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Hi everyone, I am currently designing a matching network with DTCs (digitally tunable capacitors) and I am struggling to properly calculate the corresponding S21. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that it is not correct to simulate the matching network S21 in a 50 Ohm environment while the antenna input im
Someone, please help me. How to calculate the power available at the antenna material RLSA? I need your answer. Thank you
How can I do it? As sketched in previous post. Sweep a signal generator over the intended frequency range, measure input and radiated power, calculate the ratio for each frequency, plot the result. I have another question... Several misunderstandings of S-parameters seems to be involved. - S parameters can be app
Hi, I would just need an equation form which I can calculate the aperture efficiency of a circular waveguide antenna. I have data from gain, wavelength and its physical size. The way that is shown in books is: Effective area (Ae)=(Gain*lambda^2)/(4pi), Physical dimensions of open end of antenna(Ap)= pi*r^2 (...)
Are you trying to calculate antenna apature efficiency?
hi when we simulate any printed antenna in simulation software(CST, HFSS) how important it is to assign correct loss property to substrate to calculate accurate gain and efficiency and how gain is related with the loss tangent or conductivity of material on which antenna is printed any comments are welcome regards
hello everyone, anyone know how to calculate the efficiency in percent using cst? hope u all can help me. regards, kyg
Hello everyone I am trying to plot the radiation efficiency of a patch antenna vs thickness of the substrate. I want to see the effect of dielectric loss, conductor loss and surface waves on the radiation efficiency. Does anyone know how to calculate surface waves for patch antenna with different (...)
There are a number of ways to estimate the gain of an antenna. Here is one: G dbi = 10 log10 ( 4 Π (effective aperture area) / λ?) * efficiency The distance on the surface of the earth may be calculated using spherical trig. Look up the details is Bowditch ( a bible in the boating world). Added after 7 m
Hi wesleyclone, Usually we go for efficiency ,once we know the s parametrs and there by the resonace of the antenna ,you know the frequency at which the efficiency is needed and regarding phi and theta ,you can opt for them or not .I guess its better to calculate the efficiency by defining the whole sphere.
Hi All, How can I calculate/plot the Gain and efficiency of my antenna? (1) At single/solution frequency (2) Over the frequency sweep Apologize about the reposting but I am clueless on this? Thanks, Soyuz
Hi All, How can I calculate the efficiency and gain of an patch antenna modeled in HFSS? Regards, -- Soyuz
Can anybody explain how i can compute gain from radiation pattern? I could not obtain a satisfactory solution for this problem. Thanks in advance Measure Half power beam width in the E-plane and H-plane. Multiply them and invert and again multiply with 4*pi. The result will be approximate far field directivity. Now
The gain of an antenna takes account of the antenna efficiency as well as its directivity. The formal definition of gain in any direction is "power density radiated in that direction divided by the power density which would have been radiated at that direction by a lossless (perfect) isotropic radiator having the same total accepted input (...)
Hi all, I am simulating a p@tch antenna. The S11 plot looks okay and radiation patterns too are okay but when I use the "Compute antenna parameters" feature ( by right clicking the infinite sphere used to calculate the far fields ) , it gives a radiation efficiency of 1.013 . How can this happen ? I am using (...)