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I have installed Flexlm 7.2 and the Modeltec daemon and generated a valid a Modelsim license works ....But the daemon starts to multiply. An pretty soon i have hundreds, and the computer cant'handle it .. And i have to shut down ...Has Anybody Out there experience such a thing and how have they fix it?? Thanks
hi, recently i have loading effect on the circuit i design which connects to electrect mic. Some of my fend suggested it might be due to the op amp which cant handle the load. In the first place hw do i determine wether it can or not?
can anone tell me please, where i i can buy the best tools for soldering & desoldering. I am presently working on some Audio & Monitors and observed that there is some chips that i cant handle with my 30 watts soldering iron. I sometimes cause damage to the pads. I have heard about some CONVECTIOn TOOLS. Will these tools be appropriate for removi
verilog a is for modelling analog designs it cant handle digital designs where as verilog ams can be used for modelling digital designs as well
it's simple if you already understand the nature of the CDMA technique and the fact that CDMA is an interference limited system, if you understand that so we may say that hard-blocking happens when we have no more physical channels free for any more subscribers in other words if all the walsh codes in the site is already in use by other subscriber
I have an application where a remote station connected by a GSM modem wants to send / receive reports + config files which are about 2 to 4KB in size. I am using SMS for this because I have found that GPRS is not as reliable as SMS since the service provider sometimes switches off GPRS channels when voice circuit load is high. The SMS is very rarel
u r giving 1 MHZ signalto an opamp n i thimk its slew rate is less thats why it cant handle that signal so i also suggest use of high slew rate opamp
hi... im trying to generate a pulse generator which generates the 5th order derivative of a gaussian pulse. im using some mathematical equations in the code to generate it. however i cannot generate this pulse as a periodic one. my code just plot one pulse then stops. i have tried some methods but cant handle it. shortly, is there anyone in this
Hi friends, I need to remember the answer of a question. But I cant handle the equation now. At BSC side of GSM speech transmits to BTS side at 260 bits over E1 and at BTS it has been coded to 456 bits and transmit over 20ms blocks so gross total we have a 22 kb/s data rate. We assume the sampling frequency and according to nyquist criterion
Can your battery handle around 125A current at max load or 42A at 1/3 of load ? Deep cycle cant handle high current load, specially at start, and usually they have capacity and discharge rate declared with 1/20. Deep cycle batteries in inverter or solar systems are often used in groups called battery banks. Starter batteries in (...)
I think you cant handle a dual clock design. Your main problem is moving edges in different clock domains.
please tell me any one,i have 230V 1000va APC smart ups(it have 2x 12v 12 Amp dry battery) can i use 2x 12v 100 Amp lead acid battery,it can charge properly and increase backup............. i am waiting for reply anyone............thanks. You can, but you need to use some additional charger. Your UPS charge bat
R2 cant handle that current. What you try to make some kind of soft start for motor?
am trying to simulate FM transmitter circuit that is using BC547 but I got strange current waveform ! am i missing something? heard that BC547 cant handle the current that mentioned in i
I'm using a 7660 voltage converter to get -5V for a force sensor. The problem is when I'm loading the force sensor the negative voltage starts to drop by 5mV for 50kg. I think 7660 cant handle the current(200uA). I need to measure around 500kg. I think the voltage might drop a lot more for 500kg. I'm using an op-amp for the force sensor. I'm using
Which IGBT samples did you called upon? Did you got the samples? I still cant find appropiate device for my use!!
too simple but i cant see the solution..I do an exercise which i need to call the function from command line tou Matlab..For example.. i have 2 matrices .. So1=randint(1,200,); Si1= randint(1,200,); wx=Si1-So1; ea = abs(wx); et=ea'; wh
sorry, but i cant believe this :-) the 2000.5 solaris release of my collegue CAN handle this ( I know, that the sold tells, that this cannot be used ) But i got the modules written before from him and it works. He instantiated the above modules and replaced the "pullup (one)" statement in the netlist wíth " pullup I1 (one) " and it works
Dos any one has a simple tutorial that explains the procedure of handle a design from sech to PCB routing. thanx
handle -C introduction for newbie
Hi, I need a PCI interface IC to handle the control signals from the PCI slot. Any suggestions? Thanks
Do you know if Debussy can handle Verilog design with various input files coming from different directories. In this case, how can we specifiy the verilog "include" directories ?
Whats with the parts browser, it doesnt show the old brower. Can I disable the NCSU and use the standard one, iam cant do anything with this as theres only one coloumn KLEOS
hello, update: by now i found out that the ATF2500c is not an ISP device so that explains my question. but it raises an other, where do i find a circuit to build a programmer for this device. i am looking for a fitter for the atf2500c series CPLD but i cant find a suitable fitter. i can compile my CUPL file with win-cupl
Hi I am looking for a E1 transceiver chip which can handle 8 E1 Lines simulatnously. I know that Maxim chips can handle up to 4 E1 Lines. Does anybody know a chip which can handle more E1 Lines? Regards
I need the AT commands to handle ETSI ES 201 912 protocol. This protocol is used to send SMS on a fixed line to another entity connected on a PSTN or GSM networks. there must be a special comands to send and receive SMS using a modem connected to a fixed line.
