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72072 Hi Please see the Image , this is a post layout simulation result at 6 GHz for a CMOS Mixer with calibre, assura and Schematic(without post layout), as you can see it seems that both assura and calibre have the same results. (Technology : 90nm) Regards Amir Hossein Masandi
calibre is mentor's tool. You can export the gds.
hi, My name is Raj from hyderabad ,India.I just completed Post Graduate Diploma on IC layout engineering of University of California with sound knowledge on Layout ,Place and Route,Verification,CrossTalk.I finished M.Sc(electronics) in march 2006.
Hai all, My name is Raj from hyderabad ,India.I just completed Post Graduate Diploma on IC layout engineering of University of California with sound knowledge on Standard Cell Layout ,Place and Route,Verification,CrossTalk.I have good knowledge on STA and logic synthesis.I did project o
Can I do RC-extraction without netlist? I have gds file from Astro. but I don't have netlist file of that logic. That logic made from verilog source synthesized by Desgin complier. Can I get extraction result? I think it can't get result. You need netlist to run LVS(hercules, calibre) software. The LVS softwa
I'm not a BE engineer but calibre is the DRC sign-off tool at my company.
Hello guys: I have tsmc018rf library,include technology lib, calibre/assura verify, spectre/ADC/eldo/hspice model and design kit. But I need 90nm process. we can share each other. OK?
igorbog, If there is no documentation on PDK, The simple way to choose better capacitor- is to perform parasitic extraction by calibre/assura end check extracted netlist for parasitic capacitance. Best reguards
you need to work with CAD. The info you gave is very little to help. calibre, assura and HERCULES have a different methods of running LVS.
I'm trying to understand PDK files and simulators and all that stuff by reading the documents from TSMC which I am currently using with my design. While reading, I came across this phrase: "5. This PDK only provides calibre DRC/LVS, assura LVS deck and calibre/assura/StarRC RC technology files for 1p6m-4x1z, (...)
calibre gives better checks than assura not realy, the results are same ,but is more fast and cheap . mentor tools are more cheap than cadence . my company migrate fom cadence to mentor because of the price of the license :)
I think calibre is the best choice! Because it is the signoff tool in the world!!
The best would be to go to Cadence SourceLink - there is all documentation you need. assura has its own commands which are similar to those in Dracula or Diva. If you know how to write calibre then it is quite easy (well in my experience) to switch to assura.
I am having the calibre drc rule deck for the process, but i dont have calibre tool, but i am having the assura tool. Can I use the calibre rule file in assura tool? Is there any option in assura to import calibre rule file? thanks in advance... -Sunny
Hi all, Can any one tell me how can I use Cadence assura to extract parasitics while using calibre LVS in the verification flow? Thanks in advance, Ahmad.
Hello, I came across these names assura, Dracula, calibre, Hercules. what is the difference between them? it got me confuse. most of the time i use calibre for DRC and LVS verficication, but sometimes assura is also used.
Which is the best tool for verification,userfriendly for layout a)assura. b)calibre. c)Diva vote for ur best verfication tool.
Hi, Anybody experienced in BE verification can help me regarding how to link calibre LVS to assura QRC? What are the documents talking about that point in particular? I have slight information about CCI output from calibre LVS which is a format that is somehow fed to QRC. But I need some extra details.. Thanks in advance, Cheers,
Hello all, For parasitic extraction of same circuit in calibre,we did the RC extraction in assura..... but to our surprise we are gatting large parasitics this time(assura)...... I means in terms of resistor.. it was not more that 50 ohm previously..... but wiht assura we are getting in kohms and even in M ohms for few (...)
are all the other resistances correct? Make a very simple layout (max 2 inverters and compare extracted netlist for both calibre and assura
For the extractoin of same circuit, I am getting different extraction parasitics for calibre and assura..... any idea???? below is the extraction for assura... rl1482 ( dvss12\#15991 dvss12\#15386 ) resistor r=999999995904.0000 rl1492 ( dvss12\#15305 dvss12\#16867 ) resistor r=999999995904.0000 .????? :|
Is there a way to convert an assura deck to calibre format, or can the calibre tool read a deck that is in assura format? If a script exists to convert the formats, where can I find it? Thanks!
calibre extraction more accurate regarding to my experiences.But it totally depends on the technology that you would use. Because extraction rules are defined by your tech. file and it is dependent on its accuracy and definitions.
hi all assura QRC layout or calibre PEX extraction tool is better ? What is the advantage and disadvantage? Thanks
I wanted to convert calibre rule files to assura rule files because those are the only rule files available from the foundry at the moment. Is there any script available for that? What languages/methods could one learn to perform this task? How difficult and time consuming is it? Thanks for your help.
