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cadence STA tool: CTE (common timing engine): static timing analysis + SignalStorm: delay calcularor (using ECSM library) + Celtic: crosstalk analysis = IR-aware timing/crosstalk analysis tool ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ cadence dft tool: - 1) dft (...)
For sigma delta modulator, the output is a bit stream containing the quantization noise and the signals ( DC or sinewave ). PSD Estimation is the right way to reveal the information. Assume your sample frequency is 10M, your run 1.8ms, then you will get 18,000 points, do PSD on last 16,384 points (I forgot if you can do it in cadence Calculator,
my opinion, Mentor dft tools are efficient than cadence or synopsis. for ATPG, the compression logic by Mentor's TestKompress is really good, and the pattern count is relatively less when compared to synopsis Tetramax (i did a case study on this) not sure about cadence. Apart from the cost, I would say Mentor is better than other tools. (...)
u can use digital proccessing method In cadence? How?
Maybe refer to the following survey: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Synopsys dft Compiler/TetraMAX vs. Mentor dft Advisor/FastScan Synopsys dft Compiler: ########################### 68% Mentor dft Advisor: ############# 32%
How to do FFT in cadence with Spectre as simulation tool? which window should I use in the function "dft"? I found if I use "rectangle", the spectrum looks best, is it ok? I used "Kiaser" in my Matlab simulation, but if I use "Kiaser" in cadence the output spectrum looks bad..... Is there any thing wrong? If I wanna use the (...)
I've been using cadence for some time. From the tools available in calculator, they offer dft but no FFT.
Several of the high end PCB tools is about to launch support for what you are asking. Mentor Graphics (Expedition) will do this. cadence (Allegro) too. Thus you can enter your DFM requirements directly into the tool's constraint set-up.
Can someone tell me in detail how to test the adc? I want to input sin wave and the run FFT/dft on it, how to implement this in cadence or matlab? I will really appreciate your help, please help, Thanks,
I always use Synopsys dft compiler as dft insertion tools, but now I want to do dft insertion by cadence RTL Compiler( Just learn), can someone give me help?thanks. In addition, I also learn ENCOUNTER now, what I have is userguide only,how can I do.
please just check the cadence spectre RF manual, in which there are very detailed description and examples. from there you can find much better explaination and step-by-step proceduures than all the answers here.
Hi~~all I have a ADC , and want to simulate it SNR & SNDR but found there is no method can directly simulate it , and i use newest cadence spctre the calculator is no contain snr function. I only have result of FFT , i avoid translate data to matlab because too larger, so is anybody has method to calculate SNR & SDNR in cadence spectre ? th
Hi , I don't know about SYNOPSYS but cadence ENCOUNTER TEST arch doesn't support 1149.6 .I think no other tool have come up with dot6 implementaion as of now . May be LOGIC VISION you can try . Regards Chandhramohan
synopsys has dft max/dft compiler. mentor graphics has fastscan / dft advisor. i'm sure u can find such similar products in cadence also. if i want to have some tutorials on them, i usually try . almost all eda vendors have some demos there. i'm not a dft guy. so, haven't looked for anything related to (...)
In cadence, I want to simulate the SFDR of my design by "dft" in caculator. But I got a very small SFDR, no more than 20dB. I think this is not correct, not because of my design, but my simulation. I check my simulation, and I find a strange thing that when I caculate the input signal (by ''dft'' in caculator), which is set as a ideal sin (...)
anantha_09: I think Mentor would beg to differ on your assertion that TetraMAX is the most widely used tool. TetraMAX is one of many dft tools out there. Here's a more complete list: Mentor: FastScan (ATPG), TestKompress (compression) , MBIST Architect (memory BIST), BSD Architect (boundary scan/JTAG), dft Architect (scan insertion), etc. S
Hi ,,, when using cadence sim. analog env. , the output signal of my ckt (Transit sim.) is voltage pulse , so how we find out its power spectral density? which function we use in cadence calculator ? how? thankx
Hi any body has an idea how to get FFT using cadence spectre calaculator? i have a output voltage signal/time and I want to do FFT over it. thanks
Might be useful for someone. Practically no one uses cadence to do dft-insertion. Synopsys dft-compiler or that third-party one (FastScan?) have the most marketshare. I used cadence Ambit/PKS test-insertion in the past -- it's not even close to Synopsys dft-compiler in terms of usability and (...)
you can use calculator's dft in cadence, or use SpiceExplorer, the inner function of FFT is very convient.
Raju you can find demos for the same at You may register to get your materials.
when i use the dft function in cadence to calculate the sfdr i get frequency components outside the bandwidth that we working on is that normal if not can any one explane to me the right way for this simulation
Hi Sir/Madam, Can you guys share any dft documentation using any vendor tool such as cadence, Synopsys or Mentor Graphic? Thanks.
Hi, I am doing a Δ-Σ Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer, and I want to know how to analyse the output spectrum in cadence spectre simulation, please? I do the dft analyse to the output signal, and change Y axis of the dft output result to dB10 format, but I find the spectrum analyse use the unit of dBc, how can I get this unit (...)
