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Hi, I'm currently looking for a good and easy to build scope. It can be a pc scope or any scope or maybe with microcontroller but not with hard to find parts. Bit scope is very good but too complex to build for me and it also hard to find or buy from my country I found this link is good (...)
there is a series of articles in Elektor 2005 about using Delphi to build scope and signal gen using sound card, and explain how to use Windows APIs (through Delphi)to access the sound card hope it helps....
Instructions Oscilloscope bandwidth is expensive, don't reduce it further with a slow probe. Expensive fast scope probes have high input impedance, which we do not need when looking at digital IC outputs. Oscilloscopes have more gain than we need for digital signals. So, let's sacrifice input impedance and voltage sensitivity, and save (...)
Why do you build it like bitscope,that is better than lcd.
I plan to build LCD scope with colur lcd. Who can help me.
Hi I am new to this site. Right now my 4 channel scope is destroyed. I am looking to build a new one. I really like Colin's project(at the link below) with 4 channel scope but I can't write code. I have not been able to find anyone that can write code. Does anyone know any other scopes that are 4 chanel that I can make? Has (...)
Hi I am new to this site. Right now my 4 channel scope is destroyed. I am looking to build a new one. I really like Colin's project(at the link below) with 4 channel scope but I can't write code. I have not been able to find anyone that can write code. Does anyone know any other scopes that are 4 chanel that I can make? Has (...)
HI,.. I want to build the scope in this picture but I don't have the ADC0820, I have only 0804, 0808. Please tell me, how this ADC affects the scope speed, sampling rate & maximum frequency.? How the ADC0804, ADC0808 affects the scope features.??? Thanks to you all.
You can't build much of a radio from a handful of CMOS logic and slow opamps. I suggest you choose an interesting project and start shopping from scratch.
The link to page describing how to build the ISA card is: Have fun! :smile:
Does anybody have some experience with designing a Snubber Circuit and how to build them ?? I need one for a Boost Converter (fs=100kHZ, I~20-30A) !! Thank you very much
Is there someone who knows how to build MIDI instrument (sequencer) to PC MIDI port cable? IN, OUT and THRU? Thanks in advance.
I have stored 2 kind of metal detector based on microcontroller. I build both and i am sur it is good. Have a look at filemanager: Neron/metal_detector. If someone have other schematics i am interrest.
Hello, I there someone how have already build a domotica system based on PIC's with Pic Basic ?? All info is welcome
Hello Someone knows how to build the g703 64Kbps interface?. I have now all the circuit except the output, the pulse mask is not correct. Thanks
Hi, I'm looking for plans (schem + hex files) to build a RFT-Plus compatible cable-box activator. Any help you could give me will be very appreciated :smile: Cheers, Peter
hi i looking an aplicattion to build a digital filter!!! any type, just for learning, purposes!!!
Hi! How do I build a R/C receiver for 40MHz? Any good links or other information? I had a Hitec 5-channel receiver that gave up... Does anyone perhaps have the schematic for it? (HY-5RN) Thanks! /Janne
Hi,need help for HP 54502 digital scope trigger failer. Selftest gives Analog trigger failed. Everything on all input works well but it will not trigger. Inside is like a computer mainboard. I do not have a service manual and don't no where to start. So any help is very welkom Many thanks Rob in the Nethetlands jaeyndhoven@hotmail.c
Hello all. Does anybody arround know about any simple, easy to build osciloscope circuit that can be interfaced to a pc (serial or parallel ports)? A homemade sampling head (not real time) would already be usefull.... My old osciloscope just stoped working and I would like to build something reasonable that could replyce (...)
Hi everybody, I am just collecting the schematics, how to build and build-in the RDS into FM receiver of older type. The dimesions do not play the role. I think about somethig special: like "unusual" display. Maybe some of You have interesting infos or links? :P
Hi guy's Could someone answer this: I would like to have option 2F for the FFT, is it hardware or firmware? If it is firmware is there a way to share it? Please don't say me to call Tek for this, they will just try to sale it to me at the Tek $ price. Thanks, hc :wink:
I want to build a PCI card,who can help me? 8O
hi! everyone. I am learning how to use the CPLD of atmel ,but the download cable for atmel CPLD is too expensive for me .I want to build it myself, I think it isn't difficult but i haven't the SCH of it. IS ANYONE CAN HELP ME?    THAʍ
Hi, Here is a schematic of such an oscillator, if you have other ideas or other schematic to build a simple UHF oscillator they are welcome. hc :wink:
Hi, I wanna build some Compact Flash Card like wireless or barcode interface etc. I need all kind of info c source for pic micros, schematics and etc. Also driver examples for pocketpc and/or embedded linux will be really useful and where can I purchase compact flash connectors & cases. Thanks for advice.
