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Hello, How we can design the Narrowband Microwave bandpass filter using cavity Resonator filter coupled with small irises ?? How we can decide the size and type of iris that can be suitable for our filter?? Is there any limitation for using the number of iris structure that can use for one (...)
An LC filter at this frequency AND bandwidth it will not work properly mainly due to the low values of components, which will be in the range of fF and pH. cavity or a SAW can give appropriate performance. For SAW filters check, Murata, TDK, Taiyo Yuden, Tai-saw
I want to design design Combline. I practised followed the A Practical design of Lumped, Semi-Lumped and Microwave cavity filters (Dhanasekharan_Natarajan'book) with Hfss Software but i don't know how to turning length of skew to achieve results? Please help me. I found the document :
Hello everybody, I have a question about cavity filter design, I?m new in the RF filters, while finding the coupling coefficient between two resonators I?m using eigenmode solver in CST but I dont know what does the modes mean? which mode should I choose in eigenmode solver ? and my cavity (...)
Yes you can do it this filter with lumped elements but the insertion loss will be very high due to high selectivity requirements because you will have to use many lossy components. Instead, if you can design a helical/rod EM coupled filter in a good cavity, the insertion loss will be lower and the selectivity may be as good (...)
Hello everyone, I am trying to design combline cavity filters according to Puglia 1 Puglia 2. I can calculate lowpass g-goefficients and coupling factors for my
i need the information regarding which tool is the best to design diplexer filter.and some reference material my requirements Tx filter: 2025 MHz to 2125 MHz Rx.filter: 2200 MHz to 2300 MHz rejection of other (...)
Hi all , I'm looking for the design formulas for a cavity filter . I want to build a cavity filter for 408MHz for radio astronomy purpose . The idea is to place an adjustable tube inside another tube and working with coupling loops to form a cavity filter, just like (...)
Dual mode refers to the degenerated mode in a cavity, which has the same resonant frequency, such as HEM11n mode. When perturbation was introduced, the degenerated mode will be split into two modes with different resonant frequencies. By using dual mode design, one can realize a two pole filter with only one (physical) resonator, and realize (...)
How many resonators do your 3D object has as a cavity filter?
Hi, I am trying to design an interdigital bandpass filter with round rods and tried two synthesis sofwares 1- An excel software in 2- intfil.exe both of them are free on the internet However, when i used the results of these sofwares in CST, the simulation results are very very bad. Is there a limit for the frequency range of t
Hi there I'm trying simulate a coupled cavity photonic crystal switch including kerr effect,but i don't know how can calculate n2 for given refractive index change and power? Can anyone help me?
Try this software for single cavity design: The coupling between resonators without iris may give a filter response of bandwidth about 10-20%. For narrower bandwidth, you may try increasing the helix distance. For even wider bandwidth, there might be a limit for the input coupling. To what degree, I think you have to do s
You are looking for a 1% bandwidth of central frequency. This is almost impossible to do using microstrip components. Microstrip filters generally have 10% up to 25% bandwidth of central frequency. The only way to realize this filter is to use cavity topology. This can be tunable, but having big dimensions.
You make the cavity and tuning screw out of materials with different coefficients of expansion. As one drifts one way over temperature, the other brings it back.
hi, the best design method to realize the RF BPF (NOT cavity filterS) The specifications: Passband range: 400MHz-600MHz Passband Insertion Loss: < -3dB Passband Return Loss: >-15dB Attenuation at 10 % away from bandwidth is around -60dB please help in getting the best design method... thank you
hi, the best design method to realize the RF BPF (NOT cavity filterS) The specifications: Passband range: 1800MHz-2200MHz Passband Insertion Loss: < -3dB Passband Return Loss: >-15dB Attenuation at 10 % away from bandwidth is around -60dB please help in getting the design method... thank you
im run the helical cavity bandpass filter for very narrow bandwidth filter 0.5MHz, and center frequency is 30 or 90 MHz, I have done lots research on this topic, but few materials can be found, and this technology is being used for very long time, but this type of filter does not have any synthesis software compare to LC (...)
could use some assistance or guidance on a filter design I am working on. We design our combline and cavity filter via a coupling matrix. The coupling between resonators are given in coupling bandwidths. A 2 port model is created in HFSS then we extract the sparameters from HFSS then import it into a (...)
