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Controlling torque by acceleration and braking as well as switching losses, and eddy current losses, often requires more than just a bridge.
What do you think? The inverter is expected to source constant real power to the grid, according either to a given setpoint or the power available from the local source, e.g. solar panel or a load operating in recuperation (e.g. a braking motor drive). In the latter case, power variations are respective more dynamical. Grid low voltage events ca
* driving different bits of a signal from different processes can work on some tools, and can fail on others. If this is the case, you need to complain to the tool vendor, as its braking the lrm. Arrays and records are all counted as separate objects and should be drivable from separate processes.
Hello People, Can we determine the direction of robot movement (forward or backward or standing still) using data combined from accelerometer and gyroscope ? As long as the robot is moving forward ( starting to move, moving with constant velocity and decelerating/braking to zero) I want to show as forward. Similarly for backward movement.
Hi friends, I have been braking my head the entire day to solve this simple problem. 1) 1 digital input low/high (will be continuous say if its low then it can be low for days and vice versa) 2)output needs to be high for n seconds and should be low when the input changes. if I need to do with a mcu I would have done in minutes but i need
hi there, is there any standard for electronic components like resistors that explain how much force is need to break resistor pin? like this : 106600
hai am pursuing 2nd year in hyderabad. can u help me the how to interface with micro controller and Bluetooth module how it do and send mee the c code
Dear all, I am working on a simulation based project in which.. i have to show: AEB=Autonomous Emergency braking,,,, with a controlled slip ratio value of 0.2 And distance measuring system which measures the distance between host and target vehicle. I have to build this project simulation based only... and i want to build this on Simulink or
thanks for the reply but this is not very informative , i already have current limiting , ( when the current sensed reaches the maximum value the controller decrease voltage or stops drivers ) but the problem i am facing is not overcurrent as i beleive but instead overvoltage cause by inductive load (motor) stoping or starting fastly . for ex
A high current capable boost converter is what you want. It will run differently than a normal fixed output, slightly variable input - you need a wide range of input from the full speed armature voltage, to as low a RPM's back EMF as you can manage, so that your braking recoups as much kinetic energy as possible. And your braking effort needs to b
A mechanical furling system is more efficient but if you want to use dynamic braking, you need to measure the frequency of the output of the generator, from this you can work out the RPM. Then set limits of how fast it has to rotate before the load resistors are connected. As it exceeds each limit, connect another resistor in parallel across the o
I think this would depend on the dynamics of the motor to a large extent. How fast was it going, what is its inertia, what braking mechanism you use, etc. There obviously has to be some overshoot, and you could try to pre-compensate for the overshoot based on practical measurements/ experiment ? And yes I have positioned dc motors quite accurat
Hello we remanufacture truck braking electropneumatic modulators. The ECU in one has a ST10F269-T3. We need to erase the mileage & operating data recorder information, however, I imagine that it will be write protected. Anyone have any ideas?
A shorted DC motor generates a speed proportional braking torque, but no "holding" torque at zero speed. To achieve the latter, you'll need a step motor, a motor with servo control or a mechanical brake.
Hi everyone. I want to study and design a dynamic braking unit. i have a braking unit of DELTA, Model number VFDB4045, 460V, 45KW. The circuit of this unit is not clear and may be i could find it helpful. if anyone can provide a circuit diagram, or operational step of each circuit blocks.
You might instead assert a minimum load, or set values for the feedback divider network that impose a minimum load current. Or make the output stage more like Class AB, with a "braking" NMOSFET. Any of these will limit how high the output impedance, and how low-frequency the output pole can be.
Besides clamping overvoltage, overcurrent shutdown seems urgently required considering the funny "sudden braking" problem. Although I imagine that the motor controller could be stopped simultaneously by suitably designed logic, the driver should be able to handle any kind of stall. Usually a shunt or current sensor is required. There's a certain
Hi guys. I would like to seek assistance and advice on constructing a MATLAB simulink model to display the simulation result for regenrative system starting from the pedal brake, till the battery side to monitor any output. For your information, I'm currently doing a project about retrofit conversion of hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV), and my
How to wire a VFD ? What things and accessories are required for good hook up of VFD ? 1) First Use a Three Phase Breaker for the input of VFD. 2) Connect the output of this breaker to a EMI Filter. 3) Then connect to R, S & T of the VFD 4) Connect braking Resistors for frequent stops and starts of VFD 5) Connect the Output U , V & W of the
Hello dear friends, My project is about improving an AC motor drive's efficiency by implementing regenerative braking and i really need your kind help. Does anyone have a simulink model of a bidirectional DC-DC converter for connecting a storage battery (for charging and discharging) to the DC bus of a 3-phase PM motor drive that I could gain ac
Can somebody tell me how to perform regenerative braking of a brushless dc motor drive in PSIM..?
When I cast the command 'report_disable_timing' with dc_shell, what is the difference between the different flags: c case-analysis C Conditional arc l loop breaking u user-defined L stored loop breaking What do they actually mean, precisely? I know that 'l' (loop braking) means that there is an asynchronous loop inside my design, but
Use an accelerometer to measure linear acceleration (or braking) The gyro is good for rotational measurements
Hello !!!!! This is Abhishek Singh working in electronics design segment as an application engineer. Currently i am working on BLDC motor control project. I want to lock the motor shaft whenever i need..Perhaps technical name Regenerative braking...someone told me that you have to make one control algorithm for regenerative braking...but i did not
I need a design for motoring & regenerative braking of DC motor that works in proteus ISIS 7 professional. I need the .DSN file or any images that helpful for me. Please help me anyone.........