But modelsim can handle this too,but if the vendor dont use modelsim , you cant use modelsim when encypted by ldv whereas you can;t use ldv when encypted by modelsim!!!just so so sorry, i don't know ms can encrypted module. & i didn't try protected module with ms either. i try it with vcs, it doesn't work.
Hi I need a processor which can handle low speed USB communications. It should probably also be flash - I am doing prototyping so might need to program it numerous times. Does anybody know of a IC which fits these specifications? Nick
When using HFSS to calculate the characteristic impedance of CPW, at low frequency, such as 1MHz, it will get give some ridiculous results, anyone has such experience? but at higher frequency, 100Mhz, everything is fine, I cant understand that is why.
only if you have a LOT of money to throw at a software package. You'd need a integrated schematic capture and pcb layout program. Also on the pcb side you'd need a auto router and auto placement add in. Not cheap. Orcad, tango, pcad, and pads are the most common packages around. Unfortunatly you cant do what you want without getting all the ad
I am doing compression algorithm using VHDL. I need to output different length of codes according to different intermediate computation results. In this way, I compress the original information. For example, if intermediate computation result is less than certain threshold, I will output 5 bits, but if it is greater than the threshold, I only n
Can MWS handle metals whose thickness are smaller than skin depth? Can I include skin depth effects in calculatins?
We want to develop some hi-frequency multilayer board components.The frequency is high enough that we have to build the component with microstrip line or stripline.But when it come to the vias,we really don't know how to handle them during our design.What effect they will do to the performance of our boards?I'm really at a loss.Can anybody help me,
i want to create a prog.exe to copy directory that is compiled in turbo assembler. my problem is the code that i search does not work properly here it is ideal dosseg model small stack 256 dataseg dNa2 db '*.txt',00 dNa3 db 0 codeseg start: mov ax, @data mov ds, ax mov es, ax xor ax, ax mov ah, 04Eh
Can any one help me to find out how can we convert the vga screen to work as monitor . in other way , how can we show the video signal on VGA screen , without using computer or TV card . I need a Electronic Circuit to do this i searched about this but i cant find any information about this subject . please help me if you can ---
i have a quasar 868MHz Fm transmitter and receiver for my data transmission. When i try this module by using bread board, the data can be trasmitted but the range not far. When i solder my components on the pcb board, it cant work totally...may i know y? Do i need to add extra components to the module?
Hi! I have downloaded the last freeware version of Eagle and I can´t install it in my W2000 machine. When I run the installer, near the end of the unpacking operation, I got the error: (translated from the Spanish) "Windows 16 bits subsystem: C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The file can´t run MS-DOS and windows applications" I unders
I hope to know does the CMOS technics can implement over 1A current? If it can't, which kind of technics can do it? Thanks in advance.
Hi, when i run opnet, i have following errors and opnet will exit: 1. file handle limitreached. 2. system frame limit reached 3. abnormal termination block value could anyone help me to solve these problem?
:D i cant see the pictures, but i will try to decode the specifications tha you have given. β
2-2.5mm should do for 215 volts. There are some formula/graphs available in some standards. cant remember them though.
cant find datasheet of ATC24C16. Can someone point the URL or the company name.
cant find ISSP datasheet of CY7C63813.Can someone point the URL .
I am designing a power amplifier for between 1.7 and 1.8 GHz. I plan to use the BFG135A power transitor from Infineon. The thing I am interested in is the 1 dB compression point of this device. it is mentioned nowhere in the datasheet and I cant find it anywhere. My input signal power level is 25 dBm and I want 30 dBm out after the amplifier stage
what it means 150M max. i cant understand
Hi,all How to handle this case? My design has a system asychoronous reset ,and only one submodule has a module asychoronous reset from another module. other submodules share this system asychorounous reset. How to handle the submodule asy reset in DC synthesis? and whether this design has a disadvantage?
Hi, i think this is depend not only from the language, but also from compiler and procesor. For example, in Keil for x51 you can't do this, you cant make the area of bool, and cant put bool in structure or unit. Actually have the way to made area of bool, but can put it to the structure or unit. The reason, if i undersoot right is that or bit varia
Hi how do i handle restart marker in jpeg deocder for losless method , any pointers or links are on this . ---gemini.
Hi, I have a very basic HFSS question. If I immerse a cylinder of dielectric within a second cylinder made from air how does HFSS handle the intersection between the two materials, does either take precedence? Best Regards, Simon.
i cant make cadence analog design environment to plot current of any instances except a dc voltage source. this is a bit annoying, does anyone know what's going wrong? here's the error message on icfb window: *Warning* Wave10 is not a waveform object that can be displayed and will be turned OFF automatically. nam