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Hi, Please who can help me to design the footprint of the tantalum capacitor i found some difficulties in designing its footprint, best regards
Hi dani, check the footprint name which is end with dot for example capacitor footprint is CC0805. don should not come end of footprint (spacial character)
Mostly they comply with standards. you can find the dimensions at manufacturer's application notes of that specific capacitor
Hi, Anybody got any application note on capacitor selection or an introduction to different type of capacitor ? Out of the 3 type of dielectric X5R, X7R & CG0 (NP0), which one is the cheapest in term of cost ? Next, which footprint (0402, 0603, 1210 & etc) is the most common on PCB ? Thanks a million in advance ! Best Regards
Hello evrbd, I want to know the footprint for buffer 74LS244 and capacitor 470uF. One more thing, when I add the footprint TO218AC for TIP140 and TIP 145, the following error message displayed. "Electrical Package TIP147 for comp Q1 has at least one pin(0) which has no corresponding pin on footprint TO218AC" What I (...)
here at my compagnie we use the IPC land pattern naming conventions. Which is very usefull for almost all components. If we need to have more information we simply append this to the standard pattern name. You can find the document at a pattern name like CAPC1608X100N means a C
Go to KEMET and get the their capacitor KEMET SPICE viewer and then you can compare the diferences between ceramic, tantalum and aluminum for the same 1uF capacitor. Also, you can see the diferences on various types of ceramics capacitors (X5R, Y5V, X7R, C0G, etc..). What you will notice first is the frequency response of the 3 types (...)
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for SMD electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for Altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
like ic capacitor resistor etc.
Hii all, Can I replace 0603 package resistor/capacitor with 0402 package??
Hi, I have a simple question: I want to make an audio filter using switched capacitor filters (LMF100 - national). There is one problem however: I know I need to use a Bessel filter, but in the specs of these filtes, they don't say how you can create a bessel or butterworth filter. I guess it has something to do with the Q factor. Does anybody h
Web based calculations. Car Audio: Passive Crossovers/capacitor & Coil Audio: Passive Crossovers Index of Calculators, Charts, and Diagrams
A tool created to assist RF designers in making fast and accurate calculations for all essential capacitor performance parameters
I have some bad experience with tantalum capacitor (tp)on board after leaving it for about a year or two: 1. While I'm trying to revive an old pc board, two of the tps exploded. I thought something wrong with the board. 2. I'm trying another board, samething happened. 3. While I'm trying to power up my home build variable power supply uni
Does anyone have info about commercial footprint biometric sensors?
Use ADS and introduce your S-parameters along with the circuit model for the capacitor. Simulate over your range of frequencies, and optimize for the two goals: 1) S11_measured - S11_calculated 2) S21_measured - S21_calculated Of course you have the parameters in your circuit model as variables. This will match the curves and at that poi
I know that this is not a new topic, but surely there is someone out there that has company or personal notes refereenceing what is included in orcads standard librars. DIP SIP I can figure out but the others? If any one has any thing that they can share it would be appreciated. Can not understand why Orcad does not supply this information?
Try , and into the component division. I think if you use these capacitor in ac line in, you must choose x1 or x2 type capacitor (for safty purpose).
Hi, I thought these little Matlab programs were pretty useful. Say you want to find a resistor value combination that most closely approximates a particular divide ratio, or whatever other function you can think of for r1 and r2. Given discrete values in your kit, which two will get you the closest? Or say you want to pick a resistor an
Need the libname AND footprint name of a simple variable resistor. This was is round (mostly black case with in the middle white) Cannot find it !!.... only square ones please help ?
Hi, does anyone knows wich is the footprint for a 7-segement display? If, not I´ve herad that anyone can make its own footprint, how can i do it? Thx
TN-00-06 BYPASS capacitor SELECTION BYPASS capacitor SELECTION FOR HIGHSPEED DESIGNS Micron Technology, Inc. / File deleted. Download here:
I have designed a board with RCM2200. I have the footprint of this module in Protel99 format, if any need this I can share. Regards.
Elektor capacitor ESR Meter in English
hello, i want to design a pcb on which is a spartan II (bga456) too. where can i get the schematic symbol for orcad capture and the footprint for layout? any ideas? thanks in advance, hqqh
The diode is reverse biased when the switch is closed and so with an ideal diode you get the full 10 V on the output. (If the diode were not ideal, you would get the 10 V minus the diode leakage current drawn through the resistor.) If the diode was the other direction, the output would be the diode forrward drop plus the voltage on the capacitor.
