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"brd" is just a file extension, I guess you are referring to a specfic layout file format? Allegro V16.x brd format will be e.g. supported by SIwave. If you mean eagle brd, there's no chance, except making your own conversion tool. Supported CAD tools:
Hi all, I am a newbie in PCB design and apologize me, if my question is a simple one. I have a design of a board. The layout is available in .brd format and schematic is available in .pdf format. I would like to alter the board . My question is that, after making schematic from the available pdf, is it possible to cross probe the (...)
Hello, does anyone could help me ? I have an evaluation board in allegro .brd format file and i'd need to use it in Altium designer. To make a translation is necessary to have an *.alg (ascii files) generated in Allegro Is there anyone that could do this thing for me, if I send him the .brd file ? Let me know.. Bye
Hi, 1.First create the Netlist (Tools-->Create Netlist) , Pop-up menu will be shown in your window then select allegro icon,then select the path (Net list Directory) after that select the view output. you can view the output (3 file will be generate like pstxnet.dat,pstxprt.dat,pstchip.dat) PCB Editor and then assign the footprint path , set
hello...i am in need to convert a .brd (eagle) file to orcad format for giving it to a pcb fabricator...have already read the other post in this forum regarding this but doesn't seem to help much...pls help :|
Hi, Pls anyone help me to convert allegro .brd board file into .alg ascii file format. Please send the procedure to translate this format. Regards Mohana
Hi, I need to convert my .brd file in ubuntu KiCad EDA Build 20090216 final into a pdf document of the same dimentions. There are no options to export as pdf, so please tell me if this is possible. Thanks.
dear fri, Any idea pcb file *.brd to itc checker file exteension format this type using checking purpose.
HI ALL, is there any way to convert pcad ASCII to allegro brd pcb. i have to convert some of my pcb projects to allegro pcb thanks SA
I have worked with a PCB maker company for many years.during these years I have sent my files with Protel99 format (PCB files not Gerber files) without any problems. lately I have begun to use Allegro PCB design for drawing my PCBs, but my PCB maker company told me "you should send your files in protel99 format". please tell me, what's the best
can you paste a snap shot of your drill drawing layer or upload your brd file so that we could have a better look at it to suggest you something
how to load EDIF schematic files in orcad capture or edif brd files in allegro pcb? is thr any format. ? i m using altium , i tried exporting edif from altium & importing it to capture & allegro pcb. but got the errors. not working. what may b the problem?
I want to import a .brd file from a Cypress development board in to Altium. Let me sum up the things I tried. I have Allegro PCB designer installed I tried this: I tried this: Bu
Hi , I am using Allegro 16.3 .i want to Export Libraries from a .brd . When i do it File-> Export-> Libraries and than i selec all items in the window , there is error or Padstack Dumed . So in any footprint Exported there is no pins( Padstack) Exported . Pls help Thanks in Advance .
Hi All, I'm trying to convert a TI OMAP .brd file into a format that I can get into Altium. Altium does the import, but it can only operate on BINARY .brd files if a registered version of Allegro is installed. If you don't have Allegro installed, it can still do it, but it needs the ASCII export version, a .alg file. There don't (...)
Hi, all does any1 know the way to translate the bmp or jpeg or other image format to gdsII format? thanks in advance cdic
Hi, Would anyone tell me or show me a link describing the format of the hspice binary transient output file tr* format? Thanks Regards Paul
How to integrate products from these two companies? In particular, how to convert a C@dence techfile to Av@nt! techfile format? Same goes for DRC rule files. ASIC
PS2 gamepad,the SPI interface Data format,thx
Hi all, I'm testing IAR and MTOOL (Mitsubishi Tool) with the M16C uC. My problem is that the flash loader (from Mitsubishi and also the one from Triaptic) all ask me for MOT files and I can't get IAR to generate them. What do I need to convert the IAR output (motorola S format) to MOT ? Thanks. P.A.
Hi I need help to plot a PCB file in the format L10, supposed to be sent directly to a HP laserjet. Is there any way to open and print this file in another fileformat? I attach the file so anyone can help me or check the file. Regards
I have a couple of questions regarding this subject. 1. Is there a direct way to export an allegro *.brd file to a pads ascii file? If so, that would make things very simple for my current endeavor. 2. I am using a translator that calls for an extract of allegro for exceptable input format. (*.txt or *.val) How is thi
In the 64 point FFT I am using 1.15 fixed data format to represent. Can anyone help me out to with how addition and subtractions are done in 1.15 fixed data format. Thanks in advance
Any software that converts avi format to vcd??
