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Hi, can I design a digital intel 8251 timer chip model totally?
I have been tired looking for RFID transponder chip in conventional pacgakes (tssop alike) . The only one i have found - Microchips. While there is no problem with samples , for orders (giong to be around 10K or little bit more ) they work with large volume orders - up to millions. I need just chip not transponder - antenna will be done (...)
for power amplifer design, you should using package & bandwire model in simulating. because you need adjust the output impedance (impedance matching) chip test doundry would offer you package model.
Hello, I have some samples of ADUC7025 uC. The chips are in LFCSP package. I have never before worked with this type of package, and i am wondering right now what is the purpose of this big so called "EXPOSED PAD" on the bottom of the chip?
Dear All here is the model for pwm controller chip regards Fragrance
HI guys, recently I received an accelerometer from AD ( ADXL202 ) its package is a LCC 8 pins. The thing is, I never really heard about these packages. it seem PLCC like stuff but I haven't been able to find any sockets for it 8 pins chips. Then how the industry handle these chips, direct soldering? Thanks a lot (...)
I have experience hand soldering fine pitch TQFP IC's (208 pin 0.5mm) I want to try the hot new generation tiny chip Scale packages e.g 32-Lead "Lead Frame chip Scale package" from Analog Devices. Also known as QFN (Quad Flat No Lead), MLFP (Micro Lead Frame Plastic) and several fancy names. They are basically 0.5mm (...)
Has anyone modeled a zero-voltage-switching control IC like the UC3879? If so, can you please share it? I prefer that the model be in PSpice format. Thanks!
Anyone know how to connect the sound chip to 8051 microcontroller chip? My sound chip model is ISD2590. Anyone having the connection circuit or program regarding this? Anyone can help?? Urgent!!
Hi, guys I am a beginner in FPGA. There is a develop board on my hand. chip model is SPARTAN XC2S200 In attached CD, there is a software, MicroBlaze IDE. But, on xilinx web, there is a ISE software. What is the difference between these two softwares? What software do I need?
if u only consider the coupling between the analog and digital ,I think this will be helped for you, of cource this only come from the chip, not consider the board. Coupling effects in Mixed analog-digital ICs maybe help. be
We are now going to re-build a new package and PCB of one old chip. The package design house need us to give out a detailed constraints on some aspects such as impedance, longest wire(or worst delay), insertion loss/return loss, time skew in group, etc. I dont know how to finish some of them as none in our lab did that before. Can (...)
Infineon doesn't provide ready-to-use spice models. They provide chip SPICE model and package model separately. You have to manually join the models together in a single model for the device. But the Ansoft designer already has the model ready to go and (...)
You are talking about a piece of wire, either bond wire or PCB trace. You rarely need to employ a "manufacturer" to implement it. Seeing the problem from the other side: You have plenty of unwanted inductance in most circuits. It's a more common problem to ignore the already existing inductances in a simulation by using a raw chip model without
Hi, Kokmin. I beleive that FC (flip chip) BGA or some CSP (chip scale package) may be usefull in Your case. You may go, for example, to to find more information about packaging solutions. Best Wishes, F.S.
HI .. I have used those chips since their early days . thouhg i haven't used the lastest 100 mips . But i have used the 50 mips ..Which is more that enough raw power for most applications .. I designed several tcp/ip based servers and they are really fast .. I did design a tiny text scanner that could fit on a RING . and used the F300 with buiil
Use a MPX motorolla sensor. MPX2100Ap its a good sensor. "The MPX2100 and MPX2101 series device is a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors providing a highly accurate and linear voltage output ? directly proportional to the applied pressure. The sensor is a single, monolithic silicon diaphragm with the strain gauge and a thin?film resist
And what is the relation of elaboration and compilation? Thanks and regards One quick way is to think of like compile and link of a C compiler/linker. Compile builds one module information at a time and the elab/link actually stitches them together and builds the full chip model. Regards Ajeetha, CVC www.noveld
Attached are the library files for the Vertex-5 676 ball chip. What package does your SDRAM chip use? That chip comes in both TSOP and BGA packaging.
Hello, as far as I know, the power mosfet works in the triode region ,not the saturature region. Yes , we can acquire rdson from the spec which contains the bonding wire when designing the power mosfet size, we need know how much the bonding wire resistance is. For another aspect, we should consider the Power dissipation in the Po
yes, spice simulation. But no, I dont need the "chip model" file. I need to build the actual internal circuity with 100's of transistors and stuff.
Hello vaka85, If you don't want to simulate & then only for Layout/Schematic design then associte the footprints / artworks for the lumped elemnts & for the chip components... See the MWO getting started guide lumped Filter design example... If you still have the problem then upload your MWO project file (*.emp) to guide you better...
Hi, got this information today and thought I share it with this group. NXP just announced the latest addition to their LPC1100 family, the LPC1102. It comes in a chip scale package and needs just 5 mm2 on the PCB. Handling of such devices will be limited to automated systems but it is mind-boggling how many features can be packed into such a tiny
MSP430FG4618 (Texas Instrument) is a new chip and I cannot find any lib for this chip in Proteus.:cry::| Anyone has any idea about getting the library for this chip?? BTW, if I cannot find it, is it possible to get a similar chip model (lib.) instead? Thanks,
Answer to the first question is 'no' it maybe possible if you have a really large CPLD but I don't think those are way too expensive and too big for what you are looking for. Second: Yes, CPLDs have a unique place on the market and many of them are used in industrial designs like automation, traction and aviation so they will be around at least 15
WLP means Wafer Level is an adcanced IC packaging( remember SOIC,TSSOP etc) The wafer-level package (WLP) is a type of chip-scale package (CSP), which enables the IC to be attached face down to the printed circuit board (PCB) using conventional SMT assembly methods. The chip's pads connect directly to the PCB pads through (...)
