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For FPGA, I use an FPGA from xilinx. After finish my coding, ISE will synthesis it. iMPACT sw will be used to burn the .bit file into FPGA. We can look the system functionality by using chipscope sw as provided.
My Platform Cable USB II works just fine on my Win2k computer. I also have a Platform Cable USB and WinXP system. I can mix them around with no problems. I'm running ISE and EDK 10.1.03 tools. I haven't used chipscope, in case that's where your problem occurs. I haven't used FCPU-X.
Hello guys, I'M using chipscope pro 8.2 version. I have monitored the pin or buffer inside FPGA by assigning the ports and triggers and clks. Now when running "Analyse using chipscope", I can read the data from the desired registers as a time basis, that is I can only view a few set of samples (512 or 1024 upto 16384) which were selectable while we
Hi All, How to get the info of the IR length for non-xilinx devices which are present in the xilinx jtag chain. i need to use chipscope for probing one of the xilinx fpga. hence i need the IR lengths of all the devices in the jtag chain(there are a couple of non-xilinx devices in the jtag chain). Thanx in advance Rgds, Renjith
maybe you could use an external device as a I2c master,and communicate with the fpga(your I2c Slave). chipscope is a good tool when using xilinx fpga.
when i use the chipscope generator, i connect the signals i want to view to the ila core, but when i view the signal waveform in chipscope, the signal names are ch0,ch1,~~~~ ,something like that in default, is there some way to change the signal name quick ? i don't want to rename them one by one! thanks in advance!
Make sure that the clock net (clock signal in the RTL) is chosen as the trigger clock in the chipscope. Also make sure that your clock is working on the board.
You might have good luck buying an inexpensive third-party USB-JTAG cable. However, such cables usually require their own special software, and probably won't work with whatever JTAG software you already have. That could be a disadvantage if your original software has unique features (such as chipscope debugging) that aren't provided in the third-p
Hi, I am using chipscope analyzer. after the trigger signal it shows the buffer has some data. but it is not full. Then I select Stop button. but It does not show buffered data. Is there anything I do not take into account?
Added after 15 minutes: even if you plot the data using chipscope the plot is on some fixed set of samples collected from a buffer of size you have choosen . so you can go by this way that you export the data of output waveform(file -> export command in c-scope) in unsigned or
Hi all, I am designing a DCT in xilinx. Is ISE enough or any other tools are required for the design . I mean system generator and chipscope pro. What for they are used? Thanks and Regards Deepak
Hi all. I'm trying to capture some data and clock signal of a design. Below is my code. wire control0; icon i_icon ( .control (control0)); ila i_ila ( . control(control0), . clk(clk), . trig0({data0, data1, data2,data3,data4,data5,data6,clk}) ); when i run the chipscope analyzer, I'm able to cap
Hi I have a simple VHDL counter modul that I wanna debug with chipscope 7.1 on a Virtex II board: library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.all; entity top is port ( clk : in std_logic := ?0?; cnt : out std_logic_vector(3 downto 0) ); end top; architecture behave of top is signal counter :
Hi There's about 3 tutorials on Xilinx website and more if you search on net Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
you can't connect to i/o pins. you need to seperate the i/o bus to bus_in, and bus_out, and then connect them to chipscope. also it would be wised to add the dir signal to the chipscope. bus_io <= bus_o when bus_t = '1' else (others => 'z'); bus_i <= bus_io;
Hi I am using chipscope 7.1 and I have a VirtexII xc2V6000 with a Instruction width of 6 bits. I have a design for which I had automatically generated a JTAG Controller. I can successfully sythesize the design as well as the JTAG TAP. The problem is just that when I use chipscope Pro with to connect to the device it tells me that there are 0 Co
Hi Dose chipcope have any limitations on the design clk speed? in other words what is the max clk speed that can be monitored using chipscope? Salam Hossam Alzomor
hi,does any one using ,this core of chipscope,if so purpose of it,how to use for a simple counter example,plz provide me this info. and i found chipscope insertion by generating cdc does not provide this option,is it coreect.
Hi all, i am using chipscope for checking the behavior of the internal signals, i have a problem my differential clock and data input is coming form the other board. i am just taking the differnential clock and making into single ended clock usign IBUFGDS and then taking that internal single ended clock signal for data processing.
Hi everybody, i got the following error when iam doin PAR using questasim,for simple ram implementation,i have instantited BRAM. iam able to debug even with chipscope,urgent plz. # Reading C:/QuestaSim_6.2b/tcl/vsim/pref.tcl # // QuestaSim 6.2b Jul 31 2006 # // # // Copyright 2006 Mentor Graphics Corporation # // All Rig
u r sampling the signals in chipscope using ur clock, so u wont be able to see the clock in chipscope
Hi ! i am looking for an easy tutorial or getting started guide for chip scope pro! kindly help me Best Regards
Hi I am a new comer to Xilinx chipscope and have some questions In chipscope user guide I found this phrase "The ICON core provides a communications path between the JTAG Boundary Scan port of the target FPGA and up to 15 ILA" *Dose that mean that I should put ICON with any other core? *so If I am using only one ILA , is it required to p
Hi, thank u for your attention. My work platform: Xilinx Virtex2; ISE8.2.0.3i service pack2; chipscope : My design : signals to obversed in chipscope is in clock domain CLK_a( 125mHz). and about 40 signals, little, BRAM resource is Ok. chipscope sample clk: CLK_a. Constraints in UCF is 8ns, and the result after PAR (...)
