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Can any body help me in adding pic12f675 to multisim database so that I can simulate it. Thank you
its easy if you can import the sma connector design from other softwares. some websites in the internet giving drawing of body phantom and etc for free. you can look it up in the internet for sma. its not easy to draw a shape in CST. you need alot of experience and time to accurately model the shape.
Dear all I am design an antenna which is work in UWB frequency range.I want use this antenna for body.can any one tell me how Installing new material with frequency dependent properties.i use cst studio 2014.for example when i want to create phantom model which frequency considered? I need more help thanks
Hi everyone, Please show me how I can find a file of the 3D model (such as a mouse of laboratory) for importing into the CST or HFSS software. Actually, I am very need to make a co-simulation (including an antenna and the mouse body). Thank you very much for your help!
Hi everyone, Please show me how I can find a file of the 3D model (such as a mouse of laboratory) for importing into the CST or HFSS software. Actually, I am very need to make a co-simulation (including an antenna and the mouse body). :-( Thank you very much for your help!
hi all, i would like to do SAR simulation using CST. however, i couldnt find human body model in CST2015. they only have face model. does anyone come across this issue before?
I need help regarding implementing 802.15.4 on opnet 15.4. i am trying to add model directory but getting error of incompatible version. So if any body have any idea about the same?
Your description is vague. By "box" you mean bounding box? the background box in the cst? How is this box created that prevents putting/attaching other objects on it? By "directly on it", do you mean that it has to make perfect contact? if it is an antenna, you don't need it. Even for other boundary condition problems small air spacing wouldn't aff
Can Some body suggest Some Reference on how to model Bond wire inductor as circuit element and use to simulate your circuit in Spectre RF simulator ??
I was wondering if anyone has created his/her own voxel model for human body compatible for CST? I know that a member "alecacci" long time ago has created a file but it is no longer available, hbm_2629.rar. The only attachment that is downloadable, "Human body model.rar", just has some and *.mesh files that cannot be opened (...)
Hi, specifications need values.. The problem is not "touching" a pin, but there may be an ESD voltage with a specific capacitance and a series resistor. There are several models like "human body model" that fits best your needs with "touching". Charged device models and different machine models... So you (...)
So I figured it out. At the bottom of the altium window -> PCB -> PCB List ->The 3D body is susally on Mechanical Layer 1, look for bodies with opacity of 0, double click and edit!!!!
Hello I am getting the following error after I include bondpad in my design. Can some body help how to remove the error? Simulating `input.scs' on CadenceLatest at 7:01:53 AM, Fri May 15, 2015 (process id: 19524). Current working directory: /home/sana/simulation/Testbench_36/spectre/schematic/netlist Command line: \ /usr/local/cadenc
hello Dear everybody how you obtain the vexel data for biological model in CST. plz help me for buy or download sincerely
Friends, I need a favor of you, for designing a project to plot RCS v/s time of a conducting body with HFSS 14.0 Transient model. EM waves are being radiated by patch antenna. I want to know the procedure to make this model. If you know/ have any solution, please share with me urgently.
hi every body :) me too I have this problem for one year please can any one upload us one model example to have this transmission coefficient of EBG mushroom. and thank you a lot for help.
Hi, I am trying to do simulation of two coupled differential microstrip line pairs in ADS. I used model ML4CTL for variable width coupled microstrip lines. However, I am getting really strange results. For example having S21 of -6000dB. Schematic and results are attached. Can any body
i have two sensor 1)potentiometer integrated on throttle body. 2)double tracks potentiometer for dbw(drive by wire) system the two sensor have a two varient 1)angular position 2)linear poition in this two sensor we have no clear data and photo's if u have any electrical and mechanical data's ,drawing,cad model ,any ideas,photo's share
hi every body I need to simulating inductor with steel core or iron core in pspice capture CIS, but I didn't find any library for this porpose. Is there any solution for this issue?
Hello Friends, Any body know that how to change the port impedance of Agilent Network Analyzer, for example if i want to measure a matching network of 20-50 ohm measurement then how i have to change the impedance of port 2 to 20ohms in network analyzer I have done with Anritsu but i can't found any option in Agilent, can anybody help me??
Hello I'm looking for the ANsoft HFSS human body model, pls , have you an idea where can I get it? Thanks a lot
As far as I know, exporting your PCB as a step file only includes the 3D body information and PCB substrate. The other objects like tracks, silk, etc. are not included. If the additional details are required, I use a combination of the exported step file and layer specific DXFs to communicate the required info to our mechanical team.
hey i am looking for the ansoft HFSS human body model.. Can you please suggest me where i can get it??? thanks
hi every body during my thesis i did my simulation for wimax dualband microstrip antenna with hfss... and i get my goals 2.5 and 5 ghz but the problem appears during fabrication where other bands appears and the desired band dont appear for example i get 1.7 3.4 and 5.15ghz plz tell me the problem.
I am planning for a nonlinear model of BJT ( BFY-405), can any body send me s-parameter file of this transistor in the following regions: 1. Linear region. 2. Pinch off region. 3. Saturation region. Waiting for a rply. Thanks.
