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PSK is usually NOT constant envelope. Think of a bpsk signal, when it goes from zero to 180 degrees....the signal has to go thru the origin...i.e. momentarily it has zero amplitude, especially if there is any sort of bandpass filter in the path. So passing it thru a non linear amp will have degradation. You could try it and see if the degradat
I created a bpsk signal in Matlab and I'm wanting to extract the unwrapped phase from the instantaneous phase obtained. The detail is that the result will apply an equation to get the centered non-linear component of the instantaneous phase which is given for "phi_NL" in the code below. This nonlinear phase should be be
There are so many class types for RF PA.Some of them are linear such as A,AB;some of them are like switch type,such as E.How to choose the class type for power amplifier?Does it depend on modulations or something else?Say,for bpsk,lienarity is easy to achieve,so we can use Class E;for QAM64,linearity is more strict,so we should use Class A (...)
First of all the power class of the amplifier is dependable by the type of the modulation that is transmitting. AM modulation and some types of digital modulation (bpsk, QPSK, OFDM, QAM, etc) requires linear amplification, and the PA shall be in a linear class (A or AB). FM modulation and some types of constant envelope digital modulation (...)