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Hello all. Does anybody arround know about any simple, easy to build osciloscope circuit that can be interfaced to a pc (serial or parallel ports)? A homemade sampling head (not real time) would already be usefull.... My old osciloscope just stoped working and I would like to build something reasonable that could replyce it :D Thanks to all.
hi gulson dont work can you tested? how to performance? can I build this projects?
Why do you build it like bitscope,that is better than lcd.
Hi, I'm currently looking for a good and easy to build scope. It can be a pc scope or any scope or maybe with microcontroller but not with hard to find parts. Bit scope is very good but too complex to build for me and it also hard to find or buy from my country I found this link is good but i wonder
Is it possible to build osciloscope with pcTV? like a soudcart the pctv have A/D converter :?:
Does somebody have some literature about designing a probe, from DC-5GHz bandwidth range, suitable for sampling/real time oscilloscopes? Did anybody try to build it by himself? rfmw
Hi I have one of the older Bitscope, I am not satisfied with the frame rate when updating. The new ones is much faster and have ethernet / USB. I depends upon the budget, last time I checked the PICO were more expencive. It also depends if you like to buy a finished product or build something yourself. If you have money I would buy a external
I see! (I'm looking back at myself about 25 years ago.) You want a fun project *and* a useful scope. If it were me, I would separate those two goals. First buy myself and old but working analog scope for very little money (eBay). Then I would use it to help me design and build my digital scope. Forget all those construction project magazines, I'
I have the schematics and olso software if you want to build your own scope based PC ,it's named with MK2 and MK3, but in my country such component are hard to find and must order online it's quite expensive for me
Oops, I missed that. Got an old 486 computer sitting around? build yourself a museum artifact! If you don't have any scope yet, buy a used analog scope first.
I suggest that you build a simple active probe with an attenuation of 100:1. It might not prevent you from killing yourself, but it will protect your scope. :wink: /Rambo
Hi, I'm going to develope a video processing board. it accepts video analog signal digitizes it and processes the contents. It will then convert the digital signals into analog. What is the needed equipment in order to design , build and test the board completely? What is the suitable oscilloscope I should use for my project? Do I need a
Hi,.. Is it possible to build an ADC exactly like this or as close as possible, using any kind of Microcontrollers.??? Thanks for all you help. :)
Since the frequency of measure is not high, you can build the probes using any coaxial cable. The effect on the measurement should be almost zero. A cable used in headphones should work fine. The whole constraction can be a homemade probe with a lot of tollerance in is assembly.
hi i've a project to this name is there anyone to help me? thank u bye:D
Is it possible to build a PC based osc up to 100MHZ , From where can i start , can anyone explain to me how can i do it? Thanks
I was thinking of building an FPGA based Digital oscilloscope that I can connect to my computer by RS-232. The information of building a FPGA based oscilloscope on is great and I think I maybe could build one, but I need a good freeware software that I can use to see the results. I'am not a good PC (...)
hi i m working with a project where i have to build a circuit to display on oscilloscope. i will have to use oscilloscope having facility of tv frame triggering vertical and horizontal but untill i had not used such oscilloscope so i m not aware of this feature. i want to know about this facility with (...)
A 12 bit 40MHZ scope would require a 4 layer board and someone who is an expert at board layout and a somewhat experienced designer. You will also need an FPGA chip to handle the data coming out of that ADC, because no microcontroller can handle that kind of a raw data stream, plus format it and send it up to a PC or out onto an LCD screen, plus ha
I am already working on this with the PIC18F2550 and builder 6, but I does´t have any experience in DSO stuff, but I think together we can develop something interesting. Count with me in that case. Added after 7 minutes: This is part of my work, it is to slow (100 samples per second). [url=images.
Contact the manufacture, ask for the technical documentation. If you're trying to build it yourself where will you get the firmware?
Could you please advise me on what do i need to build my own oscilloscope hardware and if possible code, I want a good resolution and throughput I am planning to use dsPIC30F series they are able to sample 1MsPs? (ready made projects are best)
Hi , I am not sure how many budget you have ? But I have use Tek & Agilent oscilloscope before. I love to use Agilent MSO because large memory so you see every thing in detail. Also the MSO have build in logic analyzer so you can debug analog & digital signal at same time.
Hello, I need your help if someone know how to build a very basic virtual oscilloscope using NI 6220 ( ) I just want to display the sine signal generated from a function generator. I don't use Labview or Measurement Studio because still can't afford to buy the license now. So, a bas
What is the bandwidth of your XYZ signals? Converting from vector format to raster scan format is a rather complex operation. Some digital oscilloscopes have XYZ inputs and a VGA monitor output. Use one of them, and you won't need to build anything.
