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Hi; I need to cascade amplifiers to achieve higher gain. But my signal output from first stage includes a DC offset. How can i remove the offset without using a coupling capacitor between the two amplifiers. Please also let me know of any notes/tips on cascading amplifiers. Thanks in advance
How to stabilize this cascade opamp. I had to amplify the sensing resistor to view in the oscilloscope for this current limiter. How to prevent the oscillation~ any short note, advice or article? img11.
There are monographs with filter order coeficients people have calculated them from decades ago. It simplifies task of determing component values. "On the Theory of Filter amplifiers," Wireless Engineer, vol. 7, 1930, pp. 536-541 by Stephen Butterworth (hence the name!) "cascade amplifiers with Maximal Flatness," RCA Review, vol. 5, (...)
Hi everyone. Need some advice from you all. Basically when we cascade amplifiers we faced the problem of bandwidth shrinkage. Is there any way where i can resolve or at least reduce the bandwidth shrinkage. From the text books for example Franco and such we can find numerous formulas to have the widest bandwidth however this is not a transistor
Hi, I have a question on the mixed signal circuit. We are designing a 155M limiting amplifier which consists of the cascade of amplifiers and an output buffer.We treat the cascade amplifiers as analog part and the output buffer as digital part because it works like a current switch. To isolate the crosstalk from the output (...)
The transistor doesn't have a voltage gain,it has a transconductance i.e it varies its current according to the applied voltage .OpAmps are voltage amplifiers that may be of cascaded single stage amplifiers .When you cascade amplifiers, the total gain will be the multiplication of the gains of all (...)
Hi .. one year ago, I made that project, I used two OP. I have found resistance values for cascade amplifiers configuration. The first circuit had 10 of gain, then there were a filter and finally the second amplifier (100). The cascade configuration avoid noise between stages. Regards,
if there are n stages of amplification each with bandwidth = b what is the effective b.w of all n amplifiers in cascade?........ i found it as b.(2^1/n -1 )^
This is quite wideband and cascade connections may not give this bandwidth and power level. Instead of that, "distributed amplifier configuration" should be used. For this kind of amplifiers, there are lots of document and paper. But it's quite difficult to implement.
cascade connection means that two or more stages are connected together in a way that output of previous stage is connected to input of next stage and so on.
What everyone described is a cascode circuit. cascade connection is a similar circuit but with a signal decoupling at the connection of the two stages, so that it is connected as in cascode for the DC current only (to get higher efficiency by using the same DC current for both stages), but still get two independent stages for the AC signal.
very oftenly i was messed up by this to find the differences between Cascode and cascade amplifier... LIST out some prons and cons of cascade and Cascode amplifier
Liang,J.Y.,and C.S.Aitchison,"Gain Performance of cascade of Single Stage Distributed amplifiers," Electronics LEtters,Vol.31,NO.15,JUly 1995,pp1260-1261 Banyamin,B.,and M.Berwick,"The Gain Advantages of Four cascaded Single Stage Distributed Amplifier Configurations," Digest of the iee
Hello, before I ask you my question I just wanted to say I am new at the board. So over to my question. I need some help to dimension a cascade circuit amplifier with the LM324. The circuit must fulfil the following values: - In Impedance = 25kΩ - Above frequency = 100Hz - Below frequency = 150kHz - Maximun gain = 40dB I have solve
Hi All, Everytime when I try to plot the noise figure from a cascade using standard s-parameters files involving amplifiers and filters in between I get a warning message in the microwave office (or similar like Genesys) saying that for example the filters does not contains noise parameters, so therefore the device will be treated as noiseless.
Hi, I am constructing an RF Chain. I have put 4 amplifiers in cascade. I have added a tone source. The P1dB and IP3 are fixed. So, I can vary only the gain(transducer gain). The cascaded gain, I am getting 50dB but noise figure is showing 166dB. Certain times, i also get the message, no noise power is available at input. Should I add (...)
RF cascade Workbook RF cascade Workbook is a comprehensive set of tools for calculating cascaded parameters using advanced features of the MS Excel spreadsheet program. Extensive stage-by-stage calculations, graphing of min/nom/max values, and numerous calculators makes this an indispensable tool for the RF system designer. Uploaded by Kirt (...)
amplifiers Software
ESP Audio power amplifiers projects
- some schematics of tube amplifiers, guitar circuits, schematics, tremolos, choruses, flangers, vibrations, echoes, compresors...
