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hi i hope :the sentence is correct:?: i cant calculate iip3 for lna with ads?:sad: pleas help me
How I can calculate iip3 & noise figure & 1dB com. with Aplac I designed gilbert cell mixer with mosfet (BSIM3 model) and i want to quickly compute main parameter of mixer with aplac v7.6. any one can help me?
Dear all, I know the expression of P_iip3=(3P_in-P_im,in)/2; it leads to P_in=(2P_iip3+P_im,in)/3, to get P_in,max, let P_im,in=F (noise floor). P_in,max=(2P_iip3+F)/3. There are two variables in equation, P_in,max and P_iip3. In RF system design, which one should be (...)
I need to calculate iip3(TOI).can anybody help me to find a useful formula?
can u explain more than? i cant calculate iip3 with this formula:ip_3=ip_3(vout,ssG,.....):-( thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks
Write your iip3 equation in the outputs menu and then make your simulations by changing bias current utilizing parametric simulation.So, when you change bias current, for each step PSS+PAC will calculate iip3 and you'll obtain iip3 vs bias current curve.
i have this circuit in ADS and i want to calculate iip3 . can anybody help me?
hi all i want to calculate iip3 in ADs. I have 2 inputs LO and Rf freq for zero if receiver for wimax .the centre freq is 5.20 GHz.what will be the indices and equation required to calculate iip3 pls help
BigBoss Sir, Infact, I didn't clear, what you conveyed in the previous posting. What about Input Intercept Point (iip3), what will be maximum iip3, we can have. If we know Gain earlier. How to calculate iip3 theoretically and practically,what must be the maximum iip3. Simple.. (...)
Hello all, I am trying to get the receiver specs for a mobile WiMax tranceiver, in the standard, the only indication i found to receiver nonlinearity is given by the "adjacent and nonadjacent rejection at BER=10e-6 for 3 dB degradation C/I" numbers. I really don't understand the term "for 3 dB degradation C/I"?, the standard doesn't give any de
The inband iip3 for WCDMA is specified @ 10MHz offset. So I ran a 2-tone test w/ following parameters, RF1=2150MHz RF2=2160MHz LO=2140MHz First of all, should I have used the 2 tones @ 10/20.5MHz so that IM3(0.5MHz) falls within the BW(5MHz)? Secondly, due the LPF @ mixer output w/ cutoff of 8MHz, the output @ 10MHz is much bigger tha
I need iip3 of front-end for designing a 5 GHz Mixer in 802.16a. How I can calculate the value of the power of the input interferer,
For a circuit whose input impedance is high, how to simulate its iip3, gain, NF so that I can use these parameters to calculate the iip3, gain, NF of the overall cascade chain?
I've never used 0.35 Thus I do not know exactly You'd better calculate it yourself. Bosco Leung's book on microwave VLSI circuit design would be helpful. thankyou! I guess there maybe some optimum value for iip3-NF under certain current . Is it possible to achieve iip3 around 10dBm NF<15dB current tail<1mA 2G downconverti
hi all i am simulating zero -IF receiver for wimax. i want to calculate 1 dB compression point but in HB it is not allowing 0 Hz as output frequency. and for 3 mixer tones what is the iip3 equation pls help thanks
Greetings Reader, I am simulating an amplifier (A simple one) The amp is merely a differential pair with a tail current source and resistive load. Differential Input Differential output. I placed 2 ports at the Gates of the Pair - each of them having first and second sinusoid amplitude set to pin in dBm and swept pin in a swept PSS analysis
I don't think there is a formula to calculate die size just based on gate count and RAM size. If you look at most chip, you will see that about 25%~40% of die size is used for just routing purposes. That means die size depends largely on unknown factors such as cell library used, routing tools, and maybe experiences of routing engineers. You can on
how do i calculate snr of a circuit i have tested. say i hav constructed a ic741 inverting amplifer how do i calculate the snr. let the input be a normal sine wae of ampl 0.04v sriram
Could anyone tell me how to calculate the resistance and inductance of vias. The frequancy range is from DC to 50MHz.
1/2 Here is a good way to calculate the pice of a cheap ... Unfortunatly, 1 month is too short for evaluation :cry: Anyone knows how to extend its time ??? Okguy
How to calculate the toggle rate in ncverilog?
Check this thread Simulator: ezNEC :!: :idea: :?: Hi, I need a design for omi direction antenna for 1250mhz - 1300mhz with gain of 10db or more. Any software to calculate the practical lengths of antenna arms. Regards. Rehan
How can calculate FUSE on PCB TRACE ?
How can calculate the sine and consine function by using FPGA or VHDL code? For synopsys users: If you have the DesignWare Foundation Library (dw_2) licensed, you can use the DW02_sincos model. see attached file.
Hi all: Do you know whether there is some softwares or tools can calculate Green's function, either simbolically or numerically? The input should not be limited by planar structure and symmetric structures. It is powerful if it can solve general cases. If there is no such software, maybe it is a good topic for research. Regards
Design a CMOS LNA, got iip3=1.5dBm, Which don't meet the requirement? Anyone know how to improve iip3?
