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if there are n stages of amplification each with bandwidth = b what is the effective b.w of all n amplifiers in cascade?........ i found it as b.(2^1/n -1 )^
This is quite wideband and cascade connections may not give this bandwidth and power level. Instead of that, "distributed amplifier configuration" should be used. For this kind of amplifiers, there are lots of document and paper. But it's quite difficult to implement.
Hi everyone. Need some advice from you all. Basically when we cascade amplifiers we faced the problem of bandwidth shrinkage. Is there any way where i can resolve or at least reduce the bandwidth shrinkage. From the text books for example Franco and such we can find numerous formulas to have the widest bandwidth however (...)
my opinion is when a few limiting amplifier cascade together, the gain will increase from first stage to the last stage. As gain increase, the miller capacitance also increase according to formula cgd(1+A). This will form a even lower frequency pole as incresing stages, f=/2pi. RC. The output of the last stage will be the dominant pole or the firs
Deal all, I will design 14bit/24MHz sampling 2-2 cascade delta-sigma ADC,Where I should to be careful design rule?stability?or power consumption? About OTA design, How do many unity-bandwidth and settling time enough to satisfy? Design spec: resulation: 14bit input bandwidth: 1MHz Sampling speed: 24MHz OSR=12 Thanks a lot.
Hi all i am designing a driver using cascade of inverters to drive a large capcitance (20pf)! But the delay is too large beyond our requirements. The delay should be less than 4.5ns. the power is 1.5v and i use the p35(n35) MOSFET. So any other method to do the same thing? i use the UMC0.25u. i want to know if the p25(n
very oftenly i was messed up by this to find the differences between Cascode and cascade amplifier... LIST out some prons and cons of cascade and Cascode amplifier
they are not cascade or parallel in fact they are independent & we need to find a separate analysis of their bandwidth thankyou......
Hello, before I ask you my question I just wanted to say I am new at the board. So over to my question. I need some help to dimension a cascade circuit amplifier with the LM324. The circuit must fulfil the following values: - In Impedance = 25kΩ - Above frequency = 100Hz - Below frequency = 150kHz - Maximun gain = 40dB I have solve
middle stage final output images.el
Hi I can not see how large is your bandwidth. I have designed fully diff 2 stages op amp 1.8v has 500Mhz bandwidth. 61db gain and 64 degree phase margin. I use standard 2 stage op amp (no cascade). I think you can improve your bandwidth from 800Mhz to 1ghz
Hi, Is there anyway to do manual analysis of, say a quadrature hybrid to determine its bandwidth (as I was able to do in low frequency cmos circuits)? While discussing quadrature hybrid, Pozar writes " ... the bandwidth of a branch-line hybrid can be increased to a decade or more by using mutiple sections in cascade". Any analytical (...)
RF cascade Workbook RF cascade Workbook is a comprehensive set of tools for calculating cascaded parameters using advanced features of the MS Excel spreadsheet program. Extensive stage-by-stage calculations, graphing of min/nom/max values, and numerous calculators makes this an indispensable tool for the RF system designer. Uploaded by Kirt (...)
RF System Calculator This is a excel spreadsheet that analyzes cascaded stages in Receivers and Transmitters. The cascade analysis includes Noise Figure, Gain, intercept point, power input/output, SNR (in a given bandwidth), etc. A main signal can be present as well as a pair of interfering signals for analyzing off-channel IM3 rejection (...)
Hi cascade - RF noise/distortion analysis cascade is a tool for analyzing the noise and distortion performance for a cascaded system such as the receive path of an RF receiver. The tool is very easy to use and provides a per stage performance summary, a ranking of which elements limit system p 1.
When we simulate, errors accur as the following, "Warning detected by HPEESOFSIM during TRAN analysis `Tran1'. MaxTimeStep reduced to 6.944e-011 to resolve source bandwidth. Warning detected by HPEESOFSIM during TRAN analysis `Tran1'. Internal timestep 9.09495e-023 too small at time 2.06961e-019 while simulator using Truncation Err
I have designed a Patch-Antenna for a 868MHz System. Because the size of this antenna was critical, I used a Printmaterial with a high er value (Taconic CER-10 with er=10). So it was possible to design an antenna with the dimension of about 35*80mm. The gain of this system is about -3dBi (better than by use of a shortened patch). This antenna
System designers typically measure memory performance requirements in a combination of two situations: a statistical analysis of bandwidth averaged over a large sample of expected cycles, and a deterministic analysis of a smaller set of specific cycles for "must complete" tasks. Some applications will be wholly in one or the other of these realms,
anyone can help-me with an 1GHz bandwidth predistorter circuit for LD broadband communication? thanks, //a
How can I improve the bandwidth for a square patch antenna? Will it help if I use a perforated ground plane (etched hole) instead of a solid ground plane? Resonant freq is at 2.45GHz, permittivity at 2.45.
