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dear friends i am working on a rf tranceiver using chipcon cc2500 and at 89c51 i would like to get some tips from you experianced people can we directly interface the system to the 8051 pins? people says that we have to configure the cc 2500 before using how's it possible will the normal spi interface program will work with the same? r
Hello, I am using the following : processor: at89c2051 crystal : 11.0592 mhz rf ic :cc2500 pull up resistor : 4.k I am unable to write and read from the configurable registers, can anyone give a clue ? Thanks ml si equ p1.7 scl equ p1.6 so equ p1.5 cs equ p1.4 led equ p3.5 org 0000h mov p
Hi, I am interfacing cc2500 with AT89C2051 to build a transmitter/receiver pair. Succeeded in writing and reading from and to registers within each module. But data transfer is not succeeding in the pair. Status LED on receiving side does not give any indication of reception. On the transmission side, transmission buffer is overflowing and th
Greetings All, Recently i have bought a pair of RF transceivers module with cc2500, i have gone through the datasheets of cc2500 and they highly recommended to use SmartRF studio in configuring the registers of cc2500, the problem that i facing now is, i only have the RF transceiver module, but do not have the ti's developement board. (...)
I am using cc2500 with atmega32. I want to use cc2500 in uart mode because i think in spi mode it is too big to handle. for that purpose i did following things: 1. i reset cc2500 using sres command strobe.(0x30) 2. then i configured the data rate to 9600 by writing appropriate values of DRATE_E and DRATE_M in respective registers. 3. (...)
hi guys pls post some material for cc2500 interfacing with atmega16. do not give any other code. i hav other codes like cc1000/cc1100 to pic and avr. but i want specific cc2500 with atmega16. pls help. its a company project. not a hobby project. i hav initilized the chip now the tx and rx is left. thnx regards scriptx
Hello, I wonder if cc2500 could immediately transmit three 5kbyte/s data continously. As soon as I convert analog signal to digital signal using ADCs, I want to transmit it to PC via cc2500. It is a little ambiguous according to the datasheet, so I need advices from experienced developers. I want transmitter 3 channel 5kHz-sampled data fr
hi, pls anyone could help me in interfacing cc2500 with pic16f877a @ 20 mhz, its would be grateful if anyone send the code as soon as possible thnx
I have been trying to get a couple of cc2500 RF modules to send and receive data since two weeks. My setup is simple. The cc2500 modules are interfaced to the AVRs (ATMega8) using the SPI interface. However i'm unable to get the initial settings using the AVR correct. I just need a couple of bytes of information to be sent and received. So the data
i am trying to send data bits from my pc (from matlab enviornment) to another PC via the cc2500 ic it possible...please help. thanks
HI. I intend to design a transceiver using cc2500 with ads2008. But my ads do not have library of cc2500. So how to find cc2500 ads model . If anyoen have it please upload for me . THank you for reading the question
hello members i am very confused with that technolgy ,i know little bit and have idea ,but get mesh with cc2500 and xibee ,rf 434 mhz and rfid function generator,ir 30 khz generator,and electro magnetic 10 mhz and wireless door bell technology based at simple circuit. so in these there is difference but when to choose acording to my applicatio
you didn't say whether the code should be in c or asm. download the datasheet of the cc2500. run the whole circuit at 3V including the 89S8253. You'll want to use the hardware SPI module in the 89S8253.
Low Power RF ICs - 2.4 GHz - cc2500 -
hi i am writing code for cc2500 interface 89c51 but its not working can some one give me help or code if any one have
can you please help me with how to use cc2500 with ATmega16.? i'm first trying to establish SPI communication directly between 2 micros(test code). now waht i'm nt sure is that 1.does cc2500 act as slave at both ends(i.e both micros act as master) or its just a replacement for the wire and one micro has to be made master and other slave.
hello everyone, I want to use cc2500 RF module with pic microcontroller I read the datasheet of cc2500 but I became very confuse because I am weak at communication side. can anyone help me for programing the pic using this device. I have 2 boards with cc2500 i want to use one as transmitter and other as receiver. and want to (...)
