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HI guys, I have studies cdr for a several weeks and have read some paper. I am confused about cdr's specifications or index. In the end of paper, some papers talk about jitter tolerance(JTOL), and somes discuss about recovery data jitter and recovery clock jitter. I wanna to ask what is the relationship between JTOL and recovery data (...)
I think it depends on your spec. Different application have different cdrs... I have worked on two projects cdr so far. And as far as I can see, they carry the following similar style: analog output of clock running at Gigabitrate/data_width; and parallel data of data_width. Data need to be shifted to match the symbol. shift the bits for eac
SA, there is the Optical communication book by Razavi for cdr design and concepts , then i think u should refer to the papers by Broadcom and TI and many other companies like Xilinix,etc
could you introduce some books and papers which deal with cdr by the numbers?
monkeylovemusic take a look on these documents:
hi all i just want to design a 2.5Gbps cdr. i want to make the power consumption as low as possible. any idea of that? i read some books and papers, and find the recent papers are on 10G and 40G. most are quadrature or half-rate. i want to know which kind of topology a company may choose. many thanks.
Dear Sirs: I have designed the frequency synthesizer before. But, this is my fist time designing cdr. Which text book is suitable for designing cdr. Thanks a lot. BR. purefen
This might help if you want to design cdr.