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Hello all, I have some questions regarding Synopsys SAED90nm EDK library: 1) Do I have to configure any setups in cadence Encounter to place and route a design using Synopsys SAED90nm library ? 2) What is a Milkyway library ? 3) Is it easier to use Synopsys ICC or cadence Encounter with (...)
I'm currently working with cadence Encounter. For MMMC place & route it requires "func" and "test" SDCc constraints. After place & route func and test minimum, typical and maximum SDF files are generated. What is the purpose of func and test (...)
Lef is mandatory as it has the size of the cell and the pin locations. If you have gds u can dump out a lef through cadence virtuouso. But lef is a must view.
The cadence SOC Encounter is targeted for RTL to GDSII flow where you start your design with HDLs/SystemC and synthesize to generate/simulate gate level netlist, do auto place & route, to DFM and generate GDSII. This flow always has presence of standard cells to enable all the stuff. The (...)
How can I get an evaluation or demo version for these tools??? Thanks There are no free tools for ASIC design for synthesis and place and route to my knowledge. Have you tried to contact the companies (synopsys, cadence, etc) discussing about the evaluation/demo version? Link:
Hi, I want to estimate the temperature of a circuit after place and route by cadence SOC encounter. I am able to run some workloads on this tool and extract switching activity and then extract power from synopsis power compiler. Considering these, does anyone know a solution to estimate (...)
ICC is primarily a timing-driven auto-place&route tool for use with standard-cell libraries (sets of pre-made logic gates that make-up a digital design). Everything ICC does is based around this goal - it is not the right tool for custom analog layout of individual transistors, resistors, etc. and for manual design, it's GUI (...)
Front end design means .. Is it a schematic? first make your device size as 3.15 in cadence and then start to place your component and route as the schematic..
Hello I am using the ICstation in my circuit layout . I am enjoying the pick and place function from the schematic to the layout with shorter route suggestion. I would like to ask you if cadence support this feature or not. have a nice day
Hi I have designed my system in Verilog HDL. Can I design Layout in cadence from verilog code ? If yes then kindly mention steps involved too. if any related reading material is available then kindly post the links that will be really helpful. Thanks to all.
Hi, I need to manually add some vias in cadence EDI. I used setViaEdit followed by editAddVia commands. Vias can be added, but not all vias are at the location I specified. What prevents the vias from being added at the specified origin coordinates? Thanks.
I have two important answear: 1. Orcad PCB editor or cadence Allegro have a union functionality how Altium Altium Designer you can place and route a part of the circuit and than I can do a union of this section of the circuit and than move it in the board how a single component. 2. There (...)
Hello, I wonder what commands/methods people use to generate .lib for a design, and use it later for place and route at top level. I am using EDI 9.1, found the timing model commands have very limited documentation in fetxtcmdref.pdf. and I could not get (...)
to do so you need a software to synthesize your code with standard cells,such as cadence PKS_shell then you should do place and route with a software such as cadence SOC Encounter, take a look at this: Tutorial for cadence Build Gates and (...)
Hi I am using SOC encounter for place and route I have synthesized and routed my netlist but in SOC I cant see the internal contents of cells,and cells appear just like black boxes this problem exists when I Import the gds file in cadence Virtoso, I think I'll need some (...)
Hi I'm doing a full custom IC design for digital system using cadence tools. I'm now in the process of doing DRC for my layout and after this LVS. Is it the nest step is doing place and route? and I have no tool that can automated place and (...)
Hi, Say, I have done place & route for my design using cadence/Magma & doing signoff checks now. What are all the things to look for if you see a correlation issue between implementation & signoff tools? Is there any doc/white paper which explains all the key points to debug the issue? Thx Kumar
Dear all i have a problem, i have requested to fabricate a chip with mosis, and i had IBM 0.13 DM cmrf8sf Kit, and i designed my system using encounter SOC as a place and route tool, the problem is that i want to export to mosis the GDS file, BUT the file that i got from mosis was a mapping file for (...)
I am working on analysing the effect of various place and route schemes on the capacitance of a circuit. So,please let me know the different place and route schemes used in cadence Encounter in the order of optimality it provides
Hi, I have used soc encounter for place and route. Now I need to use nanosim for further timing and power simulation. How do I do RC extraction? I know that I can import GDS files into virtuoso and do RC extraction there. Is there any better ways? Thanks very much!
Hi Friends, I need to what are the synthesis software that Both Altera and Xilinx supports. Like ISE 8i.... etc which of these two can connected to cadence or synopsys for RTL Code synthesis, place and route ... that is can be using in Backend flow.... Is there any free software available for (...)