How build ADA compiller for Hitachi H8s target? It is possible?
It's very easy to build and don't need a power supply. Programming: PIC12C5xx, 12C67x, 24Cxx, 16C55x, 16C61, 16C62x, 16C71, 16C71x, 16C8x, 16F8x. Just connect to COM port and use software ICprog 0.5 working (
How to build USB link cable?
If you don't need the 16 devices simultaneously you can build your own multiplexer with some TTL or CPLD ? That will be much easier than using 16 UARTs. Mik
78xx series always work stable.But their current capacity is not enough to power an original 78xx circuit and add power you'll get necessary current.Never forget to attach all ics' and transistors to large coolers.There are tons of samples around me that they use similar circuits in their cars.
How to build a AGP card and its driver?
How about a Copper Vapor Laser? Is it harder to build than a CO2 Laser? I think that by building one of these we will be automatically promoted to some high security level research facility or jailed and executed, whichever is simpler to take place in the country where we live:
HOW TO build - E1\T1 BER METER...? Any ideas..? with LCD,keypad,implemented in hardware or software,or both... thanks.. bull
I want to build a receiver which can make TV without Teletext to see captioned TV program (PAL). Anyone has some schematic and design?
Hi all, I want to build (or buy) a receiver module which can make TV without Teletext to see captioned TV program. Any informatio about it?
Hi all, I want to build or buy a receiver module to make TV without teletext to see captioned TV program. Any information about it?
I have a 20MhZ digital scope with pc interface. Iwant info about how to expand it frecuency range by software. I know that for repetitive sampling for static signals this is posible by subsampling. Any info very appreciated thanks nebisman
This is guide how to build your own basic satmp module all these information only for education purpose not for commercial use see also MCU FORUM AND MY DIRECTORY KHALID AND ALSO DOWNLOAD PICARO ACOMPLETE BASIC STAMP FIRMWARE AND see also this web page regards khalid bhatti
A continuous flow oven is harder to build than batch oven. If you can deal with batch mode it is easier.
When i startup the cosmos-scope and open FILE>Open>Plotfiles,the Files of type only have (Pre 5.0 Plotfiles(*.pl.*,*.pl),Plotfiles(*.*.ai_pl),All(*.*)). Please tell me why?
Does anyone know how to build NIS server & Client on Redhat 7.2. Is there any difference between Solaris & Redhat Linux.
This small, easy to build, engine/alternator is the answer to a burning RE question. What do we do when the sun doesn?t shine, the wind doesn?t blow, and the creek dries up? This generator is a backup power source for times when our RE sources don?t meet our demands. It is optimized to do only one thing ? properly recharge batteries on demand.
I want to build return loss bridge for frequencies from 10MHz up to 2GHz. Signal source has max output level 0dBm. Expected sensitivity should be about -30dB. Any idea?
Hi friends, what is in your opinion the best analyser software for scope datas ? I've seen and tested FlexPro and it seems to be very good. Maybe somebody of you have other experience in working with analysed datas from a scope. We use the Yokogawa scope DL7440 and the outcoming data is a .wvf file data format. Thank you for your (...)
hello, does anybody use this scope ? I plan to buy one and would like to have your user's opinions. thanks in advance.
Hi, Does somebody have an experience with this programmer? I built it but it does not work!! It has a very simple schematic and i would like to build this programmer for 16F877.Why does not it work? How many voltage should i measure when programming, reading and idle position? Analyzer. :?
Hi there, I'm looking for a solution to build a cheap microstrip-VCO for 24GHz. The frequency span has to be about +/-150MHz and more or less linear. The output-power should be in the range of 0dBm and should not change significant over frequency. My current implementation is a parallel coupled oscillator with a comb- filter. The frequency
Hello all, I recently bought a used (but not heavily :o ) DS1250 250MHz digitazing scope from EZ-Digital. It's the former Goldstar I think. Now I have two questions: 1. There's a software package that comes as an option with this scope. I did not get it. Would anyone happen to know a place where I could download it? :wink: 2. What do yo
Please help me build one drilling PCB machine use microcontroller ( ex : AT8951 ) include schematic and software. My email : Many thanks ! :)