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How to change font type on Orcad PCB Layout..? I want to change font type like: Ariel, Courrier, etc... Thank's i know three soft can do this now:1,p-cad2006 2,diptrace 3,altium designer 2009. pcad2006 and diptrace is default to use the "slashed zero" in ad 2009 you must change font.
Hi I hope this is the right place to post questions about autocad used from *e*l*p*r*o**c*ad (like *E*P*L*A*N*). I searching for a software that has a script or can make one that change the font in many files at the sime time. So if anyone know of any software or have any script for changing fonts in dwg files or know how to write (...)
Hi, I am designing PCB through altium DXP 6 & I want to change font,hight & size of all component designator strings on PCB.How I can do this in this software? Thanks & Regards, tramp
Can change fonts silkscreen or orther. now it's ANSI only.
Hi I have a question? any body know? How to change font size or font type legend in hfss? I mean change font size (J surf -A-per-m) or (E-field v-per-m) legend. Please guidance me.:-?
How to change font in POWERPCB.Thanks for your reply.
hello every, I would like to use "roman" character as my default font when I put a net name in cadence but I don't know how to set it up. so everytime, I have to do it manuualy. Does anybody know how to set it to default? Thanks
Hi all, I am trying to find out from where can I change the format of the text data which is obtained after gerber generation. for example we put .legend text for the drill table in PCB and similarly .layer name, etc. I wonder from where i could change the format for this like for drill table if i want to add/remove tables how can i do that or
hi i have a cnc router machine and i have problem with converting word document to autocad so i can change font then i use my machine to draw it on the wood.
According to the API reference of Microwave Office Software (located at ), I have become able to automate graphic related jobs. However, I could not succeed to change font properties through scripting. Let me clarify myself a little bit. I tried to use gp.Legend.font.Name="Arial" gp.Legend.font.Size=20 (say
Can i somehow use a character LCD to display graphics? Like i wanna change font of LCD or Display an emoticon?
You change font ZarBold to another. jj
There are only three choices - VECTOR, PROPORTIONAL or FIXED. In order to see the changed font you need to turn OFF the "always vector font" option in the "Options" "User Interface" and also the "Persistent in this drawing option". However, this could cause problems when you try to create the manufacturing files. It is best to stick (...)
Modelsim does not allow program blocks. Please change main to a module. There is no need to use program blocks anyways.
altium ver 9x Is there an easy way to assign a hot key to change the font of a net label? I would like to change from size 5 to 8 and add BOLD I'm familiar with the find similar objects feature however this does not work well because the font attributes of all the net labels are presently the same and (...)
Hello all, I am using PSD 15.0 now, but I can not find a way to change the font of TEXT string, I just want to know is the PSD doesnot allow different font for TEXT? Thanks
Hi all, I had a problem in IC5, running on RedHat8, Please help. After i transfer/copied the cadence's library files from solaris to linux, some of the cell view in the library has change the font from big-init-cap to small-cap letters. (Not all the cellview is change and also not all libraries are affected.) This causes the major link (...)
hi guys for the Vim editor under windows, how can one change the default font so as each time the editor runs it automatically starts with this font ?
It is caused by your large system font setting (120DPI). The fix is to go to the display properties Appearance (Advanced) Tab and increase the text size for most desktop objects by about 25%. This will change most of the system stuff to larger fonts, but the app's (inside the app windows) will still be the normal smaller size. It's not a (...)
Hi How to change the font in Nokia 3315 graphic display?I have the program for communication but i want to use a different font.can anyone help me? With Thanks & Regards Vikky
hi guys i want to change name on selected group of componnent and change their name by formulain altium designer . for example : i have component with these name t1 , p2, pp , _1 i awant to increment the number after Q for every element then i have these name) Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 how i can do this i tried to do this whit
Hi all, not sure if this can be done, but i need to change the PCB Sheet for a deisgn that has already been layed out and completed. It's mainly the Title bar i need to change. Is this possible ? KR Lee
1. right click on power port in schematic, select properties. 2. click on bar next to Style. 3. change style as desired. 4. Done! You can also change the default power symbol in preferences/default Primitives/Power Object Eda
I am new to altium Designer, and have a question on Thermal pad connections. I have my design preferences set to direct connect for planes (which I want), but there is at least one component which must have thermal connects instead of direct connects. Is there an easy graphical way to edit/change a pad connect type in altium? Thx!
Hi all! I need to change all line width from the whole board at once on altium. Is there any way to do it automatically? Thanks in advance Kelson
I am not sure but if this connection are on the same layer you can chose S+Y and next F11 (or click right and chose Find similiar object) and there you should find option to change the width for all connection. Second way to change the width for connections is to click right on one(1) of the track and chose "Find similar object". There in
i need to change my track width from 0.254mm to 0.4 mm.. but my gnd and vcc tracks are 0.8mm.. without changing the gnd and vcc track widths how can i change the track width for other nets...because i completed most of the design... is there any option? please share with me...
the only way no assign a net name in altium is to place a net label. But you would have to do this for every net. You could generate a netlist in text format from your schematics and then use a text editor to globally change the names.
