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Is there anyone know the detail path of spdaemon of cadence license? Please help!
Create symbolic link first. %ln -s /home/momo/cadence/tools.lnx86 /home/momo/cadence/tools
I'm trying to run cadence IC5033 on a new linux server using licenses stored in a Unix workstation. The workstation is connected through the internal network. Currently I'm running IC 5033 on the Unix workstation, but I'm going to run simulation jobs on the linux server due to speed issue. If I run IC 5033 on the linux server using (...)
I'm looking for tutorials on PCell generation in cadence Virtuoso. Is there any documention or tutorial that could help? Dr.Prof
Hello everybody, After installed cadence SPB155 and IC5141 I have 2 problems 1. I set the environment like this . ######## cadence spb155 && IC5141usr1 export CDS_INST_DIR=/opt/spb155 export CDS_ROOT=/opt/ic5141 export CDS_INSTALL_DIR=$CDS_INST_DIR/tools/dfII:$CDS_ROOT/tools/dfII export CDS_LIC_FILE=$CDS_INST_DIR/share/cade
Hello, Does anyone know how to check-in spectre license automatically? cadence holds the ADE license token unless we manually check-in the license or press ADE->Simulation->. Is there a way or skill code to release the license after each simulation run? This will use the license more (...)
Better way to do this is for you to chat with cadence Customer Service. I believed, licenses are issued differently, could be for multiple users or just for a single user, at least that is what I have learned from a nut shell.
Hello~ I just got a new license from our technician, could someone tell me how to install or upgrade new license in cadence SUN machine? Thanks a lot.
Is there anyone know the path of spdaemon in cadence license? DAEMON spdaemon ./spdaemon Please help!
Hello all, Please let me know latest version of some of cadence tools. SoC Encounter in cadence download page we have SOC71 RTL Compiler RC72 ASSURA ASSURA317 WHAT ARE THE PRODUCT NUMBER IN cadence DOWNLOAD PAGE OF VIRTUOSO, VOLTAGESTORM, SUBSTRATE NOISE ANALYSIS , CONFORMAL. Is (...)
I just install cadence ic5141 on linux redhat 4.6, if I do not run the " lmgrd -c license.dat ", can I still use the cadence for design circuit ? is there any problem? what is the function of the command " lmgrd -c license.dat" for the cadence license.dat?
My previous license list in .cshrc is: setenv LM_license_FILE /usr/commercial/cadence/license/tools.sun4v/license/license.dat setenv CDS_LIC_FILE $LM_license_FILE cadence worked well before. But the license was expired, I cannot edit or (...)
Can some one help me, I want to use cadence AMS to sim my circuit, netlist, compile and elaborate are success, but in SimVision (Done) windown, the error creates like this : Fatal error found by spectre you don't have permission to run Virtuoso(R) Spectre(R) circuit simulator please see the attached file. If I run only analog circui
With the new cadence token system, an individual now can use almost any of cadence's advanced features as long as there are free tokens. It also means a user can easily suck up many tokens and leave everyone else waiting... Is there a way add priority levels to the tokens, such that a token-hogging feature such as APS simulation (8 tokens) gets
Hello All I am planning to migrate current Solaris 8 license server used for cadence tools to Linux RHEL 4.0 Up8. Please help me with recommnedations and share u r experiences if there are any specific issues. Thanks and Rgds Nitin
I have a weird problem. I am trying to connect a cadence license server that is located in Turkey, but I cannot connect to server. when I try telnet 5280 GIVES: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out But people in turkey can connect, I first thought it may be some MAC filtering, but it turned out
If the software is illegal you should not ask for help in this forum. In case your software is licensed you need to redirect the question to the official cadence customer support.
I've installed it many times and never had an issue, it always detects it automatically as far as I remember (maybe I've been lucky). Anyway, I found an installation guide online, if you follow the steps in that it should install. If not I'd suggest contacting cadence would be your best
Hello, I am creating a microelectronic lab in my institution. There will be 10 workstations working on RHEL. We will use cadence Virtuoso EDA tools. My question is : is it possible to use "Desktop RHEL" edition to run the license manager in the computer that will be used as license server ? Or, this computer must be used with "Server (...)
You should contact cadence as the compnay making signalscan has been acquired by cadence design.
When I run it , I can't add any signals to waveform window. Operate following: a:1. Run the "Affirma launch tool". 2. Select the "Verilog","Verilog-Xl Desktop","Graphical" to creat a session. 3. Add a verilog file "Test.v" and select it. 4. Click the "VerilogXL Desktop" button to run the Verilog-XL.
This 2 ways do not give you the same result at all!! The big problem will occur if you install 2 or more packages, in this case ICxxx and LDVxxx, with not equivalent release version, since newer released versions alway have newer peripheral utilities i.e. JRE, cdsdoc, etc. I think IC5+LDV4 is OK to be installed in the same dir, while IC446+LDV4 is
Yes, you can download from
can some1 tell me what are the features for cadence SPW.
anyone can show me a way to get a valid license for LDV4? :P :oops: :cry: :wink: i have downloaded the LDV4 from cadence web site, but i have not valid license file.anyone can do me a favour to show a way to get a license? thanks a lot. please PM me .
