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How can we extract the package (bondwire) model after testing the chip? If not, how to modify the LNA VCO design for the next tape-out?
Dear all, I design a LNA. Firstly, I don't added any bondwire effect (1nH in series with 1ohm to pretend a bondwire) on each pad for the simulation. Afterwards, I added the bondwire model at each pad and do the simulation again. I found the NF is 3dB higher compared to the LNA without bondwire (...)
Hello everybody! Is there a possibility to simulate the inductivity and other effects of bondwires in ADS Momentum? The bondwires from my chip down to the microstrip line on the substrate are about 1mm long. But there is only direct current. thanks in advance, Gunar
Hi, new version of this wonderful software is just released Some of the highlights include: - 3D Graphs - Edit-in-place for layouts - Support for multi-element editing - New extraction/optimization methodology for EMSight - New bondwire model and many other new models - Integration of Zeland's IE3D in the EMSocket (...)
If i have 1mm of bondwire, its approx 1nH of inductance. what if i have 2 bondwires right next to each other connected to the same pad, what is the approximate inductance ? (theres going to be some mutual inductance). Thanks.
hello Lagos.ji, You don't need to look this up from a book. The packaging information from you resource should provide you the resistance of a bondwire per unit length. Add that to your bondwire model on series with the inductance. This is simply the metal resistance so will be quite small but would damp out your ringing sufficiently. (...)
Because of the large current of power amplifier,I want to run the simulation with package & bondwire parasitic parameter. But I wonder how to model the parasitics?Could anyone offer some exampls? Thanks!
A packaged chip need receive a high frequency(1.1GHz),sine wave,low swing(peak to peak=0.3v) signal from external. How to consider the IO pad's equivalent model including bondwire(Au wire between analog pad and pin) and analog pad in chip? My design is based on TSMC0.25 mixed signal process, what are the parameters of this IO pad's equivalent (...)
My package contains 3D bondwire structure and 2D microstrip structure. How can I get the model of 3D bondwire structure ? by what tool ?
Indeed this is a hard thing to do, you only have S11,S21,S21 and S22 measurements although at different freqs, and many parameters to tweak ... To find approximations for the extrinsic components I would refer to the package parasitics. The length of the bondwire etc depends on the physical structure of the package and can be approximated. That'
How to modeling the bondwire and the wire on the PCB when i design a lvds driver. Should i use a ibis model?
Can any one have SMA edge board connector model in CST or HFSS. or the meterial parameter and dimension of the SMA edge board connector? thank you. Added after 5 hours 22 minutes: and how to draw a bonding wire in HFSS, not using the provided tool in HFSS. I mean a random wire, not set with data input? [
I am a freshman in some questions here. Why bondwire is suitable to connect transmission line with MMIC Chips? what is the effect of connection,and common circuit model of it? Any good refences? Thanks Liu
In Passive-RF Circuit palette, there are some bondwire models.Use them which is suitable.
Hi! Does anybody could tell what is a practical minimum value for the bondwire inductance? i'm working at 2.4 GHz and 90 nm technology. thanks PS: if you know typical pad capacitance value will be also very helpfull ;)
Does any converter exist? OR any document explining how to do it manualy ?
On 2001-08-19 17:21, xtecer wrote: Oh I am intreasting the Topic ,too.... But I am a new one..>^^ Hello, Yes, I'm starting to use ADS for RFIC design. So far, I needed to model the bondwire's inductance and mutuals-had to use HFSS to get the spars and the used the spars like a black box. I'm also trying to extract a bsi
Diode model Parameter Extraction from Manufacturers' Data Sheets
PIN Diode model Parameter Extraction from Manufacturers' Data Sheets
May I ask this very stupid qustion :smile:? I wonder why they don't even include a generic model of LED in their diode library. ee_freak
Has anyone tried to do an EM model of a stripline and compared it with the model S1LIN. Test Conditions : Substrate : 1mm thick FR-4, Er=4.7. Stripline in center, thus 0.5mm FR-4 each side. Line is 80mm long, 0.3mm wide. Test Freq is 450Mhz. RL = Return Loss with other side of line in 50R. My results are : RL of S1LIN (...)
