do you mean "body effect"?
Hi all, i want to know how to extract mosfet parameters e.g:(Vt,gamma,body effect coefficient,lambda...) "i know it may be a repeated thread but i already read the related threads and it cant help" so, i am using orcad capture cis & i am using MTP6N60 and i want to know from where to start .....
mosfet or Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field effect Transistor is basically a transistor, generally used for amplification of switching of Electronic Signals. It generally has four pins, Source; Gate; Drain and body , but in some devices the body and Sources are interconnected to make it three pins. IC or integrated Circuit: (...)
Look up "body effect". -Vbs adds to VT at about a 0.6 scale factor (Vbs being -1V, increases VT by about 0.6V). The real number may be found in the model card. Forward bias gives you a lousy BJT, where you probably didn't want it.
Hi, I simulated 4-stage Charge pump with dynamic CTS. When I have given 1.8V of input voltage, I observed 7.72V as output when the NMOS bulk is connected to ground and PMOS bulk connected to drain.(Highest potential) At the same time, I observed 8.3V as output when NMOS bulk and PMOS bulk are connected to source. Can you please let me
I found on my notes that for an NMOS with increase in Vsb voltage body effect increases, Vt also increases. But it is mentioned that with Vgs constant id increases which I feel is wrong since id is proportional to (Vgs - Vt)2. Hence I think id should decrease. Please show me the ligh
Hello, I have a doubt regarding the physics involved for the threshold voltage of a mosfet. If the Source-Bulk voltage is increased above zero (body effect), how would it physically lead to an increase in threshold voltage ? My understanding was that (referring to an n-channel mosfet), the threshold voltage was (...)
hi i use 0.18UM180FDKMFC-FDK in my design i have to avoid body effect so i need to connect the bulk terminal of NMOS to its source but the problem is the process is twin well so can i use RF mos in the kit?it has 4 terminals (s,D,G ,B) , when i see RF transistor layout it has a layer called DNW ,does it mean "deep n well"??? and if so can i con
Hi, Please any body explain clearly what is dv/dt and "shoot-through"in mosfet/IGBT. How these effect on IGBT/mosfet. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
Hi, Can someone tell me how to vary the threshold voltage of mosfet in hspice. Is it enough if i give a value for Vth0. I tried this M1 d g s s w=x l=y vth0=z But this kind of declaration is not changing the vth value.All this time i have been giving some substrate voltage and getting the required vth( body effect). Is there any (...)
Hi, In my design, the power mosfet is integrated on the chip. We have the concern the body diode of the power mosfet will have adverse effect for the performance. I wonder if this effect can be represented in the simulation? Put another words, in normally, the body diode is imcluded in (...)
Agree with yxo. It is empiric rule. But PMOS for diff-input-pair still has its merit such as no body-effect, low 1/f noise.
If you vary the parameter W and L you change the current passed in the active region, if you change the body voltage you change the transconductance of the device and, if you are using it as amplifier, you change the gain and you can change its state of operation, e.g you can get a MOS off if the body voltage is too high and makes the Vt value goes
The body effect describes the changes in the threshold voltage by the change in VSB, the source-bulk voltage of the mosfet. Since VSB influences the channel and hence the Threshold voltage (when it is not tied to the source), it can be thought of as a second gate, and is sometimes referred to as the "back gate"; the body (...)
In both body effect and DIBL, the width of deplition region increases, but in body effect the threshold voltage increases while in DIBL Vth decreases, Why???
as far as i thought ,,body effects makes the threshold voltage of mosfet changes,,,so,,you must care when placing the mosfets in series that they still operate in saturation region and this depend to a great extend on the supply voltage ;as it shrinks down ,placing mosfets in series becomes more difficult (...)
how to avoid occurance of Miller and body effect in BJT..? SOLUTIONS ARE WELCOMED
The derived equation for gm is assumed to be in body effect existing condition, then it is not correct when vsb = 0
for a standard LDO - yes, a bigger mosfet is the only way to reduce dropout. some advanced methods are to: -use low-threshold or depletion device as pass transistor -body boost (modulate the tank voltage in order to make body effect lower Vt) -charge pump the gate higher than Vin.