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i am using pic 18f4620 with ccs complier. i am constantly writing a count value in ds1307 ram (i2c 400khz), then i am running a timer interrupt for erery 500ms it will call a isr in the isr function i am togging a led. my doubt is will there be any issue in ds1307 ram count writing if interrupt comes, i am using software i2c only.
hi i want to get 16 bit data from timer/counter1 (as event counter) to portb and c in ccs. how can i do it? i did it by timer 0 as counter. by following SETUP_timer_0(RTCC_EXT_H_TO_L|RTCC_8_BIT|RTCC_DIV_2); SET_timer0(0); WHILE(1) { (...)
i am using ds pic33ep512mu814 144 pin ic, if i keep on pressing the reset button at one time say 20th are 22th time the controller gets hanged again if i press the reset button it works. i am just toglling an led. the fuse setting are as follows i am using ccs complier #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog timer #FUSES NOCKSNOFS
how to enable pll in dspic 30f6010a ic i use the following #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog timer #FUSES XT_PLL16 #FUSES CKSFSM //Clock Switching is enabled, fail Safe clock monitor is enabled #FUSES NOBROWNOUT //No brownout reset #device ICSP=1 #use delay(clock=64MHz,crystal=4MHz) i
the TM4C123 is referenced in the timer-calculator program it gives a code like this for mikroC, which should not be far from the ccs C //timer0 Prescaler :2; Preload = 48000; Actual Interrupt Time = 9 ms; Mode: 16bit //Place/Copy this part in declaration section void Inittimer0A(){ (...)
You should configure timer1 as timer and not Counter for creating delays. You can use a variable to count the no. of interrupts which can be used for creating delays. Post your ccs C project files. I will fix the code.
Hello there,is there anyone who can help me to setup timer which helps me to define the dely time between the clap for relay reaction. I want to setup a clap switch which will react when (make ON a bulb on the relay at any output port) when I clap one time;when clapping two successive times between which no delay of 20s exist the relay has to b
ok then it can be done with out timer by using zero crossing detector and ccs own delay rutine
Start timer0. Run for x sec, Stop timer if x reaches desired value. Convert value of x to string and display. You supply the codes I show you how to do it but with ccs C Compiler. Thx
Hello can anyone help to set up timer1 or timer0 for measuring timer elapsed from Rising edge of a square wave signal to the next rising edge. I want to determine the frequency.I only know ccs c . Thanks.
There a "lapse" in code!!! unsigned int myStr = 0; is unsigned int myInt = 0;??? And Display show 0056 in my case (not 5432)!!! #include <16C76.h> #device adc=8 #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog timer #FUSES HS //High speed Osc (> 4mhz for PCM/PCH) (>10mhz for PCD) #FUSES NOBR
HI, WHEN COMPILE MY PROGRAM I GOT ERROR :"a #device required before this line ccs c" ,,,HOW CAN I CLEAR THIS USIND PIC16F877A + ccs C,,,PLZ ANY ONE HELP ME,,, >>THANX IN ADVANCE
I want to design stopwatch which shows milliseconds, seconds, minutes in LCD. I am using ccs C compiler, Microcontroller PIC 18F2520 and Cyrstal 4Mhz. which timer to be used??? please help
I'm newbie to programming and did some basic programs in ccs c compiler. Now like to do using timers, but don't know how to start and where. It will be very kind if anyone would help me!! Two buttons (start and stop) are connected to connected to microcontroller. When start button is pressed, timer starts counting and shows the value (...)
I'm new to PIC programming. Can someone please tell me what are the factors that I should be concerned about when setting ADC and timer clock inputs. I have given a project to complete but this is not my study area. I'm learning everything from the beginning. I've written the code but I need it to be accurate. I'm using ccs C. Thanks in advanc
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //// EX_PULSE.C //// //// //// //// This program uses the RTCC (timer0) to time a single pulse //// //// input to the PIC.
hi all.... How can i enable the oscillator start up timer in ccs compailer????? i wn't see any settings in the ccs for that.... Regds, Sreejith
I have a project and I can't figure it out why it isn't working the I2C. I need to transfer some data from a PIC16F877A to another using I2C. Here is the code: Master.h #include <16F877A.h> #device adc=10 #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog timer #FUSES HS //High speed Osc (> 4mhz for PCM/PCH) (>10mhz
I am doing a project where i need to find the frequency of a waveform generated by a spark plug. I am using pic 16f 877a & ccs compiler for programming. As a beginning am trying to assume that the wavform to be measured is a sine. And convert it into an adc and make it square, & find the frequency.i am beginner in this field and am nt able to pro
it is restart_wdt(); at ccs c, if you look at the manual of your compiler, "ClrWdt" should be the instruction. You can reach the manual from here:
Hi, Here the example of C18 MPLAB compiler code to generate delay using timer 0: Void Delay() { T0CON=0x08; TMR0H=0x35; TMR0L=0x00; T0CONbits.TMR0ON=1; while(INTCONbits.TMR0IF==0); T0CONbits.TMR0ON=0; INTCONbits.TMR0IF=0; } I want to write the same code using ccs compiler without using built in function. Ho
I just can't see an end to such questions! Go over to the ccs forum, download the PWMWizard (or even here) and copy paste into ccs IDE and you will be set.
I'm using a 16F727 and I have to do cap sensing.Now my doubt is that there is a timer 1 Gate Interrupt Flag but the interrupt is not specified in my ccs my doubt is whether the Gate Interrupt triggers the Normal timer1 Overflow Interrupt Flag
How to use a Watch Dog timer? Am I using the WDT in a correct way?? I need a sample code for wdt in ccs C ?? Its not working only it performs task2 :| #include <16F877A.h> #fuses XT,WDT,PUT,BROWNOUT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP,NOCPD #use delay(clock=4000000, RESTART_WDT) timer0_ISR { restart_wdt() task1() } main() { (...)
The ccs C compiler has a very extensive Help file and example library. Just goto the help file (F1) and in the index check the functions setup_timer_0 , setup_timer_1, etc. It should explain what all the arguments are for, and which are availible to you on your PIC. Do note that not all timers have the same functionality. (...)
I am making a speed measurement device. Speed ranges from 250 fps to 800 fps, so timing is really critical. I tried using this kind of loop but seems creates some kind of delay, attached is my original code. include "C:\Documents and Settings\Glenjoy\My Documents\Chronograph 2\Chronograph.h" #include long micro_S; long m
Get the PCW tutorial from ccs website and work through the RS232 and timer example. You should have no problem. You never post your source code and schematic, there ain't much for us to help. Check that the hardware is working properly. Measure RS232 TX and RX pins of the pin to see if the id
you translate the page for me, I am waiting for C-man to reply on my post, I think he knows the solution for my source code problem. Hi, first of all which PIC are you using? which clock frequency
Go here: and type bootloader into the serchbox and you will get enough material to read :-) best regards
Hi, There are example codes available to interface realTime Clock Chips which you can find with the installation of ccs Compliler. Or otherwise you can search your solution at ccs forum or Technocrafts Forum. Links are Or if you need some specific thing you can ask.
Hi, it's so easy for example to creat 1khz square wave using ccs c compiler. We calcualte time duration T=1/1000Hz = 1 ms Then divide it by 2 ---> 1ms/2 = 500 us while (1) { output_high(PIN_A1); delay_us(500); output_low(PIN_A1); delay_us(500); } Bye