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Hi there, I have some problems using LTC3780 for charging an lead-acid battery. I did manage to make a working buck-boost power supply with LTC3780 using the schematic form datasheet(for tests I managed to get 12,7V at 48W from 7-18V supply), but having it charging a battery from PV(power supply simulated) module failed. The symptoms are: (...)
Apart from circuit details - there are more dubious points - the exact behaviour of the boost converter part can be only guessed without a simulation. For the time beeing I'll assume that it's working somehow. But how's the efficiency, does it use a reasonable operation point of the solar panel? How about in- and output voltages and currents wi
A buck-boost converter can convert a positive supply to negative. schematic showing the basic You will need to add control circuitry. The .5 ohm resistor is a 'token' value added to represent some amount of
What helped me to grasp the principles of switched-coil converters was an animated, interactive simulator. Below is a link to my conceptualization of a simple buck-boost. Click it to open the website, load my schematic, and run it on your computer. (Click Allow to load the Java applet.) Watch th
The schematic ist correct, it's a pretty standard buck-boost converter. You'll need to implement a current controller that sets the PWM duty cycle to operate the converter with defined output current. Of course the controller must be fast enough to keep up with the dI/dt rate defined by the inductor. Overcurrent shutdown triggered by IGBT (...)
Your schematic shows an inverting buck-boost converter topology, with wrong switch transistor polarity (N rather than P) and reversed diode, as said. A regular boost converter should serve your purpose You are mentioning a NMOS transistor but placed a N-JFET in your schematic.
Dear Cheers Hi where is your schematic? there are more arrangement of buck boost converter available . Best Wishes Goldsmith
but he need it in buck/boost design from 0-430v
Could you write some others details about the converter e.g. topology (buck, boost, ...), feedback type (voltage mode, current mode, ...), functioning mode (CCM, DCM, ...), voltage on input/output and so on... Do you've some circuit schematic? Bye
I'm on project about buck-boost regulator. I've just reached Vout=-7V.I need Vout=-10V, Iout=20mA. Anyone can help me? Regards!
I need a schematic about buck regulator, boost regulator, LDO regulator and code (*.asm, *.v). Who can help me? Thanks! With best regard. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
I'm looking to use an atmel attiny uC to make a simple yet efficient (85%) and SMALL buck/boost converter. boost from around 1.8V and buck from 6-9V to drive a luxeon led. I need a schematic to get started and i'll figure out the writing of the code. Please help! Thanks!