hello everyone I have cc2500 Rf transiever I want to use two module 1 as transmitter and other as receiver with 2 boards containing pic18f46k22 here is the configuration of module: #define FSCTRL1 0x0b09 #define FSCTRL0 0x0c00 #define FREQ2 0x0d59 #define FREQ1 0x0e42 #define FREQ0 0x0f5f #define MDMCFG4 0x1066
Did you try reading application note AN049 from TI? It has software examples and library functions for cc2500. Here it is -> AN049 -- Software for CC1100/cc2500 and MSP430 Also there are tonnes of other documents from TI on thi
Thank you for replying, I am using Hi-Tech C compiler for programming, I am stuck with a new problem. I am able to read & write SFR of cc2500 Module, now I have set my packet length to 3 and when i write 3 bytes into TXFIFO and then tries to read TXBYTES register it shows 128 and neither I receive those many bytes
This is my second time to loose, interfacing cc2500 to PIC16F877A I am able to read and write registers of cc2500 i.e. SPI of controller is working fine... I am unable to set configuration of cc2500, I have also refereed to SmartRF of TI, but even though I set registers according to SmartRF it is not working... Is there anybody had (...)
Hi Every one,,, please help me.. I need help in interfacing MSP430F5438 and cc2500. Please if any one have any example code related to interfacing MSP430 and cc2500... thank you....
look at: Proprietary RF - 2.4 GHz - cc2500 - under "Tools and software"
You talk a lot about poor cc2500EM performance, but you do not tell us the parameters you are programming it with. What modulation (you want FSK or GFSK)? What frequency deviaiton (bigger is better for range)? What IF receiver bandwidth do you have set? What data rate and packet size? Have you checked to see if the transmit and receiver boards
Hi, is it possible to interface cc2500 rf transceiver with pic 16f877 via UART...? I just want to send the datas from a keyboard to send to another pic 16f877a using same module at the receiver using uart Also i dont need complex data transmission, just need to transmit data to a distance of 20 meters without error... Please help
am using the renesas r8c/27 controller to do cc2500 interface,but b/w the modules the communication is not going to happen,modules are working fine with the controller.
Hi Friends, My Requirement is a wireless channel (for data transmission) of almost 800m range. at Line of Sight. I've two option : 1st is Xbee - Pro : 2nd is cc2500 (Model 3403) : In this option I've two totally dif
Colleagues, I've published a code for a project, which revolves around Arduino, in the OpenSource. It has a few reusable drivers, which may be generally useful: Anaren A2500R24x (cc2500) module driver BMA180 accelerometer driver (via SPI) The repository is here: -
Thanks for the replies... can you tell me how much range I'll get through cc2500 with specified antenna in datasheet ? Can I get it 100-200 m (Indoor) through this? don't know about the cc2500 but I have operated the XBee series 2 over 100 meters (the specification states say 120meters range) and long
Hello, I am trying to interface ADXL345 with cc2500 wireless module. I tried making connections of the respective pins of adxl345 accelerometer with cc2500 and read the values on the computer through arduino. The basic scheme is as follows: ADXL345 > cc2500 -| ))) (((|- cc2500 > Arduino > Computer How do i (...)
Sir, in my project i am using RF Zigbee cc2500 to communicate the voice commands to the arm lpc2148 microcontroller to operate the devices that are connected as the output(bulb and fan). Is there any code necessary to the zigbee cc2500 module to work.
i want to interface cc2500 wirless module directly with fpga i have included the registers configration files(.h files) exported from Smart RF Studio in verilog now further i am stuck soo please i need your help.....
Good Morning one and all, In cc2500 RF module there are three colors red, green and blue, they are not compatible with each other. In my project i am using a red cc2500 RF module to transmit the data wirelessly. The module that i have used is attached, please check it. I want to know that the cc2500 rf module with red colour is possible (...)
Good morning sir, i want to interface cc2500 rf module with arm7lpc2148 microcontroller. Is this cc2500 module needs any uart or it can be directly connected to the lpc2148 microcontroller.
