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yes, i'm too . i'm using cadence, i have a hsim licence ( i see that in cadence.lic ) but i don't know how to run hsim . please help me using it ! lam
i'm using cadence software in Unix Solaris . i have a hsim licence ( i see that in cadence.lic ) but i don't know how to run hsim . please help me using it ! lam
Hi, I am having some problems when I install cadence 5.0 on Redhat 7.3 This is what happens. 1. I start the installation by running ./ 2. It asks for the directory and all that goes well and then "softload" starts. 3. I choose "cadence Catalog" for the installation type because the dept has a license server for cad
What is the feature name of cadence systemc tools? Or how to get the feature name of it? Thanks in advance.
I have encountered a problem about how to connect to a remote cadence server and use a floating licence which is installed in the remote site. We want to use a pc runing a local cadence and checking the remote floating licence. The problem is how can the local pc connect to that cadence server. Does a p2p (...)
Hi, when try to choose hspiceS as the simulator in the cadence IC5141,there was always an eoor"command hspice not found" and "unable to open nmos_3p3 mode" i am a newer,who can give me some help ?Once graphics were offered will be better, thanks.
Dose some one has experience in setting up AMS Hitkit 3.7 for cadence? hock
Hello to everyone. I am a PhD student and i have installed cadence (ic5.1.41 and Assura 3.1.4) in my computer at home. We have the license in a server at the lab in our campus. Does anyone know a good way on how can i access the server and get a license from there? I am not to good at networks, so i will appreciate it if you can inform (...)
I guess you would need: Custom IC Design Kits (Virtuoso): IC610, MMSIM72, cadenceHELP, lic+Config_Utils Functional Verification Kits (NC-verilog, Simvision): IUS82, (I don't know the alias of Simvision) Digital Implementation Kits (Encounter): SOC81 You should be able to find a pdf or a text file explaining what each archive/directory contain
Hi all, I am currently using cadence ic610, and upgrading to ic614, but I'd like to keep the old ic610 lmgrd lic server which is 10.8.5, just dont wanna use 10.8.6 server. But I cant find any option on this. so my question in short: how to skip installing lic manager or server when I install update from ic610 to ic614? I think that is (...)
If you are after some better documentation than what openbook may provide please have a look all * to t) At the above site there are real manuals for C@dence and which hold a lot more info than openbook. /Pim On 2002-04-26 02:37, cuiyujie wrote: Openbook from cadence is
I am looking for Cell library or Design kit for cadence IC 4.4x If anyone has it, please PM me. Thank you.
the cadence ic 5.0 bis out already, but we don't think the application is stable enough yet. it has toons of bugs. this is the solarias version, i know cadence has been working arround the clock to get the port to linux, but for what i see is not there yet. i talked to one of the developers, the code is ready but it will not be (...)
Plz Plz Help I am lookig for SpectreRF of cadence... Please Help me.... Please Help
Ja too write skiil script. 1. in .cdsinit write load("~/") 2. in .icdsinit write top function for exicated wen loade cadence
Hi 1. -> t tnx
Hi 1. -> t tnx
I am look for cadence ic 4.4.3 and ic 4.4.5
anybody know the features for the cadence synthesis tool ambit buidgate. thx
Looking for 1 corrupt file from cadence IC446 CDs I got cadence IC446, ISR 20020224 version, and a file named FS.128 from the 2nd CD in image directory is corrupt. If anyone has this CD, please let me know. I just need this one 6MB size file.
if you want to study cadence software ,please access this site " This is the best tutorial of cadence that I have seen !!
Hi cadence Design Tools 1. -> t tnx
Hi cadence CAD Tutorial 1. -> t tnx
richmon74, Your post was OK, and Technical Info, or Tools Comparison is OK too in Elektroda. The follow-up post was indeed irrelevant to your Technical Info request. It looks like Protel DXP is gaining ground, even though being perceived as a weak PCB tool. Still - the top leaders are: Mentor Boardstation (WG2002), cadence PSD (AKA Allegro),
Hello trying tu use cadence allegro, i allays start with pink color for all components. Can i save the color assignement, find a confiuration file with a such color assignement ? Are there skilled users of cadence allegro here ? *********************************************** or you can make your own coloring schem
Hi cadence Schematic Simulation w/Spectre 1. * -> t tnx
DOes anyone know if a windows version of cadence design kit exists.
