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Hello everyone, I have this little task to do and I need your help. I have to plot the capacity of an AWGN channel and a fading channel in function of the SNR. The code must be written in matlab. Can someone please give me some hints of how to get started, what the input of the channel should be, etc.. (...)
Hi,how can I plot the channel capacity using matlab for average SNR from 0 dB to 30 dB if the CSI is log-Normal distribution ,What is the Average SNR and what is the difference between Average SNRand SNR,how can I calculate the best standard deviation that gives me high capacity .Only given to me the previous range (They (...)
Hi all, I have matlab simulation for rayleigh fading with BPSK and have calculated its ergodic capacity with the formula: C=mean(log2(1+h^2*SNR)) but I want to calculate the actual rate which I am achieving without using above formula, I mean I want to calculate capacity of the same channel with the probability of (...)
I think the SNR in channel capacity equation is Es/No instead of Eb/No. C=W*log(1+Es/No) ?
Hi, in AWGN, we have channel capacity equation: C = (?)log(1+SNR), but if we use QAM16, then the SNR means Eb/No or Es/No or Eav/No? and even more if we are in Linear-filtering channel, e.g, h(t)=0.8δ(t)-0.48δ(t-T)+0.36δ(t-2T), then how we change the C equation or not? thx. gama
my professor told that there is no "shannon's channel capacity law" for the 'cooperative network'. i m very much interested in it. is there any white papers or books relating this topic.
setup a multipath channel s(t)---->c1(t-n)+c2(t-2n)+c3(t-3n)+.... TX RX
According to Shannon's theorem the channel capacity in a AWGN channel is given by: C=B log(1+S/N). I have a doubt : Is C given in Bit rate ( Bits/sec) or Bauds (Symbols/sec) , if it is given in bit rate, I am not able to understand how the modulation schemes can be related to this equation. Could anyone please give an ex
Bandwidth is the range of frequency that suffers an atenuation less than 3db when the signal pass throught the channel. channel capacity is the maximum information rate that a channel is able to transmite/receive. The channel capacity and the bandwidth of a channel is (...)
Is there any differece between mutual information and channel capacity?
can any one plz tell me how to make a gussian channel in matlab....i dont want to use the build in function awgn. Waiting....
Can anybody write me how can we recover original transmited signal over a rayleight fading channel in matlab? I post the code I'm using to test it. I define the Rayleigh channel but now I don't know how to implement the filter to achieve the transmited data. :| Can please someone help me with the code? :idea: Thanks in advanced, (...)
Dear friends In Cover & Thomas book, it is said that the dual of channel capacity theorem (RH), but I am confusing that what is the definition of R (code rate) in Data Compression and also how can I prove that? Is the definitio of R in Data compres. the same as the defin. of R
1. Is channel capacity described by number of bits/transmission. Yes. In other words, you can say bits / dimension pair or 2 times bit / dimension. 2. Adding; if i have a channel capacity of 1 bit does that mean that i couldn't use QAM modulation. If you have a channel capacity of (...)
how can i find the channel capacity for cascade binary symmetric channel? plz help me Added after 23 minutes: two binary symetric channel are connected in cascade find the channel capacity
I would like to simulate a wireless channel on matlab, and I would like to include the "direction of arrival" as a parameter. How can I do that?
Hi, The document attached gives the formulas for channel capacity for modulations scheme. Hope this helps.
I simulate LDPC code over AWGN I need tosimulate over Fading channel what is the modification require ????????????????? how implement fading channel in matlab ?
channel capacity refers to the number of users supported by a cell. For enhancing the channel capacity you need to modify the cluster size or bandwidth. Other techniques are cell splitting, cell sectoring and overlay, underlay techniques. M= W/(Wc*N) W= Total bandwidth Wc = channel bandwidth N = (...)
hello all How can i create. a powerline channel in matlab? I know i will probably need to use some types of noise like: Periodic impulsive noise Narrow band noise, Periodic impulsive noise synchronous Asynchronous impulsive noise, etc.. but i have no idea how to start modeling these in matlab as i dont know what their maths (...)
Hi, I want to simulate the BER of transmitted data in 2 tap Rayleigh multipath fading channel in matlab. 2 taps : direct ray + 2nd ray with 10samples delay No doppler shift Please somebody give me an advise with an example. Cheers, Sand
Hi everyone here, This is my first question in this forum. Can any one tell me how to find the channel capacity associated for a channel with the transition probability matrix. this matrix is as
Hi everyone, I want to know that channel badwidth of 5MHz in case of WCDMA and data rate or chip rate of 3.84Mcps are somehow related ? If yes then what is the relation ? One relation I have come across is Shannon's Relation but in that case we also need to know the SNR to calculate the data rate ? Thanks in advance
hi can you help me i want matlab code to plot the MRC Rayleigh fading channel using matlab ((MRC Rayleigh fading channel using matlab)) outage probability and BER thank you
Hello everyone, I am trying to find the MIMO channel capacity for a 2x2 MIMO system using the standard capacity relation which is also available here My measured channal matrix H was contructed using S21 measured with a Network Analyzer between each of the two
Hi I'm trying to simulate the channel capacity with BPSK inputs in energy per bit to noise power spectral density ratio(Eb/N0). The formula which I used is written at the end. As snr=rate*Eb/N0, which is correct in that formula for simulation? 1-I replace snr=(C/α)*Eb/N0 in that formula and solve a fixed point equation ? 2-I simulate C in s
use Shannon channel capacity theorem and classical thermodynamic Carnot's Law to derive the kT ln 2 minimum energy dissipation per bit for a communications channel. Otherwise known as the Shannon/Carnot Limit. Can you express the noise mathematically?
