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Hi, I am trying to simulate a wide band patch bowtie antenna using HFSS. From the literatures, I found the UWB bowtie antenna falls into two categories, slot bowtie antenna with CPW feeding and self-complementary bowtie design. I want to (...)
Hi ayerokk, You may use "HFSS antenna design Kit" to get the dimensions of bowtie antenna. HFSS antenna design kit - Making our life easy! - Blogs - Forum for Electronics Hope this helps...
i have to design a bowtie in hfss 3-18 GHz, gain>=0, omnidirectional is it possible? some ideas? thanks
I have design 'n simulate bowtie antenna with center frequency 250 MHz. The electric field waveform is ok. But the return loss is so big in center frequency ( about -8 dB). Do anyone know how to match it with 50 ohm coax, so i can get -10 dB return loss in center frequency ? Thx b4
Hi can anyone post some useful links for desinging bowtie antenna for wider bandwidth in an ads...
I need help for design of dipole antenna at the frequency of 0.7-3ghz. if you want design wide band dipole antenna design as bowtie or biconical antenna
we cant calculate the impedance of bowtie
Hi all, I want to have efficient way of designing a bowtie antenna for uwb applications. Can any body provide me with the tutorial...
What package is the best for 915 MHz antenna design? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks.
Hi,source code with MoM for antenna design:
I am working in Bluetooth development is a short range RF communication working in ISM unlicenced band of 2.4 GHz.I need a help for design an Rf antenna for bluetooth inthi please send your suggections inrhi forum thanks
can anybody tell me if there are any antenna design tools availbale for PCB or simple antennas for 868 915 Mhz bands. or does any body have a design for good omin directional antenna's for these bands thanks
Hi all, We are going to use 1.8GHz and 2.4GHz Planar inverted-F antenna for design. Any one has experience on the simulation on this type of antenna. What is the major difference between planar and non-planar inverted antenna. Best Rgs Rayengine
Here is DOS software for interactive Yagi antenna design YO65.
It is useful about VHF / UHF antenna design..
in some antenna design, small ground was used. So is it possible that a pole plane of gain or radiation patter will be produce at the azimuth plane of ground plane. For GTD, some field will deflect to below ground, so i wonder the field at the azimuth plane theta=90 will not be a pole. Is it right?
i have some question about the dipole antenna design suppose u have tx output 50ohm and matching 50 to 300 at that point two lamda/4 line then what should be the imp of the elements of just for electrical length it should be quarter wave thanks in advance
I want to start some projects in antenna design. I hear a lot about SuperNEC, FEMLAB, SONET, HFSS, CST-MWS and ... . but I want to know which one is better for yagi design (900MHz). More important is that how can I touch these softwares?! Is there any site to dl them? :(
does anyone know about a software for antenna design which can show the radiation pattern.
where can I find information about antenna design for contactless smartcard? Any web link or document to download. thank you :o
Sorry if this is not an approriate place to ask, but does anyone has an electronics copy of Microstrip antenna design Handbook?
An antenna design Notes
Honey, I just shrunk the antenna! PORTLAND, Ore. ? A four-year skunk works effort at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston has cut the size of an antenna by as much as one-third for any frequency from the KHz to the GHz range. Using conventional components the four-part antenna design cancels out normal (...)
Hi ! I'd like to design an annular ring slot antenna for 5.8 GHz. Could someone kindly point me out in the right direction as to how to design one (inner and outer radius specification etc) for a given substrate of dielectric constant er and thickness. I have tried to search in books(Microstrip antenna (...)
Hello everyone, Can anybody suggest a good book or some good papers where slot antenna design is explained. Especially the different configurations like moving feed postion for matching purposes etc.. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Ananth.
I would like to learn the antenna me tell website about that
what is planar and co-planar in antenna design?
Hi! I'm looking for a book by Randy Bancroft called "Microstrip and Printed antenna design". Does anyone have in an e-book form? meg
Hi, I am looking for a compact 40 Mhz antenna design that is max. 150 mm long. There is only a small groundplane of 80x50 mm (=nothing). Anyone with some idea's? Tony :o
I want to learn antenna design,pls give me some suggestion,thank you!
hi, i am designing a patch antenna for a substrate that is just 2 mils thick. i have used the patch antenna design procedure given in balanis. I am using FEKO for antenna simulation and the antenna is probe fed. But the S11 that i get is -3db, which is pretty high for an (...)
do anyone have a table with spec of substrate used in antenna design
do anyone have a table with spec of substrate used in antenna design
There are many diversity techniques applied to our communication products, included time, frequency, space, angular and polarization diversity techniques. For antenna design, we often use space, angular and polarization diversity to design antenna that meet our product requirement and to enhance communication c
i am new to antenna design. i would like to wat they do mean by axial ratio why its so important?
Hi, I'm completely new user of HFSS, I wonder if anybody knowns where I can get I nice tutorial, in particualr on antenna design. Thankx
hey, guys.... i m a newbie in antenna design. can somebody give me some papers on antenna design with frequency selectivity, especially in the use of UWB. thx a lot....
where should i start the design of a RF Wireless (~2.5 GHz) Integrated circuit antenna design from..?
Dear all, Could you suggest a reading on primary radar rotating antenna design? Radiating elements, mechanical structures, TR modules, feed networks, and so on. Thanx
I would like to get some files or information that shows a basic theory to design an anntena smt on PCB for frecuency at MHz order.
Dear all: I have a hard problem in antenna design.I must design a GSM antenan into volume of 60x7x5mm3. And I need the BW about 140MHz in 900MHz. The problem is that it is possible or not. I mean that it is the limited of physic. Or someone can show me some equation to proof it. THKs
Hi folks, Can anyone please tell me of Cadence is suitable for designing and analysing RFID tag antennas at 13.56MHz? I'm looking to do 2D and 3D plots of the magnetic field. Thanks for your time Regards Catalyst
Hello,everyone. Usually I got the information of the patent antenna design from IEEE antennas&Propagation magazin, and it gives me some new idea about the antenna design. But when I was reding Wong Kin-lu's planar antennas for wireless communications, I wanted to find information about the (...)
Hi Someone has experience for 850/900/1800/1900/2100 antenna design. That's a hard work for combine 5 band. especially 850/2100. Anyone has good comment very welcome to talk to yours. Maybe you have resource is help to do. That's OK! I will very thks! Axel
in my antenna design, if i add some resistor in between my antenna.then how simulate using HFSS?
Does anybody has UWB (3.1-6 GHz) antenna design, with ground plane. I need radiation in only the half of the space. Thank you in advance!
Could u give some suggestion or guideline on inside antenna design inside a metal housing of a mobile phone? the antenna i design is monopole or PIFA . Do you think which is better for performance ? thans in advance.
Helloo I need some help on Wimax antenna design for Mobile Handsets thxx bye
do u know application of antenna design which is done in HFSS? Please give me internet address, e-book, presentation thanks for your helps
Hi all! Now I'm going to design the antenna for MIMO system, but I have no idea about the MIMO antenna design issue. Now I only konw some issues, like the distance between the antenna, the polarization of the antenna. Can anyone help me to know other issue or where can find those (...)