I think you need to go for cavity filters than microsrtip.
I need to design a 450MHz,with 20MHZ 3db bandwidth BPF. I want to use cavity or interdigital filter,please help on design and mechanical sizes of the structure. Is there any easy software or calculator for design this filter?
hi to all, i have to design cavity filter ............. but i dont know the info about these filters can any one guide me to do this plz thank you
hi, How to design a cavity filter? what are those waveguide cavity filters, coaxial cavity filters..... etc., if any Books for a learner to design and if any tutorials to do simulations using HFSS/CST MICROwave on this, helps a lot..... thanking (...)
hi, i want to design a bandpass filter with round rods can any body help me to by sending design equations completely. thanks in advance
Hi, does anyone know of an appropriate software to simulate cavity filter and cavity duplexer response. I am curious if the software can tell us the cavity diameter and spacing in case of interdigital and combline cavity filters
in front of LNA(between LNA and ANT) we need to use low loss filters,and LC and microstrip filters have high loss ,so we should use other types like as HELICAL filters or cavity filter ,... these filters is mechanical and not electronic in construction ,but I can not find any good (...)
who can help me to give some advice to design high power cavity filter, thanks
f0=3170MHz BW=20MHz >=65dB@f0?70MHz that is >=65dB@3110MHz and @3240z vswr<=1.5 ripple<=0.5dB IL<=1.5dB pls help me ,thx very much !!!
A cavity filter used the cavity to provide a resonance, determined by the resonant mode in the closed filter. I'd start by looking at 1-Coupled resonator filter design. THis is older stuff, the relevant papers are probably from the 60's. 2-Coupling energy into and out of the (...)
Dear All, I'had tried to design filter Duplexer (cavity) with Tune, filter Spec.: fc = 1900 MHz BW = 10 MHz Order = 8 In the real world, this filter will be tune refering in order (=8). I wanted to optimize this filter, just only tune material (=8) Question: 1. How to use this (...)
Hi I am designing a combline cavity diplexer and I wonder if there is a way to align "tune" the resonators, and can I use power combiner at the output to see the response for the two filter at the same time I apriciate any help Cheers
Here you full method for cavity filter simulation in CST: ps. at the end of posted page you have link> next step, there are 7 pages in all.
Anyone know which is better on cavity filter design? I wonder the well-known company major in cavity filter use which,or some other software else?
A very good tool for cavity filter design is MWWizard from Mician. bye
hi! I wanted to design a cavity filter.I had drafted the 3D model.(you can see the attachment of the post).First,I needed only design a fixed frequency filter.but later,my boss told me I must think more for redesigning it as a tunable filter.I planed to use a (...)
Someone can tell me the relationship between cavity volume and power tolerance when design a cavity filter? thanks very much !
1,I have seen in a paper describes triple mode resonator with a cubic dielectric puck loaded.and a chamfer is introduce to realize the intra-cavity coupling?But I dont know how to design the size of the chamfer,who will give me any advice?
I have no experience from cavity dual-mode filters, only from microstrip dual-mode filters. Was convenient as remaining circuits alreade were in microstrip. I used the design below and scaled it to 2.3 GHz. Works fine.
This will help. It is a step by step cavity filter design with an example in @nsoft HFSS
The first you must specific your filter to meet the system. Then seletor the type of the filter SAW,dielect,cavity,planar. the diference type of filter cause diferenc result. Third in put the orginal data,and opt,and make a yield; Verify it with the EM softwre. After you wait for tuning the filer. (...)
I want to learn how to determine the number of cavities,length/width of cavities,and width of coupling window. If you have mastered this or know where this theory can be found, please tell me! Thank you.
hi! everybody, I have cst and hfss.I want to design a microwave cavity filter,but I don't know which is better,cst or hfss?who can give me some suggest