Hi all I was wondering, instead of these massive transformers, would it be feasable to use switched mode supplies for the HT in tube amplifiers? In fact one could even generate the other voltages too...they would be far more regulated... Lets say, 1200v @ 200mA? I havent found anything on the web, which makes me think there is a reason as
Hi cascade - RF noise/distortion analysis cascade is a tool for analyzing the noise and distortion performance for a cascaded system such as the receive path of an RF receiver. The tool is very easy to use and provides a per stage performance summary, a ranking of which elements limit system p 1.
hi all I am looking for the book "RF Power amplifiers for Wireless Communications" I've downloaded just 3 parts of it from MCU server and lost the server if any body has the book (or even similar books) please tell me where to find it. Thanx in advance
"RF Power amplifiers for Wireless Communication" Steve C. Cripps , Artech-House. I got his another book "Advanced technuques in PA". Thanks!
hi. i need the following paper from IEEE. please upload for me. "Switching transients in class-D RF power amplifiers ",Raab, F.H.; HF Radio Systems and Techniques, Seventh International Conference on (Conf. Publ. No. 441) , 7-10 July 1997 tanks.
I need the paper: F.H.Raab"Suboptimum operation of class-E power amplifiers" in Proc. RF Technology Expo 89, Santa Clara, CA, Feb, 1989, pp. 85-98. thanx!! :D
Hi all, I need some info about how to use a Lange-coupler with amplifiers. I know that a Lange coupler is a for port device, 1 input port, and one isolated and two ports to where the power is splitted equally. The exercise for me is to "construct a balanced amplifier using the same transistor as in exercise ..." This confuses me, because h
hi I want to design class s amplifier.I want to know does it has any special point must be check.and I have another question I dont know why we use class c amplifiers and how we correct its distortion .
I will really appriciate if anybody can give some References/Links for hand calculation of poles and zeros in cmos amplifiers..
it is a good book for amplifier design.
anybody has this ebook: Design with Operational amplifiers and analog integrated circuits author:Franco version:second/third edition
Do somebody know how thermal compensators are constructed in big CATV amplifiers, forward direction ? (control range is about 3 -5 dB for 60 deg C change) Thanks g579
Hello Does anyone have any example projects from schools or thesis on MMIC (ie >10GHz) Power amplifiers on Chip as MMIC's ? Thanks! ie. GaAs pHEMT, GaAs MESFET, HBT, etc.
What you are asking is a very broad topic. Anyway I am icluding a lecture note which deals with cascade systems but it will make things easier for you! djalli
Hello, I am looking for a way to learn how to design AGC amplifiers in either bipolar or MOS say for an RF Front End. What papers, texts, thesis are good on this topic ? Is it just a diff pair ? Thanks
Anyone have any experience with distributed amplifiers ? How would you measure the phase along the chain of distributed amplifiers, using CAD simulation ? It is in CMOS in case that matters.
It is said that transceivers (like 74256) were used to isolate the signals, or buffer the signals. And the more easy way is to use cascade inverter (like 7404). But what's the difference between them? Buffer ability or make the slew rate more shape or endure more input current? Another question, when the transceiver's input is floating, what
how to minimize delay in an inverter cascade
Hi, Does anybody has information (or knows a good resource) about the construction of Tunnel Diodes amplifiers, and how the diode is mounted in waveguide or coaxial to act as an amplifier.
Hello ! I am looking for information on parametric amplifiers .. Any books, thesis or papers would help ! Anyone in this field would help too thanks
Hello, I am looking for papers, books, thesis on Distributed amplifiers preferably in GaAs process technology although I will take those that are in Silicon processes. I need to learn theory and application. Thanks!
You can connect two MiniCircuit amplifiers in cascade. S12 vill be the sum of them both. Use PI-type attenuators at input, between amp's and at output to achieve correct overall gain AND to serve for low input/output VSWR. Careful PCB layout is important to maintain S12 isolation.
Hi! I'm a Pole and my English isn't excellent, so please forgive me my mistakes :). (If you can, please tell me what I wrote wrong) So... I'm looking for some guitar amplifiers projects but with PCB's only, because I'm not wise enough to design a PCB layout. I need an amplifier 50W-60W RMS. I've got only Fender Frontman 15G with PCB's
Why is necessary high impedance input and low impedance out in operational amplifiers ??
A 2 stage CMOS opamp is a operational amplifier which is made up of 2 amplifying stages in cascade. 2 stages are generally used to achieve high voltage gain and high output swing simultaneously, 1 stage is optimized for each parameter. You can have more stages in cascade to acheieve higher gain, but at the expense of reduced bandwidth. See the
how can we classify amplifiers on basis of frequency resonse xplain
Would you please tell me where can I download this E-book. Thanks. Author: Steve C.Cripps RF Power amplifiers for wireless communications
Thanks for the reply. I have cascade of 3 identical stages. Persistence paid off. Though I had 1000pF decoupling caps on the drains and no spurious oscillations were visible, after adding a 10uF on drains the gain jump up to 30dB. The peak is still at the lower frequency, but at least I have a fighting chance now!
How to do the pole-zero anylysis of Telescopic cascade op amp as shown?