Does someone have a SPICE model for the TL431/LM431/KA431 shunt regulator? Thanks.
Please help me to have spice model for above to model INA121 is an TI instrumenation opamp CD4066 is a fairchild analog swich(quad) hope i will get a quick reply.. thanks
I'd like to model a voltage controlled resistor in SPICE. How is this done using controlled/dependent sources? (I don't want to use a simple FET)
Hi all, Is there a RF simulation program except Aplac in which I can use the BSIM3 model? md
Do you know UAA180, is a led bar driver for 12 segments, ideal to build Vu-meters. I need the spice model for these component. thanks..
Hi LEON is a synthesisable VHDL model of a 32-bit SPARC* compatible processor, developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for future space missions. To promote the SPARC architecture and enable development of system-on-a-chip (SOC) devices using SPARC cores, ESA is making the full source code freely available under the GNU LGPL license. LEON
Hi FlexPDE finite element model builder for Partial Differential Equations 1. -> t tnx
Anybody have a SPICE model of the LP2960? Thanks. Jay
Would someone please tell me where to find ATA device side simulation model for verilog simulator.
Does anyone know, where can i get the AMBA AHB bus master/slave/monitor model from Syn*psys? TKS!!
Any one where is the variable inductor in proteus VSM. I'm looking for a simulator model
TDA7294 SPICE model
Spice model LM3886 needed also
Does anyone have schematic for Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 21 model : MT-9121? Any help would be appreciated.
My 8051 board use 8255A for I/O, Proteus simulation failed with "ERROR: no model specified for U6" I open edit component dialog and tick edit properties as text but nothing shown there, not even package information. Does that means I don't have the right component library or just some parameters missing. Thank you for your help in advan
Does someone know where I can get philips ISP1501 verilog simulation model? :roll:
Who could kindly share the behavior model of Arm7/9 for NC-SIM or modelsim NT verison? Thanks,
I'm looking for software that will aid in extracting BSIM3 model parameters from MOS transistors. Can anyone point me to a resource. Thanks ....
need spice --> IBIS model tool
Does anybody have the PSpice model or compatible for this chip : CD4046 or 74HC4046??? Please send to me, or publish it!!
Hi I need help to design an on/off switch thats controlled by a model radio. I can use the signal sent to the servo and the on time and current is not critical, just a low effect on off switch is needed. Can anyone help me how to encode the servo signal to give a output pulse of approx 250-500ms? Best regards You already post this 3 tim
I am looking for a way to get around the 15 day time limit on the evalyuation version for this software package : Cost model 5.0 - The blue book of semiconductor evaluation from Chipworks. thanks
Dear all.... Can any one teach me, or show me some documents, to learn how to extract on chip capacitor model....and also the Q factor ... (ex, if I have a measured S parameter form on chip can I use this to extract all the equivilent circuits?!) Thanx!! YiLi
Hello, I need a SOT89 Package model . At current time. I design a wideband gain block Power amplifier. Anybody know a SOT89 Package model ( included in Parasitic model) ? I need a this model information for the accurate simulation. Please send me a SOT89 Package model ( not SOT89 Package dimension )... (...)
Who has the spice model of k213/k214/j76/j77, 2sb649/2sd669? Could you send me a copy? Thanks in advance!
I'm looking for arm7 model for simulation. Does anybody know, where to get such one for free (like nnARM)?
when I have installed this software, I can use the pt_shell rightly, but when I run it's gui model , it said "error can't find share libraries" I can't find the lib in install dictory. why?
Hi all, can please somebody help me ?? I serach i Spice model from a DC-Motor !! Thanks for your help Regards