Hi, my name is Breno and I'm working with RTL Compiler. The problem is that the new version of cadence don't support the commands insert_scan and insert_boundary_scan. To insert the boundary scan, it can still be done using the command build_top_shell of ET. But to insert the scan chains I have to use RC. I'm trying to do this, reading the docu
Make sure your message frequency or the frequencies you are interested in knowing about lie in the fft bin. The greater the number of points in the fft the greater is the resolution in frequency domain. I would suggest you to google these 2 keywords; a) spectral leakage. b) windowing. if you have problems with the calculator user-interface
Hi there, I am trying to measure my 10 bits ADC ENOB. My input signal is 7.5KHz sine wave, sampling frequency is around 552KHz (required by application). And output is the sampled data through dac (written in veriloga, no filter). First, I selected my input signal and do the dft as, From 30u to 1m (did transient simulation from 0 to 1ms
How can i get the spectrum of a singal in the time domain ploted in cadence Spectre? You reach it in ADS by inserting a function such as fs(name,,,,,,,indep(m1),indep(m2)) in the data window after a transient simulation. Does there exist any counterpart function can do the same job in cadence Spectre? Thank you!
hi, my 2 cents, At first you need to know the complete asic design flow, There are pointed tools available for performing specific task if you need accuracy , you can get the list of the tools and their datasheets, and what functionality or what portion of the asic design it will be covering can be found at the EDA vendor portal for examp
Hello all, Newbie here. Trying to learn about phase noise in cmos VCOs. I have a assignment I was given, and have been scouring the internet and textbooks trying to get past one part. I have a current starved VCO I designed in cadence. Part of one of the tasks is the following: "There is difficulty in using CAD tools to assess phase noise of non
Could someone please help me to plot the frequency spectrum in cadence. Use dft analysis. See this thread , or search for dft!
Hi,I want to simulate dft results in a sampling cuicuit. The sampling clock is 4ns,so I set fsig/fclk=127/512. In ADE tran option,I set strobeperiod is 2.048u/512.Will I need to set maxstep,and how much it should be?
Hi all, I am trying to use dft to get the THD of my design. But somehow the output waveform give only a input frequency component and some of its harmonics with the same magnitude. ( I used Hspice to verify that the dft result should not be like that.) can anyone tell me how to fix it ? Thanks. Best Regards, whlinfei
STIL as a dft drc file should be interchangable across all three test tools; Synopsy-Tetramax, Mentor-FastScan & cadence Encounter-Test . . . This is pretty well controlled by the IEEE standard of STIL. Previously, in 2006 when STIL was evolving, some interoperability issues were seen. Pretty robust now! -- adam
Hi, Can anyone give me some idea how I can calculate SFDR from the dft plot obtained by using cadence ADE calculator. I want to know after getting the dft plot, what function in the calculator do i need to choose to obtain SFDR? Thanx.
Suppose I am good at Synopsys Design compiler but do not know cadence RC Compiler at all. How long will it take to adapt to cadence RC Compiler? Will it be difficult to adopt to RC Compiler?
Basically, you can check clocks & resets controlability using tools like cadence's HAL. Also there are: - combinational loops - latches presence (if you are going to use multiplexed flip-flop scan style) - resetless flip-flops
How to choose two tones for IP3 simulation (PSP+PAC) in cadence Virtuoso for Class E power amplifier operating at 433MHz? Shall I set 10MHz as fundamental frequency and choose 420MHz and 450MHz as two tones? Thanks.
By macro model I include analog block (custom), mémoires, pads... in our internal methodology, we must run the stuck patterns on the timing netlist. A bits controller could be generate by the dft tool from cadence, Mentor, Synopsys or other one EDA vendor. the Bist could be made by software or hardware is really dependent of your goal, area, power,
use define_dft followed by the signals type u wanna define. For more info on the switches search the rc command reference from cadence site.
The compression algo is tool dependant, and mainly your choice is dependant of the tools policy of your company, Synopsys/cadence/Mentor/others? As indicate by maulin sheth, the compression capability is related to your design, and the goal is reduce the memory usage with the same coverage target which also depend of your ATE capacity and coverage
That is just your sampling window. So you may be simulating your ADC in a time interval but dft is going to calculate ft for the time interval specified by from-to parameters. Please refer to cadence documentation, most of the special functions are really well documented. Also to give you a straight answer, let's say that the number of samples you
Why nobody has interest in dft?
If you are after some better documentation than what openbook may provide please have a look all * to t) At the above site there are real manuals for C@dence and which hold a lot more info than openbook. /Pim On 2002-04-26 02:37, cuiyujie wrote: Openbook from cadence is
I prefr cadence NC-verilog + Debussy
I am looking for Cell library or Design kit for cadence IC 4.4x If anyone has it, please PM me. Thank you.
the cadence ic 5.0 bis out already, but we don't think the application is stable enough yet. it has toons of bugs. this is the solarias version, i know cadence has been working arround the clock to get the port to linux, but for what i see is not there yet. i talked to one of the developers, the code is ready but it will not be released to cu
Plz Plz Help I am lookig for SpectreRF of cadence... Please Help me.... Please Help
Ja too write skiil script. 1. in .cdsinit write load("~/") 2. in .icdsinit write top function for exicated wen loade cadence