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is it possible to analyze the substrate noise in cadence? if not, can you suggest another software to analyze the substrate noise? Thanks in avance
Hi all, I am currently using cadence ic610, and upgrading to ic614, but I'd like to keep the old ic610 lmgrd lic server which is 10.8.5, just dont wanna use 10.8.6 server. But I cant find any option on this. so my question in short: how to skip installing lic manager or server when I install update from ic610 to ic614? I think that is (...)
Hi, An user just requested me to download below items from cadence site. I have credentials to download but I am wondering what items are these, Custom IC Design Kits (Virtuoso) Functional Verification Kits (NC-verilog, Simvision) Digital Implementation Kits (Encounter) I only find following items available on cadence site (
Dose some one has experience in setting up AMS Hitkit 3.7 for cadence? hock
Supposed that your lic problem is over, search the web for cadence PCB design tutorial, it is useful!
i'm using cadence software in Unix Solaris . i have a hsim licence ( i see that in cadence.lic ) but i don't know how to run hsim . please help me using it ! lam
already installed IUS5.4 in rhas3 update3,can not invoke ams demo of cadence 5141.what more software or license needed to do ams simulation?
yes, i'm too . i'm using cadence, i have a hsim licence ( i see that in cadence.lic ) but i don't know how to run hsim . please help me using it ! lam
ERROR (LM -54):Internal API error occured.licensing not initialized - contact cadence CRC at 1-877--CDS-4911 (run 'lic_error -54'for more information) How to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!
Javi, I tend to believe it is caused by cadence version you are running. versions 443 and lower were using lic# 312 for drc while from 445 up it is lic 7111x Check what version you are running!!!!! To get rid of the problem try 1) Use the latest(e.g ISR for 4.4.3. The older diva binaries were upgraded to recognize the (...)
Hi, I am having some problems when I install cadence 5.0 on Redhat 7.3 This is what happens. 1. I start the installation by running ./ 2. It asks for the directory and all that goes well and then "softload" starts. 3. I choose "cadence Catalog" for the installation type because the dept has a license server for (...)
There is a line "lic: NODE LOCKED DEMO in host..." in the file of h$spice.out. Is h$pice working well? When I do some simulations using h$pice4linux, no data saved and no waveform displayed (in cadence). what's the problem? thanks.