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Linux MINT is not supported platform for cadence ADE.cadence ADE 6.17 supports Redhat and Ubuntu Linux distros.I have installed on a CentOS 6.8 and I had faced to resolve many compatibility problems. Ubuntu is free and supported, why don't you try it ??
Hi David - You need to generate CCI (QCI) database from Calibre SVRF database (using Calibre Query Server - you need to have CCI license to do that), and use that CCI as one of the inputs when compiling QRC techFile. Ask cadence for help, as these things can get tricky and might require cadence support (especially so that PDK for QRC is (...)
Hi I got cadence IC616 and MMSIM13 from and installed it successfully and also applyed the patch successfully but it does not have license.dat file neither in IC616/share/license nor in MMSIM13/share/license I request you pls share the license file or email me
Hi, Well I have to design a low noise amplifier for ultra or narrow wideband applications. which simulator will you recommend considering I have to use multi gate mosfets. I don't have cadence or mentor graphics license so, Which is best free simulator out there? technology for LNA is 32nm since it will be integrated
I'm lacking experience in Gate Level Simulation so I want to practice more or gain more experience on solving issues on this level. The problem is, I want to do this at home, not in my office, so I need a software tool that can run GLS. cadence and Synopsys need a license and that is very expensive. I can't pay that much just to do some prac
here all i have done layout for inverter in simple mosfet. But as i am doing project in RF transceiver i dont have tutorial about rf layout. I have done LNA schematic but dont have idea about layout. If somebody have documentation then please help me
Check in logs of ade xl and vnc also. I assume that You don't run virtuoso on the only blessed by cadence Linux distribution?
Hi, I want to detect a license fetching event in cadence SKILL so that if the program is not able to fetch the license, I could detect it and will stop the further execution of the program. My script is trying to fetch Layout Editor license but fails. Virtuoso throws such events as warnings in CIW : (eg below) *WARN
Hello! I can use IC Compiler by 1. Activating license by source mac 2. I get ICC_Shell, which i can use directly by Start_gui 3. Or I can go to the temp file of the working design where I can do all other things Similarly How can I open and use cadence SOC Encounter?? the address is :~/EDA/cadence/ ls command gives edi (...)
Hello. I am designing a mm-wave LNA in CMOS 90 nm. I'm having difficulties in modeling microstrip lines, which i need instead of inductors. I have tried QRC RLC extraction and it extracts series R and L from a long straight line (metal 9, w = 5 um, l = 150 um -> L = 110 pH and R = 200 mOhms), which i pressume is ok. I have a few questions if someon
Is cadence allegro PCB layout software available for download? I am looking for the eval or the limited or demo version.
Hi everyone, I can't open LEC, it crash immediately. Here the ERROR message: // Check out Conformal_Asic 11.1 license // ERROR : // Exit and report the error to cadence Customer Support // and include the following file(s): .lec_dump_stack_5680, and log-file // Dumpstack summary (.lec_dump_stack_5680): System: Linux 2.
Hi, If you have cadence license, you can check the options available with the tool. Generally SI comes with higher version above than "L" option. Please check with your cadence support.
Hi all, Please can you help me solve the following problem? when I start LEC, it immediately crush. This is message what i get after comman "lec": Kovi@eda-laptop:~> lec CONFORMAL (R) Version 12.10-s160 (30-Jan
I am trying few circuit design and pcb tools/softwares. I recently heard and visited cadence site and downloaded cadence orcad lite 16.5 (size was 980 mb). It works in demo mode and read - (download page) * Limitations are in the size and complexity of the design. okay, I designed a small chaser circuit with 555 and 4017, finally when cre
Hi can anyone help me with these errors which Im encountering I think they are inter related On running Lmstat cdslmd: The desired vendor daemon is down. (-97,121) on running configure The default license file for ubuntu, license.f04da2633380, does not exist. Add /tools/bin to your path. on running lmgrd The TCP por
I could view cadence IC5 layouts without a license, but I cannot figure out how to view IC6 layouts without a license? Is it even possible? Any tips out there?
If you have ADE XL license, try it (but it would be petty from cadence...). It works with IC 6.1.5-64b in virtuoso L editing.99968 Perhaps your PDK overwrite some menu information ? Check any warning or error in CIW...
I am having the same problem. Someone please guide us. I'm using calibre 2011 with cadence IC6.1.5 (Centos 6.3 OS) when I start calibre DRC, I get the following error RVE server socket has not been initialized the license server starts normally without errors plz, help me
Hi All, I am in the process of cleaning up my RF design and I noticed these rugged clearance of the copper pour on my rf structure. I am supposed to maintain a 15 mils trace to copper pour clearance or in the case of rf structure (shape to shape clearance of 15 mils). I have already set my constraint manager to this
I have installed IC-615-06.15.151 and MMSIM_11.10.445 but failed to start virtuoso. I am using CentOS 6.4. When I start the license server using ?lmgrd_v? alias defined in bash file it says server is up but the desired vendor daemon is down. When I check the status of server using ?lmstat_v? alias it says the license server failed to start.
Hi, You want to learn more means you have to use good tools like cadence allegro, Mentor graphics DX -Designer.. and some of others..but the license is too costly ..people wont give you ***** version. learn basic with lower version tool, after joining good company you can learn much.. Regards Praveeen.
