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Hi, I am designing PCB through altium DXP 6 & I want to change font,hight & size of all component designator strings on PCB.How I can do this in this software? Thanks & Regards, tramp i know three soft can do this now:1,p-cad2006 2,diptrace 3,altium designer 2009. pcad2006 and diptrace is default to use the "slashed zero" in ad 2009 you must change font.
It is caused by your large system font setting (120DPI). The fix is to go to the display properties Appearance (Advanced) Tab and increase the text size for most desktop objects by about 25%. This will change most of the system stuff to larger fonts, but the app's (inside the app windows) will still be the normal smaller size. It's not a (...)
After printing my schematic for the first time, I realized the text and port size are too small to be read. I discovered how to change the system font size, but I can't find the setting that allows the port symbol to auto size to fit the selected font. Any suggestions?