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Im still searching atmel controller library for Proteus. but i cant get it. Is there any simulation software for atmel series like at, atxmega, atmega and so on. Thanks.
Hi friends.I am new user and i want to use at25f2048 with cypress psoc5lp microcontroller. now i can get chip ID but when i send write register just back 255.and i cant read data on there any body to help me or give me sample to interfacing at25f2048.:?: tankyou...
Hello,i would like to have the two orthoghonal modes TE10 TE01 and shift them 90 degrees to create circular polarization in the CST menu i can only choose the number of modes but i cant know which modes specificly will be generated.I can choose the polarization angle so by choosing two ports and 90 degree polarization i will only get two ortho
Hai, iam but familier with PIC programming, But this time one issue is giving me a big headache. I am using PIC12F1840, i am not able to get output on RA4. It simply gives zero volt, When i attach a 10k pullup It constantly gives me 5v. i have set TRISPIN, I have disabled adcon etc.. The code works in simulation Attaching my code [COD
I am trying to make a digital dimmer circuit,But i was not successful so i was finding fault part by part Lets leave the ZCD and microcontroller thing apart for now. I am using M0C3020 and bt138. I tried powering up Moc directly but that doesnt turn on triac. So my connection is as follows 135534 I powered moc using
I need help with ORBITAL TV model OLM50042.Wont play movies from hard drive ,TV system says, USB software needs to be updated. cant get any information from all searches and consultations . Where can I get this software?
Have you get a testbench? why cant you test it in simulation?
thanks, ive emailed them and they phoned me and offered to talk, but i couldnt pick up due to being busy.....i now cant get reception on the phone. Anybody any rough idea of the cost?
No. 0 downto -1 is legal VHDL, and is a null range - ie. the loop doesnt get entered. At least I know Quartus will work just fine. I cant speak for ISE or Vivado (though I suspect Vivado should work, but ISE you'll have to try it. Its had problems with null range vectors in the past)
Hi All! I cant get PMP working on my pic32mx340f512h. Tryed every example found in internet nothing seems to work to me and cant get change on the I/O pin simulator in MPLABX 132301 #include /* PIC32 Main Library */ #include /* PIC32 Prepheral Lib
I totally get what u say. Imagine u have a gilbert mixer. So the lna output drives a transistor gate. So here i wont have S21 at all bc I dont have 50 ohm load. Then i cant find the gain of LNA with sp simulation. I can do AC or tran and check 5GHz. As i said i have CL which is added to Cd which make LC tank with Ld
hi all, can anyone help me explaining, how charge balance method can be used to measure pressure from a differential capacitance pressure sensor. I want to know if a 74hc4052 can be used as an integrator? I want to connect a differential capacitance pressure sensor on the input channels of the multiplexer(74
cant see your circuit / not attached
Hi, I am designing a 6 bit attenuator and facing a problem when I combined them together.Each bit individual work properly it achieved proper attenuation proper S11 and S22 but unfortunately when combined them together cant get required attenuation and S11 S22. Plz help me in this regard what will be the possible causes. T
I dont have that BASIC so I cant help you. I try your program with PICBasic Pro but looks like PBP doesnt like your program. My best bet is either get some one who has that BASIC compiler to compile for your or get another similar project that doesnt use Oshonbasic. Allen
Hi everyone Need help with my personal project. I have this fingerprint and i want add a print function to connect to a printer, but cant do anything because a don't know how to connect this fingerprint to my pc to programming the new function. I have no driver, the product don't have anything more than the black box. So, i need at least the
hi everybody i have a problem with cst output file when i run my script code with FDsolver(i use floquetprot & unit cell) i got some result like " %SZmax(1),Zmax(1)% versus Passes in". i want link cst & MATLAB then it should be txt file. CST'output should be .sig file to have ASCII outpot then i got error and i cant get outpot in txt file
Hello im trying to create a PCB which has an Ardunio Pro Micro attatched. Im having problem getting exact mesurements using Proteus as the 0.1mm snap point are too big, (need 15.24mm space can only get 15.3mm) Secondly i need a CON15_1x15_2663 through hole spacer with the spacing being 2.54mm however i cant edit it and its set at 2mm by (...)
If you cant design a component footprint then don't design PCBs, this is one of the core skills required, an understanding of the basics... and you cant get more basic than the main PCB building block a FOOTPRINT!
hi guys i cant get any clear sources on Beacon transmiter in PCIe. Any PCIe experts give me some ideas regarding beacon transmitter. thanks Arunkumar
Referencing previous discussion: hi guys i cant get any clear sources on Beacon transmiter in PCIe. Any PCIe experts give me some ideas regarding beacon transmitter. thanks Arunkumar
Didn't really look at the library's source code but based on what it says about the gate time, you cant get 0.01 Hz resolution using this library. But with the arduino uno, I think it should be possible (one way or another). It probably depends on what the max freq input you will be feeding your counter. You could probably get a 0.01 Hz (...)
Hey Guys My ADSL keeps on going out of sync and dropping the connection, roughly 10 seconds then it will get back on. It is extremely annoying since I cant seem to stay connected to anything that requires a constant connection. Streaming/Gaming/Downloading even opening large websites. I have a 2Mb line where I live. It is suppose to sync at
i cant understand whats happening in this function which i have given below.How the spi interface actually works below,the use of transmission buffer empty check and reciever buffer not empty check.Whats actualy the process goes ,when i compile these code.Pls help You get the answer by reviewing the STM32 reference manual and th
You cant get any tool which can just perfectly translate all of your Matlab code to C. Depending upon the code functionality and it's HW dependence, manual effort is must.
