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How can we extract the package (bondwire) model after testing the chip? If not, how to modify the LNA VCO design for the next tape-out?
Dear all, I design a LNA. Firstly, I don't added any bondwire effect (1nH in series with 1ohm to pretend a bondwire) on each pad for the simulation. Afterwards, I added the bondwire model at each pad and do the simulation again. I found the NF is 3dB higher compared to the LNA without bondwire (...)
Hello everybody! Is there a possibility to simulate the inductivity and other effects of bondwires in ADS Momentum? The bondwires from my chip down to the microstrip line on the substrate are about 1mm long. But there is only direct current. thanks in advance, Gunar
Because of the large current of power amplifier,I want to run the simulation with package & bondwire parasitic parameter. But I wonder how to model the parasitics?Could anyone offer some exampls? Thanks!
Hi, new version of this wonderful software is just released Some of the highlights include: - 3D Graphs - Edit-in-place for layouts - Support for multi-element editing - New extraction/optimization methodology for EMSight - New bondwire model and many other new models - Integration of Zeland's IE3D in the EMSocket (...)
A packaged chip need receive a high frequency(1.1GHz),sine wave,low swing(peak to peak=0.3v) signal from external. How to consider the IO pad's equivalent model including bondwire(Au wire between analog pad and pin) and analog pad in chip? My design is based on TSMC0.25 mixed signal process, what are the parameters of this IO pad's equivalent (...)
Indeed this is a hard thing to do, you only have S11,S21,S21 and S22 measurements although at different freqs, and many parameters to tweak ... To find approximations for the extrinsic components I would refer to the package parasitics. The length of the bondwire etc depends on the physical structure of the package and can be approximated. That'
How to modeling the bondwire and the wire on the PCB when i design a lvds driver. Should i use a ibis model?
Can any one have SMA edge board connector model in CST or HFSS. or the meterial parameter and dimension of the SMA edge board connector? thank you. Added after 5 hours 22 minutes: and how to draw a bonding wire in HFSS, not using the provided tool in HFSS. I mean a random wire, not set with data input? [
I am a freshman in some questions here. Why bondwire is suitable to connect transmission line with MMIC Chips? what is the effect of connection,and common circuit model of it? Any good refences? Thanks Liu
If i have 1mm of bondwire, its approx 1nH of inductance. what if i have 2 bondwires right next to each other connected to the same pad, what is the approximate inductance ? (theres going to be some mutual inductance). Thanks.
hello Lagos.ji, You don't need to look this up from a book. The packaging information from you resource should provide you the resistance of a bondwire per unit length. Add that to your bondwire model on series with the inductance. This is simply the metal resistance so will be quite small but would damp out your ringing sufficiently. (...)
My package contains 3D bondwire structure and 2D microstrip structure. How can I get the model of 3D bondwire structure ? by what tool ?
In Passive-RF Circuit palette, there are some bondwire models.Use them which is suitable.
Hi! Does anybody could tell what is a practical minimum value for the bondwire inductance? i'm working at 2.4 GHz and 90 nm technology. thanks PS: if you know typical pad capacitance value will be also very helpfull ;)
On 2001-08-19 17:21, xtecer wrote: Oh I am intreasting the Topic ,too.... But I am a new one..>^^ Hello, Yes, I'm starting to use ADS for RFIC design. So far, I needed to model the bondwire's inductance and mutuals-had to use HFSS to get the spars and the used the spars like a black box. I'm also trying to extract a bsi
bondwire will has a 4nH inductor typically
Electrical parameters of the bondwire used by MOSIS's packaging vendors is listed in the site above. IPAC is one such vendor. You can get exact model of package parasitics (including pin) from their support team too. Regards Maddy
well, you can assume cp to be the bondpad-capacitance (something between 1pF and 5pF should be ok - 5 pF is alrady quite etreme - think about the impedance 1/2*pi*f*cp at some 100 MHz - this competes than already quite clearly with the termination) anyway lp is the inductance because of bondwire etc - around some nH (5 ?) ... cl is the load c
Hope the answer below can fulfil your need: 1) For chip inductor, there are many tools that can do the job, like lorentz, helix, hfss (need to write script), VPCD from cadence. For bondwire, the best is to go for Full 3D simulator like sonnet, hfss or ie3d for accuracy 2) I have tried both. Both shows good result. However, i still prefer assu
The best way is to have seperated bondwire and bondpad for analog and digital ground.
i am now do my circuit is a boost. And the efficiency is too low, about 75%. and the rest power is occupied by : inductor model : 6% diode : 5.34% power mosfet (a high voltage model): 8.18% power line:3.5% (include power ,ground ,bondwire,package pararistic) does the above efficiency occupied are all correct ? please help m
the bondwire might start effecting ur circuits around 100Mhz if ur caps of the LDO are not so small. Be aware of ur PSRR > 100Mhz if u want to use the LDO as a power supply of analog circuits.
I'm building a bondwire in HFSS and trying to model behavior at a certain frequency. I have the bondwire, a ground plane and a "die" plane, and two lumped ports at both ends of the bondwire. One of the ports seems to be functioning ok - when i do the "plot field" animation, there is clearly something going on. However, the (...)
Hi, Could anyone recommend some papers/books on how to model a bondwire inductor used in LC-VCO? And are there good softwares on model it? Thank!
Thanks for the reply. Do we need to model the bond wire based on the length and thickness of the bondwire used in the package? Any idea what are typical values of the bond wires in the 68 pin CQFP packages?
Hello Greenhill, Use AWR Microwave Office (MWO) which has very good bondwire circuit model & it is very good upto 20 GHz... You can co-simulate with your DXF file in EM simulator (EMSight) & bondwiremodels in Circuit schematic editor for accurate analysis... attached are the very good examples... ---manju---
This is more likely the crudeness of your lumped element bond wire model. Then again everything rings somewhat if you look close enough, with good enough equipment. You might decide to slew-rate limit the output stage (gate resistors are cheap and easy, so is using a very high taper factor but this is poorly controlled). But you do not s
If you're talking about the power bussing for the logic core, it goes something like 1) What is the lower voltage bound of timing-model validity 2) What is your minimum supply? 3) If you're not already screwed, this is Vdrop(max) across the sum of leadframe, bondwire and on-chip distribution bussing. Leadframe and bondwire (or bump, or (...)