Hi, if any body has done or doing any thing about multihoping, Wireless Sensor Networks (single frequency network), using OPNET. I am working on macrodiversity in multihoping . I need help, which model in opnet i have to use? MANET or Zigbee . And a wave propagation model or signal quality model is implemented today in (...)
It has. The standards for ESD sets voltage levels and source characteristics (such as human body model (HBM) or machine model (MM) ). Both the model and the voltage level may be specified in the product's datasheet. charge device mode(CDM) is the other ESD performance index besides the HBM and MM
i have designed this model but i dont know how to use stub in hfss as given in the paper.....thats why results are not accurate as i am not using stub in my design.....................can any body help me to come out this problem? thanks in advance.....
Hello every one I want to calculate the value of "Gamma" (body effect coefficient) of a MOS transistor using Cadence Virtuoso.I ran the DC analysis and checked the DC operating point parameters but can't find "Gamma".Would any body help please?? Thank you
Dear sir its my begining in vlsi and i want to use 45nm technology bulk cmos model parameters by PTM. Can any body suggest me what can be the suitable values of channel length L and Width W for NMOS and same for the PMOS. Regards
I need panasonic tv TC21S15M service mood code and service manual any body help me
Can any body share me user manual of Rotamass flow meter from Yokogawa, model RCCS14, Style *A Thanks
Have you tried simply editing the model cards to add +delvt0=0.0 mulu0=1.0 in the device params body, and see what happens? If it doesn't barf, then try (say) setting +delvt0=mydelvt0n mulu0=mymulu0n instead, add those variables to the ADE list and see what comes of varying them. SPICE type simulators have always let you omit unused params,
Hi Friends Thank U for your co operations. Please any body who can send me Service Manual or Schematic Diagrams for JVC model AV-21EM AV CRT TV Service Manual. rassoos
hi any body can help me to know about the equations of brushless dc motor i want to model it in pspice with abm please help me i'm in urgent
Skin and human body models in general are developed for calculating SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to an electromagnetic field, so there might be possible to find a model that consider the human body and skin as an equivalent (...)
hi friends i am working gps model M8929 i interfaced it with 8051 microcontroller getting output from port 2 but plz any body give me the code in assembly language i have to get latitude and longitude plz help me plzzz - - - Updated - - - i want the assembly code
Hi All! I have a Programming Terminal PG710 Plus for Simatic S5 PLC System. It does not detect HDD with model HDD2514 from Toshiba. Can some body help me in configuraing HDD2514 and PG710 Plus. It detects a Floppy disk. Can it work without HDD? Thanks.
Hi Guys, i am working on I/O Driver, the output of output driver is going to transmission line and the reflected signal is going to input driver, i dont know how to model transmission line in spectre, can some body please help me. thanks in advance. Regards Sonu
I would recommend you try to determine the real foundry used by MOSIS when that flow was actively supported, and try to find archived copies of that PDK. Maybe at NCSU, Idaho, or whoever else was an early MOSIS adopter. And of course the authors themselves might be willing to point you at some larger body of work, or even share obsolete design fi
Hi everybody; I have a project which concerns the impact of the TSV (Through Silcon Via) on the nMOS transistor. Does anyone have an idea on how to measure the nMOSFET body voltage with SPICE-like modeling, considering the compact model of BSIM4 or level3-MOS for the nMOS??? Thanks.
hello every body I have a problem n my MATLAB modeling at that system at the beginning of appendix C the standard says that the sub-carriers around 1800 Hz ,, So, where i must multiply Q-phase by sin() and the I-phase by cos() and then subtract I-Q the result is real number then add the effect of channel model and noise ,, so , finally (...)
hi, can any body help me for 10bit 100MS/s.Please send me the schematics and let me know how to calculate the W/L ratios ASAP.Need to do project soon. Thanks in Advance how much is the pay?
BSIM3v2 models apparently model the MOSFET's breakdown voltage through the anti-parallel body-diode's BV parameter. If you need separate diodes for source and drain, s. the following page from the BSIM4v62 manual and use dioMod=0 or dioMod=2 :
For the component, or entire design, edit the 3d body model. You can select either the bounding box, or the actual object made by just the lines, of any single layer, and have this define the 3d body. (The body itself can exist on another dedicated mech layer too.) So you can select just silk lines (not text) or just your (...)
Hi... How do i reduce the threshold voltage(Vth) of a single NMOS transistor in a circuit?the model file specifies 0.37v(TSMC 90nm node) but for my circuit i need the Vth to be around 0.2v,applying body bias increases the threshold voltage,how to reduce the Vth?? Thank you in advance
HAs any body simulated the energy detector scheme on Simulink ?
Look up "body effect". -Vbs adds to VT at about a 0.6 scale factor (Vbs being -1V, increases VT by about 0.6V). The real number may be found in the model card. Forward bias gives you a lousy BJT, where you probably didn't want it.
I doubt they put accelerometers all over his body, but if you videotaped him with some grid lined ink on his body, one might be able to transform the motion of the surface into the Forces required to exert that motion or impact.