Hello everyone, Excuse if i post a duplicated question. I did look for the Tools to write a Skill in cadence Allegro but almost are using Skill Development Tool which providing with license. I am using cr*ck version that seems not supporting Skill tools. So can you please help to let me know which tool that i can write/debug the Skill ? And h
Hallo, I'm using IC6.1.4-64b.500.6 with .cdsenv license VLSL_UseNextlicense string "always" license ADEL_UseNextlicense string "always" license ADEXL_UseNextlicense string "always" license VSEL_UseNextlicense string "always" license (...)
Hello, I have problem to start up designstudio, it gives the following error: error(LMF-10001)l ic_error LMF-10001 license call failed for feature allegro_auth_multistyple_opt the license path is defined as C:\cadence\licensemanager\license.dat. the flexnet error message is as follows, (...)
You can buy a Spectre RF license from cadence.
Hello there, I have installed IC_6.1.5HF506 (virtuoso OA) with IScape. i set the .bash that source to run virtuoso as follows: export CDSHOME=/home/edatools/IC_6.1.5HF506 export PATH=$CDSHOME/bin:$CDSHOME/tools/bin:$CDSHOME/tools/dfII/bin:$CDSHOME/tools.lnx86/bin/:$CDSHOME/share/bin:$PATH export license server.... i s
Hello, I am creating a microelectronic lab in my institution. There will be 10 workstations working on RHEL. We will use cadence Virtuoso EDA tools. My question is : is it possible to use "Desktop RHEL" edition to run the license manager in the computer that will be used as license server ? Or, this computer must be used with "Server (...)
where can I find cadence ETS tutorials
Hi guys; I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this thread; I'm currently simulating a mixed-signal system design by AMS, with analog part drawed in cadence composer and digital in verilog; When it comes to all-corner simulation, AMS is too time and license costly, so I attempt other simulator such as Finesim plus nc-verilog;
Hello, You have to do two steps: 1-Edit your license file:name of server and the path of cdslmd.Save the license in cadence/IC610 /share/license/ 2-Start your server by command: lmgrd -c /IC610/share/license/license.dat I want to install the IC60 too in my computer could you (...)
Hi analog_ambi Did you solve your problem? I have same problem, I can open schematic in read mode only. If I do in write mode, it shows same error Hello, I have the same problem. Setting the "setenv" of the cadence install directory doesn't help at all!! I think the license its not valid. I even opened t
hi, while opening cadence virtuoso, it opened for a moment and then closed, showing an error!! i got an error " DB-32001 : Unable to get the cadence(R) Design Framework II license feature of "111" " though i have a license file, i get this error!! can any one help me sort out this problem :-(:-(:-(:-(:-( (...)
How did you solve it? my setup: -workstation with cadence installed -remote license server running the daemons I only put into .cshrc file the string setenv CDS_LIC_FILE=5280@myserverIP No license daemon running on my PC. I had to tell my server admin that a new workstation had to pass the firewall of the licens
What you have done is not enough. You must write a script with CAD rights that enables/disables the licenses' daemons. Otherwise you must execute the command each time you run cadence suite.
Guys, need help. Can someone please share the high level FLOW CHART (process flow) of how to do PCB layout using cadence Allegro. Familiarizing the UI is not a problem. I just need to know how to do it by understanding the flow chart so that I can compare how it differs from the previous PCB layout software I had used. I have been using Alti
Hello Engineers, I wanted to ask for the availability of Express PCell function/benefit in any of cadence virtuoso versions ... is it available in IC6.1.2 or above & in what license (L, XL, GXL or Family) ... I read about it in the manuals but couldn't find it , it works through the library "", so please if any one has IC6.1.2 o
I've installed it many times and never had an issue, it always detects it automatically as far as I remember (maybe I've been lucky). Anyway, I found an installation guide online, if you follow the steps in that it should install. If not I'd suggest contacting cadence would be your best
Why would you have Spectre without the full cadence suite? It's not that special a simulator, its user interface simply sucks, and you must be paying retail (ditto). simulator lang=spice may be your new best friend, spectre will digest SPICE-format subcircuits if you put this in the file header (and =spectre at the tail, if you're spectre-mostly
If you don't have Encounter license than what is the use of user guide.? Search for "Links cadence tools user guide" in edaboard. You will get it.
check these discussions The Designer's Guide Community Forum - what wrong with the cadenceIC? *Error* Unable to establish connection with WaveScan - cadence Community
Hai, I am accessing cadence via x manager. But when i tried to start cadence, it is simply getting hanged. Can anybody give me a solution?... at what point does it hang? never see the splash screen? probably wrong color depth or wrong X display settings after seeing the CIW window? in that case read/post the erro
I'm trying to make cadence running on CentOS 6 (I've tried also RHEL) but I always get blocked by an error. In particular, I'm able to install IC 614 package, Assura, MSIM and LCU using iscape. No apparent problem to install all package. I'm using the same machine also as a license server. Again, no apparent problems in ma
Hi, guys, I have an error when I try to run the Chameleon tool in cadence for the layout DRC Check. it looks like this: *** Error: FlexLM was unable to grant authorization to use the 'Chameleon_Basic' feature. Possible reasons are : - all available 'Chameleon_Basic' licenses are being used - the wrong license file or (...)
How about contacting cadence customer support Alex
If the software is illegal you should not ask for help in this forum. In case your software is licensed you need to redirect the question to the official cadence customer support.
Halo, I am using cadence ELC to characterize a new standard cell library. When I run the tool, it completes up to the point where it is supposed to start simulating, then the problems start, as you can see from the log below: elc> db_spice -s spectre -keep_log license for paralled mode is not found. Entering non-parall
I just installed cadence IUS in Linux with default settings. How do you start it in the terminal?