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yes it is fine, the datasheet shown something like a pad in the center of the capacitor, what is it?
Hi, Anybody got any application note on capacitor selection or an introduction to different type of capacitor ? Out of the 3 type of dielectric X5R, X7R & CG0 (NP0), which one is the cheapest in term of cost ? Next, which footprint (0402, 0603, 1210 & etc) is the most common on PCB ? Thanks a million in advance ! Best Regards
Hello evrbd, I want to know the footprint for buffer 74LS244 and capacitor 470uF. One more thing, when I add the footprint TO218AC for TIP140 and TIP 145, the following error message displayed. "Electrical Package TIP147 for comp Q1 has at least one pin(0) which has no corresponding pin on footprint TO218AC" What I (...)
here at my compagnie we use the IPC land pattern naming conventions. Which is very usefull for almost all components. If we need to have more information we simply append this to the standard pattern name. You can find the document at a pattern name like CAPC1608X100N means a C
Mostly they comply with standards. you can find the dimensions at manufacturer's application notes of that specific capacitor
Go to KEMET and get the their capacitor KEMET SPICE viewer and then you can compare the diferences between ceramic, tantalum and aluminum for the same 1uF capacitor. Also, you can see the diferences on various types of ceramics capacitors (X5R, Y5V, X7R, C0G, etc..). What you will notice first is the frequency response of the 3 types (...)
Many years ago I did a similar thing with capacitors where I needed the flexibility to change the physical size (due to the large range of values to be Keith.
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for SMD electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for Altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
Hi dani, check the footprint name which is end with dot for example capacitor footprint is CC0805. don should not come end of footprint (spacial character)
like ic capacitor resistor etc.
it's said that the coilcraft model is not a global type. see Q&A list below from coilcraft. I am afraid for different type of devices (note: capacitor model is not avaiable in coilcraft), so we need to build our own spice model.Maybe the most important problem is how to choose the model type. ///////////////////////////////////////// Q: Why do
hi all,i design a LNA ,after finish layout i put footprint of amplifier as in datasheet,as u see in the picture,is these modification change the s par.simulation,althougth i put them after t.l. simulated(i put it random) that i know these elements reduce coupling capacitor between the amplifier pins pls for who design a real amp. help me p
There are many rules of thumb, Essentially, First, you have to make a proper plan about the priority of signal routing.Second, proper planning of placement. Third, Inspect important aspect of Isolation ( loop filters, TX/RX high energy signal trace..), grounding(PA for thermal, SAW for ground return current which affect out-band isolation much),
Usually the working limit of a capacitor is SRF (Series Resonant Frequency). Before that point the reactance of the capacitor is pure capacitive, and after SRF the reactance is inductive. In some particular applications capacitors are used only at SRF where the equivalent impedance is minimum.
There isn't a special symbol for a ferrite bead, it's just an inductor. The PCB footprint will depend on what type of bead you choose to use. There is a footprint library for "Chip Inductors" that contains various size surface mount footprints. A thru-hole inductor would use the same footprint as a thru-hole resistor or (...)
For estimating pad capacitance you can just use the parallel-plate capacitor formula. Just add this into your simulation (toggle on and off) to see how much the circuit is affected. As frequencies go higher then this is more of a transmission line effect. To truly capture almost all the effects you must use microwave-design techniques where ever
Hi folks, This is from ramesh.I am using orcad software for schematic entry. i faced this following problem. The used capacitor does have wrong properties(Eg: Manu Part i created my own new library.And i replaced the that component's cache in schematic with preserved properties(if i do replace properties, the reference number i
dear friends. i learnt orcad- 9 but as i tried a lot i am unable to change ( increase ) the hole size of the peds. if i select a capacitor, i get the hole size too small and i cant get that pcb through. ( example : --> for cap 100/25.. etc. etc..) please some one explain me how we can change the hole size please. thanks in adva
How did you connect the decoupling capacitors to the ground ??? This is extremely important depending on the frequency of interest. if you use signle via, this will bring you some inductance effects so this PA may oscillate. Connections must be done very carefully and straightforward.Because RF currents ( especially harmonic currents ) should be t
hi i am using orcad software(capture for schmatic & Layout Plus9.1 for PCB designing). i need footprint for SMD type resistors, capacitors, crystal, LED, 6 to 12 pin IC, max232 & 2 to 16 pin connectors. anyone say where to find foot print for these components in layoutplus library.
thanks nikhil. for smd components lik resistor capacitor crystal can i use trace width 8mil? what is the minimum trace width for these components?
Hello, could you please suggest me which type of capacitor is most suited for the design of a voltage quadrupler for rectenna applications (working frequency = 866 MHz)? From circuital simulations I've obtained C1=C3=100 pF, C2=C4=100 uF, as indicated in the figure below. 59327 Thank you very much ;-)
Dear friends, I'm beginner for PCB designing, kindly help me how to select values of resistor and capacitor in IC based and Filter based circuits Regards, Manivannan Selvaraj
The purpose of the courtyard is to provide a clear criterion for correct component placement. You can e.g. utilize it in the way, that when placing a number same package components like resistor or capacitor chips, you simply align the courtyard rectangles. In special cases, you may want to ignore courtyards, e.g. in the said TQFP example. You
Just what it says - your 'scope probe (and the 'scope itself) has a resistance and a capacitance. These might be important if the circuit you are measuring will be influenced by the load the probe puts on it. For instance, a very high impedance circuit (like 10's of MΩ) will definitely be loaded and therefore altered by a normal probe. So you
Hi, I am very happy with Altium designer, but with the old Altium DXP I didn't have any problems with annotating the schematic(s). Since Altium designer I have a problem with the Tools->Annotate Schematics option. I want to group the components with the same value and footprint, So C1 is 100NF and C2 is 100NF until there is no capacitor of 100NF
Use the normal resistor RES , the default package is RES40 which is 400mil but you can change it to RES50, RES60 etc. For electrolytic capacitor you can use the generic model as well, CAP-ELEC and set the proper footprint size
Hi Yursen, you can use SMD Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors.
You can convert the coils only to Microstrip Lines.capacitors can not be converted,they would be used as are. Consider a coil being as a short circuited Microstipline and calculate the length and width regarding to your substrate parameters.It's so straightforward..
The error message means that the footprint (PCB shape) that you have chosen/assigned for the capacitor has no/or wrong pin numbers assigned to its pads. hope this helps
Hi I am interested in electronics as hobby and I've just downloaded the e-book 50 555 circuits. I saw the schematic for the 555 stun gun. I want to apply it on PCB. I used the Eagle CAD to do PCB drawing of the circuit and I want you to check if it works when I apply it on PCB. I attached the files. Notes: I added a via nar the pin 5 and the 10