Very often it is necessary to save the job in an older version of your host program in order to import it somewhere else. Your Pads 5 license should support older versions back to version 2. Try exporting your ascii file in an older version of Pads and try importing that into cadence. You also need to make sure that the database units are set pro
Hi, I believe cadence still gives out schematics in its latest PSD15.0 install schematic you should have a valid license for Orcad capture and PSpice. Vicky
hi all i installed ic5 and set env. var.but when i run icms.exe or icfb.exe this error appeared: "error while loading shared libraries not open shared object file:no such file or directory" any idea or comment? tnx ahead
i install ldv5.0 in my os and my cpu is "AMD" it is trouble that the speed of "ncsim" is too slow . when i run "ncsim command", i find that my " cpu resource" just works with 20 percentage , system idle with 80 percentage . didn't run "ncsim" with full speed . as i put my project to another computer , it run with
cadence psd 14.2 !!! only official license . thank you
Hi Guys: My ic50 doesn't work. my system is redhat 7.3. I set env like this: # .bashrc # User specific aliases and functions # Source global definitions if ; then . /etc/bashrc fi export CDS_LIC_FILE=/home/cad/cadence/license.dat export CDS_ROOT=/home/cad/cadence export CDS_INST_DIR=$CDS_ROOT export CDS_Ne
cadence psd 14.2 - Pcb Design Studio even if it is not prolonget software but only certificate with the code and i need an invoice please pm to me thanks
Hi, I am having some problems when I install cadence 5.0 on Redhat 7.3 This is what happens. 1. I start the installation by running ./ 2. It asks for the directory and all that goes well and then "softload" starts. 3. I choose "cadence Catalog" for the installation type because the dept has a license server for cad
it cann't display waveform on Linux.perhaps,it is linux X11 problem. how to set it?
Hi dvelasco. can you tell me the whole procedure for installing the cadence IC50 on the fedora core1. I am a linux beginner, please tell me it so easily. in my state. I follows the procedure on the install CD like this , but is it not to work. the procedure ####################### Setup the Environment Variables. "tools" is you inst
Hi, I have a question. Is SpectreRF is part of IC5? Thanks RF_Router
when I run the ./rc_lic in the license.log it shows: (lmgrd)Started cdslmd (internet tcp_port 32777 pid 5164) (lmgrd)license daemon:lost all connections (lmgrd)This is an internal error. lmgrd will now (lmgrd)attempt to re-establish contact with other daemons. (lmgrd)Start vendor daemons ... (cdslmd) FLEXlm version 8.2a (cdslmd)cannot open
you can go to the cadence installed dir/install/pkgs,if any package is installed correctly,there must be show something ok,such as virtuosoReg01.00-d001lnx86.ok
As far as Iam aware Hspice is extra for the cadence, it only has the interface ready? I have the PC version with a license but I want to run it in LINUX. If anyone can help pm me a link, appreciate it. Hi If you want to run just the same program that you have for windows you can do: 1. Use win4lin OR 2. Us
Not all cadence products support queueing and time-outs. Unfortunately, the Spectre in one of that.
Maybee the cdslmd needs a more modern version of flexlm! I can remember that I'd such problem with a license. If you have cadence support, ask the experts. I'm sure you aren't the first user having this problem. However, if you are still searching for a soultion please describe your bug in more detail.
Is cadence PCB Design Studio part of cadence PSD? Pls advise. Yes, Design Studio is on the PSD disk set. PSD 15.1 is the latest version of cadence PSD. There is an update, but cadence changed the name of everything in the update. The latest update is called SPB 15.2 (Silicon-Package-Board), and the new name for (...)
i set the hspice in the ic50_install_dir correctly and can create the hspice netlist rightly,but can not simulate the circuit use hspice in ic50--install under redhat8. thank u:)
I setup C@dence in the redhat7.3.Now, I can run icfb,but I can't make a liberay in it. It said that it can't modify cds.lib! How can I do? I run lmstat -a -c license.dat , it list a report of soft commandand after the command it say that uncounting,no users. where does I don't modify? by the way,I modified my environment in the .bashrc.
Hi I successfully followed the procedure give in the install guide which came with the ICC5.0.33 tools and was able to install cadence 5.0.33 on a linux box running RH7.2 with kernel version 2.4.7-10. The problem I am having is this When I start cadence the splash screen comes up and the CIW window comes up and icfb just hangs !!! The pani
Hi, I am about to install Products such as IC5033, PSD151 etc from cadence on to a server running Solaris/SPARC 9. I am quite comfortable with the bare product installation procedure of using installscape. But how do I set it up to be license and application server ? There are several other Sun/SPARC machines in a diff lab that would be accessing
laker is layout editor (full custom design),similar to cadence. regards amarnath
the installation is simple.just search this forum.i will just tell you the basics.just copy your cd's to hard drive.then start the script for will ask you for the location of the installation data ,just mention the path where these are stored i\on your hard drive.when it asks about license say option 4(cadence documentation),use thi
What is the feature name of cadence systemc tools? Or how to get the feature name of it? Thanks in advance.