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Hello, The pcb assembly staff want the bottom assembly diagram to show the silk screen lettering the right way round. Do you know how I do this?
Hi, I wanted to place pads on both top and bottom layer of pcb (in eagle). Pls. tell me how to do so. Thanks, Y. Li
Hi, I've made a NC drill file in protel, and now i have to drill the singelside pcb board with my cnc machine, but the NC drill layout i displayed from the Top layer, and i want to drilled it's from the bottom layer. please help best regards PicBlaster
Hi I would like to mirror the bottom layer so that I can place the silkscreen more easily. can someone tell me how to do this as I cant seem to find it. Thanks Added after 12 minutes: Its ok I found it. View->Flip Board.
I can't find any way to move components / footprints to the bottom layer in Altium Designer except for double-clicking each pad in order and specifying the new layer. There surely must be a much better way to do this (shortcut meny etc)? Ideally, i would like to use a directive already in the schematics since i already know at schematics (...)