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Anyone know which is better on cavity filter design? I wonder the well-known company major in cavity filter use which,or some other software else?
Hi all , I'm looking for the design formulas for a cavity filter . I want to build a cavity filter for 408MHz for radio astronomy purpose . The idea is to place an adjustable tube inside another tube and working with coupling loops to form a cavity filter, just like (...)
A very good tool for cavity filter design is MWWizard from Mician. bye
For cavity filter design, now we only first simulate single cavity's resonance frequency, then caculate the coupling coefficient that determine the ires'width. I have seen some papers that introduce full cavity filter simulation using HFSS and CST,but I can't grasp the main idear, Can (...)
hi! everybody, I have cst and hfss.I want to design a microwave cavity filter,but I don't know which is better,cst or hfss?who can give me some suggest
A cavity filter used the cavity to provide a resonance, determined by the resonant mode in the closed filter. I'd start by looking at 1-Coupled resonator filter design. THis is older stuff, the relevant papers are probably from the 60's. 2-Coupling energy into and out of the (...)
hi, How to design a cavity filter? what are those waveguide cavity filters, coaxial cavity filters..... etc., if any Books for a learner to design and if any tutorials to do simulations using HFSS/CST MICROwave on this, helps a lot..... thanking (...)
dear sirs, I am now tring to design dielectric filters of about 2 G.with the bandwidth of 15MHz. the dielectric resonator's dimension is 40mm*40mm*33mm.and a dielectirc disc with height of 11 and diameter of 28mm is placed in the center. A hard foam is taken as a substrate with the same heght as the disc. but as a result, four D
I calculated the size of a TE101 mode caivty.and calculated the coupling coef between two identical cavities(2mm thick iris).then using the direct coupled method to got the size.but because the coupling coef is not very accuate so the simulated resoponse of the design is very poor.nearly cant see the filtering figure.I hope to use screws to tune
hi! I wanted to design a cavity filter.I had drafted the 3D model.(you can see the attachment of the post).First,I needed only design a fixed frequency filter.but later,my boss told me I must think more for redesigning it as a tunable filter.I planed to use a (...)
hi, i want to design a bandpass filter with round rods can any body help me to by sending design equations completely. thanks in advance
hi to all, i have to design cavity filter ............. but i dont know the info about these filters can any one guide me to do this plz thank you
You make the cavity and tuning screw out of materials with different coefficients of expansion. As one drifts one way over temperature, the other brings it back.
How many resonators do your 3D object has as a cavity filter?
If you have placed this cavity filter before LNA, the Noise Figure will be increased by the insertion loss of this cavity filter.Let say the insertion loss is 2 dB, overall Noise Figure of the system will start from 2dB.If you take the other receiving block into account, this Noise Figure will much higher.This is the error (...)
Active filter design Info:
Linear non-recursive filter design tools using matrix and other methods. Digital notch filters via optimal whitening. Uploaded file: FIR Notch filter.mht
Linear non-recursive filter design tools using matrix and other methods. Digital fractional group delay filters and comb filters. Uploaded file: FIR Fractional Delay and Comb filters.mht
Linear non-recursive filter design tools using matrix and other methods. Digital Hilbert transformers. Uploaded file: FIR Hilbert Transformers.mht
Linear non-recursive filter design tools using matrix and other methods. Band-limited differentiators via optimal whitening and FFT. Uploaded file: FIR Band-Limited Differentiator I.mht
Linear non-recursive filter design tools using matrix and other methods. Band-limited differentiators via Remez Exchange techniques. Uploaded file: FIR Band-Limited Differentiator II.mht
Linear non-recursive filter design tools using matrix and other methods. Maximally-flat FIR low pass filters via optimal whitening and FFT. Uploaded file: FIR Maximally-Flat Low Pass filter.mht
Linear recursive filter design tools for IIR resonators and multi-resonator comb filters. Uploaded file: IIR Resonators and Comb filters.mht
Linear recursive filter design tools for IIR audio biquad filters in various modes. Uploaded file: IIR Audio Biquad filters.mht
Linear recursive filter design tools for IIR biquad gain equalizers. Uploaded file: IIR Biquad Gain Equalizer filters.mht
Linear recursive filter design tools for IIR biquad group delay equalizers. Uploaded file: IIR Biquad Group Delay Equalizer filters.mht ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks Any other replies a
CSMicro Systems filterdesigner? is an easy-to-use RF filter design program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
Hi, This is to provide a template for coupled resonator filter calculation. It is not very presentable but will do the work. For reference: Electronic filter design Handbook: LC, Active and Digital filters Arthur B Williams and Fred J Taylor
:D Hi anybody, Please suggest me which eda tools is better for RF filter design especial on cross couple kind RF filter. Thax.
Hi Online Digital filter design (Via-web) designs a Digital filter and draws the frequency response!!! 1. -> t tnx
Only for microstrip? not for cavity filter design?
hi, does any one have a digital filter design on the 18f452 in hi-tech c or the PICC . thanks in advance. sam
- filter design Examples - filter design Tutorials - filter design Techniques
Hi all !! Where i find some information about ladder crystal filter design ?? I need how to calc bandpass, insertion loss, impedance (input and output)...etc. Thanks in advance. Best Regards jackrs 8)
Electronic filter design Reference for Palm 1.0 A nice REFERENCE TOOL and MUST HAVE product for ENGINEERS desiring to achieve perfection in 'DIGITAL filter design'.Available at DISCOUNTED PRICE compared to 2 individual modules. Electronic Fil
how to go about the microstrip line filter design in hfss boundry conditions, defining material and all thanks in advance
Hi everybody, aade filter design software is now 100% free :D Regards
Which tool can use for RC polyphase filter design, any help?
Deall All : This is a good Artilce of Analog filter design
The ADSL signal on my phoneline is picked up as noise by normal phone. I want a filter design to block the ADSL signal from phone sets. Thank you
Dear All: Do es anyone know the HP filter design in ADSL , I mean integrate in IC , what's structure is better ? Does anyone have these experiment or other informance or document , I have do this project long time . But I don't have any sense now . Thanks
R.W. Rhea, HF filter design and Computer Simulation. Atlanta, GA: Noble, 1994, p. 321. I. Hunter, Theory and design of Microwave filters. London, U.K.: IEE Press, 2001. G. L. Matthaei, L. Young, and E. M. T. Jones, Microwave filters,Impedance-Matching Networks and Coupling Structures. New (...)
Can someone know about Matched filter design for extracting analog signals? Envelope detector circuitry etc.? Any literature useful? thank you,
All: I am a RF Engineering Student and I didnt know if anyone out there had any resources to help me get started in designing a 915MHz Combline filter. Any suggestions or references would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hi everybody, I am on my way to design Narrowband band filter (center freq. 6 GHZ) using coupled resonators (Microstrip) on ADS2002. Can anybody give me some specific links wher I can get materials to study the therotical aspect of this task along with practical exposure. Faisal
Hi, dear friend, Please refer to the attached picture. In the waveguide filter design, I've already figured out the values of L1 to L5, B01 to B56. But how should I get the corresponding numbers and diameters of the posts? Thank you very much! Saryee (
How to design decimator filter design with M = 16, 64 Mhz input? Please?
any info about gilter design using opamp
I am designing a cavity filter and need build a coupling matrix. Can anyone tell me what's the simple way? Thnks
Can anybody help me design a microstrip bandpass filter with a 20 MHz passband at 2,5 GHz?Any software that might help me? I have been trying ADS but the results are not understandable and correct.i have been using the filter design guide of ADS.First I design the filter with LC components (...)