I have about 10 years experience in the VLSI industry. My suggestion would be: Dont quit Embedded systems. Its lot more fun, and offers lot more opportunities. BTW if you want to start back-end, tools like magma, First encounder(cadence) will help. If you are already employed somewhere, you can do tutorials on these tools. Also a good (...)
Dear all, In my design, total power consumption estimated after synthesis by cadence-BuildGates is: Internal Cell + Leakage + Net = 0.2904 + 3.9775 + 0.3833 = 4.6512 mW While, after place-and-route, cadence-Encounter reports: Total leakage power = 337395.002511uW Can anyone tell me why (...)
You can use cadence Encounter
It is related to the efficient usage of routing resouse. You can find some reasons in the cadence's LEF/DEF 5.x document.
i have implemented a synchronous up-down counter with load, reset and mode pins. so i want to see its GDSII format,but i got stuck at encounter(cadence) so before importing the design to SOC Encounter i have synthesized and generated .sdc and .v files only. u was saying about file so its is generated before (...)
anyone knows about place n route has anyone done any place n route using cadence SOC Encounter i have a design after synthesis i have to do placing and routing so how should i go about?
Hello, i got a gds file, and need to conduct place and route in cadence how do i go about doing place and route? i had stream in the gds file, what happenes after here? how do i create the symbol, and other things? thanks
from cadence, SoC Encounter is for place and route One more addition to this .. SoC is a complete platform, not just for place & route .. if accombined with NC, this is end to end flow .. i.e. RTL to GDSII .. see this link for more details :
Hi, everyone After place&route, i import verilog netlist to cadence and got symbol and schematic. If i want to simulate with schematic, how to include the .sdf file?
HI all, I trying to do gate-level simulation after place and route. I saved the netlist from encounter but when i try to simulate it, it complains about too few arguments for flip flop instances, missing QN (complementary Q). I checked the library file and QN is declared there. Is there a way I can force encounter to (...)
Hi All, I have a question here. I appreciate if anyone can help. How can I locate the floating net / cell in the pre/post place and route netlist? I'm giving considerable amount of leakage current and I think one reason can be the floating nets. I'm using PKS from cadence for synthesis (...)
This is a tutorial on how to use cadence Silicon ensemble. Please be aware of licensing issues in the files mentioned in the tutorial. I will only give the tutorial, you have to supply your own technology files.
can we place and route using standard cells of gates in cadence Virtuoso?????/ thanks in advance, Prasad
I have used PKS for one year and employ it to place, it is not bad. But more people use PC. I don't compare them. placement of SOC encounter is more powerful, PKS documents cadence release are less then before.
Hi guys , Iam doing my first ASIC design , Iam using VIRTUOSO SPECTRE CIRCUIT SIMULATOR as my simulator tool from cadence and DESIGN ANALYZER as a synthesis tool from synopsys and SILICON ENSEMBLE PKS as my place&route tool , up to know I did the simulation , synthesis , p&r and every thing (...)
Dear all.. plz help me on this... do anyone got a manual on this... or fully step from pks and then to encounter regards Nikky
cadence's simulator is NCsim (last i remember).. I prefer modelsim though just cause its easier to use.. The difference between SE and SOCE is first off they both do basically the same thing.. place and route. Main difference is SOCE is cleaner to use and sharper looking. Both use (...)
how to do auto place and route by using cadence to implement gate array instead of standard cell. Thanks. Added after 9 minutes: any tutorial file or doc? thanks.
You can also see the site h**p:// You can also get free libraries and materials to run a flow in your ASIC tools. But the information is highly cadence specific. The CRETE website is no longer supported by cadence.
Hi all, I am working with cadence SOC Encounter. In that we have an option of adding filler cells. I shall be greatful if some one gives me the details as why we shud add these this filler cells 1.Why we actually need filler cells in the Design Thanks in Advance
i want to know the tools used in asic flow from synthisis to auto place and route from cadence thanks
i want to do mix signal design, for the analog signal, i have spice simulator so if i want to make the digital part( i dont' want to use spice as it is not very efficient , sim transient take me long time) i want to write verilog to verify it. or i got circuit in my mind, i want to translate my circuit (probably hspice netlist) to verilog code to
hi, i want to import a Hspice netlist to cadence for automated place and route. in the cadence user's manual, it says that "Import->CDL" can do such things. but it always fails when i do as it says in the manual. it produce a log file called nino.log, the information in it is as follow: (...)
I prefr cadence NC-verilog + Debussy