How I can find a collection of pictures of footprint?
In the old Orcad 9.2 - how do one go about creating a new SMT footprint - they all seems to be circular/donuts - how do I make those rectangular pad?
Normaly, for decoupling capacitor in digital purposes, capacitors you can't are electrolitics, because it have a high inductando, so for high frecuencies over 1Mhz, electrolitics capacitors lose the capacity. Use of ceramic or polyesters capacitors are good for decoupling. In picture,it is apparently a NP0 ceramic (...)
Hi guys, I am a newbie with Orc@d :roll: and I was wondering how you normally set the "PCB footprint" property. 1) When a place a component in Capture from the libraries the PCB footprint is empty, is that right? 2) Is there a way to just add the component from the library with the PCB footprint set 3) Is the UPD file the (...)
How to simulate their noise in switched-capacitor circuits? who know?
Hello, I have some problems for chip capacitors. Currently we are using some "quality" chip capacitors, such as Kemet and Phycomp (Ex philips). But I find them easily short circuit after wave soldering. Especially if the pcb is placed at high humidity environment. The problem seems to be caused by not enough acid cleaning from the (...)
Hi i wonder if any one can help me in finding a library containing the footprint of generic TV tuner... i am using orcad layout.. and i am new to pcb design.... so any comments or suggestions will be very helpful thanks
I want to bypass the unwanted frequence , so i use the cap. but How can i learn the self resonance of a SMT capacitor ? for example , i want to filter out some frequences on the power supply of GSM900&1800&1900. see it at the data sheet
How to simulate Switched-capacitor Circuit in the frequency domain using spice? ynhe
The ORCAD layout foot print didn't support so many footprint. I already download ESPstarterlibrary on ORCAD web site. But I still need to create so many part's foot print. Anyone has footprint library solution.
Hi, Decoupling capacitors should be placed first of all near the IC pins. If the DC source is a cable (from external power supply) or voltage regulator, additional decoupling capacitor should be placed where the cable enters the PCB (to filter noise at the input) or near the voltage regulator output (to decrease the noise that voltage regulator ca
Hi there, 1.can you give some idea about the method to find number of decoupling capcitor and its value? 2. on what criteria designer chose type of capacitor like ceramic,film or tantalum... i searched on the google but havent received any proper solution ... waiting for your reply tom
Hi Does anyone have the footprint for RJ 45 for Orcad or Protel ? I need it. Thanks in advance
What website have new footprint and board outline lib for power PCB 4 or 5 update ? Thanks in advance
I have been reading specs for compact flash, and i am not sure to make Compact flash footprint for OrCAD as the way it should be, so I ask if anyone could share it or now in what library i can find it. I have seen that Eagle has it on download section (good job for cadsoft as support), is there anyway to export it that to OrCAD ? Thanks !
I'm designing a DSP board based on TMS320F2812, this is a 176 pins LQFP component. I'm working with ORCAD 9.0 and I haven't got any library with this component or similar (nor symbol neither footprint) :( . Could somebody help me to find an ORCAD library with this component or another similar. The most important for me now it to f
Anyone know where to find smart card model/footprint to Orcad (capture cis and Layout plus). Info about smart card connector what im looking Thanks! .K
Hi ! I have a component with internal conection and I want to make the footprint know that, for the routing.
Hi, If you a hobby,you will find this footprint library is very useful. Bye
In audio or in measurement applications it is sometimes neccessary to block the DC signal and only to let the AC part of an analog or digital signal pass through a circuit. There you decouple the signal with a series capacitor (high pass filter). Depending on key requirements such as lowest corner freqeuncy of the high pass filter, size of the
i can't file any seven segment LED footprint in Orcad 10. anybody help me??? thanks alot
How to model the switched-capacitor Half Cycle Gain Stage (with offset compensation)using a four-port, z-domain equivalent model? Thanks!
To define a capacitor yu must first define the recognition layer (see ledit manual to see what i´m talking about). Then define the termuinals layers (top and bottom layers of your capacitor). These operations must be performed using the Setup Layers menu. Create an extraction file following the instructions in the Ledit manual. You can´t miss
i need a footprint of the 56-lead TSOP package in orcad or protel 8O

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