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Hello Friends Does anyone has simple cfl circuit?? If so let we know... Regards NVP
Does anyone have a source (in europe) for replacement cfl tubes for TFT displays? /Froggy
i just think , what kind of ckts these cfl lamps has to drive the cfl rods. i want to create my own cfl driver ckt for fun ! i hope it will not that much tuff ! thank you !
I need circuit diagram of cfl driver circuit from 12V DC. Can anybody help me on this.
Hello I have the idea to design a battery-operated ballast for a 5W cfl. I made this schematic based on a push-pull topology, but I'm not sure if this topology is the right one for a cfl ballast. In a lot of schematics I see half-bridge designs. Is it better to use this topology for the
Hi all At the moment I'm designing a cfl ballast, running from a 12V battery. The ballast uses the push-pull topology to create a secondary alternating voltage. With an LC oscillation circuit the cfl is first preheated, then frequency is changed to let LC oscillate to ignite the lamp. When the lamp ignited, frequency is changed to the burning fr
hi all recently i changed my old bulb with a new cfl (compact fluorescent lamp). but there is a problem; when i switched off the lamp, it begins to flicker with a time constant of about 2s. i searched for the reason and i found this problem. it caused by a small neon indicator inside the switch. it used with a large resistor (100~150k) and need
I require a Transformer design software for cfl electronic ballast working in Flyback topology with flyback transformersin solar applications like lanterns, street lights etc.. . Is there any software available for Flyback transformer design. If available please any provide.
One of my friend gave me an emergency light with 11 watt cfl (AS shown in the photo) which operates with an Push pull inverter circuit powered with 6 volt 10 Ah battery. It has a peculiar problem which he coudnt solve. Initially the tube was blackened, and i replaced it. Within 10 minutes i lost the tube due to blackening at the end
I a designg a cfl ballast from 12V DC input to 18W ouput (50VRMS & 360mA current) using a push pull transformer. The cfl used is Osram Dulux L series 18W lamp with preheat open circuit voltage of 190V and current of 750mA with 2.4S pre-heating time at 66KHz frequency . The running voltage is 50Vrms and 360mA Irms at Frun of 38KHz. How can I design
Hello, Would i be correct in thinking that the following cfl ballast control IC (IR21571)does NOT actaully "regulate" the current in the cfl? Page 14 details what the current sense resistor does. -It just seems to be for detecting fault conditions, and when it does it shuts
To mention a simple fact that invalidates your calculation, the cfl characteristic is actually far from resistive behaviour. It's rather a typical electric arc/gas discharge characteristic with a constant voltage drop plus some negative inner resistance. See a measurement of a mains operated 36W/120cm fluorescent lamp for reference. In addi
hello, the offline cfl ballast on page one of ...does zero voltage switching of the fets (zvs). In fact, all Fluorescent ballasts of reasonable quality give zvs operation. so.....please could you tell why an engineer at a big lighting exhibition told me that the fets intri
Hello, Page 3 of the following shows an offline cfl ballast please may i ask......does R1 continue to draw bias current from the DC bus after start-up, whilst the lamp is running?
Hi, I wanted the details of the Transformer and the PCB Layout in PDF format of Oh no! Not Another cfl Inverter. The article is found at: I have also attached some more details regarding the Transformer number of windings. But, there is no mention of the Gauge (Thic
Actually i don't know how to desing fuse for 20 watts cfl bulb. What i am doning , i have supply 220v to a room and the condintion is in a single room it can use a cfl bulb of 20 watts only, if a person in a room use cfl bulb more than 20 wats it should blow the fuse, acordind ti my basic knowledge i have calculate fllowing: give, (...)
cfl lamps are hot cascode. LCD lamps are usually cold cathode. It doesn't sound like a good thing to do, although I haven't looked at circuit details. Hot cathode lamps have a heater and a preheat cycle. Keith
I buy Sylvania cfl's. The color temperature of 3k is pure white and even though they are also made in China they last for years. A couple failed and after phoning Sylvania they sent coupons for replacements. The free cfl's from my electrical utility company were recalled and replaced because the Chinese manufacturer stole another company's certi
I found 3w cfl in market. Bought a cartoon to put as nigh lamp, in stairs and here and there replacing high power cfls to conserve energy.Within a week it was found that most of them turned black at their ends with diminished light. Some of them even failed to lit. I opened them and found similar type of circuit inside instead of hi-frequency switc
What's the difference between a cfl and a Ccfl?
You have got the wrong sort of cfl. The dimmer works by pulsing the mains on and off rapidly, the cfls have an oscillator in them that is running slower then the dimmers pulses so the results are unpredictable. You can get cfls that sort out the pulsing mains and appear to dim correctly. Frank
Dear All Could you help me :how value of R.C,L must be change for drive my 4watt 120Vac fluorescent tube. In this schema 11w .240v cfl lamp driver. Thank you in advance lam 62317
I have made a circuit to turn on and off 2 cfls remotely. For the remote control part, I used RC5 protocol. For turning the cfls on and off, I used triac. I have a few questions here. Firstly what I did was: To turn the cfl on, the microcontroller kept the triac turned on as signal was applied to gate continuously until the command to (...)
