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I'm getting this error attached by cadence ADE XL when I just use the nominal corners. :( any help ? 130686
hi dear friend. i have cadence 6.1.4. how i to run parametric analyse in monte carlo simulation? Tanks
hi my friends, i have cadence 6.1.4 ,tsmc 0.13rf i want to change process corners(ss,fs,...) in ADE XL. I select corners menu in the left side of ADE XL. click to add corner.>>in section Model file click to edit >>>then "add/edit model group" window was opend >>I click on " import from test">> cadence load the directory (...)
Hi did you try to close cadence and reopen it? nothing changes? I personally did encounter a lot of errors with adexl, but never this one in particular
Hi all.. I just started working on cadence tool. I am in dire need of a good book or articles about techniques of analog circuit design, regarding how certain transistor lengths and widths are chosen ,how corners effect the design and how changes can be made. It would be really helpful if examples are included. Thank you..
I'm designing a constant-gm bias circuit using cadence IC514 and I have a doubt regarding the use of multipliers for transistor M20(in figure). I tried simulating by keeping 1) (W/L)20 = 4(W/L)21 (no. of multipliers = 4) and 2) (W/L)20 = (4*W/L)21 (no. of multipliers = 1) While simulating across
what it mean by clusters size of poly resistor? how resistance variation with respect to temp can be simulated in cadence?
Hello everyone. I have a question. I have a 0.18um CMOS model file compatible with LTspice, cadence etc. Its extension is .l and contains models for all corners of the process. Thing is i want to build a VCO and i have electromagnetically simulated and extracted the inductor models in Momentum, so i would like to design and simulate the whole thi
Hi guys; I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this thread; I'm currently simulating a mixed-signal system design by AMS, with analog part drawed in cadence composer and digital in verilog; When it comes to all-corner simulation, AMS is too time and license costly, so I attempt other simulator such as Finesim plus nc-verilog;
hi friends i am using cdence ADE-XL to do simulations my circut contains mos,capacitors,BJT, resistors mos has 5 corners bjt has 3 cap has 3 and res has 3 corners and to it if i add 3 corners of voltage and 3 corners of temperature my total corner combinations become around 1200 do people run so many (...)
Hi, I am trying to run ocean script using 65nm STmicro process. It seems to run fine till it encounters the simulation part and there it gives the following error ERROR (SFE-675): "/cadtools/cadence/PSG/DesignKits/STM/cmos065_522DK_cmos065lpgp_RF_7m4x0y2z_2V51V8_5.2.2/DATA/SPECTRE/corners/common_poly.scs" 8: Illegal library definition found i
in cadence the various parameters for gpdk090 library for a mos are given in the scs file.the parameters are given under various sections namely section tt s1v/ section ff s1v and so on can neone tell me what is the meaning of those sections. and what do they signify thank you in advance
AdvaRes and newmedia, Thank you! The problem is I can do ss ff etc. simulation if I change the items under model libraries frequently. I want to do the corners simulation under the tools item in ADE cadence because I want to see the results of different corners simulation in one time. I had read the cadence user (...)
Hi all, I've designed a controller using verilog, after compilation and P&R, I exported the GDSII file for cadence to import to run the DRC and LVS, and after all that passed. I extracted the layout and wanted to do the post simulation like all analog designers do. In order to function the stimulas, i've created two blocks too to generate the sign
Hi, I'm putting together core and I/O in cadence encounter. I've prepared IO assignment file with io buffers and corners. In my library io buffers and pads are separeted. After routing I can simulate circuit with io buffers delays but what about simulating circuit with pads? Should I export design to virtuoso and add pads there? Or can it be done i
Hi, Anybody can guide me how to run PVT corners in ADS. In cadence ocean is used for running corner simulation but in ADS any way is there that can run simulation across all corners. or manually changing each corner and running simulation is only the option. Looking forward to your responses badly. thanks
Hi, Anybody can help me how to run all the PVT corner in ADS. In cadence ocean is use to run across corners but in ADS any kind of scripting or any component is available that can be use to run PVT corner simulation. Manually changing each corner and observing the result is only the way or any other option is available. Waiting for the response
Hello, I'm trying to use a performance function in corners analysis (Virtuoso Analog corners Analysis) like: delay(v("/ventrada" ?result 'tran) 1.8 3 "either" v("/saida" ?result 'tran) 2.54 3 "raising" 0 0 nil nil) If I define the performance: average(v("/ventrada" ?result 'tran)) It goes OK, if I use the delay above in normal simul
I am using cadence 514 version i think. there is a parametric analysis function, but i could not sweep corners like ss, typical ff. how could I make it beside ocean script?
hello people, I am simulating different corners in cadence spectre. however the graphs for all the parameters come out as individual. Is ther any way by which all the parameter variations could be obtained in a single graph? The same problem exists while doing statistical analysis with monte carlo. I need to get all the variations of all parametrs
I can't find any cadence tutorials that discuss these topics : --> Noise simulation --> Process corners simulation --> How to plot gain against Id and stuff like that such as gm/id
Hi all, I need a tutorial regarding the circuits characterisation/simulation using cadence tools. I need to know the margine (of temperature, voltage, ...etc) in which test are done for the 65 nm technology. Please help.
Hi All, I tried to setup corner simulation in Virtuoso Analog Design Environment/Tools/corners. By adding variable, I set VDD to be varied according to different corners. By adding corners, I set the required corners, such as typical, ff and ss. However, after i run simulation and plot the VDD from the schematic, it's the (...)
Hi all, corners analysis is not avilable in my system. when I run it, icfb complains"corners tool preload not done yet,..." & How to use the mento carlo analysis tool? Thanks in advance!
How do I change temperature in cadence? Or to play around with the corners? Where are these parameters?
hi, i encounter this same porblem in cadence. even if ur model file is set correctly, it caused me this error. wat i did was to solve this was I went to the menu "Tools --setup corners "in analog design environment window and clicked "save model file". Then it worked fine for me in cadence. See if can u do a similar thing in ads. sorry if (...)
You actually do not need to write all the script. You can make cadence enerate the script then modify it to include your own loops to sweep on the corners. To generate the ocean script from cadence. In the Analog Design environment choose: Session -> save script Then go to the file, and place your model file inside the loop, (...)
In cadence there is corner simulation tool. In RFDE, how to do corner simulation? And wher can i downlaod RFDE 2004A? 3X!
Hi, cadence Analog Artist has an option "corners" for a corner analysis. It works like a more complex parametric analysis. You need to defind a path for your corner models and run corners Analysis. As a result you'll get a set of curves for different corners. Open "Analog Design Environment " window, choose (...)
I could remember in cadence's own help, there is a tutorial to write a script called OCEANS or something like this to run the corner simulation. you can find it in cadence help document or find in the cadence tutorial path manually. Good luck!