Hi there i have managed to design a log spiral antenna with the following parameters but cant seem to get matlab to truncate each arm of my antenna a = 0.22 N = two turns flow = 300Mhz fhigh = 1Ghz ro = 75mm I have simulated my designs in matlab and i am getting a two arm log spiral but i want to truncat
Reference thread Hi, I'm actually trying to do something very similar. I simultaneously exciting 3 discrete dipole antenna ports. However I cant seem to make any sense out of the S-parameters I get. Instead of the generic S-parameters (S11, S12, S21, ..... ) I get these : S1,S
when i connect my module to power the power led stay on but i cant get signal led blinking. If signal led is not blinking then your sim is not in network or less signal and before change baud rate check your GSM module and try with the other sim card.
Hi, So we have created a PCB that uses the SIM968 module, and we originally used the EVB to test our control code and it all worked fine, sending texts etc. So we then laid out the system as per the datasheet (design guide). We get an error over AT (not specified) but we have the LED flashing - the error code is (is cant remember first bit
so my professor taught us today about relays, and told us this thing- "when we providing current to the inductor, and its get to 60mA , 70mA, we cant just 'stop' the current immediately". when we asked him "why? what could happen?" he refuse to answer. so, why exactly? The current stores energy in the form of a mag
I am planning to make a buck converter able to convert from (30V - 90V) to 12V delivering 5A current. I am fine in calculating the inductor and capacitor and other parts requirement and selection but I am facing problem in choosing the right PWM controller IC. My converter will be 1. Current mode controlled 2. Non-Isolated 3. Synchronous or as
Hello Everyone, I joined this forum in the hopes obtaining some circuit design assistance relating to fiber optic Transmitters and Recievers. I have obtained some higer end Rx/Tx units and I am having some difficulty figuring out how to drive them. I am tryng to drive Serial (9600) data through them. Their are various reasons I am not con
Dear All I have a slight problem in my design, I am trying to design a 25W PA from 10MHz to 512MHz and did some AWR simulation, Steps are given below 1- IV Curve to bias point 2- Stabilize FET 3- Find input impedance and its conjugate 4- Do Load Pull measurement using AWRDE Load-Pull wizard now after doing all that I got input impedance
I have done code in mplab & c16 compiler in pic18f87k22 and also simulated in proteus bt in hardware i cant get the count any one pls help me here is my code and simulation108438 108437108437108437
Hi, I want to run a signal integrity analysis in Altium designer. I have never done SI analysis before. My question is: How can i define the input source for SI analysis? For example, normally in PCB the inputs are connected to a connector and i cant find any input source model for a connector in altium designer. I get not performed
No we cant. Thats not how VHDL works. Given you have "clk" in your sensitivity list, I assume you're trying to describe a synchronous circuit. Remeber, VHDL stands for VHSIC Hardware Description Language. Not a programming language. So, you are trying to describe hardware. I suggest you stop writing VHDL, and get out a pencil and a peice of pap
hi,i cant understand how to allocate the start and end address for the isd1700 series in spi mode without using the push botton
Can someone please tell me why when I simulate this simple NCO code in ModelSim I always get the same output sine wave with 500Hz freq, for every input I give? This code seem to make sense but I cant figure this out. Hi, What input value ur given this code at what clk frequency ur using, if u given the i
Hello guys, Im having a hard time just to get my firmware into the lpc1343, i bought a board from olimex. It cames with an lpc1343, and the only programming interface to the chip is an JTAG/SWD connection, which ive been reading and seems that i cant programe it thru SWD but its not
I have a 5.2Amp powersupply 50v . I want to get 5v or 3.3v voltage sources out of it (among other LDD drivers I have connected ) . I have been talking to digikey and they cant find a way to step down from 50v to 3.3v or 12v. on ebay the chineese are selling exactly what I want but I want to make myself this converter . [URL="www.e
PERL platform is good for any EDA tool. EDA tool project cant be developed in 6-8 months. What you can do is , write a wrapper around any tool to get the automated results to help designers/verif engineers. For ex , If you consider, DC as your EDA tool. DC will generate the timing reports. Assume you have 250 clocks in the design. DC will write
Hi everyone, I am using sim900d in my project. In this sim900d module if i send 60 bytes of data then its ok.suppose if i want to send 256 bytes means theni cant get the responce from sim900d what can i do?
Hi all, I want to simulate asymmetric SRR structures using transient solver. Because of the asymmetry I cant use PEC and PMC boundary conditions and while using Periodic boundary condition I get the following error "Waveguide port touches periodic boundary condition". Is there anyway to get around that? Also can we use plane wave (...)
sry forgot to mention cant use resistors... as of now i have done using a diode connected pmos Instead, try and use a (small) pmos with its gate connected to GND or to one of the n-bias voltages. Or an nmos with its gate connected to the upper p-bias voltage, or to VDD.
I want to measure the average current through a small DC motor switched with PWM. Current is measured via a hall-sensor with voltage output. I want a stabilized value each ms for a current regulator, meaning that the filter cant have a too big delay. First I need an analog filter to get rid of noise and such higher than the Nyqvist frequenc
You cant able to get duty cycle 30% exactly wit the help of mod-3 counter.
Hello Im new here,dont know if this is the right section. I'm using the sim300 module to control a dc motor with text messages.I bought it on ebay. The problem is I cant find GND, Tx and the PCB There ARE 3 pins, which are AUT,SD,ST and im sure those are GND,Tx and Rx but i cant tell which one it is.Can you guyz help me out about this??
i am working on destributed detection of a nuclear radio active source using fusion of correlated descisions in that i want to plot probability of detection versus probability of false alarm, but i cant get success in coding in matlab....please help me...
Dear friends! Yet now i am facing the problem, i cant find device file for Pic18f66k2 in pickit2. I have spent full day for finding device file,but........i cant get.I think Microchip product document should be very clear about this. If they know there will be programming problem By pickit2 or 3 means they shoul