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Hi, I am having some problems when I install cadence 5.0 on Redhat 7.3 This is what happens. 1. I start the installation by running ./ 2. It asks for the directory and all that goes well and then "softload" starts. 3. I choose "cadence Catalog" for the installation type because the dept has a license server for cad
What is the feature name of cadence systemc tools? Or how to get the feature name of it? Thanks in advance.
I've installed Suse 10.0, IC 5.1.41 and MG Calibre 2004 all seems to work fine... however, when i try "Run DRC" from the custom Virtuoso Layout "Calibre" menu, it doesnt start up. Running Calibre from command line seems fine and it isn't a license error. Have tried the same with IC 5.0.33 and this has the same issue. Is it something to do with SUSE
yes, i'm too . i'm using cadence, i have a hsim licence ( i see that in cadence.lic ) but i don't know how to run hsim . please help me using it ! lam
I have encountered a problem about how to connect to a remote cadence server and use a floating licence which is installed in the remote site. We want to use a pc runing a local cadence and checking the remote floating licence. The problem is how can the local pc connect to that cadence server. Does a p2p (...)
i'm using cadence software in Unix Solaris . i have a hsim licence ( i see that in cadence.lic ) but i don't know how to run hsim . please help me using it ! lam
Hi, when try to choose hspiceS as the simulator in the cadence IC5141,there was always an eoor"command hspice not found" and "unable to open nmos_3p3 mode" i am a newer,who can give me some help ?Once graphics were offered will be better, thanks.
Dose some one has experience in setting up AMS Hitkit 3.7 for cadence? hock
Hello to everyone. I am a PhD student and i have installed cadence (ic5.1.41 and Assura 3.1.4) in my computer at home. We have the license in a server at the lab in our campus. Does anyone know a good way on how can i access the server and get a license from there? I am not to good at networks, so i will appreciate it if you can inform (...)
I guess you would need: Custom IC Design Kits (Virtuoso): IC610, MMSIM72, cadenceHELP, lic+Config_Utils Functional Verification Kits (NC-verilog, Simvision): IUS82, (I don't know the alias of Simvision) Digital Implementation Kits (Encounter): SOC81 You should be able to find a pdf or a text file explaining what each archive/directory contain
Hi all, I am currently using cadence ic610, and upgrading to ic614, but I'd like to keep the old ic610 lmgrd lic server which is 10.8.5, just dont wanna use 10.8.6 server. But I cant find any option on this. so my question in short: how to skip installing lic manager or server when I install update from ic610 to ic614? I think that is (...)
anybody know the features for the cadence synthesis tool ambit buidgate. thx
There is a line "lic: NODE LOCKED DEMO in host..." in the file of h$spice.out. Is h$pice working well? When I do some simulations using h$pice4linux, no data saved and no waveform displayed (in cadence). what's the problem? thanks.
I installed IC5033 and calibre based on Redhat 8.0 and I set these variable in ~/.cshrc: setenv CDS_lic_FILE /usr/ENG/lic/license.dat setenv license_server earth setenv CDS_INST_DIR /tools/cadence setenv LM_licENSE_FILE (...)
laker is layout editor (full custom design),similar to cadence. regards amarnath
Javi, I tend to believe it is caused by cadence version you are running. versions 443 and lower were using lic# 312 for drc while from 445 up it is lic 7111x Check what version you are running!!!!! To get rid of the problem try 1) Use the latest(e.g ISR for 4.4.3. The older diva binaries were upgraded to recognize the (...)
I don't think cadence IC503 support RH9 or SUSE.
ERROR (LM -54):Internal API error occured.licensing not initialized - contact cadence CRC at 1-877--CDS-4911 (run 'lic_error -54'for more information) How to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!
already installed IUS5.4 in rhas3 update3,can not invoke ams demo of cadence 5141.what more software or license needed to do ams simulation?
For timing constraint file (SDC) checking, please check 1) cadence's Conformal Constraint Designer (CCD) OR 2) FishTail's Focus/Confirm/Refocus ( )
You have to be a cadence customer, then you'll be able to download their tools. But cadence's tools are very expensive.
Does your .bashrc in the user's $HOME directory look something like this? ------------------ # .bashrc # User specific aliases and functions # Source global definitions if ; then . /etc/bashrc fi # Path to cadence topmost directory export CDSHOME=/home/tools/cadence # Path to the cadence license Serve
hi, I have used T-spice equivalent to H-spice but option of Phase noise measurement is not have to calculate it theoretically with the values of current and other parameter.This theoretical values are nearly equal to the practical values only if we avoid any calculation error. Once I have verified the theoretical value with the simulati
today i installed cadence 15.5.1 the Orcad is easy to be used but the allegro let me so depressed when i press the icon of the software it's interface appear normaly just flash , and then disappear what happen ? need your help ~~
gurus, here is my problem: when sim with va models in hspice 2007 (under windows), it cannot generate/find cml file. At the bottom is its related message in *.lis. I removed some unrelated lines. Left these lines to state the problem and prove license Here I got 2 problems: 1) the CML path is directed to the Home path (the 'C:\PSD_DATA\hsp-mode
"A license for VLX_XL is required but could not be checked out" take a hint. also you probably don't have a display.drf in your local cadence folder, thats why theres no layers in LSW.
yes, use cadence AssuraRCX tool. How ever you will need its expensive lic and sna technology files.
We have a multi-user license for cadence .The license daemons :lmgrd is running well in the server and the server is showing UP and verplex is UP.When i am trying to open the icfb and then Virtuso Schematic Editor and clicking the 'check and save' option it shows an error in the log file "ERROR: FAILURE TO GET (...)