Hi i'm trying to implement regenerative braking on a simple PM dc motor controller i'm aplying a pwm signal to the mosfet to control the motor speed, but i can't figure out how to put the regen part working was hoping that when the M1 mosfet is off, that the motor current wou
Yaskawa H1000 drive displays OL1 & OL2 alram after 25 minutes (running process) or so the siemens 17KW motor gets very very warm .... It was giving the OL1 fault then when i tried it again it given OL2 fault .... the amps are in the range of 25.5 A to 31.5 A ..... braking resistors are used in this process , its a main motor connected wit
Hello all. I've cobbled together a 30amp bi-directional motor controller which will ultimately be installed in my wife's 8mph Mobility Scooter. The problems that I have, are a requirement for regenerative braking, and a way of controlling the electro-mechanical brake, which is comprised of a 2amp hold-off coil on a stator-lock attatched to the mo
hello everyone currently am working on a project to design a boost regulator for an electric vehicle system. The boost converter should be able to convert a varying input voltage from 6 to 12V dc to 13.5V dc which would be used to charge the batteries during the process of regenerative braking. i made the calculation for the boost converter the spe
There is not any simple formulas ... The change in kinetic energy of the load during deceleration is dissipated in the brake resistor. If you decelerate the load from full speed to zero speed, the energy dissipated in the resistor is equal to the kinetic energy of the driven load and motor minus the load and rotational losses. High inertia giv
Good reading about motors starting and protection systems Presentation : ? AC motors starting and braking systems ? AC motors protection devices and failure analysis ? Protection devices selection guide
I guess you'd begin with determining the motor output voltage (RPM and constant) and the boost ratio to get 600V + delta (diode drop, series resistance, braking current) which with an assumption about converter operating mode (conduction) ought to get you a duty cycle from boost converter basic equations. Treat the motor as a voltage source and it
What these terms mean: Jog frequency, Frequency Reference Bias, Frequency Reference Gain, Dc Injection braking & memobus control ? thanks in advance
HI, I must up-front admit I am not an expert in this area. But from what I can imagine, a DC motor would have some inertia even when you stop supplying power to it. Shorting its supply might not have much effect. On the other hand, after you switch off its supply, a negative voltage applied momentarily would provide active braking. The duration of
The anti-lock braking system needs some way of knowing when a wheel is about to lock up. The speed sensors (variable-reluctance sensors/ hall-effect type sensors) which are located at each wheel, provide this information, so you can’t replace sensors by resistors.
My understanding ís this: You need both a braking control circuit (particalurly a DC switch) and a braking resistor to perform dynamic braking. There's no reasonable question about the difference, one won't work without the other.
a typical compressor with 1,5kW power and rotational speed of 2840rpm. The ratio is ? therefore the shaft of the pump has 1500rpm, which allows the use of tools like a painting gun. The pump is from a Star car, the cylinder from the trailer braking system. The compress
hi... i'm planning to do a project related to the Fuzzy Logic... but i'm totally know nothing about it.. i'm not sure what controller can be used for it, how's the programming, what devices should?? what i plan to do is where the car will stop automatically when the ultrasonic sensor detect the distance relative to the speed of the car and automa
their torque speed characteristics curve at various conditions i.e under starting,running,braking conditions ,,.....etc...
It depends very much on the size of the camera. Are you thinking in terms of a small webcam or a heavy professional video camera? In general, use two stepper motors with reduction gears if necessary. Steppers have the advantage of staying locked in position, if you use normal motors you would also need a braking system so they don't roll by themse
hello, how PWM signals could be used within a vehicle break control system to deliver braking force to a wheel and how control system would convert the braking force into actual PWM control value and i would like improve by a ddition of closed-loop. thanks ..
I doubt, that the circuit is correct (respectively complete). The capacitor will prevent an armature DC current, thus I can't see a braking action.
Hello. I'm making an electric skateboard and will be using this motor controller: Kelly 24V 300A (peak) w/ the wiring schematics (page 10): [URL="www.kellyco
I want drive the braking resistor of servo driver I will have 10 KHz PWM signal
I don't have a braking system on the turbine. Is it not possible to have a constant current charging using a high value inductance in series with the battery? Can anyone please explain what methodology of charging will perfectly fit the given constraints?
Hi all, This is Emiliano and I'm new in the forum. I have a question: as far as you know, is it possible to extract a gerber file from a PCB? Is there any hardware/software able to recognize and draw the design of a PCB. An alternative solution would be expensive, such as using X-rays or braking it. Thank you, Emiliano
hi all..... I m building a 4 quadrant chopper using IGBT-H bridge for sep ext dc motor. motor specifications are 230v, 3.7 A, 0.75hp. Im trying to make a controller using uc 3638 pwm without any microcontroller. The problem i am facing is how to design the control circuit for reg braking ... i know the topology for regenerative braking b
Hello, The purpose of this resistor is disipate the energy recovered to the input filter capacitor during braking and avoid overvoltage. During braking cycle, the motor turns into a generator converting the cinetic energy to current, that find its way to the input capacitor usually trough the free wheeling diodes. If you have a high inertia load
Hello I've seen that some 3 phase bridge topologies use three extra diodes in serires in the branch. This topology is shown in the image bellow. For a BLDC motor drive, will this topology help to handle back EMF? will this make a more robust brige? what other considerations should be taken, to implement this? Thanks in advance. Alex
My aim is to apply brakes to a 1-Phase AC Induction Motor. Do i simply swap the motor terminals with the a DC source? or there are any better ideas for AC motor braking? Motor specs: 220VAC 0.25Hp 1phase Regards.