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Hi,how can I plot the channel capacity using matlab for average SNR from 0 dB to 30 dB if the CSI is log-Normal distribution ,What is the Average SNR and what is the difference between Average SNRand SNR,how can I calculate the best standard deviation that gives me high capacity .Only given to me the previous range (They (...)
Hi all, I have matlab simulation for rayleigh fading with BPSK and have calculated its ergodic capacity with the formula: C=mean(log2(1+h^2*SNR)) but I want to calculate the actual rate which I am achieving without using above formula, I mean I want to calculate capacity of the same channel with the probability of (...)
I think the SNR in channel capacity equation is Es/No instead of Eb/No. C=W*log(1+Es/No) ?
Hello everyone, I have this little task to do and I need your help. I have to plot the capacity of an AWGN channel and a fading channel in function of the SNR. The code must be written in matlab. Can someone please give me some hints of how to get started, what the input of the channel should be, etc.. (...)
How to calculate the capacity of a MIMO channel with matlab? Please give some reference. Thanks.
First of all outage occurs when the channel variations dont support the required rate, Therefore I think we discuss the outage only for fading channels. I my point of view: To calculate the fading channel capacity you take the expected value of the channel capacity, I mean (...)
i just need the matlab code for the estimation of channel in matlab code. ---------- Post added at 19:56 ---------- Previous post was at 19:36 ---------- i am doing my project on capacity analysis of under water acoustic mimo communications in that i have to do a channel model in rayleigh fading model. i nee
hi mates actually i am working on a project what i want to do is compare antenna diversity system on mobile handset i want to compare the performance regarding channel capacity, SNR, VSWR, radiation pattern signal distortion, co-channel interference and inter symbol interference i am planning to use matlab and ansoft hf
Hi, I get very challenging question that I have to plot using matlab the single-user channel capacity with rayleigh fading how can I do this for range between 0-30 dB average SNR.The plot is found in Wireless Communications P.114,115.I did all my best ,but there was not any matchs between my results and the book's. How can I chose the (...)
Hi This text is taken from the book "Fundamentals of Wireless Communications" By David Tse and P. Viswanath. I think this is better explanation of the outage capacity, you can find similar explanation in Goldsmith's Book as well. ******************************************************************* In the slow fading channel, the key event of in
Hi, You need to simulate the capacity formula for MIMO which u already mentioned. But then you have to run the simulations for long time, for Ricean fading use channel mean non-zero and for Rayleigh fading use channel mean zero. I am attaching a figure with this post, which is Sum capacity vs Number of users in the (...)
i want to produce a GUI in matlab that 1.shows recieved signal envelope for mimo channel in flat fadig and frequency selective channel(signal strength against time) 2.shows improvement in capacity as number of transmit and recieve antennas changese.g 1*1,2*3,etc 3.shows inmprovement in fade margin as number of transmit (...)
hi guys, I want to simulate the MAC channel with rayleigh fading using successive interference cancellation showing that the pantagon region is achievable. Pantagon region is the the capacity region achievable by two user sending information at the same time to common destiation. I want to use matlab for this. Thanx
Hi to all!I need to plot capacity-VS-SNR for some MIMO configuration for my thesis. The formula I'm tryin to use is C=\log_2 \left Where M, N are the numbers of RX and TX antenna. H is the channel matrix and to generate it: H=randn(M,N)+i*randn(M,N) Can anyone h
Can some one help me with matlab code for :capacity of a Rayleigh fading channel For mula:(file) Thank you!
hi in channel flat not AWGN the capacity form is integartion as all know i need this integration , so how to make integartion via matlab so the output is vector not number althogh the integation is limited (i.e from number to inf) in other word how to plot the capacity via matlab
hi all this equation represents the capacity of flat fading channel C=int.( from 0 to inf) of B*log (of base 2)(1+gama)*p(gama)d(gama) d(gama) thee integration over gama B=bandwidth of channel gama=SNR p(gama) is exp. function which represent probability distribution of the received SNR the question is how to simulate this (...)
Hi, I am working on this project where in I have to simulate (matlab, C) a rate 1/3 encoder decoder ( soft or hard) to get minimized gap to capacity over a AWGN channel compared to un coded BPSK. Also I have been given a sample skeleton in which I just need to modify encoder and decoder part else I can write a new program is I want. Can (...)
Hi,friends, I want to analyze the relationship between numbers of users and the BER, as well as channel capacity in a asynchronous CDMA system. Assume that there is not any special multi-users detection algorithm. How can the formula be derived and how can I do the related simulation in matlab? Please give your advice. (...)
Hi all! I added a matlab code about frequency selective multipath channel capacity calculation for 1x1 channel but i have to improve it. Can anyone help me to write the code for 1x2 , 1x3 , 2x2 and 3x3. I have to make some changes in loops to succed it but i couldn't. If anyone has any idea about this code and/or (...)
Hi every one!!! I want to know that what is the idea to simulate the outage probability in the matlab? for example, when we want to simulate BER in matlab we send bits over a channel and then calculate the number of errors and the BER probability. Now, what is the method for outage probability?
can anyone help me with a matlab code to implement the capacity of the mimo channel
Hi everybody For my thesis paper i need matlab code for Multiple Antenna Technique in WIMAX.if anyone have plz send me through my mail(;it ll helpful for me ; code for :BER performance in BPSK - OFDM - SFBC system code for :capacity Analysis of MIMO System code for:BER for BPSK modulation with Alamouti STBC (Rayle
hello . I wrote these code for n=1210 and frame_num=2000, code rate=0.5; I used these code for channel =size(H); sigma=sqrt(10^(-SNRindB1/10)); msg = randint(1,n-m); c=rem(msg*G,2); modObj = modem.pskmod('M',2,'InputType','Bit'); modulatedsig = modulate(modObj, c); rec
i want to plot equation 10 in this paper and as u see it contains only the channel coefficients and the two sources powers - - - Updated - - - i want to plot equation 10 in this paper and as u see it contains only the channel coefficients and the two sources powers - - - Updated - - - this is th
Hi Guys, I am trying to make a resource allocation for OFDMA. i want to assume imperfect/partial CSI. i read lots of papers about that but i have problem to link the PDF of the CSI on my capacity formula. can i get a matlab code for resource allocation with partial CSI. How to insert the partial CSI in the formula, do i need to make a (...)
hai, I'm in need of knowing the definition of dual circular polarization - dual circular polarization means that your antenna system can receive both types of circular polarization. Crossed dipole/yagi antennas are a possible solution. Spiral antennas are also commonly used to achieve circul