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Hi, The capacitors alone sorted the issue, but I will add the 100ohm resistors in parallel with the caps, as you have suggested.What wattage resistors should I use? Also why are the caps solving this issue? First use the 100R ... then add the capacitors. The capactiors alone are no stable solution. (It may be now, but connect longer
...edit2... It seems you have an inverter not a battery charger, so low ESR car battery or with alternator on is essential for reliable operation. If there is a bad cell, then regulation may be poor. ...end edit2.... I suspect it is detecting an overvoltage transient, perhaps due to a noise suppression cap failing open. I would consider adding a
A car battery is at least 12V, meaning you have a decent voltage to drive a fet on why do pwm controllers like TLE8386 only have 5V fet drive.?....fet switching losses are far worse with such low voltage gate drive.....I know car batteries go down to 6v when cold cranking, but thats just a short transient condition. Surely the way to
from what a blown 12 V regulator? car operation @ 14.4V? regulate it better Certainly not EMI? Polyfuse it for over current or use an SCR crowbar OVP protection with a fuse.
From your schematic all connections seem proper. I hope the power supply to both circuits (Microcontroller and L293 driver) are properly decoupled. If the motor produces any transient it will act on L293 first, as the motor is driven by the L293 not direct from supply circuit. Even then just for safety connect a 33Ω resistor in series with 1nF
try using transient suppressors like capacitor, varistor etc..... if u want it to work only when the car is on then try switching a MOSFET or relay switch using the main supply...
Hello! I am using microcontroller to collect data from car. I have input channels for digital and analog sensors and I would need to protect those channels in some way. Digital channels should accept both, DHE and inductive sensor outputs, so the input circuit should be capable to trigger approx 100Vpp sine-wave with +2V offset and with no modi
Hey, my analogue isn't really up to spec, but I've worked on cars. The voltage does indeed fluctuate, but not by that much. I'd use a bloody great inductor in series, and a large cap to ground afterwards. Then into a regulator, I imagine most regusltors are quite resiliant when it comes to peak voltage (30v+) so I'm sure you'll be fine. Althoug
Hi I need an supply for 12 and 24 v , begin whit Switch regular of on semi mc34166, i have a cuestion how protect my circuit of ignition moment, in this transient the supply of car have peek 0v ~ vcc+40% , in this moment i lose my data in ram. thanks for u comments!