I've managed today to route a PCB. It is a single Stepper motor controler with an A3982 chip (SOIC package). The photo of the final PCB is from my mobile phone. I do not have a photo camera here with me. The first 2 photos are from the programm that produces the G-Code. They show the path and how the PCB should look. [url=images.elektro
Which version do you have? The datasheet lists a 48 pin DIP and 52 pin PLCC. In either case, Eagle has the chip outline ("package"). That is the hard part of making an new device. Look in smd-ipc.lbr and smd-special.lbr. If it is the DIP version, you might look in Microchip and find something similar where you will only need to modify (...)
What are you using to code, assembly, C, Basic, etc? If it's not assembly what compiler are you using? ---------- Post added at 13:18 ---------- Previous post was at 13:13 ---------- Also what is the SPI device, chip model, etc.
Hi, We have a RF receiver chip with die and we bording it directly on the PCB. The measurements is OK from the 5V to 2.4V supply. We also packged it with SOP-8 form. But the measuremsts shows that it is OK for the 5V to 3.3V. But below 3.3V, the sensitivity started to decrease and even failed to work under 3V supply. I am wondering why my chip w
Is there any method to test MMIC chip (SOT package) for partially lifted wirebond from die using electrical test? Thanks.
There are various techniques for low power VLSI design. 1. Reducing chip and package capacitance: This can be achieved through process development such as SOI with partially or fully depleted wells, CMOS scaling to submicron device sizes, and advanced interconnect substrates such as Multi-chip Modules (MCM).This approach can be very effect
Hi all,my team member is just simulating one RFIC design and need to know the impedance of the chip model to confirm the Vrms of RF carrier.From some papers, he has got the input impedance of the differential ports of the chip model, but the impedance has two values which are in r+j type and Rin//Cin type of course two types (...)
Best buy development board, take examples, compilers, and start learning and experimenting. Development boards can offer support for various uC and not for just one model. Of course there is small and cheap development boards with support of one chip model, but with reduced capabilities compared with big development boards which have LCD, (...)
Hi, I am working on design of LC VCO for 2.4 GHz. it is integrated with on-chip LDO and Buffer. 1. I would use 8 Pin Leadlless package. I need package parasitic model may be with approximate Values. if you have any paper then please give me. I will be thankfull to you. 2. also I am seeking help on (...)
Thanks for your reply:) To simulate influence of BGA package on chip circuitry parameters i need some kind model of it. For example, it's influence on LNA. What i should do?
Does anybody have the PSpice model or compatible for this chip : CD4046 or 74HC4046??? Please send to me, or publish it!!
Dear all.... Can any one teach me, or show me some documents, to learn how to extract on chip capacitor model....and also the Q factor ... (ex, if I have a measured S parameter form on chip can I use this to extract all the equivilent circuits?!) Thanx!! YiLi
Hello, I need a SOT89 package model . At current time. I design a wideband gain block Power amplifier. Anybody know a SOT89 package model ( included in Parasitic model) ? I need a this model information for the accurate simulation. Please send me a SOT89 package (...)
I have a doubt regarding package model assignment associated with multi board analysis I have attached package model for both the connectors, connecting between boards with no buffer models assigned to them . I am not able to differentiate variation in the results with package (...)
it depends on floorplan, interface speed, cost, process technology, thermal requirement and most important of customer requirement. Flip chip is preferred for higher performance application compared to wirebond but wirebond is slightly cheaper
How can we extract the package (bondwire) model after testing the chip? If not, how to modify the LNA VCO design for the next tape-out?
You can't check DDR SDRAM interface timing using STAMP models, or any other Primetime models for that matter. In order to get good results the IO timing needs to be simulated using a good model of the bonding wire, package trace and board trace behaviour, using spice in order to determine if the IO timing is met. (...)
Dear ALL, Here, I have some concern to build a INBIS model for a MCP (multi chip package). If let say, I have a product C that stacking up A and B. Now, I want to build a IBIS model for this new product C that have A and B together. But I just have the IBIS model for A and B seperately. And I just (...)
Can you folks share your feeling on these three tools in package SI, on-chip element modeling, PCB SI? We just count performance as accuracy, speed.
Hello carlyou, I think AWR Analog Office helps you to solve your problem on Interconnect analysis using transmission line models... There are Five abstraction levels available to analyse an interconnect... 1. Lumped element 2. Distributed element 3. Transmission line 4. RLCK model 5. 3-D EM model Go through the (...)
Hi How to model TQFP144 package using ADS? What are important dimensions of this package for modeling with "Bondwires model"? Thanks
How can i generate IBIS model ver 4.1 using hspice ? any document ? Need to generate IBIS model for our digital IC. I do not have IBIS models for the IO drivers used in the chip. I have spice model & CDL netlist for the IO drivers. I also have package parasitics (R,L,C) for each pin.
Dea all : when we work on high frquency design ,like 2G design , How do we model the package mode, if the package house don't support the model , thanks
going to design PCB based on COF package? Do any one know the size detail of COF ( chip one film ) package? Thanks