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I hope I remember corectly, when moving the component, before place, press '2', it will be moved on the bottom layer. /pisoiu
I can't find any way to move components / footprints to the bottom layer in Altium Designer except for double-clicking each pad in order and specifying the new layer. There surely must be a much better way to do this (shortcut meny etc)? Ideally, i would like to use a directive already in the schematics since i already know at schematics (...)
I have designed my PCB layout in OrCAD Cadence 16.0. I want view only what are all the components placed in bottom layer or in Top layer in separately? What is the procedure for it? Could anybody suggest me?
Hello, I have done a 4 layer PCB with components on top and bottom layers. I need an assembly diagram for top and bottom...........but how do i get the bottom layer viewable from the bottom (at the moment the silkscreen designators are the wrong way round, because its (...)
Hi, I'm beginner in allegro and I'm having trouble with placing components. I want to move some components from top side to bottom side of board, but I don't know how to do this in allegro. Does anyone can help me? Thx.
Hi I would like to mirror the bottom layer so that I can place the silkscreen more easily. can someone tell me how to do this as I cant seem to find it. Thanks Added after 12 minutes: Its ok I found it. View->Flip Board.
Hi, I've made a NC drill file in protel, and now i have to drill the singelside pcb board with my cnc machine, but the NC drill layout i displayed from the Top layer, and i want to drilled it's from the bottom layer. please help best regards PicBlaster
Hello, I know it was asked before, but i can't find it... How to place a part on the bottom side of the board in Orcad? Thanks
Hi Everyone, I am facing a problem in ORCAD 9.10.I am designing a 4-layer board and using top-->gnd-->pwr-->bot as my stack up.But ORCAD has given me this stack up top-->bot-->pwr-->gnd which is the default.I am not able to change the layers in ORCAD.I am attaching a snapshot of layers
Hello, The pcb assembly staff want the bottom assembly diagram to show the silk screen lettering the right way round. Do you know how I do this?
If you mean by " creating the library" to creat a symbol (.dra) then there is no way to mirror your pin or pad . But you can define your pad such that only has a size or definition on bottom layer and nul on top in edit pad stack tool. Regards, Majnoon
Perhaps it's the version of Acrobat you are using, or some other software interferring. I couldn't replicate your problem. It worked OK for me on the first try. I have AD6.8.1, Acrobat 8, and Windows XPSP2 with all of the current patches. All I did was load your PCB file, and choose 'File>>Fabrication Outputs>>Final'. I went to the Configura
Hi, I wanted to place pads on both top and bottom layer of pcb (in eagle). Pls. tell me how to do so. Thanks, Y. Li
I don't use PSD 15 long time (it's new soft) but I don't believe that Ca*ence remove all bugs of PSD14 and include new features. Please consider: 1. You MUST define all about technology before you start design PCB. It's for corporate use, not for real users. 2. It's not possible to move, rotate all board!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you can't select all object
I want to place component on both sides means Component should be placed in the both sides using Orcad tools. For example i put a ic in top layer just opposite to in bottom layer i want to place another component. And how can i put component in bottom layer & can be viewed in Orcad layout
Hi All, Can someone review the footprint in the picture pls :) ? The picture from the datasheet (on the right), says "bottom View" - would that mean that I have to mirror it before drawing the component footprint? So Pin1 should be Pin6 instead (for instance)?. (By the way the red is the Top layer in my footprint) 913