hi i am using chipscope for tapping the internal signals... it is pretty easy to use... the only disadvantage is the ammount of data you can capture is limited... because it uses internal block rams...
chipscope requires a seperate license apart from ISE. This tool is seperate from ISE. Evaluation copy shall be available in xilinx website
Is there any solution for using PCI based LPT card with JTAG dongles (Wiggler, Raven) with Macraigor software, Xilinx JTAG cables with IMPACT, chipscope running on WinXP? My new Motherboard do't have onboard LPT, and I added PCI LPT card, but this card have nonstandart I/O addresses ( 0x8800-0x8807 and 0x8480-0x8487). WinXP not allow PCI LPT
Hai all, I have Xilinx ISE 8.2 ,system generator8.2i,chipscope pro and i have SPARTAN3E FPGA. I have written program for scalable FFT(64 to 1K point) program in MATLAB(R2006a). Now i have to implement this into SPARTAN it possible to use Mcode blocks in simulink and convert this into VHDL code by System Generator8.2. In the program
hi all i have put a code in an fpga(spartan 3e). now i need to get the data from the board and simulate it. how do i do it without using chipscope cos i have an eval version only. any ideas with matlab data acquisition toolbox. i have a USB cable given by xilinx for download and debug. thanks in advance
Here it
Hi I've got a spartan 3e board and accompanying software for that. The webpack is free but other tools are only evaluations(chipscope planahead etc). can i reinstall it again after the time is done like format and reinstall. I have to get the registration id from xilinx so will it be a problem.
Hi Guys Can we put chipscope into 2 fpgas at the same to monitor singnals inside them... If so how to do it.. Thanks in advance tama
ikru26, I don't think your comments is correct. chipscope is sort like a logic analyzer. The most inconvenient part is that you will have to re-compile your design, and sometimes it breaks the timing. Other than that, chipscope behaves just like a logic analyzer. You don't actually need a logic analyer to see the result of the (...)
Hi, I used to work with a software called Xilinx chipscope, which allows to debug preselected signals/variables/ports on FPGA in runtime after hardware implementation. By this software, person can create generate a memory block and place it in during design stage. Connect the inputs of this memory to the required signals to verifiy. Proceed with
Hi everybody. I have some problems about chipscope 8.1i, please help me. I want to capture the address and data in a ram. And i expect the adress increase one by one,but the result is not as i expect,the capture address is disorder. I want to know why? and in the trigger setup there are WINDOW and N SAMPLES setting. i don't know much abot it
Whay you do not use Xilinx chipscope, or @ltera SignalTap? Please read more carefully topic ... :) It is for PC interfaced oscilloscope, based on FPGA, but not for debugging FPGA internals ...
be careful with your sample_clock used in chipscope.
Well guys ive simuated my codes n verilog and all i need is to transfer them on the sparten 2e kit. I need to know wot type of connector is need to interpase my sparten 2e kit and the PC. it says we need some chipscope pro connector. cud anyone help me on this, with regards,
hi again i want to map a design in a CPLD and then check it's functionality.this CPLD mounted on a board and is a part of close loop with seems functionality will be checked with chipscope during circuit's normal operation. could anyone tell me how it would be? tnx
Now i have to upgrade ONCE AGAIN to LATEST MATLAB, XILINX's ISE,SYSGEN,chipscope,EDK and others .The TERRIBLE THING is what about if i don't like ir or some of these things are INCOMPATIBLE . Every time i go through this is HARDSHIP. i can't keep the old versions .Some of these things ask you to remove previous installations .This is the case of M
chipscope is really easy to use! Install and generate (use generate from menu) the ILA's you need instantiate in HDL code After map place and route, download to FPGA and use chipscope analyzer and JTAG cable to connect Works perfect Best reagrds Konrad
A A, Hi to all, These are some issues I noticed about xilinx ise6...I'd like to share with you, and benefit from your feedbacks I am working on Virtex-II FPGA...implementing mpeg2 decoding system on the V-II 4Milion...I use chipscope as a debugging tool to monitor internal signals and compare them with simulation... This is working fine
I would suggest to take a look at the open . Btw, the chipscope is very easy to use. They provide a eval license for quite long.(3 months if i'm not wrong). regards
When I use chipscope 6.1i Analyzer to view the logic wave, I found that all of its port name are displayed as "DataPortxxx" or "TrigPort XXX" but not the PortName that displayed in CORE INSERTER when making connect? Is there any method to use/import the portname that displayed in CORE INSERTER? I think it's very stupid to rename it one by one ma
Any good document for guiding using chipscope? The user guide is too long... Thanks,
the chipscope support linux??
Hi, I met some issue while using chipscope with synplify 7.2.1. here is my steps: 1) Using generator to generates icon & ila 2) Insert it to my verilog code (/* syn_black_box... */ is existed) 3) Synthesis ==> Succesful 4) Start ISE, Add source (My design + icon.edn + ila.edn + ila.cdc) 5) Synthesis My design
sb is right, you have to get chipscope 5.1i to work along with your ISE 5.1i or upgrade your ISE to 5.2i. No other solutions. I'm wonder why there are so much unrealistic suggestion after sb's post?
Is the agilent trace required for chipscope to work or not. We don't have funds for the agilent trace. would chipscope work without it .
fixed some bugs.