I need to capture live video feed from a 4MPixel/Frame, 30Frames/sec, 16bits/pixel high resolution camera and for that I need to know what the data transfer rate of the video capture card should be. Multiplying 4*30*16 becomes 1.9Gbits/sec. Does this mean that I should use a 1.9Gbits/sec capture card? Since 1 Byte=8 bits, 1.9Gbits/sec becomes 240MB
Hello! I would like to calculate this parameter for an FPGA design based on DSP functions like FIRs, FFTs.. and evaluate if there is really a need for FPGA. Any idea how to do this? Thx Bart
a DOS program to calculate the combline filter
a DOS program to calculate the attenuation pad
In most cases, the TX NF is not important. So it's hard to calculate it than RX. :roll:
Hello to all Is it possible to calculate the Phase Shift between 2 sine waves with different amplitudes on a DSP ?? Greetings Michael
in hspice or spectra, does anyone know hot to get or calculate the input capacitance value(Cin) of a I/O cell? help me. thx!
Hi all, Some one have a C code (for embedded) to calculate the RMS value of the sine-wave readed by an ADC of 8 bits? ThX NeuralC
Currently I design a protocol conversion using X/ilinx FPGA some signals need to be passed through the FPGA and other can be dirctly connected, I'm worry about the time delay between the signals passed through FPGA and the direct ones and I should issue the PCB design now as it take long period to be back. my question is 1- Should I pass all signa
You have to calculate it yourself, but you only calculate it once. You may need several tables for situations where the signals are uncorrelated and for when they are the same signal at different phasees. Use the same method you now use. Make one signal 0 dBm and the other from 0 dBm down to how many -dBm it takes to get an addition of 0.01 dB
Sure, There are tons of way to calculate checksum.You can develop yours for example.You can sum all bytes and mod it to for example 256.Then you'll have a checksum byte ;) Analyzer.
I want to build a harmonic current meter for power supply testing,I use AD converter to sample AC input current ,but how can i calculate harmonic current ? what is the formulate? how to use FFT?
Hi, I want to know how to calculate the processor timing values? ie to know how much timing is taken to execute each instructions? How to calculate this? How to calculate the latency period? Regards, Priya.
Hi, I am trying to calculate the capacitance of 2 parallel plates using HFSS ver 9.1 and can not get the answer. The answer should be about 107pF. Each plate is 1.0 inch x 1.0 inch and 1.0 mil (0.001inches) thick. The plates are seperated by 10 mils. The dielectric layer between the plates has a dielectric constant of 4.4. I am not sure h
have someone know HFSS how to calaulate number of mesh?? Because i want to know how much memory to calaulated in my case. My case is roughly 200mm and the sweep frequency is the wavelength is almost the same with bodylegth.have some know how much memory to be used??In the same time,please tell me how to calculate.
Use smith chart. calculate the normalized impedance first. Mark the normalized impedance on the Smith chart. Then draw S (VSWR) circle. Then read the S value on the smith chart. R circles and S circles are tangential to each other. I hope it helps. regards, Lkuzu
Of course, fourier transform should be done to the voltage and current, because impedance is a frequency-domain parameter. To calculate current, use the equation I=integral along a close path (Hdl) set a close path that include the trace(in the cross secton view). apply the above equation to obtain the current in the trace.
Hello All, have somebody ideas how to calculate Mixed Mode differential S-Parameters from Single Endet 4-Port S-Parameters? Maybe with @ds and ideal baluns? Thank you for hints!!!
hi any buddy guide me about program calculate the dimension of butterfly stub that i want to use it in biasing of LNA regards
You can download RELIABILITY PREDICTION OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT, MIL-HDBK-217F, free from here: In MIL-HDBK-217F are listed Failure Rate of many different types of electronic components. There are newer standards, but MIL-HDBK-217F is still widely used and is a good starting
I have to calculate small transformer which is to be used only to generate voltage which is separated form primary side. The transformer must be powered by sine wave voltage at primary side of about 25kHz and power 0,5...1W. Alhough is seems to be very simple how to calculate such a transformer basing on equations used for oridinal 230V transformer
Usually, NAND2 gate is used to calculate the gate count of a design. Exp,in smic library,1 NAND2 = 9.98 um*um. So if your area report from DC is N um*um, then your gate count is about N/10.
f:1850-1910MHz Gain:8dB NF:<1dB iip3:10dBm a single-stage balanced amplifier(I use two ATF54143) To meet the low gain,I add a Pi Resistor network,but the NF become worse(about 1.2dB).Can you help me?
Here is the answer: In a 75 ohms system to convert dBmV to dBm you have to add 48.7506. In a 50 ohms system to convert dBmV in dBm you have to add 46.9697. You have to calculate first the field strength in dBm and convert to dBmV regards