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I hope I remember corectly, when moving the component, before place, press '2', it will be moved on the bottom layer. /pisoiu
In the PCB editor when you are moving or placing a component, just hit the hotkey "L" and the component is moved to the opposite side of the board. In the Library Editor, when you are placing the pads initially, hit the hotkey "Tab" for the first pad, and select the bottom layer. All of the pads you place from then on will be on the (...)
I have designed my PCB layout in OrCAD Cadence 16.0. I want view only what are all the components placed in bottom layer or in Top layer in separately? What is the procedure for it? Could anybody suggest me?
Hello, I have done a 4 layer PCB with components on top and bottom layers. I need an assembly diagram for top and bottom...........but how do i get the bottom layer viewable from the bottom (at the moment the silkscreen designators are the wrong way round, because its (...)
I have do this, but I can´t rmember well. Try this: Before routing right click over PCB and choice Options/Routing layers, then choice only bottom layer ant then proceed with routing. I don´t remember well. I expect be usefull. Regards.
hi all i want to use ads's layout to develop a RF PCB ,but i have met lots of trouble.when i chose different layer,the screen has no change. i want to develop a 2 layers PCB. but i cann't bring the component to the "bottom" layer. it's very different from "protel".could someone give me some advice? (...)
power plane, since it is a ground plane for the bottom layer. Of course you shouldn't have any discontinuities in the power plane, because it would greatly affect the bottom layer microstrip impedance...
Hi, I have a question on die layer. What is the bottom layer of die? Ground or substrate. If you have any references, pls include the links. Thanks in advance.
Is there any way to print the top and bottom layer at exactly the same size as it will be manufactured? I'd like to check that all footprints are correct before the boards are manufactured (i.e. by placing the actual physical components onto the printout).
Hi all, I am facing some problems using CDS PCB Editor. Do any ones know how to migrate the components and trace line from top layer to bottom layer in layout? Which all the location is still same, just move from top layer to bottom layer. Any expert can help. Thanks in advance.
Hi, You could go to the edit menu, down to change then in then in the find filter select etch then top. select clines and the select the clines you wish to move from bottom to top then vice versa
I do belive that for all tools this is a multistep task. Your track should stay at bottom layer if leaded components, and be moved if smd. If smd the complete bottom side needs to be mirrored, many tools can do that with a group but not for single elements. When moving/mirroring Your via's looses connection, (...)
in Protel 99SE I want to print out single layer PCB bottom layer that is his alone .... how can I be doing it
hi, in the last few days, i draw a PCB of 4 layers using Cadence 16.2. The first layer is named top, conductor type. The forth layer is named bottom, plane type. after generating artwork file, there are no pad in the bottom layer. also, in setup-->cross-section, after changing the (...)
You can do this by making bottom layer routable only. I dont how to do this in Altium autorouter but there must be some option where you can make certain layers enabled for routing.
I use this version but I cant get right output . In print preview I cant see bottom layer .
Hi i want to creating route connection on internal plane. between toplayer- bottom layer get a connection How can i it.
Hi, I got a 11 GHz signal in a receiver design and I'm planning to use both side of the RF PCB due to space constraints. The 11 GHz signal is coming from antenna through a 50 ohm microstrip line on the top layer. Is it possible to have a plated through hole to get this 11 GHz signal to the other side (bottom layer) of the RF board? (...)
I don't think that the datasheet does refer particularly to the Jedec spec, except for the 3x3" dimension. TI e.g assumes 2 oz plane copper, JEDEC 1 oz. JEDEC specifies traces on top and bottom and no copper pour. It also doesn't account for thermal pads as it explicitely excludes thermal vias.
Dears I've been following this website for a long time and finally I'm able to join the community :) My first question might sound "silly" tough... I've just started using Altium ( i always used Orcad) and i have a little problem: when i place a component on a PCB and i move it to the bottom layer, the color of the pads doesn't change. Let m
Hey guys I'm designing a PCB by altium designer,but there's one question to me :!: How can i put the components on bottom layer? :cry: If you have any information please let me know. many thanks
Hi I would like to mirror the bottom layer so that I can place the silkscreen more easily. can someone tell me how to do this as I cant seem to find it. Thanks Added after 12 minutes: Its ok I found it. View->Flip Board.
Hi Everyone, I am facing a problem in ORCAD 9.10.I am designing a 4-layer board and using top-->gnd-->pwr-->bot as my stack up.But ORCAD has given me this stack up top-->bot-->pwr-->gnd which is the default.I am not able to change the layers in ORCAD.I am attaching a snapshot of layers
Hello, The pcb assembly staff want the bottom assembly diagram to show the silk screen lettering the right way round. Do you know how I do this?
Hi, I'm beginner in allegro and I'm having trouble with placing components. I want to move some components from top side to bottom side of board, but I don't know how to do this in allegro. Does anyone can help me? Thx.