Haiiiiiii Good Evening One and all... I am using a cc2500 RF module with red colour to transmit the signals wirelessly. Is this RF cc2500 Module can be directly connected to the ARM7 LPC2148 Microcontroller or not. Please give your suggestions. Thanks in Advance.
which is the best Wireless Transceiver NRF24L01 or cc2500 ? requirements 1, peer to peer communication. 3, Bi-directional communication. 2, SPI interface. 3, single module . 4, 5V logic levels for micro-controller interfacing. 5, low cost. Please Help Me With Your Valuable Suggestions. [/
Hi to all! Please help me! I want to use cc2500 in my device with planar inverted F antenna according to Design Note DN007 of Texas Instruments. I want to recalculate widths and lenths according to my material of substrate for antenna. In DN007 widths and lenths of microstrip lines of antenna gives in absolute values and there is no parameters of
Hi I am about to start using the cc2500 chip and while reading the manual I read "ESD precaution should be taken". Should I take this warning seriously or I can just ignore it (because it is written on most of the electronic components). Did any one had troubles with ESD when working with the cc2500 or you were able to handle them just like a res
Hello, Microcontroller p89v51rd2 supports spi protocol. I have worked on spi communication i.e master to slave and slave to master data transfer. Please can anyone suggest me on how to start with the interface of these cc2500 modules to my controller. Can someone give me the detailed procedure, I have no knowledge about it. Thanks
i have found that, when i write an even no data(eg: 0x02) to a reg of cc2500,i got output always 0x0F when i read same reg. And when i write an odd no data(eg 0x05 (00000101) ) to a reg, i got output one bit rotated 0x82 (10000010). Thanks in advance.
a complete design can be found on this includes schematic and source code, it uses the cc2500 transceiver..
At first, RF is not easy... CC1100 is a Chipcon's product, but the company belongs to TI. refer to the site 1. Check the PCB layout : recommend exactly same as the reference design. gerber file is opend. review this first. PCB Antenna pattern is opened, too. 2. the passive elements, such as R/L/C, is importa
First you should choose a transceiver, I recommend using o chip from Chipcon - Texas Instruments, like CC1000 or the newer and better but only in QFN package, CC1101. You will find more info on the TI site. You may also want to look at the ti-store because there is a solution for you with a uC and cc2500. For the microcontroller you can use fo
what do you think about a small pcb with an Actel nano FPGA( ) on it and an TI MSP430-cc2500 (see also eZ430-RF2500 on ) combination... it will rule.. I was thinking of it but you can't place the actel nano FPGA yourself you have to do an pcb and place order to someone....
I have almost 5-years of professional work experience of research, analysis, design and development with expertise in - Embedded system hardware and firmware design, development and integrated testing spanning different platforms including MSP, PIC, 8051, cc2500, CC2511, PIC, Microchip TCP/IP stack, GPRS, Zigbee, Automatic Meter Reading applicati
Hi, I am new to ADS layout simulation. I have simulated the folded dipole microstrip antenna suggested by TI(Texas Instruments) for transreceiver chip cc2500 to work for 2.4GHz frequency in ADS (whose datasheet is attached) but I am not getting the desired output. I have attached the method that I followed with the datasheets required.
here are the example libraries for CC1100 CC1101 CC1100E cc2500: RAF
As said in the datsheet, the module is based on TI cc2500. So just look for the respective datasheet, applications notes an d software tools.
I have recognized the plots, they are coming from CC1101 or cc2500. Please consider that these plots are the same plot, the secoond one just a zoom of the first one. They do not represent a simple filter transfer function, but an overall response of a complete receiver. These test are done injecting an interferer at a certain offset and increasing
I hav the ez430-rf2500-seh solar energy harvesting tool. I decided to make some modification based on the Demo code. I wanna choose P3.5 (UART) as a receive pin. I follow the sample codes to write a simple interrupt. I disable the previous P3.5 function (connect to solar panel inner battery ) in the demo code. I hav alrdy reserve a lo

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