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hello guys, i have got to simulate bpsk & QPSK modulator with AWGN in Matlab WITHOUT using simulink. I need your help guys.A code would really help.Thanx in advance.
Hi, i have a problem with calculating the bit error probability of bpsk modulation using the matched filter: As it's known well the bit error probability of bpsk (with matched filter at the receiver) can be written as: P(e) = ?*erfc(√SNR) My problem is that from an article i've read that if the matched filter output is reduced by a f
Hi every body Does anyone can help and provide an FDTD code to solve non-linear differential equations especially to slove the E and H fields inside microwaveFerrite Devices (circulators and isolators)? Thanks
How do i go about designing a linear FM (chirp) signal for synthetic aperture radar application? help
RFSim99 linear simulator
WinLAP linear simulator
I want to use a linear CCD sensor (the ones used in barcode scanners, fax machines and desktop scanners) to measure the displacement of a small strip in 1/1000th of an inch. Can someone point to 1. where can I buy such a sensor in 1 or 2 pcs qty. 2. How much is the cost of a 4000 element sensor 3. How can I build the optical section of such arra
can anyone plz send me any information, websites, tutorials, schematic, papers.... I need to design a software program to semulate this technique or Hardware.... hope to make it perfectly:) tnks a lot
Hi, Who knows second source for LT1963ES (linear LDO) SOIC8 ? :sm6:
I am using Sony linear CCD sensors and I need applied schematics for improving noise immunity and sensor performance. Is there any one has experience with these sensors? Regards
Hi, I'm looking for an high speed linear optocoupler and I don't find what I want !! I have an AC input at 5Mhz !! Somebody can help me ??* Regards
Hi I need a c code for linearization and piecewize linear approximation. (the number of segments can be definable). I need code for THC and RTD sensors specifically if you have it. Regards
Abstract and linear Algebra Outline Chapter 1 Background and Fundamentals of Mathematics Sets, Cartesian products 1 Relations, partial orderings, Hausdor? maximality principle, 3 equivalence relations Functions, bijections, strips, solutions of equations, 5 right and left inverses, projections Notation for the logic of mathematics 13 Int
Hi to all! I would like to know if it's possible to use a ZARLINK GP2010 or other front-end device at an other frequency than 1575.42MHZ, on changing some external components of filters, for operate in a ISM BAND but with the same input waveform signal ??? In fact I'm very intersted by the very high sensitivity of the Zarlink RF front-end
hi! all, this may sound like a stupid question. when i was in college, i was taught that when designing a FET amplifier, i should keep the FET in the linear region. however, i was told now, whenever i design an CMOS analog circuit, i should keep the transistor in saturation region. so, what is going on? thanx! speedracer
Hi guys, where can i find a good e-book to design a linear power supply with inductive input...... Thak you
hi ; The polarization is imprtant in propagation between transmitting and receiving antennas,there are 2 types of polarizations : -Linerear polaerization -Elliptical polarization ( circular polarization ), How one selected one of these two types??? :roll: Thx
Can anyone help me to understand the fundementals of nonlinear optic
Looking for a formula suitable with microcontroller floating point arithmetics or linear approximations in some intervals Thanks
HI ,paper of linear antenna simulation by FDTD pls thanks dr.hassan for his help obatianing these papers
I have to design a bpsk demodulator, and all I have are block diagrams. If anyone knows some links with more detalis on designing this in CMOS, please let me know. ------------------- stefano2m
The second harmonic of a bpsk signal is free of the phase modulation. so what you have to do is to pass the bpsk signal through a moderate nonlinear active device and to set up a bandpass filter to the second harmonic at the output of this nonlinear network. The signal after suitable amplification should be divide back (...)
Matrix Analysis and Applied linear Algebra updated. it comes with solution manual. (Reviews: ) Book Description Matrix Analysis and Applied linear Algebra is an honest math text that circumvents the traditional definition-theorem-proof format t
What is linear control system and what is the difference among linear control systems and traditional control systems?
Calculus, Volume 1, One-Variable Calculus with an Introduction to linear Algebra Tom M. Apostol ISBN: 0-471-00005-1 Hardcover 688 pages June 1967 US $125.95 Table of Contents Historical Introduction. Some Basic Concepts of the Theory of Sets. A Set of Axioms for the Real Number System. Mathematical Induction, Summation Notati
Elements of Abstract and linear Algebra Edwin H. Connell Link :> Title page and copyright Introduction Outline Chapter 1: Background and Fundamentals of Mathematics Chapter 2: Groups Chapter 3: Rings Chapter 4: Matrices and Matrix Rings Chapter 5: linear
Hi, I Think Optical mouse can be used as linear encoder, but it is possible and how would the position error be? Any one has en idea? Thanks.
