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how are u doing corner analysis ? using cadence ADE XL ?
Hi i am working in tsmc 180nm tech. I need to do corner analysis at "ff","ss... and so on. I followed the tutorial in this link and was able to run monte carlo analysis but then when i changed the section from "mc" to "ss" or anything i am getting any error saying statistical
MMMC---> Multi Mode Multi corner analysis You can contact your local cadence representative for login ID...... Most probably it's linked with your SERVER MAC address..... I'm attaching a flow chart which may helps you.....
Hi, I am using TSMC18rf and wanna do corner analysis in cadence. I have given the path but I am somehow confused that within spectre which file contain model parameters information. I have gone through various link, some of them say add .pcf and .dcf file but I have seen only .pcf file but when I hit the run button errors appear like: some (...)
Hi all Brief Overview:- I am designing an LC VCO at 2.5GHz(cross coupled NMOS pair) in UMC 18 process with 5 bit binary weighted switched capacitor ckt for reducing KVCO. Pls note that this VCO is going to be a part of a PLL so i wont have the access to the control voltage of the varactor. I am using cadence. Problem:- I
So,the best reference for your concern is spectreRF.pdf and spectreRFtheory.pdf documents located at your cadence installation directory under subfolder named doc. Additionally always consult your pdk manuals.
I'm using current steering architecture and after running corner analysis in cadence, I have a bunch of plots cluttered together at the output. I was confused on picking the one that has the worst case INL/DNL. Anybody has any suggestion?
I'd think netlisting is the least expensive part of the analysis. But there may be a chance to avoid re-netlisting. Perhaps you can find out with the info given in this thread, especially Andrew Beckett's answer from Fri, Feb 11 2011 1:27 PM .
Hi, I want to do a corner analysis along with several other variable parameters for my design. At present the line specifying the model file looks like this... modelFile( '("/home/pratap/cadence/foundry_data/umc13mmrf/../Models/Spectre/ L130E_HS12_V241.lib.scs" "ss") ) All I need to change
I want to do corner analysis in umc 0.18 um technology in caadence the model files required for umc are modelFile( '("/usr/local/cadence/umc/UMC_18_CMOS/../Models/Spectre/core_rf_v2d4.lib.scs" "tt") '("/usr/local/cadence/umc/UMC_18_CMOS/../Models/Spectre/io_rf_v2d3.lib.scs" "tt") (...)
Is there any step by step guide to the corner and monte carlo analyses for the cadence design environment?
hello people, I am simulating different corners in cadence spectre. however the graphs for all the parameters come out as individual. Is ther any way by which all the parameter variations could be obtained in a single graph? The same problem exists while doing statistical analysis with monte carlo. I need to get all the variations of all (...)
I can't find any cadence tutorials that discuss these topics : --> Noise simulation --> Process corners simulation --> How to plot gain against Id and stuff like that such as gm/id
I am writing a cadence addon tool (for internal use) that runs corner simulations in ADE and plots to an excel format -> I intend this tool to be much like Parametric analysis... tool with the addition of being able to load states (containing model information). sevLoadState() will bring up a dialog window, so is not applicable (...)
Are you using cadence? They have an option for simulating corner and monte carlo. Many other simulators have this option.
Hi everyone, I encounter a problem when I use the TSMC 0.18um RF PDK to run corner analysis in ADE of cadence. I run corner analysis with the corner Tool embeded in ADE, and the script is provided by TSMC. If the device is not a RF device, the corner (...)
when my schematic have TSMC .18 RF device ,then cadence can't executing corner annlysis
in parametric analysis window set all you want to run (obviously without models). Set your save nodes, outputs conditions etc. Then go to TOOL -> Save and save the script. Then you can modify this little piece of code and change the model libraries. It is actually quite simple. Then in root cadence window load your script and it will run sims. fo
Anybody knows how to run parametric analysis embeded in corner analysis in cadence? or using ocean scripts?thanks!
Make sure your simulation covers TT SS FF ...... One more thing, PSRR is also very important What is the output frequency of your PLL? I think what hazemafify means for the second item is the PSRR, so its ok. as to the corner analysis, it always relate itself to the foundry, you can change the process corner after
How do I change temperature in cadence? Or to play around with the corners? Where are these parameters?
cadence spectrumRF parametric analysis set a variable
I am new to corner simulation in cadence. There is not corner sim license in the cadence i used.I wonder in this case if I can use ocean script to do corner sim? Is there sample file for this. Thanks!
Dear All : I use cadence analog artist . I use paramter sweep , and I use many parameter ,The result is show in GUI , Can I export the GUI data to text file . That I can use Excel to post -process ? And How do use corner sweep ? Any good example . Thanks.
Hi, all: I am a fresh man to design analog circuit, and now I use cadence IC to simulate circuit. Now I have some questions: 1. how to simulate corner? 2.when will we use the following simulations: Envelope Following analysis (envlp) Circuit Information (info) Immediate Set Options (options)Periodic AC analysis (...)
Hi, cadence Analog Artist has an option "corners" for a corner analysis. It works like a more complex parametric analysis. You need to defind a path for your corner models and run corners analysis. As a result you'll get a set of curves for different (...)
After running corner analysis with Single Model Library style got message: "Internal error found in spectre during altergroup "normal" .... please send the netlist, ... to Segmentation fault. How to solve this problem?
I could remember in cadence's own help, there is a tutorial to write a script called OCEANS or something like this to run the corner simulation. you can find it in cadence help document or find in the cadence tutorial path manually. Good luck!