Hi, I have a rule in calibre that need to be converted into assura drc. Please help me. VIA1.R.2_FSG { @ When M1 or M2 width > 1.4um, more than 1 VIA1 is required. @ if the metal has < 4 vias, vias spacing should be <= 0.71um, @ or if the metal has >=4 vias, at least 4 vias spacing should be <= 1um How can I detect via arr
Sorry, only cds generate the extracted view. calibre is gds->spice
it is obvious trend that alll foundry and design house adapt the calibre as the standarize signoff tools.
I like calibre more than assura. The assura have endless bugs and too many fault errors.
If you invoke calibre from Cadence Virtuoso, you may hilight error in the layout window.
Hello All, After I used many years calibre and from time to time Dracula for layout parasitic extractions, now I have to do this with assura. I find few things that put me in a difficult position, and make to untrust assura results. (Like a conffirmation that assura don't work properly) Description case 1: I have two (...)
well , lets just say i am using calibre now
there are interface between calibre and virtuoso,t that is means, u can get all the calibre' results information (drc, lvs, erc and attena errors). thanks.
Hi, What are the difference and advantages of using the following tools?? 1) Diva 2) Dracula 3) assura I think all products from Cadence and they are doing similar jobs like DRC, LVS, and parasitic extractions - physical verifications. What are the differences?? and advantages ?? how about calibre? I believe this product is from Mentor
Hi, I used Ecounter with "saveNetlist –includePhysicalInst –excludeLeafCell CHIP_LVS.v" to write a verilog netlist in order to run a LVS. I would like to use assura for LVS - because calibre is not available here. Could someone give me some guidance how to use the "physical" LVS-Netlist with assura for LVS against the (...)
Hello, I don't know really assura tool but with calibre from Mentor you need basically your layout (*.gds), your source netlist (*.sp) and in option a rule file. In the rule file your are some information like where are your file on your computer the name of your output file(extracted netlist, report file,...). Be careful a LVS makes just a
use calibre
Right now, I am doing the lvs of my circuit and layout and I always get error: in the schematic, the circuit has 3 pins and in the layout, I also create 3 pins and their labels but when I do the lvs, I get the error "different number of ports in layout and schematic" which means that calibre can not find the pins I create in the layout PS I de
Dear all i had lot of confusion will any chance to use assura for verification in SOC Encounter.(plug in)chance...or must use calibre/Cadence physical verification?? Thanks && Regards....pls give help..
calibre Interactive Hello, I am looking for a layout verification tool (DRC, LVS, extraction...) and I came across calibre Interactive. Have anyone used it before? Does it have everything that I need (DRC, LVS, parasitic extraction)? Is it easy to install? How easy is it to use compare to Diva? (from what I heard, it only allows gds layou
How to find the open and short in assura I am new ,worked only on calibre
Sorry if this topic make you bored. Firstly I have the cadence done the LVS using assura, and it worked. However my partner only has calibre for doing LVS; and the problem arises. I read the discussion here: , I tried to follow the solution but not worked. I am using IBM PDK cmrf8sf V1.6.2.
Hi all, I did extraction from calibre xRC and got "calibre" view. When i simulate it by changing the config view of the testbench I get the same simulation results as that of schematics. Where I am making the mistake? I did extraction with assura and its av_extracted shows the desired behaviour, that is it shows the affect of parasitics. (...)
While running DRC in virtuoso for umc90nm ,it gives an error as line 320 of (DRC selected file),unable to open or access file type and that file is ./ I dont know why that error occurs the restricted foundry document or the staff from UMC will give you a hint. basically, calibre is looking for
Hello everyone, I am currently designing a bandgap reference (BGR) circuit in IBM cms9flp. Using assura for LVS the circuit is shown to be correct (layout schematic match, and no extraction problems) When I use calibre the result is Correct again, there are no extraction problems, BUT there is an ERC error. The description of the e
Hello All, I am new to cadence and assura. I am facing severe problem with IBM_PDK and assura. When I run avview, assura pops up and everything will be fine. But when I run the same with icfb and go to IBM_PDK tab, I am getting the following error. I checked the forum, but each has different answer and I almost tried everything. (...)
Our foundry advises provides rule decks for all three tools. As per their notes, calibre is better at detecting width/space violations and assura is better for density checks. Nothing specific about Hercules.
I am using IC5141 and I have neither assura nor calibre installed. I am going to download one of these tools. Given a Cadence version, is there any rule in order to choose assura or calibre? If I choose assura, which are the steps to follow after installation? I know I should add some settings in my (...)
...I've used ntiedown as substrate contact I don't agree with this...ntiedowns are protection diodes NOT substrate contacts. You must use subc for substrate contacts instantiation in schematic and layout instead! I have no experience with calibre so if possible try with assura and give me the repsective error report.Also che
Hello Guys, Do anyone know how to configure the xRC (calibre extraction) in order to create a compact extracted netlist? In assura, we can define the minimum value of R and C, also merge resistors (and so on...), what makes the extracted view more compact and faster to be simulated. How can I do this with PEX? Thanks in advance.