How to calculate the capacity of a MIMO channel with matlab? Please give some reference. Thanks.
i just need the matlab code for the estimation of channel in matlab code. ---------- Post added at 19:56 ---------- Previous post was at 19:36 ---------- i am doing my project on capacity analysis of under water acoustic mimo communications in that i have to do a channel model in rayleigh fading model. i nee
Hello! From here download the book, it has matlab examples for channel modeling. Hope this helps, Thommer
Hello, If I have a channel impulse response like δ(t) + 2*δ(t-Ts), how can I model this in matlab? I realized it should be like h= or sth like that. But I do not know what the matrix elements mean. Can anyone help me? Thanks...
hi fading channel simulate with matlab. thanks. ardalan
You are talking about Discrete Input and Contiuous Output channel, go through Proakis chapter 7.
Hi Friends, Pls culd any one give me some clue or idea in calculating the capacity of a channel using QPSK and 16QAM as the modulation means , given the system bandwidth and Eb/No ?? From C=Wlog2( 1 + (R*Eb)/(N0*W) ) = Wlog2(1 + SNR ). My thinking is that if C gives me my capacity then what wuld be R ( bit rate ) which really is (...)
In an excel spreadsheet I am comparing the channel capacity performance of FSK and QPSK. I know from my studies that QPSK transmit 2 bits per symbol wheras FSK can transmit 1 bit per symbol. This means that QPSK can send the same amount of bits as FSK using half as much bandwidth that FSK uses or QPSK can send twice as many bits as FSK using the
First of all outage occurs when the channel variations dont support the required rate, Therefore I think we discuss the outage only for fading channels. I my point of view: To calculate the fading channel capacity you take the expected value of the channel capacity, I mean (...)
Hi, Can anyone tell me how can i define rular, terrian and urban channel in matlab Using their equations given in books for radio channel
i hope if i can get some help with channel convolution coding in WiMax so i need any matlab code about vetrbi or turbo or any other convolution coding and i hope if i can get any good pdf about it as i'm making ma graduation project and i only have 2 weeks before the deadline of the presentation . thanks in advance best regards
Hello, I am trying to pass a sequence of BPSK symbols over an ISI channel with length L=16 symbol time. How can I do that? Thanks
Hi all, I have to design the transmission chain for single and multiple receive antennas in an AWGN channel and later calculate the BER. The carrier frequency is 3.8 Ghz, data rate 50 kbps and QPSK modulation is used. Can anyone tell me the steps on how to get started in matlab for this task. Beginner, MAX
Hello to everyone, I am currently working on a matlab project regarding the implementation of different adapting modulaction and coding (AMC) algorithms for a mobile TDMA communication system based on an existing matlab simulation tool developed in cooparation with my university and a company. This project runs about 1 year now. It has been alr
Hi, everyone! I found a problem while I was trying to use the function stdchan provided by communication toolbox to build a standard HF channel. The function creates a channel object. But the object only provide few properties like path gains of each path, path delays. How can I get or calculate the multipath gain? Does the matlab provide a
Hello all, In my project, I am trying to achieve near shannon performance for 4x4 MIMO using 16 QAM on rayleigh fading channel. For that i need to calculate the shannon capacity of rayleigh fading channel for 4x4 MIMO. Whats the formula/approach for that? Is this code doing it right way?
Hi Community, I am trying to calculate the capacity of AWGN channel (y = hx + n). I was using the shannon formula C = 0.5log2(1+SNR) where SNR = sigma^2(Tx Signal)/sigma^2(Noise). However, I am wondering how can I calculate the channel capacity for M-PSK constellation. For example QPSK and 16QPSK. Help me. Thankyou.
Hi I want to simulate a new modulation scheme named DCSK for Differential Chaos Shift Keying. this modulation does not use sinusoidal signals as base signals, but uses chaotic signals (a noise-like signal). for each symbol to be sent, we have a signal consisted of N real samples. I want to pass this signals through a fading channel and I wan
I need matlab code for implementing rayleigh fading channel without using inbuilt matlab functions... I need it for final year should calculate the strength of signal obtained via different paths and the delay and also compensate to obtain the actual signal which was sent...plz help
Hello Everyone ; I'm trying to simulate a communication system using matlab In my system the channel is assumed to be rayleigh block fading i.e the channel is static during the transmission of one block and vary from a block to another. My code is as follows : channel = (...)
I have a transceiver with Tx, transmitted and Rx, recieved. And there is a channel transfer function H+noise (time domain). To simulate Tx passing through the channel, do i simply use the multiply * and do Tx*(H+noise) ?
i think in a symetrical channel the probability of transmiting one symbol is the same for any other symbols p(ai) is the same for diffrent values of i and Σp(ai\bj) =1 for all vales of i since in the transmition matrix p(a1\b1) p(a1\b2) p(a1\b3) ........... p(a2\b1) p(a2\b2) p(a2\b3)........... p
Need to simulate a wireless channel with an M-ary QAM scheme for frames/audio or both. The suggested architechute is as follows Data - Modulation - FEC coding - filter - istropic antenna - channel+Noise - antenna - filter - FEC decoding - Demodulation - Dataout. M>32 for QAM BW ~ 6Mhz If anybody has already simulated such a channel (...)