I am not sure if it is of use to you, but the LT1170 has an application not for use as a Ccfl driver. See page 14 of the datasheet and AN45 for a bit more information I have used those principles for a Hcfl driver. The LT1768 may b
It may be a problem with noise affecting the microcontroller and nOt the IR receiver. Are the supply lines properly filtered? Maybe you need further filtering. I have encountered such a problem in the past and the problem was due to noise affeting the microcontroller. That circut was used to control a cfl. The solution was: placing 100nF capacitor
The fact is you cant run a cfl with JUST a dc volatge. You need a small circuit of inverter which boosts the volatge which will then ignite the internal gases to glow. There are ample designs on the net and google is your friend. Cheers
Hi friends, I have a few questions... > I saw document for cfl lamps circuit In that they are discussed about d resonance . Actually, My mind is focused on Why d Resonance is applied/used for this application? >>and what are the other applications using resonance?(find attachment) > I got one simple idea to add this one battery in
this is a 32 watts 220V ac cfl lamp when it is switched off for the night the lamp flickers or rather blinks at regular intervals of approx 1 minute even though there is no power supply to the bulb Can anyone please give an explanation why it is behaving in this eerie manner at night? thanks
Hi, I am looking at methods to dim a cfl as conventional method does not work. Please suggest a circuit that can control the dimming of a cfl through a microcontroller on a 230V ac line. Thanks in advance!
75509 Could anyone please give me some understanding about how this half bridge drive circuit's oscillation frequency is obtained? First lower transistor turns on due to diac and then current flow through 3 winding transformer's primary winding in a manner that is going to turn on upper transistor when primary core is sa
Hai friends, I want a internal circuit of cfl bulb for PCB Project. if you have that circuit please sent to me. Thank you Salim
hello sir i want to drive a commonly available cfl (fluorescent lamp) of 15 watt by the means of a 6 volt 4.5 ah battery available in emergency lights . i searched it , but came to know about it only but couldn't find any circuit or unit . . . All the available units are designed for 12 volts battery but my aim is drive it with 6 vo
89233 Pls can any one explain how this cfl circuit works ??? I am trying to reverse engineer this circuit. I am not sure how it selects frequency 63 KHZ, how this circuit is designed to provide HV DC for cfl. pls help. - - - Updated - - - sorry there is a mistake, the bobbin size is e25.
Hi i am new for this forum i want to make DC 12v to 20w cfl without any modification in the cfl and low cost can some one give me best way for do this please help me thanks Can you elaborate this? You can buy factory maded 12V cfl in shop. Better look for led based lamps.
Hi all, Is it possible for a cfl to produce Skin effect ? The working frequency is 13 KHZ, material is aluminium coated over plastic( reflector+ holder),approximate voltage is 300 V. the current should be around 40 mA.
Supposing I have two lights, one LED and one cfl. The cfl took much energy to produce because the glass had to be smelted, and that glass tube cannot be re-used unless smelted back down. The LEDs would have a Perspex cover, which presumably takes less energy to manufacturer than the glass tube of a cfl? Also, the Perspex cover over (...)
I have got a 2 pin 9 W UV lamp. In order to turn-on the lamp i need an electronic ballast. The ballast unlike cfl must give two pin outputs. And I have got ballast from my cfl lamp and it has got 4 output pins. Are there ant ways so that i can use 4 output ballast for 2 pin lamp. Thanx in advance !!
The data sheet says that they can run directly from a 12 V battery.
Dear Friends I am looking out for a timer based on IC555 which can be triggered by a PIR . and the timer is used to swithch on a floresent tube or cfl tube for a duaration of 5 minutes to 20 minutes. The tube shud be able to activated and swithced off automaticaly after the preset time. PLS HELP regards
please describe your problem clearly. usually, time step is determined by cfl condition.
hi to all, i am working with nanometer range interconnect design. which numerical simulation tool like fdtd i can use? can i use fdtd. will it obey cfl limit.
Hi, Ramani: What is the cfl condition? From what I see, small size is not critical as long as the the overall size is small. An optical antnena is an example. The cell is very small. However, the whole structure is about half a wavelength and we can still solve it easily on IE3D. Certainly, as I mentioned earlier, if you have some feature size very
Hi can anyone tell me how can I use cfls (compact fluorescent lamps) with open heaters like the Ccfls (cold cathode fluorescent lamps). The last use high voltage and have not heaters. I put a cfl on a small inverter for Ccfl and operates. So I need a small converter from mains to high voltage, and if it's possible to (...)
ADI means Alternating direction implicit. you can read below para for more information, The nite-di erence time-domain (FDTD) method is formulated by an explicit nite-di erence scheme using central di erences on a staggered Cartesian grid (both in space and time) of Maxwell's equations. It is second-order accurate both in time and space. I
Hello, I want to switch (just ON/OFF no Dimming control) 20 compact flourcesent lamp using triacs (BT139 or BTA140) and an opto isolator(MOC3021). every lamp a separate triac, and i control them with a mcu(AVR). I have tried the Typical Application Circuit in MOC3021 datasheet, but i have too many problems! Triacs burns! With ALL(or most of them
hi guys... i have a problem... As a lot of construction work and digging up is going up in my area i face power cut sometimes.... its pain when ur exams are coming... so here what i have a rechargable 12v DC battery A 20W cfl... now... i wanna know how can i use it to make an emergency table lamp!
use... Renewable resources of energy use cycle for short distance instead of car.... use smart electronics circuits which detects the environment and adjust light and cooling/heating in the room or office.. use cfl lamps.
i have it and working fine too , but problem is that , it is use in ir remote circuit which is again working good , but when i switch on the node at which the cfl is connected , my whole circuits get off / or not responding ! with other node like fan , tube light , etc. it is working fine . one more thing , as cfl it is not ok with mobi
how i can on the ATX power supply for my micro-controller board . in my universal rf remote controller board , after switch on the cfl1-4 , microcontroller restart . cfl drivers with opto triac , isolated relay , but still there is problem . board try with cd ,dvd player power supply , tran
The fluorescent tube lights in my kitchen and basement don't use a starter. The tubes are called Rapid Start and have filaments that light and heat each end. The ballast is a transformer and produces a current-limited high voltage that starts the tube lights. They turn on almost immediately without flickering. cfl also don't have a starter. The