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Hi i have the knowledge of creating a schematic and running analysis but now i have a verilog a file and i have no idea how to run it and observe the results. Currently i am only able to view the file. How can i get the symbol or results by running the verilog a code in cadence? Can anyone kindly let me know the way for it. Thanks a lot!!!
I would like to write script for cadence RTL compiler synthesis, using saed32nm tech libraries, but there are a lot of standard cell library files(.db .lib), I choose one of them but failed to perform the synthesis, saying the libraries do not have usable basic gates. Is this because I choose wrong library path and lib files or other reasons? My co
hi, I want to do verilog-A coding in cadence,but the text editor not showing function/title bar.Can any one help me on this. Thanks
Hello to everyone, I am new to the cadence OrCAD Capture CIS and Allegro suite. Now I need to create a pcb with those tools. When I activate the generation of the netlist I get the following errors/warnings: ******************************************************************************** * * Netlisting the design * ******************
I'm a newbie in vhdl coding and ready to learn. I want to enter vhdl file. How to create VHDL file in cadence using text editor is confusing me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Which editor can read a script from cadence in windows environment? Not run it, just read the content as normal text. Thanks
Hi Everyone, For cadence simulation I am not using ADE instead I have to generate spice netlist, generate the test bench according to circuit parameters, convert it to spectre and then run the simulation using unix command. My problem is this method is totally new for me and don't have any idea how to edit test bench, write a syntax and run sim
hi to all..... ve a good day.... I m new to this forum.... I m making a pcb in caence16.3.... I ve idea with orcad9.1 layout.... please help me in routing in cadence with ur suggestions...i ve done manual routing taken so much time... If I want to change the ref text font size...wat ve to do??.... how to make gerber files....??
Hi all, I just want to ask, is it possible to plot a model parameter. I want to plot vth (threshold voltage) of a transistor as i sweep input voltage. Thanks.
Set the environment variable editor=<editor PATH> in your run cadence script.
cadence, like other vendor, has their own proprietary format, so you won't be able to use any other tool (e.g. text editor) to view their file (it's in a binary form by the way). However, cadence, like other vendors, also support the open format VCD, which is in a text file. For your purpose, it's (...)
Q1: Are the model files for MC simulation different than for parametric sweep ? Q2: For EG: I want to sweep Beta but in model files it is given a constant value i.e. bf= 250 if i write bf = BETA only then i can sweep it ! So, Can i edit the model files in text editor and name them differently to use them in parametric analysis?
I am designing DIGITAL PHASE LOCKED LOOP using cadence. I have written VERILOG-A code for the Digital Phase Locked Loop. But the actual problem is :-- 1. I am opening Verilog-A window from CIW and editing the verilog code. It is giving `include "constants.vams" instead of `include "constants.h". 2. If I edit the verilog code by Pressing
hello, i changed the default vi text editor in cadence to jedit , how can i compile with the new editor as in vi i usually use ":wq" thnx
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
i am useing cadence IC 5.141 on Suse 10 i tried to change the editor by be gedit or kwrite instead of the defult editor vi but when i try open any cell view (eg.verilogA) i get this error /usr/local/cdstree/tools/lib/ version `GCC_3.3' not found (required by /usr/lib/ i tried it with gedit ,kwrite, kate , (...)
i have an error when trying to close the verilog text editor to compile using :wq cannot find ncvlog excutable from your path. Please updateyour path to point to the correct excutable or use vmsNcvLogExcutable variable to specify the excutable to use. any fast help plzzz.
You may set editor environment variable in the shell profile. ( .cshrc for csh). The text editor useb by cadence may also be set int the '.cdsinit' file or .Xdefaults.
annyone who can tell me how can i convert spice3 model to pspice9 model? i use pspice 9.21 in cadence PSD 14.0. Thanks a lot!!