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Measure the delay for 2 or more known load capacitances. Plot delay vs. capacitance and extrapolate for Cload=0 .
hai, i am designing VCO in cadence-virtuoso ADE L(180nm) topology is attached below where i have to know how to plot graph C Vs Voltage. capacitance is parallel combination of two PMOS varactors (PM2 and PM3) and also when i simulated the ckt with 1.2V i am getting low peak to peak voltage swing how to increase the output voltage peak to (...)
Hi all, I have designed a Cherry Hooper amplifier in cadence using Spectre-Bsim4 for simulation and i want to find-calculate the total load capacitance at the output node (Vout1 as shown in the image). Do you have any suggestions or good ideas on how to do that? Best regards, Bill [i
I doubt you have a much bigger capacitance at your output node?? Calculate carefully your required load. Generally it will not be more than 1 pF in normal applications. About your doubt on plotting.....after plotting in the wavescan double click on the x-axis at the bottom. A pop window will appear and you can choose other waveforms instead of t
Let say I have a combinational logic gates which have 1 input node and 1 output node. In cadence, what method to use to measure the input capacitance (Cin) and output capacitance (Cout) of these two nodes?
Hi, I have problem in doing Assura RC extraction. When I finished layout and did the RC extraction, I found there was a large capacitance between input and output. I thought that it might be some misunderstanding in setting the environment. the schematic and layout are shown below. Is there somebody can help me the solve the problem? tha