Professor Strang's Class 18.06 linear Algebra Lecture Videos, Fall 1999 enjoy... :o
Implementing Digital bpsk modulator is simple. Just use 2 input EXOR gate. Feed the digital modulating signal to one input and at the other input feed the digital carrier, the frequency of which is always integral multiple of modulating signal. The output of EXOR is the bpsk modulated signal. Modulating signal's clock and digital carrier should hav
Hello, Is there anybody who already designed a PA that should drive a SAW filter ? Should we provide a particular output impedance to the SAW to reduce VSWR ? Lots of design papers says that you should transform the load to the optimum load to have best efficiency. Suppose I have a 50Ohm SAW filter that is terminated with a 50 Ohms impedanc
you can find abook named CDMA RF System Engineering at just search Contents Preface xv Acknowledgments xix 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Motivation 1 1.2 Multiple Access Using Spread Spectrum 2 1.3 Applications of DS-SS in Mobile Communication 9 2 Radio Propagation 13 2.1 Link Analysis 13 2.2 Propag
Hi I need a digital copy (i.e PDF) of: Microwave Circuit Design Using linear and Nonlinear Techniques By Vendelin, George D. Can somebody help me with that? Greetz E-goe
I have a paper on hand said , "In GMSK Demoulation , this is quite strict and not realizable with a physical Gaussian filter, the phase response can be kept linear and therefore sufficient for coherent demodulation." could u tell me why to be kept linear for phase response? and Could you have papers about GSMK or gaussian filter for my reference, t
Hi Everybody I need the c code of any other help to model the simulation of beam formation in a multi octave linear towed array to be able to analyse the effect of missing/defective sensor on beam formation. ANy help is welcome Thanks
Someone has posted related question before. But my question here is for the upper transistor (stacked transistor) in one-stage cascode Source-degeneration LNA. Which region should it work? Saturation or linear region? Thanks a lot.
Hello people, let´s consider a patch antenna linear array 12x1 in linear polarization. Every port is -10 dB matched and the mutual coupling is at -25 dB. (BW=200 MHz). It´s a scanning array (from -45 to +45 degrees). In my opinion the Scan blindness is a real problem. What do u think? Do u have a plot "reflections at every port vs s
The picture below shows a diagram of digital optical receiver.This picture comes from Fiber-Optic Communication Systems,P149. In the diagram,the combination of main-amplifier and filter is called linear channel.But main-amplifier may be limit-amplifier,and the filter can be nonlinear,too.So,it seems it is of no sense. One interpretation is that
Waht make sense that a linear system with Acos(wt) input and Bcos(wt+th) output can be solved in complex plane with e^(jwt) input and Be^(jwt+th) output?
Is the S21 linear (in MWS) given in terms of amplitude or intensity (amplitude^2)?
Hi, If I am using a linaerly polarized antenna at the transmitting end and a circularly polarized antenna at the receiving end or vice versa, than what are the chances that the signal is recieved or not. Will differnt polarizations at both ends will produce the same results as compared to same polarizations at both ends. If no, than how much it
Hi I am wondering how to implement linear-in-dB gain IC in CMOS? Some claim they do so by a resistor ladder with adjustable transconductance, could anyone explain more detail about the architecture/schematic to achieve it? regards, jordan76
Hello, Somebody knows a very stable linear voltage regulator (5v and 100mA) with the temperature (between -40 and 60 degrees)? The input voltage is between 11 to 12 volt. Regards, Raul
Use FSK for making your system power effecient. If bandwidth effeciency is the main criteria of consideration, use bpsk.
Who can give me th e-version,thank you! Elementary linear Circuit Analysis(Second Edition)
Can you tell me advantages and disadvantages between Switch Mode Power Supply and linear Power Supply???
Hi, Anybody knows what are the differences between linear DC supply and switch DC supply, (voltage and current)? Thanks Chuot
Hi there, What is linear phase filter? Dose it related to the conventional filter i.e. Butterworth,Bessel,Chebychev... etc? Thanks in advance!
Is this for your Master's Thesis or PhD? If its PhD then all i can say is that this topic has been done by many as a small part of their own research work. Do you want to implement this using Matlab, DSP processor etc? Also when you say "Digital bpsk", the word 'digital' is redundant!
Hi, Can anyone explain what are "Segment address record" and "linear address record" in INHX32 Hex file format and how to use them?
Hi. Does any one know somthibg abut microwave linear phase filter. I need books about the subjet Yair

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