guys i wanna build pc based oscilloscope please give me ur tested designs. specially pic based. thanx
Hi Surprisingly I have also visited their site while trying to build a scope frontend. I know that they are using ADC08200 from national on one of their boards. Here are some related sites: Big
Hm!! it's not too hard.. i saw a chinese guy build it on their website
I have written this topic already but I cant find it anyway I will write again: I need to build a el. device that will show 4 different digital signals on 2 channel analog oscilloscope, I dont know how that schema is called if someone of you know or even better has a schema for that can please post it, last one that I have posted in my preview t
I don't think so that this oscilloscope wont have input supply of 220V or 110V. Because I have seen the oscillscope with only these input voltages. other than the pam one that are operated on batteries as well. If it is so, then why you need 2000V or 200 or 6.3V. My suggestion is that build an inverter (preferably Sine wave) for 220V or 110V, what
Hi friends, I need to build an oscilloscope using visual basic 6 using the usb port. Can some one help me. Thank you
Hello everyone. This is my first post in this forum. I am a student of 4th B Tech (ECE). I have planned to build a PC based USB oscilloscope using PIC 18f4550, to plot high frequency signals upto 10 MHz, in these vacations of mine. I am thinking of using external ADC made by TI for signal sampling,( TLC5540) which has sampling rate upto 40MSPS,s
I want to build a pc usb based oscillscope with pic18f2550 act as HID device. adc part using ads831 and CDCE913 - Programmable 1-PLL VCXO Clock Synthesizer with 3.3-V LVCMOS Outputs act as variable clock input to ads831, for different time base usage . But as sampling process goes on pic18f2550 is sending signal data continously to pc , if I chan
how can i build a pc based oscilloscope for 100Mhz plz help
You see; you didnt gave knowed your system design! We see only a small portion as the preamps up to ADC_its not serious to answer & wait for that as some exacter stuff...Sorry. I must assume that you dont wish to build a tube/screan scope? Some circuits are not to see if you can/dont wish give more details. K. Add
Hii all, I am doing a summer rf project on cellphone booster, specifically a 850Mhz/1900Mhz bidirectional amplifier. I am new to rf, just started self learning it. I have an oscilloscope 15Mhz BK precision 1477, I wanted to ask if it would be any use in measuring when I build a prototype board. Thanks
I'm developing a fully featured, low cost, MSO. Schematics and HEX files available if you want to build your own Xprotolab is the first m
We need a high quality low noise preamp with higher than 1M//20pF input. I don't want to build this I want to purchase but can't seem to find anything that's not 1M. We test devices that need variable load requirements, DC- 1MHz and signal levels from millivolts to 100V (I realize this will make my impedance requirement more difficult). We coul
Hello guys! I need to build a MATLAB GUI that can read and display real-time data from my USB port. It will work like a virtual oscilloscope. I cant do that! Who can help me? If you have any files that can help, please email me tks in advance!
Hello, I have this old oscilloscope. I need to ask a few basic questions based on your experience: 1. Will I be able to substitute the CRT with another one (probably smaller in size) and re-calibrate the amplifiers for the new CRT used? (assumming proper CRT voltage adjustments) 2. If I use this oscilloscope (5MHz) as an output to a 100MHz s
The main goal was to increase the frequency range but maintaining the cheapest cost. Large and inexpensive color display has been used. Drzasiek wanted build a mobile device, so he was looking for small elements.
Hi, I acquired a signal by a oscilloscope, my oscilloscope saved this signal in a CSV file, then I would like to put this signal in a simulation software like Multisim or Proteus Isis, because I'm trying to build a filter and it would be better to use a real signal instead of a signal like sine or pulse, this real signal is from a sensor.
Greetings Everyone, I build a mono stable pulse generator in which I can adjust output pulse width and delay. It works in 100 to 300 ms range. I am using just one timer on 556 chip and output activate optoisolator and LED. I have a puzzling problem with it. The circuit alone does not work to my specs however when I connect two probes of oscillo
Hello! What do you mean by 200 MHZ/sec? ADC 8 bit is enough, but you have to build a good hardware circuit for the actual measurement. Now as for the results, you can do with a (relatively) low power MCU, for example ARM Cortex M3, but you have to have an independent circuit for sampling and dumping the samples in memory in realtime. For this, as
You do not need an opamp to build an attenuator. Simply use two resistors ; but isolate your input via a suitable step down transformer
Hi Etrobin, I would build a diode frequency doubler with two diodes + trifilar transformer wound on a small ferrit bead/ or toroidal core, see Fig 2 of the article at (* => t). No need for tuning, it is wideband and you can use 1N4148 or similar high-speed switching diodes (or Scho
I am finishing to build the spectrum analyzer from Matiaz Vidmar ( Link at : ), but I use a oscilloscope display. I have made some trials with the display shown in this page: - If you have some ideas let me know. Mandi
The simplest way is to use audio transformers on each end. They are specified by the power level and impedance of the source and load the work into. Put 100 ohms in shunt with the destination end and use 100 ohm to 100 ohm transformers. You can try the unshielded cable first to see how much extra noise it picks up. One way is to put a 10 ohm
Hi all. I'm looking for a good V/I Curve Tracer project or schematic to build. Can someone help me ??? Thanks in advance. Best regards. jackrs 8)
Hi FIrst of all I must say that I haven't build ICD2 so I can only guide you here. Have you read this, and made changes? Check for shortcuts to/near the DG411, if you have you might have damaged the MC34063. When verified the PCB check the component values for the MC, l