Hi cadence Nanometer Design Latest Technology Addresses Critical Issues Throughout Semiconductor-Foundry Design Chain 1. -> t tnx
Hi cadence to use IBM Linux power in EDA IBM and cadence Design Systems have announced an agreement to jointly optimise and market electronic design solutions from cadence using IBM's advanced Linux-based technology. 1. Look at: cadence expects shift to Intel-based Lin
Hi cadence latest news online 1. -> t tnx
cadence's web: h**p://www.cadence.c0m/redirects/verif_wp/intban.html White Papers .It's About Time - Requirements for the Functional Verification of Nanometer-Scale ICs (page 1 ~ page 17) Click to get the 4451_IncisiveWP_FNL.pdf file. Contents 1. Overview 2. Functional Verification Drivers 3. Today's Fragmented (...)
Hi Pads for AMI C5 0.5um (cadence) 1. -> t tnx
I found very useful website from Virginia Tech. I learned how to use Synopsys and cadence tool by following the instruction. It might be very helpful for someone who want to start using Synopsys or cadence tool. Also you can get free cad tool for testing including source code. here is the link.
this sites is for fabrication/layout process a book on asic digital gives idea abt cadence tool(spectre etc)
the cadence help have detail for sdf_annotate here is the example we use $sdf_annotate("file.sdf", u_toannotate,,,"TOOL_CONTROL","1.0:1.0:1.0","FROM_MTM"); in the run script use typdelay, maxdelay, mindelay to control it. by the way, min delay is also very important, it check hold time.
Hi, all ConceptHDL parts are ASCII files only (what a good desicion by cadence ;-) ) You can i.e. take an symbol, analyze it's ASCII structure and make a small Excel spreadsheet which creates of a pinlist a complete symbol, chips.prt and initial parttable. That's some work for the first parts , but well doable. tobs
There is a line "lic: NODE LOCKED DEMO in host..." in the file of h$spice.out. Is h$pice working well? When I do some simulations using h$pice4linux, no data saved and no waveform displayed (in cadence). what's the problem? thanks.
Hi IBM and cadence use supercomputing power of Linux in design Building on a long-standing relationship to provide the world's leading integrated circuit design solutions, IBM and cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CDN - News) have announced an agreement to jointly optimize and market electronic design solutions from cadence using (...)
hi all, I am newbie with linux. CAn anyone help me install cadence ncsim and primetime in linux. is there any supporting documents... Also I need help in installing Debussy and verdi in linux. thanks
Can any of you guys share Virtuoso/cadence with me. I need them badly :cry: Please.
can some1 tell me what are the features for cadence SPW.
Dear everybody Doeas anyone have any document guide line for simulation PCB with cadence Spectraquest PSD14.1, Please share it. I Know that we have to use IBIS model, but how to use it to simulation in Spectraquest? To day, PCB design have become complex, there are many constrains, the PCB designer need to understand simulation to setup con
Hi, I hate cadence schemetic editor, Composer, I couldn't find any shortcut keys for schemetic editing, ie, move, rotate, group moving, it looks very stupid, (compared to OrCAD), what is your comments?
Hi cadence acquired or acquires everything in DSM and EDA!! If you search for the above terms, you will see that how cadence changed to an EDA/DSM leading company. In this mean you could probabiliy learn some new technologies and tools inside cadence. tnx
I run cadence's softload in Red Hat 9, it starts in ASCII mode. So I add: 'export LD_LIBRARY_PATH "${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/usr/dt/lib' in .bashrc and then source it. softload still starts in ASCII mode. I want to Use the Graphic User Interface (GUI). How to solve it! :?:
The time , cadence pup its IC tools product into three parts. IC50, LDV34, DSM54. verilog_xl is included in the LDV. Does IC50 support verilog-xl?
all i know about this is that it is a set of 3 CDs that have most of the cadence EDA sftware
cadence Design Systems Inc. (NYSE: CDN) today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Milpitas, Calif.-based Verplex Systems, Inc., the acknowledged leader in formal verification electronic design software. My question is if they are the acknowledged leader, why have so few of us heard of them compared to other
Create symbolic link first. %ln -s /home/momo/cadence/tools.lnx86 /home/momo/cadence/tools