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If I am using VoltageStorm for IR drop ( both static and dynamic) analysis at the internal block levels of a chip, and a top level chip integrator (will be integrating into a package with I/O and alos dropping in a power mesh at the too) will be using RedHawk, will the power model generated by Voltage storm be compatible (...)
Thanks for your reply:) To simulate influence of BGA package on chip circuitry parameters i need some kind model of it. For example, it's influence on LNA. What i should do?
There are devices that are produced in different packages with different pin count so a model is not enough, that's why there is also a package setting. There are also speed grades that can work faster than others, this is printed in the chip case and is explained in the datasheet. The synthesis too can be the XST which is (...)
Hi, I am working on design of LC VCO for 2.4 GHz. it is integrated with on-chip LDO and Buffer. 1. I would use 8 Pin Leadlless package. I need package parasitic model may be with approximate Values. if you have any paper then please give me. I will be thankfull to you. 2. also I am seeking help on (...)
I have a working spectre simulation using an nport to load the s-parameter file of the package and a layout extraction for the chip. I need to generate an hspice model, but the netlist fails. I get the following messages: Messages: ERROR: Missing or incorrect master.tag in library analogLib cell nport view hspiceS spice cmos_sch cmos.sch (...)
I want to know when we doing simulation ,how much is the output capacitance we should add to the analog output which we will connect to the outside of the chip and do some test? 10PF,20pf,or more? 3X!
Infineon doesn't provide ready-to-use spice models. They provide chip SPICE model and package model separately. You have to manually join the models together in a single model for the device. But the Ansoft designer already has the model ready to go and (...)
Dear ALL, Here, I have some concern to build a INBIS model for a MCP (multi chip package). If let say, I have a product C that stacking up A and B. Now, I want to build a IBIS model for this new product C that have A and B together. But I just have the IBIS model for A and B seperately. And I just (...)
You can look for some chip vendor's IBIS model . It include the package inductance and resistance . For IBIS info , you can take a look at