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How can i increase a voltage from 0.1v to 1.5? Please tell me in anyway i can achieve this , i am a total newbie so ... XD great regards omdano
R2 cant handle that current. What you try to make some kind of soft start for motor?
I think you cant handle a dual clock design. Your main problem is moving edges in different clock domains.
Can your battery handle around 125A current at max load or 42A at 1/3 of load ? Deep cycle cant handle high current load, specially at start, and usually they have capacity and discharge rate declared with 1/20. Deep cycle batteries in inverter or solar systems are often used in groups called battery banks. Starter batteries in (...)
cant you use some motor driver's? It will reduce the load of PIC.
Hi You can't use direct connection with AV cam - since AV cam output analog video! To use an AV cam you will need to add Video decoder IC like the TI TVP5150 Not sure the PIC32 can handle the TVP5150 output since it is very fast signal (27 MHz) Also you cant use a USB CAM unless you have a USB host on the PIC32 and knowen protocol
Hi friends, I need to remember the answer of a question. But I cant handle the equation now. At BSC side of GSM speech transmits to BTS side at 260 bits over E1 and at BTS it has been coded to 456 bits and transmit over 20ms blocks so gross total we have a 22 kb/s data rate. We assume the sampling frequency and according to nyquist criterion
guys even i take 2-3 seconds to solder a resistor or a capacitor,it gets very hot (i cant even hold it in my fingers,it will burn my fingers if i hold at that time) due to the hot solder(lead) applied to join them!is it ok or does the heat damage the resistor,capacitor,etc.
hi... im trying to generate a pulse generator which generates the 5th order derivative of a gaussian pulse. im using some mathematical equations in the code to generate it. however i cannot generate this pulse as a periodic one. my code just plot one pulse then stops. i have tried some methods but cant handle it. shortly, is there anyone in this
too simple but i cant see the solution..I do an exercise which i need to call the function from command line tou Matlab..For example.. i have 2 matrices .. So1=randint(1,200,); Si1= randint(1,200,); wx=Si1-So1; ea = abs(wx); et=ea'; wh
Hello all. I need a power supply where I can regulate current (0-10 Amps), and since I want the regulation to come from a microcontroller, i need to use a digipot (cant think of another option)... Any of you guys have a schematic or a design I can use? Can a digipot handle more than 1 amp (up to 10 amps, maybe a little less)? Or is there ano
hi, recently i have loading effect on the circuit i design which connects to electrect mic. Some of my fend suggested it might be due to the op amp which cant handle the load. In the first place hw do i determine wether it can or not?
what it means 150M max. i cant understand
I have installed Flexlm 7.2 and the Modeltec daemon and generated a valid a Modelsim license works ....But the daemon starts to multiply. An pretty soon i have hundreds, and the computer cant'handle it .. And i have to shut down ...Has Anybody Out there experience such a thing and how have they fix it?? Thanks