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Hi, I am about to build this kind of pwm charge controller but using PIC MCU. But I am not getting how current is limited in this? In that instructable author says:"The amount of charging current is determined by difference between battery voltage and charge set point voltages". But how? Please guide
I wanna choose a MOSFET for brushless motor controller ( 36 volt , 15 Amps) Which is more important in the selection ? (Power MOSFET for BLDC motor controller , about 20KHz pwm frequency) Low Rds(on) Low Qtotal (gate charge value) Low Resistive Switching Times (tr , tf , ton , toff) Low trr (reverse recovery time ) or (...)
I am designing a pwm solar charge controller but having difficulty in choosing mosfets, my design is for 24v system with 42v solar pannal if I use p-channal then it is easy to measure current as the ground are common but in the case of n-channal I don,t want to use high side drivers due to complexities and cost but with simple drive I have (...)
Some questions: - Polarity reversal of which side do you expect, solar panel, battery or both? - It's not clear why you have two diodes? - A pwm charge control would use a buck converter topology. - I wonder how the MOSFET gate control voltage is generated with required level? 25 A diodes are of course available. But a PMOSFET can achieve in
A safe charge current will be about C/10, or 200mA. There is a chance LT carries an all-in-one IC which contains the coil and all components. LTspice is their free simulator. The menu contains a large number of their IC's. Including some for controlling switched-coil converters. See their website: If you search this foru
You might be able to adapt a technique used to alter duty cycle on a 555 pulse generator. Diodes change the charge/discharge rates on the
Check this out: Silicon Chip Online - Build A 12/24V 3-Stage Solar charge controller Although, this isn't the full version. Read these to get an idea on the technique: Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controller [url=www.a
Hi friends, I am working on a project solar charge controller using MPT612. pwm frequency is 20khz. I am facing problem with battery current measurement. A resistor is connected in series with battery negative and drop across the resistor is taken for measuring current. This differential signal is connected to OP-AMP for (...)
Im working on a home project using solar panels and a morningstar pwm charge controller. My goal is to somehow connect the charge controller to my arduino ethernet controller to monitor the voltage of the charge controller. The only problem is that looking (...)
Hi Friends, I am working on new design of SMPS based Battery charger.Total output rating of 300 watt 12V ad 24V selectable. I am going to select UCC3804(Current Mode pwm controller) and UC3906(SLA Battrey charge).And using 2 switch forward converter topology Can anybody tell me any another (...)
Hi there, I found this site : I am busy designing a speed controller for an RC-car as a learning school for myself. I usually used my transmitter to deliver the servo signal to the ?C to convert that into the duty cycle for the pwm. Yes you guessed it I had to charge batteries to be able to test. I the
Do anybody have circuit diagram of pwm based PV charge controller. I need this circuit urgenty.
Do anybody have circuit diagram of pwm based PV charge controller. Circuit must have the step down Dc chopper. I urgently need this circuit.