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Im the "lucky" owner of an old ARCHOS 24x Pcmcia cdrom. and last night i took it apart (to bored :) ) and yes, as expected it was a 100% standard ATAPI Drive.. And Clever as i can be. i thought What would stop me from hacking it to do for a harddrive insted! there is no "intelligence" in the PCB inside the cdrom case, so alle conversion ne
Hi Z80, A couple of things: 1. In the April 2004 Elektor, there is a project for a PIC16F871 cdrom controller. This just allows selection and playback of selected tracks - the audio output is used for the sound output. Remeber though that almost all cdrom's have a digital bitstream output - same format as S/PDIF, just needs level (...)
cdrom AUDIO controller using Atmel is one project version_2 present to friends. I've recovered the, ehem, corrupted Eagle files which couldn't be opened. Additionally I've printed the schematics in PDF files for those of you not possessing Eagle. Btw. some infos are missing: the connections between the boards, some device
I'm looking for a simple PWM low voltage (6/12V 50W) lamp controller, using PIC 16F84/F628 or 12C509 and a power MOSFET. It should provide "soft start" and regulate the lamp voltage from a battery V greater or equal the nominal Vlamp. Does anyone has already it or I have start this design from scratch ? T.I.A.
I want to use a DSP(TMS320C54x) to interface with an ethernet controller.Who can tell me which one is appropriate for the DSP? Thank you!
I want to use TMS32054x DSP to control a CAN controller. Most CAN controllers' parallel interface is multiplexed.But TMS32054x DSP is how can I design the interface between them?And is there any CAN controller that has a non-mutiplexed parallel interface? Thank you very much!
Hi The Intel 8237A is a simple DMA controller. In order to simplify using this controller for educational purposes, many of the advanced features have been removed. A detailed description of what is supported and what is not supported can be found below. The 8237A can be easily incorporated into a design with minimal setup and/or initialization
I designed a motion controller for a small DC motor (see ) that uses a 512 lines encode (see ) and a zero backlash 1:76 gearhead (see ). The main job is done using LM629 motor controller (Nati
Hello, is there any schematic of the connections in the controller for the XBOX? I would like to work on some project using the contrller port! Thanks guys!
anyone has a schematics for the drive and controller to do vector control? thanks ahgu
Hello, I search for a soldering iron controller scheme. Does anyone have a link or an idea ? Thanx all
Hi mates, for a new project i do have to make some research about interfacing 8-bit/16-bit MCUs via tcp/ip to lan. Therefore I am keen on any information regarding standalone ethernet controller (like cs8900a from cirrus logic) and suitable controllers. Informations about TCP/IP,Schematics,Vendors,driver,C-Code and so on are welcome. Are th
I´m looking for a device witch is housed in a SOT123 . The marking code is D10 . I found it in a Kontronik speed controller . Who can help me ?
does anyone have that? I don't like the xilinx version, it does not address the autorefresh/read/write conflict. there is no req/ack for the interface. thanks ahgu
Hello, I'd like to design the sdram controller. After surveying the current SDRAM frequency, the most common is 100/133MHz. What if my design doesn't run in such high freqency. It's only 60 MHz or 30 Mhz in my design. So can I just use low clock freq into SDRAM module's CLK??? Thank you so much!~~~ :roll:
Hi all, I have to develop a 10BaseT ethernet controller based on the Winbond W89C926 chip. I only have a preliminary data sheet. Does someone have more detailed informations or , better, a reference design ? Or also if there is some ftp site where I can find these informations ? Thanks a lot !!!
Hi, Iam looking for a IC for USB controller, I must interface whit a micro, for example Avr. Thanks a lot, igo64
Hi, everybody, I am seeking cache controller vhdl example, I hope some good guy can give me hint or tell me where I can find it. It is better a standalone module, simple. Thanks :P
Hi, i'am looking for a design for a 3-4 axis pc-based unipolar controller, connectet to the COM port (rs232). Thanks PicBlaster
Hi Any one have a reference for PID controller design? source code ,sch, theory,...
Hi, does anybody know where to get a design of an USB Midi controller. (for example using an 8051-comp. microcontroller with USB Interface like availbale from TI for example...). Is there an USB device class for this problem and drivers shipped with windows, or will I have to develop my one ones? thanks a lot salamander
Hello, i'm currently searching for a Firmware or Sourcecode for the SMSC LPC47N252 Super IO controller.I will implement the Keyboard and Power Management Function for a little Mainboard Project with the Intel 830MG Chipset. Or is a other, similar Chip out with this functions included ? Can only one help me ? Thanks
Who has designed any controller for these devices? I have to design one. Timings are really tight. There are many points that should be considered. Any idea or help?
