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When I change layer of parts in ultiboard using properties of part and change it from top to bottom. It only change color, but when it comes to routing to those parts, it become unusable, due to mirror image of parts.
Hello, The pcb assembly staff want the bottom assembly diagram to show the silk screen lettering the right way round. Do you know how I do this?
Hi, I wanted to place pads on both top and bottom layer of pcb (in eagle). Pls. tell me how to do so. Thanks, Y. Li
Hi, I've made a NC drill file in protel, and now i have to drill the singelside pcb board with my cnc machine, but the NC drill layout i displayed from the Top layer, and i want to drilled it's from the bottom layer. please help best regards PicBlaster
Hi I would like to mirror the bottom layer so that I can place the silkscreen more easily. can someone tell me how to do this as I cant seem to find it. Thanks Added after 12 minutes: Its ok I found it. View->Flip Board.
In the PCB editor when you are moving or placing a component, just hit the hotkey "L" and the component is moved to the opposite side of the board. In the Library Editor, when you are placing the pads initially, hit the hotkey "Tab" for the first pad, and select the bottom layer. All of the pads you place from then on will be on the (...)