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Hi there, I have some problems using LTC3780 for charging an lead-acid battery. I did manage to make a working buck-boost power supply with LTC3780 using the schematic form datasheet(for tests I managed to get 12,7V at 48W from 7-18V supply), but having it charging a battery from PV(power supply simulated) module failed. The symptoms are: (...)
I am building a solar charger which can charge Li-Ion batteries upto 9V. I am also using a buck converter using LM2596 for a 5V ouput. There is a switch separating the charge circuit and the buck converter. The battery charges perfectly but when I turn on the buck, without any load it brings the battery voltage down to 1.89V. Please help me (...)
A buck-boost converter can convert a positive supply to negative. schematic showing the basic You will need to add control circuitry. The .5 ohm resistor is a 'token' value added to represent some amount of
i want to design +3 to 24V DC input voltage to fixed +5V DC using buck-boost. I don't have knowledge about that. Please refer some good notes with simple explanation and please help me how to design this? Thanks in advance :)
The schematic ist correct, it's a pretty standard buck-boost converter. You'll need to implement a current controller that sets the PWM duty cycle to operate the converter with defined output current. Of course the controller must be fast enough to keep up with the dI/dt rate defined by the inductor. Overcurrent shutdown triggered by IGBT (...)
Hi all, I'm working on a buck-boost converter (DC/DC), the specifications are: for 0.5V in the input I must have 3v in the output, and for the amplitude of oscillations that excite the grid of the transistor NMOS it must be less than 3v (the output voltage). My problem is that when I give to the amplitude of oscillations 2.5v (that exite the grid
Hi guys In a typical buck/boost converter if you have a free wheeling diode across the MOSFET, can there still be over voltage across the FET? how? would you still need to add a separate clamping diode across it? Cheers
but he need it in buck/boost design from 0-430v
Could you write some others details about the converter e.g. topology (buck, boost, ...), feedback type (voltage mode, current mode, ...), functioning mode (CCM, DCM, ...), voltage on input/output and so on... Do you've some circuit schematic? Bye
I'm on project about buck-boost regulator. I've just reached Vout=-7V.I need Vout=-10V, Iout=20mA. Anyone can help me? Regards!
I need a schematic about buck regulator, boost regulator, LDO regulator and code (*.asm, *.v). Who can help me? Thanks! With best regard. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
I'm looking to use an atmel attiny uC to make a simple yet efficient (85%) and SMALL buck/boost converter. boost from around 1.8V and buck from 6-9V to drive a luxeon led. I need a schematic to get started and i'll figure out the writing of the code. Please help! Thanks!