Hi, I have a problem with a GCR-8521B (Sony CXD3045R controller) cdrom firmw. v1.02, controlled by a custom (8051 derivate) controller. It seems that the cdrom don't recognize the ATA Packet BBh command (set cd speed). The other ATAPI commands works correctly (play audio msf, read toc, mode sense etc.) and also (...)
I need full working TCP/IP stack for 8051 controller!
ok... what about +5V and +12V for hdd (cdrom)?? it need external power supply also?? I think USB can give not more than 500mA!! hmm... or it can be take from computer, but if someone don't want open computer?? eh... :(
Hi I need help on digital PID controller design . any help welcome. sch,c source code,theory,ebook,test methods,... best regards
Hi brother´s, i need the schematic containing the controller board for the Epson Thermal printer M-T102 or M-T103 or MT-153, it´s possible send-me links or files with this articles? Please i need much this... Thanks a lot,
What is difference between servo amp and servo controller? I have a 4800rpm dc servo motor and 2000cpr encoder, how can i build a simple linear interpolating system via pc? I wanna design my own servo amp and controller.
I was wondering if anyone could suggest a robust DC motor control system capable of being driven via Radio control, capable of controlling 12 or 24 volts at currents up to about 60 amps, and is reversible
Well, that may not be the best idea, but at a web forum I once saw a thread where a guy got that chip from a trahsed cdrom dirve abd found the docs on the semiconductor verndors site. cdrom dirves spin with brushless motors, you know...
Is anybody can give me the SD Memory controller Source Code or its spec ?
Hi does anyone have any examples or circuits of SL881S/T Usb controller. Cypress has taken over scanlogic but I cannot find any examples or demos available for ths device. brmadhukar
Any body has developed any controller design for RDRAM devices? I have never seen any app note or data from any of FPGA vendors for interfacing between FPGA and these high performance DRAMs. Any body can describe the reason? May be, they need a high clock frequency to work properly. For ASIC design of these controllers, any body can help me abou
You may need to update your SUN OS. Search patch over . It fixed my cdrom probalem in SUN.
Finaly i got the serial lcd controller from web by pain ful search this is very nice hardware with multi baud rate selection and lcd type, code writen in pic basic pro regards fragrance
is it possible to implement boot strap loader in 8051 micr-controller what is the hardware needed? Hock
Hi, I search a 1553 bus controler core in vhdl, or all information whiwch could help to design this core. Regards, Ze_DIB
Communication controller IP core
Hi, I need help in accessing the raw memory sectors on a Compact Flash Memory Card (32 Mb). If anyone has a verilog code for it then plz send me a message......... Aircraft Maniac
Hello all, I'm looking for a solution for making a street lighting controller using microcontroller. The street lighting controller should have option to programme the longitude and latitude so that the sunrise and sunset timing can be internally set for switching ON and OFF the street light. Has anyone worked on similar application before (...)
I remember that there is a post on irq controller on the web. Now I attach my design for ref. Any comments on it are valueable!!
Hello, I have a SBC on which i have this PS2 controller from Holtek. I need it's datasheet and other technical specifications. From the Holtek websight i came to know that they have discontinued this part no. And they are not supporting this part anymore. So if anyone has this information, i would like to request him / her to share it with me.
Dear all, How do I drive an LCD panel (160x160) with only driver IC on it from 8051 without the help of a LCD controller IC?
I need X10 Tx & Rx which been controlled by ethernet controller
graphic Lcd Help please I'm try to use a graphic 122x32 lcd with SED1520 controller On the connector there is a pin marked CL - How to use this pin ? On the DS it mark as a 2KHz clock input pin Thaks Bobi
I want uC compatible to TI's MSP430F1121 and MSP430F149 . Im very specific about power comsumption. I would like to know if any other controller consumes less power that these two. (Vcc=3V)
I need USB Compact Flash Reader circuit or controller IC info or an application note on the same. Thanks in advance. bimbla.
Hello All, I need help on how to use EPSON LCD EG7502, what controller that suitable for that LCD? Rgds