Hi VHDL CookBook in MSWord format (Download)
My friend sent me a schematic which is Powerlogic5.0 format, I need to open it but I don't have this tool. Anyone tells me where I can download Powerlogic5.0? Thanks, Thanks!!!
Hi libformat is an adaptation of Stephen Booth's mod_format Apache module to do syntax highlighting of source code using HTML font tags. libformat is capable of syntax highlighting C, C++, Java, Python, Verilog and VHDL source code. Robert Helgesson contributed Python support, as well as various useful patches. For more (...)
I want in-system programming of Atmel flash AT29c256 which is mapped from 0000 H to 8000 H. I am planning to use internal ram to store the 64 byte page and then program the flash in page mode. Can some one tell me how I can 16 byte Intel hex format to 64 byte Intel hex format? Can it be done using keil oh51 or some similar tool? hock
I need the stand paper of SIA format,FSK modulate about security system on phoneline. Thanks
If You Have The PDF You Can REdraw The ORCAD Schematics, generate NETLIST, and compare it to the NETLIST extracted from the brd file.
I found In S2P file ,the first part is declare,the second is S-para,but in the third part,I do not understand it means,I know it is noise para,but what is it mean? the first row of it is freq,but what is and the second,third,..row? thank u
Dear Reader I am trying to translate to CADSTAR PCB to Allegro PCB using Camcad or other tools. But all tools do not has satisfied performance. So I am trying to build new program for translations. CAdstar has text export format, PCB Achive. And Allegro also has text format. If you know where CADIF format file or CPA (...)
Hi, all who can tell me how to converter PowerPCB file to GDS file format. thanks in advance.
Please tell me which schematic capture program can output CALAY format for PCB design. Thanks.
Hi. I wanna convert a ExpressPCB file in other format (tango format or other). Is it possible? Other thing.... is it tango free actually? Do you have a suggestion about a free PCB software (fuul, not demo)? Thanks. Ebrio31
I need to convert a streaming video in MPEG2 format to PAL (prefrably without using a PC). Any suggestions or help?
Can anybody tell me how to generate WGL format for test machine ?
Does anyone have JupiterXT docs in PDF format? Mike
Hi! Anyone saw in web a c-program for converting 24-bit BIN to BCD format? Thank you. Alexander.
Hi! Anyone saw in web a c-program for converting 24-bit BIN to BCD format? Thank you. Alexander.
Hi I want to know about protel hyperlynx file format. Please tell me where to download Thanks Amjad
hello~ I want show the bmp format picture files at the 96x64 stn lcd . use the 8051 and flash rom . :)
Hi, Does anybody know pictures with *.sid extension opened by what software, I have a map of my city (10 MB) in this format. Thanx.
Hi Can anyone tell me what is the data format of their outdoor sensor-transmitters. I have a type TX4U operating on 433MHz and by looking at the data stream there are 2 bursts of 44 bits (looks like the same data transmitted twice). This sensor transmits the following to the receiver: Outdoor temp: -21.8 deg F to +157.8 deg F Relative humidi
i was looking over the DVI standards and they mention that low level pixel format does not have to be listed in the EDID, so am i correct to assume that if i plan to run only low level pixel format that i can just completely leave the ddc pin on the output of the video card unconnected. or does the DDC do more that just tell it what the mointors ca
Hello You have any info about internal format files C@dence @llegro ? One more problem on C@dence @llegro. Without delay problem of the developer. This software operates with the following types of files: *.pad - files *.dra - files *.brd - files Well to find out their binary structure. To manage to create new and To m
thx i not have idea haw to make schematic to pcb plz make this schematic to layout pcb in jpg format thx
I need an advice about export to DXF format from CST4.0. I can translate only VACUUM box slice. Other model's bodys are not translating to the AutoCad.
:cry: Hi, I would like to use Microchip's C compiler for PIC18F8620, I downloaded it, and made a simple program, compiled and now i got a .HEX file. (I assume that it's an 32 bit Intel HEX file) But I can't use this HEX file with PICALLW 0.15, it says "Checksum error in hex file!" it only supports INHX8 and INHX16 hex files.