Dears I've been following this website for a long time and finally I'm able to join the community :) My first question might sound "silly" tough... I've just started using altium ( i always used Orcad) and i have a little problem: when i place a component on a PCB and i move it to the bottom layer, the color of the pads doesn't change. Let m
Hi, Could anyone help me with the font change using Tcl. How can we get bold characters, or anyother style? Is it possible to get coloured fonts?
go to Tools>>Footprint manager,there you can change footprint of multiple components at same time.
I execute the mathlab 6.5 version in my PC. But, there is a strange font appearing in the frame. Please refer to I have tried to change the setting of font, but useless. Does anyone know it?
When you make a copy of a component, the software will not increment the designator for you. It makes an automatic copy designator such as C14_Copy1, C14_Copy2, etc. Automatic designator increment only works when you place the component using the Place Component command. For copies, you will have to use the Reannotate Tool, or you will have
The net connection lines will be invisible if the PCB panel is set to From-To Editor. After editing From-To's, if you shut down the software with From-Tos in view and then restart, you will not see the connections. Once you finish using the From-To Editor, simply change the PCB panel to one of the other drop down options and the connection lines
I'm started to work in Dxdesigner. I can't able to set the font type in project - settings - font.Always it is fixed type only. And I can't able to set the visibility for the pin numbers globally.. Thanks in Advance....
Hi I have some differential pairs in altium Designer that I would like to modify. Is there an easy way to change the track size and spacing once they have been routed? Thanks
Hi, I am using altium designer 6 and wanted to know how to change the PCB thickness when viewing a board in 3D. Thanks, K
Hi, Is there an option to change layer for multiple tracks ? I couldnt find it anywhere, and when i select few tracks and double click on one of it, it changes only properties of that one selected. I hope that such a trivial task is possible, cause it make me pretty mad when i need to click on 1000 of segments to change layer. Yeah, i'm (...)
hi all, I don't know how to change the police text format of the text in ADS software, Look at this picture I tried different things like Edit>>>Text>>>>font ..... But no results. Have an idea? thank you
I'm new to altium Designer. Before I used PSpice, Electronics Workbench and Proteus. In these three schemtics software, after you make the wire connections of a circuit element, whereever you drag it the wire connections too will be redrawn accordingly to the new location. But in altium Designer, after you drag a part to a new locati
It's just a visual aide for schematics that allows you to hightlight different nets in different colors on the sheet currently shown in the workspace. Just click the button, and then click on a net to hightlight it. You can change the color of the highlight by hitting the spacebar after you push the button. The color will show in the dashed ba
can I make drill table in altium automatically as it is done in Allegro. One way i know is to do it manually but in that case when ever there is a change we have to do it manually but i want it to be changed automatically. Thanks in advance, Ricky
Please follow the steps mentioned below. 1. Right click on any one of the component footprint you wish to change 2. Select 'Find Similar Objects...' menu 3. Locate item named 'Footprint' you will see footprint name as 'RAD 0.2' change the next column from 'Any' to 'Same'. Ensure 'Run Inspector is ticked. Press Apply & OK 4. On PCB inspector w
After a few hours of head scratching, I just found the right solution :) Repeat steps described by anil01, realign layers if is necessary (Edit->Layers->Align Selective, click on some pad and after this click on the corresponding drill). Panelize if needed. change layers color - tracks in black and drills in white . Before print, select fr
hi it is good to tell altium to update the pcb, coz every time we can check what changes we made exactly on the schematic and the consistency between the pcb and schematic will perfectly work out. for simple designs it may not be problem. but for large design with several hundreds of components, it is difficult to check if a component on schemat
hi i want to print pdf of the pcb in altium summer 2009.. the problem here is holes in this pdf are of gray color .. i want it to be white .. in dxp 2004 there is a layer called "pad hole layer" so i used to change the color of this layer to white .. & it was working fine .. but in altium summer 2009 there is no layer called pad hole leyer (...)
Setup then text sizes, here you can edit or customize every text blocks then change your text to any blocks in your design. Rat T are for net scheduling and there are some video that comes with Allegro installation. Good Luck, M
vista has many problems in compatibility, altium6.0 do not suupose vista well too. i am using winter09, i fits well in win7 system.. or else you have to change back to xp
Hello. I make and i simulate the circuit in below. My problem is that i can't change the values of the sources. In the simulation window i show the initial values of sources even when i change them. Thanks!:|