Hi, I've made a NC drill file in protel, and now i have to drill the singelside pcb board with my cnc machine, but the NC drill layout i displayed from the Top layer, and i want to drilled it's from the bottom layer. please help best regards PicBlaster
Hello, I know it was asked before, but i can't find it... How to place a part on the bottom side of the board in Orcad? Thanks
Swen is talking about reassingment's. If you reassign a top layer I.E. with solder resist and solder paste in your assignments then you need to also reassign the bottom ones too. Because reassignments do not swap. When reassigning any pad code always do it for both sides and you will have no problems. Why is this? I do not know, perhaps because
Hi, I have to make a 2 layer PCB and have to use a machine which can only drill and mill the material to be used for making PCB. The material to be used has copper on the top side and bottom side and between these sides is a substrate. What I don't understand/know is how to make conducting vias which can link traces on the top side to the (...)
hi, is anyone know how to design a single layer pcb in protel. i try to switch off the top layer and only using the bottom layer to route. the result is very messy and it difficult for hand-make pcb. it there any way to set the rules so that i only draw on one layer and use via plus jumper wayer to (...)
Hi,freinds here, I met with a problem when using PowerPCB4.0,that is: I am designing a 8-layer board,when using the autoroute function,it dosn't route in the inner signal layers,what's wrong with it? My PCB layer stack-up is: 1.Top layer 2.GND (...)
This is a 3-layer spiral inductor with copper conductor and polyimide dielectric . My question is : How is the quality factor when I put this spiral inducor in top layer or in bottom layer ???
Hai , iam using orcad 9.2. in this i changed layer definitions. i.e. bottom changed to 4th layer and power changed to 2 layer. at the time of changing all bottom layer components are changed to power layer. is there any chance to change layers without (...)
If you pace components in bottom side, where there should be the ground PLANE, it wont be any more a PLANE. This will cause noise and spurious signals injection in the top RF part, that often is really sensitive. I hope it will help. Mazz
I want to place a component in top layer and then I want to place another one in bottom layer. How can I do this? PCAD says that I can do this by selecting the layer I want th object to be moved and then press SHIFT+T. But when I do this nothing is happening! "0 objects from 1 selected are moved" is the message. I want to (...)
I am routing a double layer board. I use P-CAD 2004. I started routing with the advanced router . First problem I met was that the line width wasn't the one I have designated in attributes. I continued routing and instead of the light green colour of the bottom layer I had traces in dark green. I continued with +5V and I had the same colour (...)
Hi badder, you can print the layout files in the folling way. 1. options-> post process settings 2. window -> tile 3. click on selected layer(means top, bottom etc..) 4. right click on that, than print.
Add a rule to constrain routing to one layer for a particular net. So if you want the MCLR line only routed on the bottom layer, then just add a rule for that net.
i am working with backplane design . i want not to route signal on top and bottom layer while autorouting the board by using SPECCTRA auto router . suggest me possible solution for this with regard vij
I don't understand your question, but the layer control is OPTIONS/layerS for use TOP layer you just mark TOP and press enable button. For the auto router use only TOP layer you have to disable bottom layer. If you route manually select top layer just pressing L buttom of (...)
If you mean by " creating the library" to creat a symbol (.dra) then there is no way to mirror your pin or pad . But you can define your pad such that only has a size or definition on bottom layer and nul on top in edit pad stack tool. Regards, Majnoon
Hi, Does anyone know anything abt the layermarker? I hv a PCB and there is a row of 4 cells with number 1, 2, 3, 4. Apparently, this is a 4-layer board and each number was printed on each layer. So the number 1 can be seen clearly on the Top layer and number 2 can be seen barely on the 2nd layer, which (...)
normally what i follow is that i keep clks and high speed signals in between ground layers... we route non critical signal on the top and bottom layer we provide immidiate ground layer from component side so that the switcing noise from the components does not effect the high speed signals which are routed in the inner (...)
Welcome to the site Cosmicboy Perhaps you have to switch on only one layer art a time while making post processing-- Once you try with bottom layer plus vias and next time try for TOP layer plus vias. the other layers are to be switched OFF Hope this will be of help to you Sarma
Perhaps it's the version of Acrobat you are using, or some other software interferring. I couldn't replicate your problem. It worked OK for me on the first try. I have AD6.8.1, Acrobat 8, and Windows XPSP2 with all of the current patches. All I did was load your PCB file, and choose 'File>>Fabrication Outputs>>Final'. I went to the Configura
I'm doing the layout for a UHF-circuit (~1GHz) on a two-layer pcb. The bottom layer will be used as ground plane, though I'm not sure what to do with the unused areas on the top layer. a) Should I remove all the copper and leave the areas blank b) Or should I use them as additional ground, connecting them to the (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate the s-parameter of multi-layer PCB but meet a problem how to add port. The PCB consists of three metal layers and two substrate as shown in following: ================ < --- metal layer : microstrip line Rogers 4350 ================ < --- metal layer : (...)
Hi everyone, I need to know ,let suppose while routing the connection in bottom layer we change the layer in TOP for the same connection, the point at which we change the layer a circular drill occur at the same point how will i minimize the size of that drill so that it has the same width the track have. Thanks
HI i am route one board (double layer). I was fill ground in both top & bottom layer, create a gerber file but i am not able to see the top layer ground filing was not in gerber file. so how can i fill the ground in both layer & see the gerber file. please help me. I am using OrCAD 9.0. Thanks In (...)
you can also flip your board by RMC on the colour palette displayed in the bottom of screen and selecting flipped option fron the pop up

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