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Instructions Oscilloscope bandwidth is expensive, don't reduce it further with a slow probe. Expensive fast scope probes have high input impedance, which we do not need when looking at digital IC outputs. Oscilloscopes have more gain than we need for digital signals. So, let's sacrifice input impedance and voltage sensitivity, and save (...)
Why do you build it like bitscope,that is better than lcd.
Hi, I'm currently looking for a good and easy to build scope. It can be a pc scope or any scope or maybe with microcontroller but not with hard to find parts. Bit scope is very good but too complex to build for me and it also hard to find or buy from my country I found this link is good (...)
I plan to build LCD scope with colur lcd. Who can help me.
there is a series of articles in Elektor 2005 about using Delphi to build scope and signal gen using sound card, and explain how to use Windows APIs (through Delphi)to access the sound card hope it helps....
Hi I am new to this site. Right now my 4 channel scope is destroyed. I am looking to build a new one. I really like Colin's project(at the link below) with 4 channel scope but I can't write code. I have not been able to find anyone that can write code. Does anyone know any other scopes that are 4 chanel that I can make? Has (...)
Hi I am new to this site. Right now my 4 channel scope is destroyed. I am looking to build a new one. I really like Colin's project(at the link below) with 4 channel scope but I can't write code. I have not been able to find anyone that can write code. Does anyone know any other scopes that are 4 chanel that I can make? Has (...)
HI,.. I want to build the scope in this picture but I don't have the ADC0820, I have only 0804, 0808. Please tell me, how this ADC affects the scope speed, sampling rate & maximum frequency.? How the ADC0804, ADC0808 affects the scope features.??? Thanks to you all.
Hello all! I'm back again with a question about what to build with the few components I have, or at least be able to start with the ones that I have. I want to build something for my hobby but not sure what. I am active in DXing shortwave and amateur radio, and also medium-wave (AM) radio. I attached my inventory of parts to this message
jagz, Verification is a good job compared with design. You get to use much more of a language for your job than RTL design, which is usually a limited set. As a verification person, you get to build everything that is NOT the RTL, which can be more chanllenging than the design itself. As a verification person, your focus is different from desig
I have stored 2 kind of metal detector based on microcontroller. I build both and i am sur it is good. Have a look at filemanager: Neron/metal_detector. If someone have other schematics i am interrest.
Hello all. Does anybody arround know about any simple, easy to build osciloscope circuit that can be interfaced to a pc (serial or parallel ports)? A homemade sampling head (not real time) would already be usefull.... My old osciloscope just stoped working and I would like to build something reasonable that could replyce (...)
fix the mouse and use it as a genius mouse then build a mouse using a picf84a get the programs from the microchip help files on there site or use an atmel controller otherwise carefully draw the circuit out and then youll know the connections use a scope to ident pins on the photodevices
we already know about this quite expensive esr meter... and you can't build yourself as the firmware is not available without the whole kit...
Would you share schematic and other info about your work? I about to build such a picdem clone and I will follow a proven design. Thank in advance... picman
Hi all. I'm looking for a good V/I Curve Tracer project or schematic to build. Can someone help me ??? Thanks in advance. Best regards. jackrs 8)
Hi I have one of the older Bitscope, I am not satisfied with the frame rate when updating. The new ones is much faster and have ethernet / USB. I depends upon the budget, last time I checked the PICO were more expencive. It also depends if you like to buy a finished product or build something yourself. If you have money I would buy a external
Dear VFone: this is a really easy to build!!, it's great (the first one). i think, there are two values missing - in the regenerative, the Inductor near the transistor is 330pH or the capacitor is 330pF??? -And in the data sender, the other inductor is a RF choke? Thanks for your information!.
You don’t need any experience to build this adaptor. Just connect pins 1 and 2 of the S-video connector to the ground and pins 3 and 4 to the central of RCA connector (composite video). In series with pin 4 you have to add a 470pF capacitor. Be sure that your video output of
You can start by mentioning what is is exactly you want to build, its function etc..
I see! (I'm looking back at myself about 25 years ago.) You want a fun project *and* a useful scope. If it were me, I would separate those two goals. First buy myself and old but working analog scope for very little money (eBay). Then I would use it to help me design and build my digital scope. Forget all those (...)
I have the schematics and olso software if you want to build your own scope based PC ,it's named with MK2 and MK3, but in my country such component are hard to find and must order online it's quite expensive for me
".... The PLL is a frequency-to-voltage converter of a different type than we have met before." "Q. How do you make a frequency-to-voltage converter?... Designing PLL systems is beyond the scope of this discussion, but if a 4000-series CMOS PLL, the 4046, is used just as a phase detector (its VC
Oops, I missed that. Got an old 486 computer sitting around? build yourself a museum artifact! If you don't have any scope yet, buy a used analog scope first.