Hi, I am trying to simulate a basic rectangular patch antenna on HFSS (this will have poor bandwidth, obviously!!!). I have included the airbox (radiation boundary), an edge-fed rectangular patch (metallised, perfect-E) and a ground plane that is also a perfect E. The patch is designed for 1.5 Ghz and I have given the correct dimensio
It is hard to make an antenna with this limited bandwidth. The better thing to do is to use an antenna with modelate bandwidth and then cascade it with a good bandpass filter. This will be better. Search for patch antenna structures. There are a lot of examples available
Hi, Is there a possibility of having a antenna with bandwidth from 80MHz to 2GHz. If it is available, a single antenna may be able to provide for may applications. TIA madhukar
hi, If the ID and gm are fixed, how to determine transistor size and bias voltage of cascade output stage. thanks! Rose
hi I want to interface my hardware design to pc through usb and I need nearly the full bandwidth of USB 2.0 but in best situation I have only 48 Mb/s. I found something in my usb host controller properties in device manager. It reserves only 10% of bandwidth for the controller. I wanted to know if I can change this parameter or gain higher band wi
As we can see, the wider the bandwidth,the shorter the settling time. Now I want to know the exact formula revealing this relative! Pls help me,thank you!
As we can see, the wider the loop-filter's bandwidth,the shorter the settling time. Now I want to know the exact formula revealing this relative! Thank you!
In an MCU ,how to reduce bus bandwidth occupyed by LCD controller?And how to evalate the result?THx
could anybody knows the defination of the bandwidth in handset? is it below -10dB or -7.35db? or some else? thanks!
high frequency probe is one high impedance voltage is designed for minimal influence to the circuit with a moderate bandwidth.If used with VNA,it will be very convenience to check cascade chain problem without disconnect the chain.
Hi, I have to make a patch antenna with 13% of bandwidth and with a air substrate. How can I increase the bandwidth ?
Does anyone knows the formula to calculat the resonance bandwidth ? Pls Help :roll:
Assalam O Alekum ! Please explain the term '3dB bandwidth'. Thankx
Could u tell me how much the bandwidth of a GSM channel?
i am trying to balance the tricky goals of power output stage (>5mA) and wide bandwidth (>30-40MHz). oh i need rail to rail as well. class-AB is best for rail-to-rail but needs a lot of class-A dissipation in order to move the output devices so fast. has anyone successfully built a wide-bandwidth output stage able to sink/source a few mA? s
The signal bandwidth for the W-CDMA system is set at 5 MHz. This high bandwidth allows the received signal to be split into distinct multipaths with high resolution. What does this mean? TIA B R M
hi there, does anyone knows how to enhance bandwidth of fractal antenna. I have attach a fractal antenna simulated using Microwave office. according to the filed attach can any one suggest a way to increase the bandwidth. regards danesh
cascade connection means that two or more stages are connected together in a way that output of previous stage is connected to input of next stage and so on.
Hi group! I post you a file.rar containing a .mod file realized with MWS cst. I'd like to know how can obtain a -10db bandwidth from 200 to 800 MHz. What are the adjustments that I have to do, to reach my goal? Is it a problem of feed? or of dielectric? Please help me. Thanks. alex
What you are asking is a very broad topic. Anyway I am icluding a lecture note which deals with cascade systems but it will make things easier for you! djalli
Hi, guys: I have a question about bandwidth of FSK. In text book about FM, the bandwidth FM can be calculated by Carson's Rule: BW = 2*(df + fm) where df is the maximum frequency deviation and fm is the maximum bandwidth of modulating analog signal. But for FSK, some engineers use BW = 2*(df + R/2) where R is the data rate of (...)
It is said that transceivers (like 74256) were used to isolate the signals, or buffer the signals. And the more easy way is to use cascade inverter (like 7404). But what's the difference between them? Buffer ability or make the slew rate more shape or endure more input current? Another question, when the transceiver's input is floating, what
how to minimize delay in an inverter cascade
I would like to know from a real world example, the bandwidth (VSWR<2 or R.L. <-10dB) of a patch antenna on .06 inch or 1.52mm thk substrate of permittivity = 3.38 at 10GHz. One antenna book gave an equation resulting in 800MHz. Thanks
Dear all : I have some questions about PLL Loop bandwidth. 1. If decrease Loop BW , In Band Phase Noise is increase , right ? 2. If decrease Loop BW , VCO phase noise can't sppress , right ? Thanks. 8O
Here you should appreciate the Bode plot in obtaining the frequency ac response of the cascaded stage, lower bandwidth corresponds to lower db/decade slope compared to higher bandwidth. Hope this helps Rgds
dear all antenna fans, I am working on a project involving design of a two port patch antenna with prob feed, good isolation between ports, with a bandwidth of just 2% and a wide pattern (-3db pattern: 150 degrees and 90 degrees in H and E or E and H planes). the simpler the design, the better ofcourse. please welcome me by your suggestions and id
hi all, Just want to confirm the way we measure the bandwidth for a buffer. For buffer, the gain is normally almost 0 dB. Is it correct we measure the bandwidth as 0-3dB= -3 dB. The frequency at gain -3dB is the bandwidth, is it corerct? Suria
Well, the 110 dB gain, if at dc, is no problem. However, the 1 nF cap load will always make your ampflifier act as an integrator. If your target is high gain at high frequency, you have to use some inductors, and that will make it narrow-band. If your target is high Gain-bandwidth product, then you may try cascade. However, watch out the phase m
Hi what quality factor i need to design a BPF with Δf bandwidth and IR dB insertion loss is there any equation explain the relationship between these parameters and the degree of the filter as well Cheers