I suggest that you build a simple active probe with an attenuation of 100:1. It might not prevent you from killing yourself, but it will protect your scope. :wink: /Rambo
Hi, If you like twiking about, then take a simple dog wisle and see with a scope what the frequancy is. Then find ultrasonic speaker ( from an old remote or from a supplier ) that can prosuce the same requeancy as the wisle. Then you can buy off the shelf a remote door bell for you home that uses RF and use that to attached the speaker to the do
I am going to build a boost converter soon, just using the standard topology. however the last thing remaining to be determined is the inductor size. i can run the thing at anywhere between audio frequency and 100+ kHz, whatever works out best... but I don't know what inductor value to use. As far as I know, bigger is generally better, so
I doubt it. If the ADC runs at 100 MHz, then a single-shot input signal near or above 50 MHz will look like garbage. To measure higher frequencies, the scope needs a repetitive input signal. Enable equivalent-time sampling mode so it can build up the waveform by sampling many waveform cycles.
the only way to produce delays in plds is to build internal timer counts according to system clock. u simulate ur designs for functionality not for timing. u use timing reports to see only if ur design has the appropriate speed.
you can build a adapter to make a spectrom analyzer from scope
You will have a different waveform for each control button being pushed. It does not really matter what those are. You will have to build a circuit that tells the difference between them. Since it is a short sequence, it is probably some form of UART type signal.
Does your scope have delayed sweep? That would let you zoom in and slowly walk along the packet. Hopefully your packet is repetitive, because an analog scope can't store anything. I suppose most 10 MHz scopes don't have delayed sweep. This may be a good time to go shopping for a fancier scope. A digital (...)
I have just build the P16PRO40 and am using WinICProg to program my PIC. I tried posting this message on the winicprog site but there seems to be a problem with the registration process. I have tried toggling the button in the hardware setting and I get the following: vpp on: MCLR = 12.85V clock high: PGC = 4.9V output high: PGD = 4.5V
Try searching the board, there are examples of using the sound card to build a low-frequency scope. You need to see if the signals coming out of the receiver really are the way you expect them. Another thing I have done in the past was to write a special microcontroller program to actually "measure" the duration of the pulses. But it was a tedio
I tried to build my own audio codec using couple of ADC and DACs manufactured by Crystal. For this purpose I choose ACD CS5341 and the DAC CS4341. I developed prothotype PCB compliance all described Crystal recomendations. After my first tests, I am very confused form the results. The noise of the DAC output is very high even it is assigned in RE
build a ring oscillator and measure the delay (easy for simulation) you only need power and a scope for lab
I am currently doing a simulation of OFDM in Simulink to be later used in a TI DSP. There are a few demos in Simulink which involves OFDM which i play around to familiarise with the blocks before i build my own model. There is one demo in Simulink called HiperLan2 which involves OFDM. What i'm trying to do now is to display the output
salam how are you ? i am graduate student in AAST in EGYPT. i build three phase inverter by using IGBT devices and using PWM operation to get the output of the inverter by using Simulink in Matlab. my problem, that is must be no even harmonics exist in the output waveform, just only odd harmonics and so on... but when i scope in the output i n
They seem to be specifically build for telephone sets. HK or HKS may refer to the hook switch. Others signals as SDI and ClK suggest a serial interface. And 12/24 the time format for the clock display. It is strange that in the 2nd photo there is no VSS connected. I would try to follow the connections of the LCDs to the phone sets. If you have an
Thanks for the usb scope, but it's not simple for me to build. Could anyone provide me with a simple scope with max sampling frequency not less than 300KHz.??? Thanks again
I want to build a simple wireless communication system. Can anybody suggest me where should i start. i have a good background of DSP. Can somebody also suggest the technology easy to work with. The system should be able to transfer voice signals.
vpp needs to be 12v5 to 13v5 or so.. if you build gtp usb plus and programmed it with the firmware that you can get on the net or emule, then it is gtp usb lite firmware, and wont work with gtp usb plus hardware ! you need to build gtp usb lite hardware... of buy the preprogrammed chip to the author...
Well, you can use a sampler circuit clocked at a low frequency and recreate the much faster pulse. You form the pulse many times, and continue to sample it with a phase skew, eventually drawing out the average pulse shape on your slower scope screen. I think it is called "equivalent time sampling". Try picosecond pulse labs ap notes. You can ei
What kind of approach to testing do you prefer amateur or professional? For amateur level you can build some analogue test instruments very cheap. Professionals use expensive instruments and can achieve better results.
Hi Code Warrior: I am new with Holtek microcontrollers, usually i work with Microchip. I read that is one of the less expensive. I don't have Holtek microcontroller, first i wanna build the programmer, then i will buy the chips. But i can't find diagrams for build it. The web is: www. Thanks
Hello all, The circuit shown in the schamatic, a seemingly simple switching power supply, should produce a waveform as shown in the "simulation" plot. I am using a half-bridge driver in place of the pulse generators shown, with a boot-strapping diode for the high-side MOSFET. Don't know why the simulation plot looks so terrible when I pos
Hi, does anyone have the schematic for ADC-10 / ADC-40 or any other scope/logger from pico technology. ( ) Since they have the software for free download, it would be interesting to be able to build the hardware cheaply!!! /Froggy
hi, my project is to design a system that will alert parents when their children move away more than 3 meters. The scope of this project is to build a main controller with parent main unit and children unit controlled by microcontrollers. The wireless communication shall be carried out using RF transceivers. problems exist is to decide
You can derivate it in awaves. Just build a expression in awaves and plot it.
awarapunshee, these are very good sources on how to actually build DC-DC converters. but to learn the fundamentals i lean towards ericson "fundamentals of power electronics". teaches you step by step how to determine the transfer function (both larger and small signal) for example. Mr.Cool